Best Car Seat Covers for Best Protection With Low Price

Updated Nov. 2019

No matter how fine or what grade our car seats are, they’re gonna wear down as time passes. And their "expiration date" depends on how damages they take from us as well as outside environment. Eventually, we’re gonna look at old, boring and worn out interior. Obviously, it's not a nice look. That's why car seat cover was invented. It is to give your car a new look and prevent further damages. Let’s have reviews of best car seat covers for your car seat protection and clean, new interior look.

The 3 common best car seat covers

More than a car seat cover

If you want your car interior to be artful, there are tons of choices.

Car seat covers not only covers and prevent stains, tears or spills but also breathe life into your car interior. Don't limit yourself by thinking that covers for car seat only match the style and design from most auto industry. They're boring to some of us.

So, if you want classic, modern or classic styles, car seat covers can offer you that. If you want more special styles, they can give you cute cartoon images, military camouflage or outdoor theme cover. There are car seat covers which have embroidered patterns such as butterfly (surprise!).

Plus, if you want your car to have high resale value, car seat covers are there for you.

Most Recommended car seat covers: Detailed Reviews

1. FH Group FH-FB102112

Sandwich Fabric FB102 model from FHGroup has been popular for quite a long time with its budget-friendly price but still make a good product.

This model is designed to give the best breathability and washability function. First, it is made from polyester fabric, material which you can believe in its temperature resistance and humidity soaking. Second, 3mm of foam padding not only gives you comfort but also disperse the heat and cool your body. Finally, 3D air mesh cloth to breathe away your heat. And all that materials are washing machine friendly.

FH Group FB102114 Classic Cloth Pair Set High Back Car Seat Covers Gray/Black Color with Gift - Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van
397 Reviews
FH Group FB102114 Classic Cloth Pair Set High Back Car Seat Covers Gray/Black Color with Gift - Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van
  • Please note this set is not equipped with front side airbags and rear split function.
  • Total 4 pieces: 2 front seat covers, 2 rear seat covers
  • Small fish net sandwich cloth +?3mm?foam backing?+ mesh cloth finish
  • Protects your car seats against dirt and daily wear
  • The?material is?100% washable and breathable.

Last update on 2019-12-08 PST - Details

Notice the 3D mesh cloth? It is what make the model called sandwich. Not only it helps with hot temperature but also gives you the unique look with various choices of color such as black, red, blue, beige.

Care about the comfort of your body? 3mm padding foam plus 3d mesh cloth and the fabric material assure you that feature.

Don’t worry if you have detachable or non-detachable headrest. This sandwich suits all. However, one downfall of this model is that it is not airbag compatible as well as built-in seat belt.


If you’re gonna purchase universal cover seat or semi-custom cover seat, make sure those car seat covers have the mechanism which ensures the cover not slipping off the car seats.

This Sandwich model from FHGroup has concealed Velcro opening and adjustable straps with cool buckle mechanism to ensure the fit for your seat and prevent it from slipping off when someone gets on or off the seat.

A customer said:

"The seat covers adjust back to normal even if I brush them over to one side."

"With the proper time and effort put into an install, these seat covers could look like the car came with them installed from the factory."

What Sandwich Fabric FB102 gives you:

  • Best washability (can wash with your washing machine) and breathability (no worry about hot days)
  • Low Price
  • Classic looking with various colors to choose
  • Protect your car well with dust, stain, tears and anything alike
  • Easy to install and fit well with any cars
  • No problems with detachable or non-detachable headrest
  • Durability
  • Not airbag and built-in seat belt compatible.

FH FB102112 Classic Cloth Car Seat Covers Gray Black color (Source:

FH Group FB102114 Classic Cloth Pair Set High Back Car Seat Covers Gray/Black Color with Gift - Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van
Please note this set is not equipped with front side airbags and rear split function.

Last update on 2019-12-08 PST - Details

2. Premium PU Leather Seat Covers: Classy and Luxury with Best Protection

No, it’s not real leather. It is faux leather (also called leatherette or vinyl). Many people include me choose fake leather instead of real leather since it gives classic look and protection as well as real leather. And the biggest advantage of faux leather is the price. It is much cheaper than real leather. If it functions just as well or just less well a little with much lower price, why don't we pick it?

And yes, many people who love leather seat cover do the math and has chosen this model from FHGroup due to reasons above.

FH-PU002-1102 Classic Exquisite Leather Bucket Seat Covers, Airbag compatible, Grey / Black color
275 Reviews
FH-PU002-1102 Classic Exquisite Leather Bucket Seat Covers, Airbag compatible, Grey / Black color
  • Includes 2 front buckets cover and 2 headrest covers
  • Universal application fits almost all seats ( Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV )
  • Materials are Made from Durable & Comfortable Breathable Faux Leather - Easy to Wipe Clean, Air dry
  • Helps Protect a Nice Seat or Disguise an Old One
  • Your satisfaction is our utmost goal; every product and service we offer at FH Group is to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Last update on 2019-12-08 PST - Details

Compared to Sandwich Fabric FB102, Premium PU Leather is like a leather “sandwich” model of Sandwich Fabric FB102. It has most of good features in Sanwich Fabric FB102. It is easy to install as well as fits well to your seats cover without slipping from side to side when you get on or off the car. It protects your seat from harmful elements just as well. 3 mm foam is also padded for comfort and breathability.

However, there are differences in features come from different material and design between Premium PU Leather Seat Covers and Sandwich Fabric FB102 Seat Covers. First, this model is more expensive than the Fabric Sandwich. Second, it is not as washable and breathable as the Fabric Sandwich either. For instance, it is not washing machine-friendly.

But, Premium PU Leather Seat Cover is not with higher price for nothing. This model is airbag compatible; it is designed for the airbag to easily deploy when things happen (officially tested). Compensating for lack of washability, it is quite resistant to stains, water and dirt. You just need to wipe them clean with wet cloth or something like that. It is also durable. And last but not least, no one can complain about the luxury look of leather.

A customer said:

“I must say the quality was much better than I expected for the price, and very well made. Putting these seat covers on was incredibly easy.

They have held up so well even with my dog sitting in the passenger seat and climbing all over them. Also very easy to clean.

I would recommend anyone looking for great looking leather seat covers that won't break your checking account to order these.”

A note for you: there are complaints about missing zipper, you should check carefully at the stores or check soon after product's arrival for returning if that happens.

What Premium PU Leather Seat Covers gives you:

  • Low Price with decent quality and luxury look
  • Resistant to dust, stain, water and anything alike.
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Easy to install and fit well with any cars
  • Durability
  • Airbag compatible (officially tested)
  • Back attached bag
  • Not compatible with non-detachable car seats

Leather vs. Fabric

Price: Leather is more expensive than fabric

Look: The look of fabric car seat covers can be creative designed, they can be with any patterns or texture while you have fewer choices with leather but leather gives the unique, exquisite and luxury look that fabric hardly offers.

Temperature resistance: Fabric is quite resistant to temperature while leather tends to be hotter if the weather is hot and colder if it is cold outside.

Damage resistance: Leather is somehow waterproof, it is also resistant to dirt, stain, and mud and easy to wipe clean. However, it is quite vulnerable with sharp objects like animal claws. Vice versa with fabric.

Cleaning: Leather needs more care with cleaning, it is not washable with washing machine like fabric. But, leather rarely needs washing since you can wipe clean the dirt and stains easily.

Last update on 2019-12-08 PST - Details

3. Happeseat® Moisture Wicking Microfiber Car Seat Cover

This Happeseat model is designed specifically for those who usually and love to work out, play sport, swimming and don’t want their car to get the sweat and water.

The simple look of Happeseat doesn’t trick you. It is really easy to install, just simply clipping it into place and it’ll protect your car seats from sweat and water. It also wicks away your sweat and moisture for your comfort.

No worry of the sweat getting past the cover since the back of it is made from waterproof material.

It is washable, and you can put it in washing machine daily. You also have attached strap to roll it up so that you don't have to leave a big space for it.

Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover for Athletes Yoga Spin Running Beach Pilates Extreme Mudder (Black)
582 Reviews
Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover for Athletes Yoga Spin Running Beach Pilates Extreme Mudder (Black)
  • Machine washable athletic car seat cover designed to wick away moisture.
  • Clips into place in seconds and is engineered for all makes and models of cars.
  • Perfect for the gym, yoga, cycling, and the beach.
  • Rolls up with the attached strap for easy storage.
  • Engineered for all makes and models of cars

Last update on 2019-12-08 PST - Details

In short, Happeseat® is a daily-use car seat cover for athletes, anyone who loves working out or swimming. It is designed to be convenient, washable, and simple to fill that function.

One downfall you should notice, after using it for a long time (a year or so depends on how often you use and wash it) with the frequent impact of water, sweat and washing, the rubber back will eventually be deteriorated and leave white pieces (flakes) on your car seats. Changing it when you see the sign if you have fabric seats or keep using it for a while more if you don’t mind wiping the leather seats.

What Happeseat® Moisture Wicking Microfiber Car Seat Covers gives you:

  • For those who love to work out, play sport and swimming.
  • Simplicity
  • Convenience
  • Daily use
  • Easy to install and wash
  • Fits with any cars or truck
  • Not endurable since it has to withstand our sweat, moisture and washing impact daily

Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover for Athletes Yoga Spin Running Beach Pilates Extreme Mudder (Black)
Machine washable athletic car seat cover designed to wick away moisture.

Last update on 2019-12-08 PST - Details

Best car seat covers: What to look?

Know what you should look when purchasing goods is a nice start for not missing essential elements.

Here are some points you need to clarify by asking your sellers or reading product description:

  • Washability: Are your car seat covers washable? Yes, auto seat covers are washable. If not, what's the point? However, depends on your preferences, some materials are not washing machine friendly or can be dried under the sun. So, take note whether your car seat covers can be done with laundry, easy to clean or need any special treatment that you may not know.
  • Breathability: A breathable car seat cover is just like the helmet you wear when riding a motorbike. It is for cooling your body and shoo away the moisture.
  • Safety: In terms of safety, side airbag is what vital. Most car cover seats are designed with special stitches which allow your airbag deploy when things happen but some aren't. So be aware, if you want your safety tool available when needed, check whether the side airbag feature is with the seat cover model you're watching.
  • Fit/Sizes: In case of the fit to your car seats, there are three types of car seat cover: custom fit, semi-custom fit and universal. The custom fit type is produced to fit your car seat perfectly just like taking from the factory seat design. So, it is mostly made particular car brands or models. Universal is the one which can fit any types or sizes of car seats even truck seats. And the semi-custom types is what its name means, it isn’t quite custom and isn’t quite universal. One more thing to consider for recognizing three types, the custom fit cover is mostly made with better quality materials. Therefore, the price is higher than universal car seat cover.
  • Comfort: Comfort depends on your cover material and design. Is it fur, velour or padded with foam? If you have orthopedic problems and suffer pain when sitting for a long time, consider this element carefully.
  • Material: Material is important since it offers protection from damage elements your car seats interact. So you need to know the most harmful elements to your car, choose the materials which prevent the harm best and know how to maintain that car seat cover if you don’t want to buy a new one soon. For more information on material, please go to Best Car seat cover materials and what they give you. And you can see several tips about materials in this guide and reviews.
  • Easy to install: Look for covers that you don’t have to bring them to the factory for installing unless you love them so much.
  • The set: Since you're buying auto seat covers and there is not just one type of seat in your car, you need to pay attention to the set you're buying, you' buying 2 front seat covers or rear seats or full set? Your headrest is detachable or not?

Know your preferences and decide what you need car seats cover for. For the best protection of your upholstery? Or for the artistic look? Then choose what your best car seat covers are.

What downgrades your car seats?

Time alone doesn’t make your car seats torn and worn and stained as well as old. Who are their enemies?

  • 1
    Friction from your clothes and impact from you.
  • 2
    Moisture and water from you (sweat) and outside elements
  • 3
    UV from the sun
  • 4
    Temperature, too hot or too cold. The temperature in your car tends to hotter or colder than the outside
  • 5
    Any kinds of stains like spilled coffee
  • 6
    The mess from your kids or your pets. If you have pets, his/her claws are one thing to notice

Bottom Line

Above are the reviews of three best car seat covers. All the three are all universal or semi-custom seat covers for cars and made with baby-friendly materials. Don't worry if your babies are sensitive to some chemicals. Plus, they all won’t tear your wallet.

If you want low budget, fabric, excellent protection with best cooling design car seat covers then Sandwich Fabric FB102 from FHGroup is your best car seat cover choice. Please notice this one is not airbag compatible.

If you want faux leather with fair price and still offers the best protection, excellent durability and exquisite look (and an attached small bag behind) then go for Premium PU Leather Seat Covers from FHGroup.

If you want to protect your car seats daily with ease and no fuss because you usually workout or swim, Happeseat® Moisture Wicking Microfiber Car Seat Cover offers just what you need.

Custom Fit vs. Universal Fit

Price: Custom fit covers are more expensive than the universal.

Look: Universal fits have much more designs in look as well as in some specific functions such as athlete car seat covers or canine car seat covers.

Fit: A custom fit car seat cover is designed and tailored to fit your car perfectly. As a result, there’s no worry of sloppy interior, slipping from side to side, wasting time of adjusting the covers if you don’t choose the right cover or unfortunately choose the bad ones.

Car Seat Features: Custom fit covers fit your car seats features as perfectly as their forms such as headrest, armrest, switches or the airbag function. Some universal covers don't let your airbag deploy, and there's time you can't see some buttons since they’re covered.

Installing and Removing: The universal fit covers are much easier to installing and removing. With custom fit covers, there are chances you need technical staff or taking long time to figure it out yourselves.

Pet: There are universal seat covers which are made for preventing damages from pets. They are specifically designed and fit well with any models of cars, truck (they won't make a good look, though). And there're no custom fit covers which can be compared to them at this point.

Safety: Some universal fit covers are not airbag compatible.

This is the end of best car seat covers for best protection but still don't break our account. The information is enough for you to choose the right ones. If it's not sufficient, dig deeper or ask questions. Happy shopping!

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