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August 9, 2022

5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors On The Market


Monitoring your own blood pressure is an increasingly important part of many health regimes.

Fortunately, today's personal models make this type of home-based health monitoring easy to do.

The challenge is finding the device that accurately meets your requirements -- because if it doesn't, there's a danger that you'll end up not using it as often as you should.

Our five finalists all do more than provide basic blood pressure readings. After much analysis, we're confident that at least one of these will fulfill your particular needs.

Top 5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors On The Market



Most of today's blood pressure monitors are portable enough that you can use them wherever and whenever you choose.

However, some do a better job of this than others. When it comes to fit, there are both wrist and arm options available. Size is an important consideration; if you're particularly slender or well-built, will the all-important band actually fit?


Technology brings us more information than ever before. However, in the race to provide data, some manufacturers lose sight of human convenience and ease of use. We rate each monitor on the quality of its user experience.


Each of our finalists reads your blood pressure, of course, but other useful features are available as well, from automatic shut-off to Bluetooth connectivity and apps for Android and iOS. We examine each product and look at the features that add extra value.


You can get a home blood pressure monitor for surprisingly little money, but there's a considerable difference between the lowest and highest prices on our shortlist. We summarize our ratings and tell you just what you get for your investment.


1. lifesource ub-351 automatic wrist blood pressure monitor

People with large upper arms sometimes struggle to find a monitor cuff that fits properly. One solution is to take blood pressure at the wrist, and that is the method adopted by the Lifesource UB-351 Blood Pressure Monitor.

The cuff will fit wrist circumferences from 5.25 - 8.5 inches. Given that it's fitted directly to your wrist, this compact unit consists of just the cuff and attached monitor.

Usage doesn't get much easier than the Lifesource UB-351 Blood Pressure Monitor. Insert the two batteries supplied (there is no mains adapter), wrap it around your wrist and away you go. Instructions, according to most owners, are relatively clear and the information provided on the LCD screen is uncomplicated and easy to read. The challenge with all blood pressure machines that read at the wrist is accuracy - because readings are taken further from your heart than with an upper-arm cuff. Best results come from being in a sitting position, with your wrist above your heart. Whether these precautions were followed or not is impossible to tell, but a number of owners felt that the Lifesource failed to meet their expectations for consistency.


Each of the blood pressure monitors in our ratings will give you simultaneous readouts for systolic and diastolic pressures and your pulse rate, but they all add something extra, too. In the case of the Lifesource UB-351 blood pressure monitor, you also get a memory capacity that stores your last 90 readings and gives you an average. There's also an alarm that sounds if the device detects an irregular heartbeat; this feature doesn't interrupt or deter normal monitoring in any way. Given that it's a battery-only model, owners will also find the charge level indicator to be useful.

The Lifesource UB-351 Blood Pressure Monitor is currently available for just Price not available. Given its budget price, you might not expect a lot. However, the Lifesource shares features with models that cost several times as much and is arguably the most portable of all the monitors on our elite list. 

The downside is accuracy. That's not a criticism of this device in particular. Rather, it's a recognition of the disadvantage suffered by wrist monitors in general. Owner reports are varied. Some find it inconsistent; others are perfectly happy. While one or two find it to be too small, many people say it's comfortable and convenient.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Useful for those with extra-large upper arms.
  • The most portable monitor on our list.
  • As with all wrist monitors, accuracy is sometimes questioned.

A low-cost, battery-operated wrist monitor. Like all wrist monitors, accuracy may be somewhat sacrificed by mode of measurement.

2. lotfancy® (fda ce approved) health sense

The Lotfancy Health Sense Blood Pressure Meter consists of an upper-arm cuff, a tube that inflates the cuff and feeds information to the monitor, and the monitor itself. If you want accurate readings, it's extremely important that the cuff is large enough. If it's too small, you get what medical practitioners call "undercuffing" (common on people with large arms), which results in inaccurate readings. The cuff on the Lotfancy is medium sized and can accommodate arms of 8.6 - 14.2 inches in circumference. This should cover the majority of people.

It's frustrating that the Lotfancy Health Sense Blood Pressure Meter includes neither batteries nor a mains adapter. However, once you have purchased and installed your batteries, you have a legible screen that is comfortable to hold. Taking readings is a simple matter of wrapping the cuff around your arm and pressing the Start button. Automatic inflation and shut-off ensures that everything else is straightforward. As with all the blood pressure monitors in our ratings, the Lotfancy's instructions should be followed with care for the most accurate results. The owners in our survey reported no difficulty using the device.


For many, the outstanding feature of the Lotfancy Health Sense Blood Pressure monitor is that it's FDA approved. However, FDA-approval is far from the only extra you get with this device. Like the Lifesource, there's an alert for irregular heart rate (in this case, plus or minus 25 percent of normal), and there's also a memory function. You can get your readings in four "groups," thus allowing four different people to record their pressures individually. Each person can also view an average of their last three readings. Like the Lifesource, a low battery indicator is included with the Lotfancy.

Getting an FDA-approved blood pressure monitor for Price not available is a tremendous deal, and that's what you receive with the Lotfancy Health Sense package. Indeed, this is a lot of machine for the money! It's a size that people are comfortable with, it's uncomplicated, and it features a large memory capacity.  The readout is clear, and multiple users (up to four) can be accommodated on the same device. Not surprisingly, this device is a popular choice among customers. Our research has turned up very few negative comments. One or two owners have questioned accuracy, but the vast majority are delighted with their purchase.

  • FDA-approved.
  • Comprehensive data collection.
  • Tracks up to four people at once.
  • Batteries and mains adapter are not included.

A cost-efficient solution for individuals/families who want accurate blood pressure data. The highest quality for the least amount of money.

3. Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Panasonic's EW3109W Blood Pressure Monitor includes a relatively large, rectangular unit and the usual tube and upper-arm cuff. The cuff and tube can be wrapped around the monitor and put in the bag provided for carrying; the manufacturer raves about this portability. However, the EW3109W is not the most compact model we've seen. Standard cuff circumference is 7.8 - 15.8 inches, but Panasonic is obviously aware of the undercuffing problem. An optional large cuff that accommodates arms up to 17.25 inches in circumference can be obtained for an additional cost.

The Panasonic EW3109W Blood Pressure Monitor is battery operated. The cuff receives particular praise for how easy it is to fit one-handed, although some owners report it to be a little stiff. Consumer opinion is divided on the merit of the hand-held readout. There's no doubt that it's clear, and there's really only one button to fiddle with unless you want to access memory. However, some owners find that the "baton-style" shape is a bit awkward to handle.


While there's nothing particularly unusual about the 90-reading memory or averaging features you get with the Panasonic EW3109W Blood Pressure Monitor, the manufacturer is keen to point out the built-in filter technology that cuts out extraneous noise. (This effectively refers to anything that isn't your pulse/heart rate).

Because of this technology, Panasonic claims that the EW3109W provides particularly accurate results. The readout will also flash, giving you a virtually unmissable visual warning if hypertension is detected. Panasonic's reputation for quality is backed by a 24-hour customer service hotline, although not every owner who had cause to contact them was happy with the level of support they received.

The Panasonic EW3109W Blood Pressure Monitor costs Price not available, which is a pretty good value for a competent all-rounder from a company with a great reputation for quality. It's a bit unexpected, then, that customers' main complaint about the Panasonic EW3109W is accuracy. A lot of owners like it, and high sales volumes suggest that most people find it satisfactory. However, the number of people who have noted a difference between Panasonic readings and doctors' office readings is larger than expected.

  • Decent price.
  • Highly popular with consumers.
  • An extra-large cuff is available for an additional cost.
  • Some complaints about accuracy when compared to doctor's office readings.

A highly popular blood pressure monitor from a well-respected manufacturer.

4. Omron BP786 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron BP786 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor screen is rich with data. As such, this hand-held unit definitely benefits from having some common information permanently marked around the edge of the screen (rather than on the LCD). It's paired with the usual kind of tube and upper arm cuff, the latter of which fits arm circumferences from 9 - 17 inches. This is a smart, professional-looking package that inspires confidence among consumers.

You don't get batteries with the Omron BP786 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor, but you do get an AC adapter -- so you don't really need batteries unless you want the extra mobility. The cuff receives a lot of compliments for comfort, adjustability, and ease of fitting. Not everyone feels the same about the monitor, however. It's certainly informative and easy to read, but while many like the wide variety of information available, some owners find it a little complex and say it takes a while to get used to.


The Omron corporation is keen to focus on the accuracy of its BP786 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor. Accuracy is achieved by taking three readings just one minute apart and then giving an average. This is not a manufacturer's gimmick; it's a system that has been approved by the American Heart Association for the most accurate results. In addition to indicator lights (for "normal" or "hypertension") and a bar to compare your BP to normal levels, the Omron includes date and time functions.

When it comes to memory and information management, the Omron takes blood pressure monitoring to a whole new level. The monitor itself can hold up to 200 readings in memory, but there's also a free app which, in combination with the built-in Bluetooth, enables compatible mobile devices to record unlimited data. Not only can you check your levels wherever and whenever you like, you can even email this data to your physician!

The Omron BP786 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor costs $157.95. That's a fair step up from some other contenders, but this model provides a comprehensive set of data and, thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility, the most flexibility in acquiring, storing, and transmitting data. Some owners did find the sheer volume of information available a little daunting at first, and some were annoyed that particular devices weren't compatible with the Omron. In general, however, owner approval of this product is very high.

  • Preferred by most clinical specialists.
  • Display is clear and easy to read.
  • Free data storage and wireless data sharing with doctor.
  • Batteries not included.
  • Data-rich monitor can take a while to get used to.

The best monitor available for those who want accurate results and the ability to wirelessly store and share data.

5. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android

If you're looking for visual simplicity and portability, it doesn't get much better than the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. You get an upper-arm cuff and a shiny cylindrical tube that attaches to it. (And that's all you get.) There's no monitor or readout because you use your mobile phone or tablet for those functions. Whether that's a positive or a negative is a matter of personal opinion. The Withings shares the same cuff flexibility as the Omron, accommodating arms from 9 - 17 inches.

Your ease of use with the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is going to depend on how comfortable you are with your cell phone or tablet, as there's no traditional monitor included with this product. All readings are transmitted to an app on your Apple or Android device. To start measurements, simply set up your account, insert the supplied batteries, fit the cuff around your upper arm, and watch your screen for information. Most owners tell us they can do all of these things with no problem. We do recommend that you check your personal device for compatibility before investing in a Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. (For example, original iPads aren't compatible, but current ones are.) The vast majority of recent Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android gadgets should work.


The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor feature set revolves entirely around its wireless capability and the Withings Health Mate App. The app displays all kinds of information in a series of "easy-to-understand charts," according to the manufacturer. Because this information is stored in the cloud, it's retained indefinitely. As with the Omron, these readings can also be sent to medical practitioners. There are currently around 100 additional apps and services that can use the data, but given the rate of app development, many more useful ways of interpreting Withings health data are likely to sprout up in the future. The Withings has been certified as an FDA-Cleared Medical Device (Class 2), and the app is available in several languages.

At a price Price not available, the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor costs a bit more money than some other devices on the market. It could be viewed as expensive, but you do get advanced technology, considerable data capability, and the potential for growth in the future. The quality of the unit itself is praised by owners. A few people have reported problems with functionality and connectivity, and the manual is not very clear. Nevertheless, most customers find the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor to be accurate, convenient, and easy to set up. If you're not into wireless digital gadgets, however, this monitor probably isn't for you.

  • Advanced technology and considerable data capability.
  • Poor user manual.
  • More expensive than many competitors.

Accurate and easy to use, but best suited for those who are interested in high-tech gadgets with connectivity.


Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor; 2-User, 200-Reading Memory, Backlit Display, TruRead Technology, Bluetooth Works with Amazon Alexa by Omron
  • Manage/track up to 200 readings for up to 2 users (100 readings each) and unlimited readings on your smartphone with Omron's free app that works with select iOS and Android devices
  • Features our exclusive TruRead technology that takes 3 consecutive readings and calculates the average; Our patented, pre formed ComFit cuff inflates around your entire arm to help ensure accurate readings and fits arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference
  • Easy to read backlit screen with extra large digits and multi colored LED indicator lights show your readings compare to internationally recognized guidelines for normal or hypertensive blood pressure ranges
  • Omron is the recommended home blood pressure monitor brand by doctors and pharmacists for clinically accurate home monitoring, and the selling manufacturer of home blood pressure monitors for over 40 years
  • Note: Blood pressure varies constantly due to many factors including stress, time of day, and how you wrap the cuff, may affect your blood pressure

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

While each of our final five is a top-notch health tool, there's no doubt that the best blood pressure monitor is the Omron BP786 10 Series. The manufacturer claims that it's the most recommended monitor by doctors and pharmacists. Given its quality and versatility, we see no reason to doubt this.

It may not be anything special to look at -- the design is smart but not outstanding -- but there's an awful lot of power under the Omron's relatively basic "skin." The upper-arm cuff helps avoid irregular results by encircling the arm completely, just like at the doctor's office.

It comfortably fits arms from 9 - 17 inches in diameter. This is of ultimate importance, as size and fit are vital for proper readings. When you hit the start button, the Omron takes your systolic, diastolic, and pulse ratings. These measurements are obtained one minute apart, ensuring accuracy as recommended by the American Heart Association.

One of the best things about this blood pressure monitor is that it doesn't matter whether you're tech savvy or not. The hand-held unit itself can record up to 200 measurements for an individual or 100 each for two people who want to share the device. It also provides useful averages. If you want more information, you can access it via a free app that gives you unlimited data storage and the ability to wirelessly send the data to your doctor.

Of course, no machine is perfect. It's a little frustrating that batteries aren't included in the price when cheaper models often include them. Incompatibilities exist with some mobile devices, but you can check compatibility before making a purchase.

A few owners struggled with the Bluetooth, but the majority found the app easy to install and the monitor simple to operate. Overall, the Omron receives very little criticism from owners. On offer for $157.95, we endorse it as the top blood pressure monitor on the market.

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details


LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic Upper Arm BP Cuff 8.7-14.2” Machine Kit, Accurate Digital BP Gauge, Portable Home Heartbeat Meter, 4 User, 120 Readings Memory, Large LCD Display
  • ✔ACCURATE & REALIABLE: Our blood pressure machines are clinically tested and recommended by doctors and obstetricians for its reliability and accuracy for high bp and irregular heartbeat detection; Monitor automatically displays the average from the last three readings for your reference
  • ✔4 USERS & 120 MEMORY: Our portable BP machines can be shared between 4 individuals; Monitor stores up to 30 readings with date & time stamp for each user; Ideal for a family of 4 and seniors with hypertension or heart disease
  • ✔EASY TO USE: Our one-button operation BP monitors are fully automatic; Simply wear the cuff, press the yellow button, and you will get results in clear fonts, oversized numbers on the large 4” LCD screen, especially convenient for the elderly
  • ✔ADJUSTABLE & PORTABLE: Our user-friendly blood pressure gauges are equipped with adjustable cuff to fit a circumference of 8.7”-14.2” (22-36cm);it also comes with storage bag to keep your bp device clean and dust free. Perfect size for daily use at home or for travel
  • ✔PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x D-Ring Cuff, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x Storage Pouch; Charged by 4 AA batteries (batteries not included)

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

Each of the blood pressure monitors on our shortlist rates well above average, but the Best Bang for Your Buck monitor was easy for us to identify. If you're looking for a top-quality monitor at an affordable price, you can't go wrong with the Lotfancy Health Sense.

When you buy the Lotfancy Health Sense Fully Automatic Digital blood pressure monitor, you get an FDA-approved device for an impressively small amount of cash. Federal certification doesn't always guarantee that a blood pressure monitor is easy to use, but in this particular case, the Lotfancy is extremely user friendly.

We love the fact that this straightforward tool offers a full range of systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings. It also boasts an irregular heartbeat warning and a memory capacity as large as blood pressure monitors that cost several times as much. In addition, the Lotfancy can track up to four individuals at once. No other contender on our shortlist offers this benefit.

The Lotfancy doesn't sport the mobile connectivity of some other devices, but many people are perfectly happy without this luxury. It's not as robust as some models, but for a cost of just Price not available, it's an outstanding value. 

One or two owners questioned the accuracy of the Lotfancy, but we'd like to reiterate how important it is to follow the manufacturer's instructions as closely as possible. In general, people are delighted with this easy-to-use device, and they rave about its accuracy and efficiency. If you want precise blood pressure data for very little money, the Lotfancy is definitely the Best Bang for Your Buck.

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

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