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Updated Nov. 2019

Just as all products boast positive comments, there is a high chance that there is something less happy about the way they work, for example.

Similarly, what some customers find charming can eventually become a drawback for others.

So let’s take a look at some of the most commonly addressed pros and cons for each case.​

  • Easy to use: designed to be operated by users with all levels of expertise, this product is easy to install, manipulate and move around, thus making it a favorite among welders.
  • Dual Power Source: operating on both a gas and no gas mode, this welder adapts to each job, especially those whose success would rely on outdoor conditions, such as wind, rain or snow.
  • High Welding Capacity
  • Full kit with all contents available on the same package.
  • Just as all other MIG welders, few instances of stopping and re-starting are necessary, thus making it easy for users to operate the equipment.
  • The 220 volt power cord should be installed by the buyer.
  • When being operated on gas, certain external aspects could influence the product’s operational capacities
  • Works best with light gauge materials. Although it can deal with thick heavy metals, success can be achieved only after a few passes.

Finding the right welding machine is many times a challenge.

This is especially true among picky welders who are used to strong and powerful welding machines that are still able to provide optimal flexibility and ease of use.​

If you have spent hours doing your own research on the different welders available on the market, you may have come across this Arksen MIG-175 160 AMP 230V Flux Core Wire Welding Machine.​

Review The Product

Why this product is considered an optimal alternative can be easily understood by taking a look at some of its specifications.


  • Rated Input Voltage: 220V/60Hz Single Phase
  • Duty Cycle: 10% @ 160amp 22.5v / 35% @ 85 Amp 18.3v / 60% @ 17.3v
  • Welding Current: 60- 160amp (Min)
  • Max Open Voltage: 34.2V
  • Current range: 10% @ 150AMP
  • Wire Capacity: .031 (0.8mm) Steel & Stainless Steel, 0.030″ to 0.039″ (1.0mm)
  • Aluminum, 0.023″ to 0.035″ (0.6-0.8mm) Flux Core
  • Welding Capacities: 18 Gauge To 3/16in/Thick
  • Weldable Materials: Mild, Low Alloy Steel (Not Suitable For Aluminum Or Stainless Steel, however)
  • Torch features, built-in safety on/off safety controls

Significant Features

It is thanks to its relevant features that a product can begin to be understood and valued among customers.

Here are some of this welding machine’s most relevant features:

  • In addition, seasoned welders will find this item useful, even if they own more powerful welding devices in their workshops.
  • The reason behind this shop concerns the product’s extreme portability.
  • Welders who need to take their equipment with them for on-site jobs will find the ARKSEN extremely handy.

Customer Score:

Built-in Cooling Fan: Most heavy-duty welders include cooling fans in their models, as these items help to increase the welder’s duty cycle and eventually extend the utility life of the machine.

Thermal Overload Protection: Also meant to increase the welder´s utility, this feature is highly beneficial in cases of continuous use.​

In addition, the welder can be protected in the event of an overload.

Variable Wire Feed Speed Control: Since the wire speed controls amperage as well as the amount of weld penetration, it is highly beneficial when these variables can be controlled.​

Many welding issues stem from the incapacity to effectively adjust the wire speed. The Arksen however, makes this easy on the welder, either amateur or pro.

Most Interesting Feature:​

What makes this product one of a kind though, is its adaptable dual power-sourcing nature.

As it can be easily converted to transform into gas, the welder offers its users the chance to make it work on two different power sources.

Customers should know that a 220 volt power cord should be installed prior to its use.​

Why is it a Best Seller in Amazon?​

Quickly turning into a classic must-have, this powerful welder is the type of model that appeals because of its practical portability, as well as its attractive variability.

Not many strong welders operate on variable speeds, so when you come across one, chances are that you will fall in love with the item right away.

Last update on 2019-12-05 PST - Details

User Profile: Who Needs an Arksen?​

One of the main reasons behind this product’s rising popularity is its universal use.

Made to fit the needs of the amateur do-it-yourself fan as well as those of the professional welder, this machine features uses that satisfy even the wildest whims.

Few products are able to boast such a high overall customer reputation as this ARKSEN model.

Addressed as outstanding by many customers, this welder is soon becoming one of the most widely sought-after models on the market.

Final Words​

In all, in this article you will find a brief description of the ARKSEN MIG 175 160 AMP 230V flux core wire welding machine that operates on dual mode and what people think of the equipment.

It is through this description, and above all, thanks to the many customers who have shared their opinion online, consequently making it easier for each one of us to choose accordingly.

Our conclusion is that this ARKSEN model is one to keep in mind next time you need to purchase a welding machine that operates on two different sources of energy.​

Last update on 2019-12-05 PST - Details

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