Best Bottle Warmer For Frozen Breast Milk To Buy In 2020?

Breast milk is warm! So why shouldn't the milk inside a feeding bottle? At least we think that's how every parent would reason out. 

The different bottle warmers flooding today's market stands proof to this. 

But if you are a new parent and are overwhelmed with too many options, then our review can help you make an informed choice. 

So how do you choose the best bottle warmer for your baby?

Top 5 Best Bottle Warmer For Frozen Breast Milk On The Market

What is the Best Bottle Warmer For Frozen Breast Milk? Keep reading to find out!

1. Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer - best breast milk warmer

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

With the KiindeKozii Bottle Warmer you can warm everything for your baby's feed from breast milk to formula to even food.The heating is achieved through a warm water bath into which you place your bottle or meal pouches. It is great to thaw and warm frozen milk that is stored either in bottles or bags.

The heating is very gentle and is perfect for thawing and warming breast milk as overheating can lead to loss of nutrients and antibodies.

The last thing you want when you want to warm a bottle of milk is to measure and fill the water bath of the warmer. But the KiideKozii has a reservoir built in so that your warmer is always ready to use.


The timer is quitestraight forward without any complicated settings to just heat up a bottle quickly. So you can see how much time you will need to wait before giving the baby the bottle of warm milk.Weighing only 1.8 pounds and measuring 8 L x 8 H x 6 W inches, it is quite portable in case you travel a lot.​

We found out that most reviewers who said they love the Kiinde bottle warmer like it for the fact that it warms breast milk gently and will never ever overheat even if you left it for more time than was required. Therefore, it is great for those who exclusively pump and feed breast milk to their babies.

  • Even and gentle heating through water circulation.
  • Large enough to fit most bottles.
  • Safe to use bottles, drop in liner bottles, baby food jars, storage bags etc.
  • Auto shutoff once timer ends.
  • Water from the bath is drawn back into the reservoir at the end of cycle for safety.
  • The timer does not produce any sound to alert end of cycle.
  • The water reservoir has no warning mechanism when the level goes down and if left to dry out can harm the machine itself.
  • Regular cleaning is required to avoid building up of deposits inside the water bath.
  • A bit pricier than other warmers with similar features.

2. Chicco Bottle Warmer - best travel bottle warmer

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

Another great product is the Chicco two in one which can be used for both bottles or jars of baby food . Don’t spend precious minutes trying to figure out how much time you need to set on the timer. Twist to the right for bottles and left for jars, it's that simple. You won't even have to think so much if it's only bottles that you use all the time.

The warmer uses the gentle water bath heating method. It automatically calculates the time required and alerts with a beep sound once the job is done. What's more, be it milk, formula or food, you can leave them in the warmer for up to an hour and it will stay warm. After that, it automatically shuts off for safety, so does the tiny light on the knob.


Food jars can be much smaller than bottles, candle device comes with an easy insert for jars to pull them out when done. It is also large enough to accommodate most bottles and is easy to clean.

At half the price of a KiindeKozi, it is definitely a great deal and value for money. It is even much smaller, weighing only a mere 1.2 pounds. So if you travel often, then this might be your best bet.

Users of the product find that it is a quick and simple way to warm up baby food, milk or formula. Its simple design makes heating up baby food a fuss-free activity. Though some reviewers notice inconsistent heating or even over heating in some cases.

  • No confusing settings; choose either the bottle or the jar mode.
  • Beep sound at the end of cycle.
  • Lift up insert for food jars and smaller bottles.
  • Keeps food or milk warm for up to an hour.
  • No timer control to see total heating time.
  • The extended warm mode can sometimes lead to overheating.

3. Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer - best portable bottle warmer

When you need to heat up baby food or milk fast, you can do it three easy steps with the Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer Fast. Just place the bottle and a little water, twist the dial and turn it on. It can heat 4 ounces of milk in just 3 minutes.And it does this without burning or overheating the milk by the gentle water bath heating method.

Your seconds can seem longer especially with a hungry baby who likes their food to be warm. The warmer lets you thaw frozen milk or food with its defrost option before warming it. The compact and ultra light weight device is large enough to fit most bottles, cups and food jars and small enough to sit on your kitchen counter or nightstand.


The warmer comes with a guide to choosing the right temperature for the food based on the quantity and whether it is at room temperature or was stored in the fridge or freezer. Though this might seem difficult at first, you will quickly learn the frequently used settings.

The Philips Avent Fast is a simplified version of the premium warmer and is meant for heating baby food quickly or on the go. As quick heating is the main goal of the device, over heating is possible if left unattended after the desired time.

Users of the product report a waiting period between heating cycles which is required for the device to cool down. This can be a bummer when you want to warm up food at the end of a feed or a meal.

  • Gently warms milk to desired temperature.
  • Convenient defrost option for frozen breast milk and baby food.
  • Compact and light for easy portability.
  • You need to add water before heating every time.
  • No timer or auto shut off option.
  • It is not suitable for Philips AVENT breast milk bags and 2 ounce bottles.

4. Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer - best travel bottle warmer

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer probably has the maximum number of features a compact bottle warmer can have. It uses the quick heating ability of steam to heat food or milk to the desired temperature.

The LCD control panel lets you set the temperature as well as the time required to heat up the baby's food. This way you can get a good control over the temperature as opposed to a standard, one temperature fits all method found in other similar products. What's more, it will even memorize the last used setting for a faster check out the next time.


As steam can reach very high temperatures, the top is covered with a flip top lid. An adjustable basket inside the chamber gives a good fit to bottles of different sizes. You will know the heating is complete with the flashing LCD light and an audible alarm. Don't ever worry about filling up the water chamber every time as the reservoir can hold enough to last a day's worth of heating.

If you are not sure about how to set up the time and temperature for your frozen and refrigerated food, simply refer to the chart on the back of the product. This might seem like a task at first but in a day or two you will get the hang of it and will love how it takes the guesswork out.

It is not without reason that Dr.Brown's Bottle Warmer has very good reviews by its owners. Since every little detail has been thought over, there is at least one aspect that is everybody's favorite.

  • LCD control panels with digital display.
  • Adjustable temperature and time settings.
  • Memorizes last used setting
  • Alarm and LCD flash alert at the end of cycle.
  • Cleaning can be laborious especially of the water chamber
  • Steam heat carries the risk of scalding, burn injuries and uneven heating

5. Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer - best baby food warmer

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

Don't you just hate walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night just to fetch your frozen breast milk? What if your bottle warmer doubled up as a cooler too? The Born Free TruTemp Bottle Warmer and cooler does just that. You can get a bottle of milk warmed in as much as 3 minutes. Don't worry about overheating, as the automatic shut off will stop the heating once the desired temperature is achieved.

The heating chamber is wide enough and accommodates most bottles. The cooler is insulated and has two ice packs which can keep up to two bottles of milk cool overnight (8 hours). So your frozen breast milk can be left in the cooler until it is ready to be used. Whether it is formula or breast milk, the warmer makes sure it is heated gently. Simply use the dial to set the bottle size in ounces and you are good to go.


The bottle is ready when the alarm goes off.If your routine is the same every day, then the memory option that saves the last used setting can come in handy.Steam heating is the method this warmer uses and the water reservoir needs to be filled only once in two days, unlike some warmers which needs water addition before every use.

This warmer may not be for you, if you are looking for something more compact and light weight. Some owners of the product feel that the level of the water bath is not deep enough to achieve proper heating.

  • Warmer and cooler in one.
  • Automatic shut off to avoid overheating.
  • Simple dial setting to choose ounces of milk.
  • Defrost option for thawing frozen breast milk.
  • Expensive than other bottle warmers.
  • The water chamber is difficult to clean.
  • Can be bulky and have too many parts.


Depending on whether your baby is particular about the temperature of their food your answer might be a 'yes' or a 'no'. It could even be a 'maybe' or an 'I don’t know' if you are not sure of how these things work.

The easiest way to warm a bottle of course, is to put it in a pot of boiling wateror even put it under running hot tap water.Simple as it may seem, it can take a lot of time and your attention, not to mention under or overheating.

Bottle warmers can simplify your job by heating up baby's formula, milk or food quickly to the right temperature with a dedicated device. The warmer is always available unlike the pot which is probably in the sink just when you need it.

If you exclusively pump and breastfeed your baby, frozen milk is inevitable. The whole routine of thawing and warming can be laborious, not to forget that you should not heat breast milk to very high temperatures as it will deplete its nutrients and antibodies. For the same reason, microwave should not be used for breast milk.

Whether a bottle warmer is absolutely necessary or not is an entirely different topic altogether, but the fact remains that many families use it and swear by it. In fact, nothing can be more handy than a quick way to warm the milk at night when you have a hungry baby waiting and most certainly wailing too!


There is no rocket science behind how bottle warmers work. It is as good as you putting your bottle in a hot water bath, except that you don't have to stand by the kitchen counter and keep swirling that bottle every now and then.

Most warmers use either a water bath or steam to heat up a bottle of milk. Each method comes with its pros and cons.



A water bath allows for gradual and gentle heating while steam achieves higher temperatures in a short period. For this reason, a water bath is good for breast milk as it should not be heated to high temperatures.

Even otherwise, steam can be quite risky as it can cause scalding, burns and even hot spots. The water bath might be slower than steam but the possible risks while using steam far outweigh the speed of heating using the water bath method.


Every parent out there who has used a plastic bottle knows what the acronym BPA stands for. There is also enough knowledge about plastics and the leaching effect of heat on them. So as a parent, it's quite natural for you to be concerned about the safety of these gadgets.


Bottle warmers are much safer than your microwave which has the risk of scalding due to overheating and hot spots as a result of uneven heating. Most warmers rely on either steam or water bath as the method of heating which is still hot enough to cause reactions.

This is why the plastics used in the making of the warmers should be free of hazardous chemicals like phthalates, lead, latex or BPA. What's more important is that you also choose the bottles and bags that are free of these chemicals.

No matter what the method of warming, it is wise to check the temperature of the milk on the back of your hand before feeding your baby. After all, gadgets cannot replace humans.


Though some may argue that a bottle warmer is a waste of money, it is one of those products, the benefits of which can be felt only after using them.

Bottle warmers have the following advantages.

  • Quick and easy - Saves time and effort by quickly heating up milk or food
  • Hands free comfort - Change your baby's diapers while the food warms up
  • Consistent - Warmers ensure consistent and uniform heating without hot spots
  • Convenient - You can have them right beside your bed and even take them along on your trip
  • Multi-functional - Warmers using steam can also be used to sterilize bottles and pacifiers


The best way to start would be to make yourself aware of the different types of bottle warmers available in the market. There is always one that fits your equation.

  • Standard electric baby bottle warmers: A simple device that heats up one bottle at a time. Just fill it up with water, place the bottle and turn it on.
  • Feeding system bottle warmers: In addition to the function of a standard warmer they allow bottles to be kept ready for subsequent uses.
  • Portable bottle warmers: They can be used on the go and usually take longer than a standard warmer to heat. Some use gel sachets to generate heat while others can be plugged into the car's power socket. With flask warmers, you simply fill them with hot water and drop your bottle in when needed.

How To Choose The Right Bottle Warmer?

  • User friendly - Choose one that has a fuss-free and intuitive design for simple operation
  • Timer and temperature settings - These allow for customization as per the user
  • Safety - Gentle heating to preserve nutrients in case of breast milk and auto shut off to prevent overheating. It should also have safety features to avoid spillage and burns
  • Versatile - Design should allow bottles of different shapes and sizes
  • Care and maintenance - Cleaning should be easy and not add up to your work
  • Compact and roomy - Compact enough to be portable but with enough room for the water reservoir and the heating chamber
  • Learning curve - General operations and charts should be easy to learn for anyone
  • Additional features -Look for additional uses like an in built cooler or a holder to handle hot bottles etc. to get the best out of the device

The Winner

Our in-depth analysis of the top five bottle warmers finds the KiineKozi Bottle Warmer to be the winner due to its gentle heating feature suitable for breast milk, although being pricier of the lot.

Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer scores the second place despite a higher consumer rating and being only half as expensive as the KiindeKozi. This is because steam heating can be dangerous no matter how careful you are.

The Chicco natural fit is our third choice as it packs up a good amount of features for its price and is compact and easy to use. Despite these reviews, you could end up liking a different bottle warmer, because we understand that every family's needs are different. However, the information above should enable you to make a wise choice that is perfect for you!

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