What Is The Best Flea Collar To Buy In 2020?

Being on the receiving end of a flea infestation problem can be a living nightmare, and a long lasting one at that, reason being—they lay eggs! Even though the average lifespan of a flea is three weeks, the infestation problem can persist for months.

Most people assume that fleas are a dog’s menace but your feline friend is just as vulnerable to these ectoparasites. Using preventative medication, powders and sprays are effective but what about flea collars? Do they work? Are they safe? Here are our two cents on some of the best cat flea collar.

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Top 8 Best Flea Collar On The Market

Types Of Flea Collars And Why You Should Care

Flea collars come in different designs and shapes but what sets them apart is how they work. They are grouped into three main categories depending on how they work.

High-Frequency Collar

These are the only collars that don’t use any insecticides but employ sound waves that can only be detected by fleas. They work by emitting high-pitched ultra-sonic sound waves that target fleas which - for lack of a better word, “scares” flees away.

The absence of any insecticides in these collars make them a favorite among pet owners. There are a lot of positive reviews surrounding ultrasonic flea collars, but some people can’t seem to get them to work which raises concerns among people who haven’t had any success with them.

If you follow the instruction on the packaging,then they should work just fine.

Gas Based Collar

These collars release and aerosolized toxic gas that is lethal to fleas. They slowly diffuse gas-based toxins which cause fleas to go belly-up on contact. They are effective in killing fleas on contact but the downside is they have a short range limited to the area around the collar.

You shouldn’t worry about fleas staying away from the collar since they are pretty much unintelligent.

Absorption Based Collars

Absorption based collar release insecticide on a timely rate. It is then slowly absorbed into the body of your pet starting from the fur to the skin and it embeds itself on the fatty tissue near the skin. They function more of a “poisoned cheese” mouse trap.

They spread all over the pet in the coat and skin where they attach and provide continuous protection thereby acting as the “poisoned cheese” for fleas. Every time a flea decides to take a quick snack of your furry friend, it lights out.

Choosing The Best Best Flea Collar - What To Look Out For

So you’ve decided to get the best cat flea collar but before you go out shopping there are just a couple of things you need to look out for before you conclude your purchase.

Breakaway Collars

Naturally, a cat is a pretty curious creature and during their routine walkabout they might get caught in a bush and without a breakaway clasp, they could choke. Breakaway cat flea collars are designed to open up whenever the collar gets entangled. I would highly recommend to check this off first.

Age Of Your Cat

Cats have varying strength of immunity just like in human beings and it varies with age. Very old or very young cats respond differently to chemicals compared to cats in their prime. You should check the minimum age requirements of your cat flea collar before concluding a purchase.

Length Of The Flea Collar

Before you go shopping for the best cat flea collars you should take out your tape measure and measure the circumference of your cat’s neck. You shouldn’t assume that the collar will be a good fit so it’s a good idea to know the measurements beforehand.

Parasite- Specific Collars

You should consider— specifically - which infestation problem you have. Some of the collars are specifically made for individual parasites and won’t work on all parasites. So, don’t get a flea collar when you have a tick problem and expect it to work.

Collars Targeting Flea Life Cycle

Some of the best cat flea collars are designed using specific chemicals that target fleas at different stages of their life cycle. Always go for those collars that target fleas at every stage of their life cycle so as to break the chain. If you want to avoid re-infestation, then this is an item you need to check off.


Some flea collars offer protection for up to one year and others just a few months. In case you’re forgetful, like most of us, I would recommend going for a flea collar that has over six months’ protection just to be safe.

Water-Resistant Flea Collars

We are exposed to water on a daily basis and so are cats. The insecticide in flea collars is affected by water and can cause it to lose it’s effectiveness if its exposed too many times to water, rain etc. To be safe always look for flea collars with a water-resistant feature.

Fitting Your Cat’s Collar—Safe Practices

Collars come in standardized sizes but can be made into different sizes to fit different sized animals. Sometimes they are designed to be a little bit longer so as to allow for custom fitting by the pet parent.

When fitting a collar for your furry feline companion ensure that the collar is fitted properly—a comfortable and snugly fit without any excess. This will help to reduce the likelihood of your cat chewing or ingesting the insecticide-based collar.

Subsequently, you have to take care when applying the collar; apply it too loosely and you risk the collar cutting through the delicate under-skin of the forelimbs. You should try looking for a collar that has a quick-release feature the next time you go looking for a collar.

Due to the delicate nature of kittens and considering they are growing, when fitting a flea collar for kittens you have to constantly check the fitting to make sure it’s not a tight fit.

As a general rule of thumb, two of your fingers should fit under the collar and any excess length should be cut off and disposed away from children and dogs.

Safety Concerns: What You Should Know

Using collars as a preventative measure against fleas can be just the life saver you need but a lot of times the situation dictates the use of these collars. They have proven to be a valuable asset for those pets that spend more time with nature than you.

Studies have shown that flea collars have successfully been proven to reduce the tick count by at least 90pc and fleas by at least 95pc over a period of at least 7-8 months in pets under field conditions. In case you were wondering if they actually work, well, I don't know about you but a 95pc success ratio is a pretty convincing case.

The collars themselves do the job quite well but to get the most bang for your buck you should use them concurrently with other topical flea control products. Most pet owners agree that with this method you could effectively wipe out your pest problem.

However, keeping in mind that these collars are made from insecticides they do pose a risk on ingestion. Recognizing the potential risk and danger of ingestion, the collars are now designed to be harmless on ingestion in small amounts.

Most companies design the collar such that it is highly efficient at killing fleas without being toxic to your pet. They do this by the careful selecting each ingredient of the insecticide making it capable of continuously killing fleas for up to 12 months all the while being gentle on your skin.

That's not to say they are not dangerous. if you have children who are quite young and are inseparable from their furry friends, then you should consider a different approach to treatment.

Pro tip: you should keep a close eye on your pet with any new collar, this way you will be able to detect any irritation especially around the neck region before any adverse reaction is expressed.

Also, apart from being cute furry sidekicks, cats are also very curious creatures and the cliché “curiosity killed the cat “holds true. Their exploratory nature makes them susceptible to self-strangulation from trying to disentangle themselves.

The next time you go shopping for the best cat flea collar make sure to check its elasticity and a quick-release feature would go a long way in preventing your cat from choking in an emergency.

A variety of these collars-- especially the cheap ones are made from chemicals that have been proven to be lethal to your pet. One of those chemicals;Permethrin, which can sometimes be found on branded products. Always check the packaging for chemical constituents to make sure they comply with EPA requirements and other regulatory bodies.

However, with that being said, there are a variety of insecticides that have been approved for use against ectoparasites such as fleas and ticks. A good example of such insecticides is based on a group of chemicals known as carbamates.

Warning: dog collars are not for cats. Using a dog collar on a cat threatens the life of the cat.

Pro tip: a flea collar can easily be repurposed and used in a non-water based vacuum machine bag when cleaning to suck up the fleas and kill them.

Caution: Be sure to check the packaging and read the fine print. It would also be wise to avoid using a flea collar on very young or old, pregnant or nursing kittens.

Staff Picks: The Top 8 Best Flea Collar

Our purring companions are a mischievous, playful and a curious bunch, they do some of the silliest things and still manage to make us love them even more. To better protect your feline friend, we’ve gathered the best cat flea collars to help with your flea problem.

1. Seresto Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats - best flea and tick collar for cats

As a feline owner, we keep a close eye on our furry sidekicks placing health and safety above all else. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar combine the aggressive nature of effective insecticides with a gentle touch. This flea collar comes in first place; setting itself apart from conventional flea collars by offering an eight months’ protection from fleas and ticks

Thanks to the sustained release technology present in the collar, the active ingredients are slowly released continuously over eight months. The two active ingredients; Imidacloprid and Flumethrin, play vital roles in destroying the flea life cycle and aid in preventing re-infestation.​

This collar gives you an easy-to-use and non-greasy convenience of a top notch topical. On application of the collar, the active ingredients in the collar are transferred from it to the hair and finally the skin where they are evenly distributed throughout the natural oils of the hair and skin surface.

Thanks to the quick release feature in the collar you don’t have to worry about your cat choking or getting injured in the likelihood of getting trapped.

  • Knowing how forgetful we are Seresto gives us 8 months’ protection from flea and tick which exceeds many other products.
  • Seresto knows we love our cats and taking care of one doesn't have to be an expensive affair that' s why they gave us a cost-effective alternative.
  • We were always complaining that we keep getting infestation problems and thanks to the extended eight month’s protection period, re-infestation won’t be a concern.
  • Knowing how much our cats love the outdoor they included a water-resistant feature so now they can be safe no matter the weather.
  • Sadly, the collar allows for a limited time in water and you can lose up to 3 months’ protection if its exposed to water a lot.

2. Hartz Ultraguard Flea - best price

Knowing how impatient we are Hartz gave us fast acting and well-adapted flea collar for killing fleas, flea eggs, and ticks. On top of that, they added a protection period for up to seven months. But they didn’t stop there; they are giving us one of the best cat flea collars at a cost-effective price just because we love our kitties.

We are always conscious of time so they put combined the active ingredients with a quick drying formula that will show you results within 15 minutes.

We were frustrated with how the collar fit like a hangman’s’ noose so they included a custom cut and fit for your collars. Now you can show off your Kittie with a perfectly fitting collar; It doesn’t always have to be a snug fit.

Packed with Insect Growth Regulators that specifically target flea eggs, larvae and pupae, you can now put a permanent to your infestation problem and never worry about re-infestation.

  • What about your little kittens? Hartz made sure you can use their collars with cats of all ages and is perfectly suited if your home has cats of different ages.
  • Our furry friends do have sensitive skin and so they made sure it can repel pests without direct contact with your feline's skin.
  • Unfortunately, they forgot that cats are quite intelligent and they could accidentally open the break-away collar and free themselves.

3. Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs and Cats

Give your “purrfect” companion by adorning him/her with one of Hartz Mountain Ultra Guard collar. We couldn’t have night vision so in the flea collar they included a reflecting material that is capable of reflecting direct light up to 300 feet now you can know what mischief your fuzzy friend has been up to day or night.

They also made the collar with water-resistant materials so that you don’t have to take out the collar when you’re giving your feline friend the occasional bath. Knowing baths were only as effective as how often they are taken Hartz decided to include a rich clean scent In the Hartz Mountain flea and tick collar. Now you get a fresh clean scent whenever you snuggle your furry friend.

  • Hartz infused this collar with a 3M Scotchlite- a reflective material that will allow you to see what menace your cat is up to, day or night.
  • Being farsighted is a good thing but if you're not, you're in luck because the collar has a visible range of up to 300 Ft. in dark conditions.
  • A safety release snap for when they get in trouble due to their collar and we are glad Hartz included one.
  • Personally, I didn’t like the overwhelming odor from conventional insecticides, and the new scent included in the collar is a refreshing change that is more than welcome.
  • Sometimes we are given a cat or buy a kitten and we were saddened they didn’t include collars for all ages. So, you may need to invest in some different collars, if you have a considerable number of cats with varying ages.
  • Unfortunately, Hartz didn’t account for the possibility that cats are of different sizes so you may find that the collar may be a tight fit for larger cat breeds.

4. La Relief Flea & Tick Collar Clip for Dogs and Mosquito Repellent - best mosquito repellent for dogs

Made from 100% natural ingredients, La Relief flea collar is a softer, gentler approach to insecticides that your furry friend will love giving him/her a softer, smoother fur. Knowing how crushed we could be because of re-infestation they included a fast acting, long lasting prevention measure against fleas and ticks.

So, what’s in the collar? A mixture of a strong blend of pure aromatherapy oils and 8 essential organic oils contained in mess-free pellets giving you the ultimate protection from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas etc.

La relief features a waterproof clip that can be added to any collar making it suitable for whatever size your pet is and gives you six months’ protections against insects.

  • With the cat flea collar clip you can now attach it to any other collar you use for your cat. Now your furry friend can be safe and look good at the same time.
  • The weather can be brutal at times and having a collar that can withstand the weather is a bonus. Thanks to the waterproof quality of the collar you don't have to worry about water anymore.
  • Six months’ protection without the possibility of re-infestation for those of you who aretoo busy to remember to replace your collars. Now you can replace your collar twice a year.
  • Safe and eco-friendly at the same time so you don’t have to worry about mother earth or your cat’s protection.
  • Cats are agile creatures and having a heavy collar doesn’t work well with them. Making a collar for larger breeds of cats is definitely a miss.

5. Bio Spot Active Care Flea and Tick Collar - Bio Spot Active Care Flea and Tick Collar

Fleas lay close to 50 eggs per day. To stop the infestation dead in its tracks, bio spot active care uses the insect growth regulators to target fleas in all stages of their lifecycle. You don’t have to worry about infestation anymore.

Often when your fuzzy friend starts scratching it's not just fleas that you will find but there may be other ectoparasites lurking. Thanks to the dual-purpose nature of BioSpot you can now rest easy knowing that with added protection ticks, tick nymph and tick larvae won't be a problem.

I hate it when I get a collar for my kitten and after a while, it gets smaller because of my kitties' growth. We loved that they included a 13-inch collar which makes it suitable for most breed sizes.

  • Fortunately, BioSpot included a flea life cycle targeted approach which will make sure even that those flea eggs don’t hatch.
  • Offersseven months’ protection coverage which is better than most products in that price range.
  • The absence of a water-resistant feature was something we didn’t expect. This will undermine how effective it is in rainy conditions or when exposed to water.

6. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar - best flea and tick collar

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

Being a cat parent, one thing that worries me is a flea infestation problem that won’t go away. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing your feline companion shying away in the dark after suffering adverse reactions from flea remedies. Unfortunately, this is a common case scenario after trying unproven so called “best cat flea collars” whose symptoms are characterized by irritation and hair loss. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar use standardized ingredients are not only safe but gentle on your feline friend.

These days my feline friend is back to all the usual mischiefs and cheekiness thanks to the safe chemical compositions in the product. I no longer worry about scratching, itching or hair loss. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar provides protection against fleas and tick and leaves her fur shiny, smoother happy kitten.​

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar, a safe and chemically balanced for killing adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and larvae all the while giving you complete protection for up to 7 months.

  • We are glad to see an easy-to-use flea and tick collar that can be fitted on any cat no matter how large the breed.
  • Thanks to the seven months’ protection all you have to worry about is fitting the collar and the let the collar do the rest.
  • Your Cat can now walk in pride without feeling embarrassed because of the strong odor.
  • This collar isn’t suitable for a kitten under 12 weeks old this is due to the weak the immune system of kittens.

7. Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea - best flea treatment for cats

As a new cat owner and being chemophobic, I have never believed in using chemical related products not just for my cat but for me as well. I was hesitant to put any of the chemical products on my cat and thought I would try out natural products before resorting to chemical products. I stumbled on Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Cat Collar and I have to say am pretty excited about the results.

Made from an assortment of natural oils and non-toxic ingredients including Geraniol, Citronella, Citronella Oil and Cinnamon makes it a powerful alternative to other chemical based collars. And thanks to the oils used your furry friend's fur will be shinier and skin will appreciate the gentler approach.

Embedded in the collar is a water-resistant material with a long-lasting protection of up to a full three months so occasional baths and dips won't be a problem. With a 100% customer satisfaction, what’s not love about this collar.

  • Eco-friendly-- created from natural oils with the power of aggressive chemical based collars and a gentle approach to infestation problems.
  • A Pleasant fragrance of peppermint/wintergreen and albeit a tad bit stronger than conventional collars but all in all a refreshing change.
  • It does a brilliant job keeping away fleas but not that effective with ticks so if you also have a tick problem you may not benefit that much.

8. Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs and Cats

First of all, being a breakaway collar meant that I could attach it whenever I let the cat out and because she wouldn’t need it inside the house I could always detach it or leave it on. Apart from being easy-to-use, it will give your furry friends a complete flea and tick prevention so you won’t have to worry.

After trying out multiple cat collar with adverse reactions I felt pretty defeated until I tried the Hartz flea and tick collar. Now instead of lurking away and constantly itching my cat is back to her usual mischief and I couldn’t be happier.

Having a tiny cat meant that most of the collars I fit her with would always come off or get lost. Thanks to the adjustable collar, it fits nice and snugly on her neck. My cat can now walk about in style thanks to the comfortable and appealing collar.

  • Includes a breakaway collar-- It’s simple to use and you can just put in on when your cat goes out and take it off in the house.
  • Non-greasy-- My cat always hated the greasy, oily residue left by other flea remedies and now she can’t get enough of the smooth texture in her fur. She’s always licking it.
  • The breakaway collar feels pretty cheap and your cat could accidentally free itself from it and you might end up losing the collar.


We would recommend the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar as a cost- effective alternative compared to the others. It has passed all the safety checks required for a flea collar and is a sustainable, long-lasting flea and tick protection it would be the ideal choice for any feline companion and for most households.

Re-infestation is always a problem after fumigation or treatment, now you can rest easy with the clear champion of the best cat flea collar. Considering the curious and explorative nature of cats an elastic water-resistant property in a collar is must have. Lastly, the delicate nature of collars, especially the possibility that your cat might strangle itself can be soul a crushing experience and I would recommend you get a collar with a quick-release feature.

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