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June 21, 2021

What Is the Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout To Buy in 2021?

Exercising has gained a lot of importance and popularity in the recent times. To get the best out of your body, just working out is not enough. The body needs a little boost that will enable it to go that extra mile when you are working out. This is where the pre-workout boosters come in.

Many of these pre-workout boosters are filled with caffeine to give you that extra adrenaline rush. However, going in for some of the best caffeine free pre workout boosters can do your body a lot of good and improve your energy levels in a safe manner.

Top 5 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout On The Market



Your regular cup of coffee can give you the much-needed boost before an intensive workout session. This is because of the caffeine present in there, acts as a stimulant and can increase the release of the feel-good hormone, your blood pressure and act on your nerves.

Though caffeine can be a great stimulant without any side effects, it is not good news all the time. Here are a few instances where caffeine does more harm than good to your body:

when you take it matters

If you are loading up on caffeine in the morning before your workout, it may not be such a bad news. But too much of it could act as a laxative and hinder your performance rather than help it.

If you are preparing for a workout session in the night, too much caffeine could get you all worked up and make it very difficult to sleep. Also, after the workout session, there will not be much activity to help you spend all that caffeine. Without proper rest, the body cannot recover well. As a result of a dip in the performance as time progresses. (Source)

your health condition

Caffeine is not good for all. Those suffering from high blood pressure and heart-related issues need to cut back on caffeine.

The stimulants in caffeine tighten the blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood pressure as the heart works harder to pump the blood. This is not good news for those who are already fighting blood pressure issues.

adverse effects

Like everything else, sometimes caffeine does not do good to all. Many can suffer from adverse effects such as nausea, anxiety issues, stomach pain, etc. In these cases, caffeine does not benefit the consumer in any way


Anything that gives you a “high” or makes you feel good can get addictive over a period. Yes, caffeine too.

The stimulants in caffeine can get your mind and body so used to the boost of energy and feel good hormones, which one can get addicted.

Like any drug, caffeine can make you feel strong and happy one minute, and when it is all spent, it all comes crashing down, leaving you wanting more.

As time progresses, it becomes an addiction and to get out of this is like getting out of any other addiction, can cause anxiety issues and even depression.

body gets used to it

The body is very adaptive and gets used to things over a period. Hence when your body gets used to the caffeine, the effect is lost. One needs to take a break regularly to stop the body from getting used to it.

The breaks will help your body get in touch with its original ability, and when you get back to the stimulants, the effect will be seen.

extra calories

Many prefer their dose of caffeine in a cup of coffee from one of the coffee shops. While plain coffee can get boring, one would like to switch it up and get one of the flavored coffees from the menu, when they crave for a change.

These flavored coffees have more calories than what an average person burns in a workout session. Hence, to increase the intensity of the workout, you end up consuming more calories than you would burn.

negative impact

When you consume too much caffeine, the body gets dehydrated. In addition to this, you will also be sweating profusely. Hence body gets depleted.

When the body does not get sufficient water, the muscles don’t repair fast, and this leads to injuries over a period.

alternates to caffeine

Though caffeine is a great booster for your workouts, some of the best caffeine free pre-workout boosters are still out there for you to try.

Wondering what could the alternates be? Here are a few:


This supplement gives you an immediate energy boost without the crashing effect once the supplement wears out.

Hence, unlike caffeine, when you take this supplement you gain not only during the workout but even after, as there are no negative effects to consuming this.


Consuming this supplement will enhance athletic performance and also have a lasting effect on the body.

Over a period, it improves the strength of the body and stimulates the muscle growth. This comes in a powder form that can be mixed with your water and consumed.


This provides your muscles with energy, directly. Since it targets the muscles directly, it has a greater effect on the body and helps the muscles work harder.

Apart from improving the energy levels of the muscle, it will improve your recovery time as well as improve your endurance level.

What is the Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout to buy? Keep reading to find out!

Most Recommended Caffeine Free Pre Workout: Detailed Reviews 2020

Here we have five of the best caffeine free pre-workout products, reviewed in detail for you. This will shed more light on these products and help you choose an alternate to caffeine for your pre-workout boost.

1. kaged muscle citrulline - best stimulant pre workout

For those who are working hard at the gym lifting weights and taking supplements to increase the size of their muscles, this supplement can help in a big way.

Made of L-Citrulline, it helps in increasing the vascular blood flow. Even those who are striving hard to build those muscles despite some allergies and diet restrictions can consume this.

  • It is hypoallergenic and hence is suitable for all. One need not worry about the regular ingredients that one may be allergic
  • There is no artificial flavoring in this formula. Artificial flavoring does nothing to your health but only adds extra calories. Now one need not worry about adding on more calories as a by-product of supplements
  • The label contains details of all the substances that are used in this formula. This enables one to know if it is safe for them or if they should avoid them
  • Since it does not contain any of the banned substances, all athletes can consume it without worrying about being eliminated due to blood test reports
  • It comes with a scoop, making it easier for you to measure out your daily dosage
  • Though the container looks big, it does not contain the powder past the half way mark. This marketing gimmick is misleading
  • The product may seem a little overpriced for those who are new to supplements or have been using a cheaper variant. A major cause to make the price seem higher is the size of the container. When one pays for it, they are deceived into believing they are paying for the whole box but when opened, the box has less than half its capacity, of supplement.

2. primaforce beta alanine powder - best pre workout no caffeine

This Lab Tested Beta - Alanine Powder Is Formulated To Boost Muscle Growth And Endurance. With an ability to make your muscles work harder and longer, it results in better, stronger and bigger muscles when consumed regularly.

  • When taken regularly at a regulated dosage, it improves the performance levels of the muscles. It has helped the consumers set new personal records when it comes to their personal training
  • The cost is very nominal when compared to other such supplements in the market, thus making it very affordable even for those who cannot spend separately on supplements
  • It improves the strength and agility of the muscles, thereby making your movements much smoother and effortless
  • It is very easy to mix and use. One can make it at home and carry it with them for their workouts everyday
  • It increases the stamina and reduces the recovery time, thereby enabling you to workout more and struggle less
  • Some people have reported reacting to the formula. Hence it may not be suitable for one and all. One may have to get an approval from their doctor or try a sample before they can start consuming it multiple times a day
  • It is known to leave the consumer with a tingling sensation due to its effects on the nerves. Not everyone may be comfortable with this. As a result, the workout is affected, and one may have to skip the entire routine that day, till the supplement wears off

3. primaforce citrulline malate - best pre workout energy drink

For all those who are looking for a good alternative to their caffeine-rich supplements, this powder made of citrulline malate could be the perfect replacement if you are looking to improve your stamina and spend lesser time in recovery.

  • It is rich in Arginine which helps in faster recovery from injuries and tissue damage speeds up the recovery of your body and enables you to workout more
  • The potent Argenine precursor helps in improving your endurance so that you can workout longer with a sustained level of energy
  • Regular consumption of this supplement will lead to an increase in the lean mass in the body, which is what everybody conscious person wants. This muscle mass makes you look strong and lean rather than bulky and disproportionate
  • Increases blood flow and delivers more amino acid to the skeletal muscle, which helps in increasing the protein synthesis that is responsible for muscle growth
  • When you exercise vigorously, tissues get damaged, and cells decrease in volume. This supplement helps in volumization of the cells, thereby reducing the damages caused by exercise
  • There is no detail list of other ingredients used. Hence one cannot know if any substance that is not suitable for them is in it or not
  • It has a citric flavor that is strong, and not many will like it
  • Some customers have reported having faced gastrointestinal issues after consuming this product
  • Not everyone sees a noticeable difference in their performance when this product is consumed. It may work differently for different sets of people. Hence one may have to sample it before relying on it entirely

4. evogen evp elite pre workout solution - best pre workout supplement for women

This Delicious Strawberry Flavored Supplement Is Suitable For Those Who Are Not Too Keen On The Flavorless Ones. This Supplement Is Made To Help Adults Improve Their Muscle Size Easily And Effectively.

  • It comes in a delicious strawberry flavor, unlike the plain ones in the market. People who want to increase their muscle size but have a selective taste buds that does not favor the plain supplements, can now have something tasty and healthy
  • This supplement is designed to improve the overall strength of the body along with the size of the muscle
  • Since it is caffeine free, one can have it even for the late night workouts and not worry about losing sleep
  • It pumps you up well before the workout, as a result you exercise more and push your body further
  • It pumps you up well to exercise more, and when it wears off, you won’t feel the crash and sudden drain of energy
  • The strawberry flavor is not a natural flavor. Artificial sweeteners are not preferred by many, and sometimes, it can cause nausea and other side effects when consumed before working out
  • The effects are not the same for all. While some may benefit immensely from this supplement, some may not see any noticeable change

5. pescience high volume - best low caffeine pre workout

This caffeine free supplement from PEScience comes in a tasty cotton candy flavor for those who have a sweet tooth and still want to cut back for the sake of physical appearance. Loaded with L-Coraline this supplement is designed to pump you up for a long time to facilitate long workout sessions.

  • It comes in a delicious cotton candy flavor that is not too overpowering, hence mixes well with other supplements
  • The pump up effect last for more than just a mere 10- 20 minutes. Hence one can workout for a longer session after consuming this
  • It is caffeine free and thus does not stimulate the nerves too much resulting in sleep loss and other side effects caused by such stimulants
  • It can be mixed with other pre-workout drinks. So those who are not too fond of the cotton candy flavor, can mix it with other flavors and enjoy the pump and mixed taste
  • Though the flavor is not too strong, not many will like this sweet flavor, especially just before or during an intense workout session
  • It does not dissolve well, thus leaving a little residue after mixing it up. As a result, more product has to be used, and this can be expensive for some
  • The results are not uniform for all. Hence some may benefit from it while others may feel constipated or uncomfortable due to the flavor


Of all the best caffeine free pre workout supplement reviewed above, the KAGED MUSCLE – L-Citrulline Unflavored Powder is most likely the best suitable product for all. Without any flavor or any side effects, this product produces great results in a short span of time. Though the Primaforce Beta Alanine Powder is also flavor free and has reports of good effects, it has reports of a few side effects too.

If you have been looking for a good caffeine free pre work out supplement that can give you a good pump without any stimulating effect, this could be the right product for you.

However, it is always better to get it confirmed by a doctor if you are suffering from any health issues and are on prescription drugs as all such supplements can play havoc with the medicines and sometimes can have unwanted side effects.

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