What Is The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support To Buy In 2020?

The right pair of basketball shoes doesn't just look good. Getting the look you want matters, but protecting yourself is just as important. When you're running, jumping or just walking around, your shoes should support your ankles for ultimate performance.

You ask more from your basketball shoes too, from superior traction to a comfortable fit. If you want to choose the best ones, there are several factors you need to compare. Comfort, traction, ankle support and, of course, price all matter when you're choosing shoes.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support On The Market

best basketball shoes for ankle support


Ankle support is one of the things that matter most when you're looking for the best basketball shoes. It's not the only element you need to look into, though.

There can be a lot of different technical specs to consider, but you don't want to have to spend a long time trying to remember them all. A few quick pieces of information that you can easily compare make it much easier to find the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Take a look at this comparison table to compare five of the top choices and what they have to offer in terms of cushioning, traction, and ankle support.

Most Recommended Basketball Shoes: Detailed Reviews 2020

1. adidas performance men's basketball shoe - best basketball shoes ever

Adidas is one of the most prominent names in the sportswear industry. They've gained a reputation for fashionable and reliable gear that not only looks good but offers optimum performance too. The D Rose 7 Primeknit Basketball Shoe is one of their celebrity-affiliated models, designed for top player Derrick Rose. Since they're designed with a pro player in mind, you can bank on them giving you the support you need when you're playing.

Designed with a molded collar with an ankle brace, these shoes are intended to give you superior ankle support compared to other shoes. The molded collar accommodates the brace within it for a comfortable fit and plenty of support.

One of the possible downsides to the D Rose 7 Primeknit shoes is that they can be too tight on the ankles. Although you need good ankle support, you don't want it to feel like your ankles, or blood flow are too restricted.

The Adidas Primeknit is a breathable and flexible material that gives you a comfortable fit, while the energy-returning Boost cushioning aims to not just improve comfort but your performance too.

The D Rose 7 Primeknit shoes might not work out for everyone, but the fit issues are not experienced by everyone. Consider whether you usually have any problems with shoes fitting too small and think about going up a size.

  • Great ankle support with molded collar and brace
  • Breathable, flexible Primeknit material
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Good stability from TPU heel
  • Ankle support is potentially too tight
  • Wearers with wide feet might find their toes hitting the toe box due to soft Primeknit

2. adidas Men's G98370 - best men's shoes for ankle support

The Adidas Crazy 1 was first released in 2000, but today modern interpretations of the classic shoe are a favorite. These comfortable and stylish shoes come in a range of colorways, with this bright berry and slime green style certainly making an impact.

If you're looking for everyday ankle support and support while you're playing, these shoes are an excellent option. The double foam collar is responsible for a lot of the support, while the wide base of the heel also helps to give you the support you need.

Anyone who wore the original Crazy 1 shoes will probably notice one significant difference in the cushioning. Where it used to have adiPrene, it has been replaced with EVA, which doesn't offer the exact same level of comfort. While it might not seem like a huge difference, comfort is paramount when you're playing, so this could be disappointing for some people.

The EVA cushioning does still provide comfort for both general wear and playing. The herringbone traction runs from toe to heel, and is ideal for indoor players in particular. However, it can collect dust quickly so needs to be cleaned off regularly to ensure good traction at all times.

  • Comfortable support
  • Good traction
  • EVA cushioning offers comfort
  • Dust can build up on outer soles
  • Changes in cushioning compared to original Crazy 1 shoes
  • Traction not ideal for outdoor players

3. Under Armour Men's - supportive and responsive

Under Armour's Curry 2.5 builds on the previous second model from the Steph Curry signature line. The changes made are intended to improve on previous products, offering more support and better performance.

The small heel cup and the full length mesh upper keep your foot in place, providing ankle support along with the asymmetrical entry and the burrito tongue. The asymmetrical lacing system gives a more even spread to the material to offer greater comfort and support. Meanwhile, the cushioning system uses a Charged foam that provides a responsive experience.

If you're looking for cushioning suitable for high impact playing, the Curry 2.5 shoes are probably not the right choice. There is some impact protection, but it's not the strong point for this shoe.

  • Excellent support from multiple features
  • Multidirectional herringbone pattern provides great indoor traction
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Impact protection isn't great
  • Burrito wrap could be too slim for wider ankles

4. nike men's lebron xiv ep - comfortable style

Another pro player endorsed pair of basketball shoes, this LeBron James signature line style offers a sturdy option from Nike.

The ankle support from this shoe comes from its neoprene cuff, plus internal and external heel counters. However, if you're looking for the best support your money can buy, you could do better than the LeBron 14. The shoe doesn't do a great job of keeping the foot stable and the soft material means the fit can be loose.

There are other things to like about this shoe if you're looking for a basketball shoe that feels comfortable to play in. The Hex Zoom Air cushioning gives you a number of large cushion units that spreads your weight evenly. It is sometimes possible to feel the individual units but it provides great impact protection.

The flexible foam and mesh materials move well and don't restrict the foot too much. However, some wearers might find them too soft and feel that they don't offer the level of support that they need while playing.

  • Strong cushioning system
  • Excellent impact protection
  • Adequate traction for the material
  • Support could be better
  • Zoom Air cushioning can sometimes be felt
  • Traction needs to be kept clean for optimum performance

5. nike men's hyperdunk 2016 basketball shoes - best indoor basketball shoes

The design of the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 offers the best of both worlds when it comes to ankle support. Its mid-rise design offers plenty of ankle support, without restricting the ankle in the way that a high collar style might. The point where the ankle collar starts is disconnected from the lower half of the shoe, which provides more flexibility.

Other elements of this shoe add to its support too, from the positioning of the foot below the top of the midsole to prevent rolling to the wide base and adjustable lacing system. The Zoom cushioning absorbs impact and gives a fast response, helping to make the shoe even more comfortable when playing.

The traction on this shoe uses a blade style instead of herringbone, promoting better stopping power. Consistent traction increases stability and durability when playing indoors.

Playing outdoors could certainly be an issue with these shoes, especially for a long time. In particular, the open windows in the Zoom cushioning could leave you open to damage while playing outdoors.

  • Ankle support without restriction
  • Good fit from adjustable lacing, padding, and more
  • Zoom cushioning offers impact absorption
  • Stable traction
  • Not ideal for outdoors
  • Materials might seem slightly out of date

basketball shoes for ankle support - buyer's guide

Some people might say that all basketball shoes are designed with ankle support in mind. While they might all try to offer good ankle support, many of them fail in their mission. Knowing what to look for to get good ankle support and also balancing that against other important features can be a little tricky.

Basketball shoes aren't there just to make you look good, but also to improve your performance as much as possible. You need a good fit, plenty of support, solid traction and cushioning for comfort too.

Sure, you could just buy any athletics shoes to play basketball. However, choosing a pair that's designed purely for playing basketball helps to ensure you get all of these essential elements that will improve your performance.

Take a look at some of the benefits of choosing a pair of basketball shoes, especially if you're looking for better ankle support. The advantages these shoes offer are also the top features you should examine carefully to ensure you get what's being advertised.

better ankle support

Some basketball shoes are more impressive than other when it comes to ankle support, but most are going to offer you support of some kind. When you're running and jumping on the court, you need shoes that prevent your ankles from rolling painfully. You need your shoes to absorb the impact when you move, for both your feet and your ankles and calves. Basketball shoes offer the support you need for your ankles and elsewhere with their higher cuff or collar.

Look for elements like an ankle brace and foam collar to get the ankle support you need. But remember that other features can contribute to ankle and overall support. Elements like the lacing system and the materials used can also contribute to a more supportive shoe.

great traction

Most sports shoes will offer a good grip so that you're not in danger of slipping around or falling over. However, some types will have less traction to allow for more movement. When you're playing basketball, you want to be able to stop suddenly and change directions quickly too. If you play indoors, your shoes need to offer enough traction on the hard but smooth floor to allow you to move fast.

Both material and the pattern used on soles contribute to better traction on basketball shoes. Many basketball shoes use a soft rubber sole, which is ideal for getting the traction you need indoors. However, look out for whether the sole tends to collect dust and dirt, as this can reduce traction. As for the pattern used, many shoes use a herringbone pattern, but some other styles can offer slightly better traction. For many people, however, it's not enough of a difference to matter.

comfortable cushioning

Basketball shoes also often have superior cushioning. This is another benefit that will help you when you're running and jumping. It lessens the impact when you're on the move, protecting your feet and your legs too. At the same time, the cushioning needs to allow you to feel the floor below you. You'll notice that many brands tend to have their own cushioning systems, like Nike Zoom or Adidas Boost. Don't assume that these always offer the same level of comfort in every style. It can differ between different models from the same brand.


If you're looking for a reliable pair of basketball shoes with good ankle support, the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 style won't let you down.

After making some mistakes the previous year, Nike made a comeback with these solid shoes. They might not be trying to do anything new in terms of technology, but it seems to work better better when they use tried and tested materials and support systems.

These shoes have great ankle support without being restricting, and the Zoom cushioning offers the comfort you need for superior play. You'll be able to do everything you need to do on the court with these shoes on.

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