What Is The Best Car Batteries To Buy In 2020?

The best car batteries on the market offer generous power and performance with features to suit various driving demands. The top car batteries include the following contenders:

Top 5 Best Car Batteriest On The Market



The most common type of battery among car owners is the wet/flooded battery. In addition to its generally low price, which ranges from $50 to several hundred dollars, the wet/flooded battery appeals to buyers because it is maintenance-free and sealed. Calcium/calcium batteries help minimize the amount of fluid loss. VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) batteries consist of gel batteries which are decent for starting cars. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are excellent for starting cars.

Other options include the deep-cycle battery, which is suitable for electric vehicles, and the lithium ion battery, designed primarily for electric vehicles and some high-performance and limited-edition cars.


Understanding common car battery terminology makes it easier to determine how well a specific battery may perform. Terms to watch out for when researching batteries include "cold cranking amps," "reserve capacity," and "group size." Cold cranking amps (CCA) is a measure of how well the battery will start in cold weather.

The size of the battery you're considering should be at least equal the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)'s cranking rate. Reserve capacity refers to the amount of time the car can run on just the battery if the alternator fails. Group size refers to the dimensions of the battery and the location of its power terminals. A car's specific group size depends on its make and model.


Many consumers appreciate the maintenace-free aspect of the sealed battery, which requires no checking or refilling of electrolytes. Warranty is an important feature, and it's always a smart idea to ask about a free replacement period.

If you plan on installing the battery yourself, a carrying handle is another useful feature.


Battery prices range from under $100 to over $300. The majority of car owners can expect to pay somewhere between $100 to $200 for a quality battery. Batteries designed for luxury cars and electric vehicles tend to cost more their traditional counterparts. When considering how much a battery will cost, don't forget to factor in installation fees and recycling costs.


Most Recommended Car Batteriest: Detailed Reviews 2020


Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The Kinetik battery's AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology makes the product spill-proof by allowing the acid to be absorbed by a fine fiberglass mat. Another benefit of this construction is the battery's ability to efficiently power high-end vehicles which tend to consume excessive amounts of energy with their heated seats, steering wheels, windshields, and mirrors. The customers we surveyed told us they appreciate this battery's combination of power and lightweight construction, although one owner did express dissatisfaction over the seemingly short life span of the battery. Potential buyers should keep in mind that AGM batteries need to be routinely charged for optimum performance.

The Kinetik Hc2400 Power Cell yields higher voltage under heavy loads, allowing amps to put out additional power. This product puts out 2600 amps, which most consumers in our survey felt was more than enough to satisfy their driving needs. At least one customer we interviewed had yet to experience headlight dimming, with the system never dropping under 12V, even when used in full. Although most users told us they appreciate this battery's strength, a few still felt that it lacked power.


The Kinetic Hc2400 Power Cell boasts a completely air-tight and sealed design. A slim fit enables this battery to conform to most vehicles, but a few of the customers we surveyed said that they needed to order side mount adapters in order for it to fit into their vehicle. Some owners told us they needed to order a battery charger for this product, as it needs to be charged on a regular basis for optimal performance.

A price tag of $258.95 makes the Kinetik the most expensive battery on our shortlist. However, most owners we surveyed felt justified in paying this higher price because of the quality product they received. Several customers also told us that the battery arrived at their doorstep faster than expected after placing the order.

  • A powerful battery of lightweight construction that is suitable for all types of vehicles.
  • An expensive AGM battery that needs to be routinely charged for optimal performance.

Price is high, quality is high, and frequent recharge is needed.


The Exide Edge is a sealed AGM battery with flat plate construction. The owners we surveyed gave this battery high ratings for its non-spill construction. The Exide Edge is a good choice for individuals who want a lower-priced AGM battery. Many customers praise the Exide's ability to survive in very cold temperatures and the fact that it accepts solar charging more readily than most standard acid lead batteries.

This battery offers a total of 710 CCA and is specifically designed to top the performance of conventional batteries during heavy stop-and-go traffic. Several customers noted that their Exide Edge battery performed well in extreme driving conditions, including very cold or extremely hot weather. Although customers have told us that the Exide holds up well for short periods of time, our research is inconclusive as to how long the Exide Edge generally lasts.


The Exide Edge is the first and only AGM product to use SureLife Graphite Technology, which maximizes available energy so that the battery can perform at a higher level for an extended period of time. The Exide also features additional protections against battery failure, allowing the vehicle to perform at an optimal level for longer intervals. One consumer we surveyed, a hybrid vehicle owner, noted that the Exide Edge does not have the necessary slots for his car's temperature sensor.

The Exide Edge battery costs Check on Amazon, placing it at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. The owners we spoke to generally felt that the product they received was of sufficient quality and durability for the price. They also gave the Exide Edge high ratings for its extended warranty, which spans anywhere from 36 to 48 months.

  • An AGM battery that fares well in extreme temperatures and provides a solid warranty.
  • Not as expensive as some other AGM models.
  • May not be compatible with all hybrid vehicles.

On the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but still a savings for those that want AGM battery benefits.

3. Optima Batteries YellowTop

The Optima YellowTop is a dual-purpose battery designed to provide a combination of adequate starting power and superior, long-term energy. Customers appreciate this product's strength and longevity; some old us that it only takes a few seconds for their vehicle's engine to turn over. While some of the owners we surveyed told us their Optima lasted five years or more, a handful of owners reported issues with battery failure after less than a year.

The 12V, dual-purpose Optima features 650 CCA and 98 minutes of reserve capacity for continuous performance. The product is designed to power vehicles even in inclement weather, with a deep-cycling capability to keep accessories, such as lights and hydraulics, functioning as they should. Customers appreciate the longevity of this product; at least one owner in our survey noted that this battery seemed to last 25 percent longer than traditional batteries. However, a small handful of consumers experienced disappointment within a month of ordering, as their product quit working.


The Optima is 15 times more resistant to vibration than other models, increasing its durability. Another notable feature of this dual-purpose battery is that the positive, or red, terminal is located on the right. The Optima's unique SpiralCell design ensures a sturdy and clean power source, a benefit to the health of both the driver and the environment. This battery's low self-discharge rate allows users to store seasonal vehicles through the winter and start them right back up again in the spring. Owners appreciate this product's durable, double-walled, corrugated construction and the fact that it stays charged for a long period of time. One customer we spoke to said that after he accidentally drained the battery completely, it bounced back immediately after a recharge.

The dual-purpose Optima battery costs $274.38. The owners we surveyed told us they appreciate this battery's durability and longevity; many noted that the Optima lasts for several years before dying. However, a few customers complained that the shipping quality was poor, with the product arriving in a very "thin" and "unstable" package. A few customers noted that the battery they received was relatively old, and that it had already lost some charge by the time it arrived.

  • Superior starting power and long-term energy.
  • Fast recharge rate of 4 to 6 hrs.
  • Sporadic, anecdotal evidence of battery life that lasts less than one year.

Customer reviews are mostly positive w/a few exceptions that point to shorter battery life. Superior recharge rate.


Sale Odyssey PC680 Battery

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The Odyssey PC680-P is a deep-cycle battery, making it especially useful for electric cars. It also features a non-spill AGM design to help protect it against shocks and vibrations that can easily destroy a battery. Most deep-cycle batteries are designed for long-term use as opposed to significant starting power. Consumers appreciate the fact that the Odyssey, though smaller and lighter than some other models, still possesses the strength of a traditional battery. At least one user we spoke to noted that although the battery sounds a bit "weak" on cold mornings, it has lasted for several years without incident.

The Odyssey PC680-P Battery features 170 CCA and a life cycle that is 70 percent longer in comparison to traditional deep-cycle batteries. It offers up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge, yielding high, stable voltage for extended periods of time. We appreciate this battery's strength and power in temperature extremes and under heavy electrical loads. A few customers noted that the product's voltage remained the same after several years of use without the need for charging. However, a smaller number of customers told us they felt that the product doesn't have much stability when cranking and that it doesn't produce enough power after sitting for an extended period of time.


This battery boasts the highest recharge efficiency rate out of any sealed lead battery on the market, with the ability to recharge to 100 percent in a span of 4-6 hours. The product also features vibration resistance, with ample protection against high-impact shock and mechanical vibration. Some customers stated that the Odyssey is a bit on the slim side, making it necessary to use shims or other materials to secure it tightly in place. At least one customer recommended purchasing the associated post attachments for added fit and finish. Another feature we appreciate is this battery's extreme temperature tolerance. Several customers told us that their Odyssey lasts for extended periods of time and doesn't require charging after sitting in colder temperatures.

With a price tag of $121.00, the Odyssey PC680-P Battery is the cheapest option on our shortlist. Although the price is low, potential buyers should keep in mind that this battery does not come with terminals or hardware to connect the terminals. Happy owners appreciate the fact that this battery tends to last several years, although a handful of dissatisfied customers told us their battery died within a few months and they were unable to get a refund or replacement. With only a few exceptions, our research indicates that the Odyssey excels in product quality, value, and weight for the money.

  • A low-cost, deep-cycle battery with exceptional power and a great reputation.
  • Works well in electric vehicles.
  • Stands up to extreme temperatures.
  • Does not come with terminals or terminal hardware.

The best of both worlds: a quality battery at a budget price.

5. XS POWER D3400 XS

The Fujitsu ScanSnap excels in scanning everyday documents, but it's also a handy tool for scanning A3/A4 paper and business cards. Scanning larger documents like magazine pages, newspaper clippings, and photographs can be accomplished by using the carrier sheet that comes with the scanner. Many users told us they appreciate the versatility of this product and were able to go “completely paperless” almost overnight.

The Epson WorkForce ES-400 runs with a driver called TWAIN that helps link the documents to the appropriate landing spot. If your company uses Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote or another online storage account, this is a great scanner for you. However, some owners experienced the TWAIN system crashing after a couple of months.


The XS Power battery offers many valuable features, including ultra-low internal resistance and the ability to be mounted under the hood in nearly any position. Some of the customers we spoke to ordered the side mounts just to be sure their battery would fit. In addition to holding a very good charge, customers told us that the XS Power works well in a variety of automobiles, from classic cars to modern vehicles, with no variation in performance.

At a cost of $333.48, the XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. For consumers who aren't deterred by the higher price tag, this battery's benefits are well worth it. When compared to similarly priced competitors, the XS Power excels in quality, longevity, and performance.

  • A powerhouse battery that is suitable for racing cars, luxury vehicles, and everything in between.
  • On the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

The "Rolls Royce" of car batteries. You pay a lot, but you get what you pay for.


XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
90 Reviews
XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
  • 12 Volt battery with CA: 1000, Ah: 65
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass)
  • Spill proof, sealed, valve regulated and vibration resistant
  • Ultra low internal resistance, Mount in almost any position
  • Packaging and marked sku may vary slightly

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

A relatively high price tag of $333.48 might scare away some frugal consumers, but the XS Power D3400 Battery garnered enough praise from satisfied customers to earn our "Best Of The Best" award. The volume of positive remarks we heard about this battery was overwhelming, particularly regarding its performance when stacked against competitors.

Many owners we surveyed purchased this battery because of its superlative performance reputation, and they were not disappointed. In several instances, the XS Power D3400 Battery actually surpassed the expectations of consumers. Although we were able to find no information about this battery's longevity in our research, we did learn that the XS Power D3400's exceptional quality has earned it many repeat customers.

XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt
12 Volt battery with CA: 1000, Ah: 65; Absorbed Glass Mat (electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass)

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details


Odyssey PC680 Battery
499 Reviews
Odyssey PC680 Battery
  • 170 CCA; Better warranty: Limited 2-year full replacement warranty, not pro rata; Longer service life: With 3-10 years of service life, ODYSSEY batteries save consumers time, money, and aggravation
  • Longer cycle life: 70 percentage longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries, up to 400 cycles at 80 percentage depth of discharge- high stable voltage for longer periods of time
  • Faster recharge: The highest recharge efficiency of any sealed lead battery on the market, capable of 100 percentage recharge in 4 - 6 hours; Mounting flexibility: Non-spillable design
  • Vibration resistance- design protects against high impact shock and mechanical vibration; Extreme temperature tolerant
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The Odyssey PC680 P Battery earns our "Best Bang For Your Buck" award for several reasons. This battery has a lot to offer upfront, including a limited two-year, full-replacement warranty and a service life that ranges between 3-10 years. A total of 1000 CCA ensures plenty of starting power for vehicles, even in extreme cold and hot weather.

In spite of the Oddsey's lack of terminals and terminal hardware, the owners we surveyed really appreciated the $121.00 price tag and agreed that the Odyssey's overall quality is not sacrificed by its low cost. Overall, we give this battery top ratings for its budget price, fast recharge, vibration resistance, long life, and remarkable power and performance.

Odyssey PC680 Battery
This item is not for sale in Catalina Island; "Item is Hazmat and non-returnable
$128.99 −$7.99 $121.00

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

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