AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer Reviews

AR Blue Clean, AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, Nozzles, Spray Gun, Wand, Detergent Bottle & Hose
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AR Blue Clean, AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, Nozzles, Spray Gun, Wand, Detergent Bottle & Hose
  • OUTDOOR CLEANING POWER: Make quick cleaning jobs of decks, patios, siding, driveways, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs and more.
  • ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: Professional-style pressure washer gun, 2 different pressure washer wands, 20 foot high pressure hose, 14 oz. detergent bottle and 2 high pressure quick change wands with pressure washer turbo and variable nozzles. Hose diameter: 0.25 inch
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Conserves water by using 80% less water with 40% more power than a standard garden hose. Quieter than gas engine models.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Pull it out of the box, insert the hose reel and attach the handle. Connect the high pressure hose and garden hose. Plug the GFCI to a 3 prong outlet with a ground. Pull the trigger to start cleaning.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Best in class support. Contact us at anytime in Fridley, Minnesota. using the information found in the owner's manual.

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When you are in the market looking for the best pressure washers to give your patio, deck, wood fence or vehicle a new lease of life, you will have to make sure that it is able to meet certain standards.

How do you look for the product that is right for you? In general, you might want to look at its ease of use, noise level, power, durability and application. Considering customer service as a factor is also good, as it is common to meet problems with these types of equipment. It is always best to be prepared for every situation.


General Home Use

Having a pressure washer at home sounds like overkill. Do you really need a high-powered machine to clean things around the house? Well, you probably can do away with those models that come with very powerful machines – and thus high water pressure levels – and instead opt for one that is less powerful but still as efficient. Not to mention, these “downgraded” models are much easier to use, more lightweight and easier on the pocket, too.

When you intend to use a pressure washer at home, one of the things that you would want to make sure is that it is easy to assemble. No one wants to spend hours or even days just to get the entire machine together or figuring out how to get it to work – there is cleaning to be done!

It is also important to know what is already included in the package. How does the gun look like? Is it ergonomically designed or will it hurt your wrist after cleaning? What about the wands, hose or the detergent bottle? Is it gas powered or electric powered? How noisy will the machine be during use? Certainly, you would not want to bother your neighbors while you go about your cleaning, right?


In the end, the most important thing to consider about getting a pressure washer to do general cleaning around the house is simply to make sure that it is able to do its job. Whether you are about cleaning your patio or driveway or bringing back life to your sidings, fences or other wooden furniture, you simply need to have a machine that can do what it is intended for.

Of course, it is always a big plus when that particular machine is lightweight and portable. No one wants to be lugging around such heavy equipment during clean up, even if it is done at home. Transporting the equipment would be enough to wear you out. What you want is something that you can bring around to every nook and cranny of your property to do the chores.

Thus, go for one that it easy to assemble, easy to use, portable and gets the cleaning done – and done fast!


About AR Blue Clean AR383

If you are too intimidated to pick up those heavy duty pressure washers but need something to do quick outdoor clean-ups at home, this pressure washer is definitely worth considering. Just a quick spray will make your patio, decks, sidings, fences, vehicles and other outdoor equipment look brand new.

  • At 11.7 pounds, it is one of the lightest and most portable pressure washers available
  • It comes with 1900 PSI, enough to do most home cleaning jobs
  • Uses 80% less water and uses 40% more power than the regular garden hose
  • Has a professional style pressure washer gun
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with 2 different pressure washer wands, a 20-foot high pressure hose and a 14-ounce detergent bottle
  • Has a 1-year Bumper to Bumper warranty


Among the best features of this product is its size and portability. The moment you look at it, you will probably think that it is a vacuum cleaner!

At just 11.7 pounds, it is easily one of the most lightweight of all pressure washers available in the market. Because of this, doing the regular house chores such as cleaning old wooden fences, the patio or deck, sidings and windows, or even your vehicles – become a breeze. Plus it is also equipped with a 20-foot high pressure hose, which is long enough to make cleaning outside smooth and hassle-free.

Another reason you might like this product is that it does not generate as much noise as the other pressure washers. It probably is not the toughest and most powerful of all – there are certainly others that can generate more water pressure – but it does its job quite well!


What Others Say

More than half of its Amazon customers are impressed by the performance of the AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer plus they love that they come with excellent customer service. Once they ran into a problem, all they had to do was give a call and the company was quick enough to address their needs.

Most complaints were related to the leaking in the plastic hose adapter and, while there were some who resorted to purchasing a brass male-to-male hose adapter separately, there were also some who did not experience any leaking.
Another common complaint was the handle design. You will have to constantly hold on to the trigger as it does not lock itself when being used, and can cause hand cramps in the long run.

Otherwise, everyone is happy with this portable and easy-to-use pressure washer.


Buying Advice

While there are certainly several other pressure washers that can do a better job than this one from AR, it does not mean it cannot function as intended. If you only have to use it for the typical maintenance chores at home then it is well worth considering adding this equipment to your arsenal of tools.


If you are looking for the best pressure washers that can do heavy-duty jobs, this might not be the best fit for you. However, if you intend to use it at home, this one provides a pretty decent performance and comes with an excellent price, too. It can certainly take care of just about anything around your home.

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

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