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What Is The Best Dog Food For Dachshunds To Buy In 2020?

What’s the best dog food for dachshunds? Dachshunds are curious and charming little dogs. They are a special breed of dogs that make awesome pets. Dachshunds are very loyal and affectionate, and make for some best companions, especially when around children.

These special dogs have some special needs when it comes to their food. Finding the right food that suits their body type is a tough call. So, you should opt for good dog food that has a great effect on the overall health of your Dachshund.

Here is a list some of the products of dog food, which makes it an ideal start off point for you and your Dachshund.

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Dachshunds On The Market

dachshund diet & nutritional requirements

470 Cal
Older Dogs
575 Cal
Typical Adults
900 Cal
Active/Working Dogs

**Please note: these estimates are based on an average weight for this breed. Every dog is different. Please talk to your vet before making changes to your dog's diet.

Most Recommended Dog Food For Dachshunds: Detailed Reviews 2020

1. Wild Calling Rocky Mountain Medley - best dog food for dry skin

As mentioned previously, any dog meal with Trout/Lamb/Turkey Meal is considered as a superior, healthy dog meal. The Wild Calling Rocky Mountain Medley brand of dog food has this ingredient, and it should certainly be good for your Dachshund.

It borders to being the perfect dog food with the right main ingredients. Dachshunds’ special requirement is a good dose of proteins and calcium. Fish (Trout) is a good source of protein and omega fatty acids. This also helps in strengthening the bones and joints of your adorable pet.

The lower carbohydrate content that is present in this dog food is good as it helps in maintaining the ideal weight of your Dachshund.

  • It has all the right ingredients that help in keeping your dog healthy.
  • Excellent source of animal protein.
  • Helps in strengthening the bones and joints.
  • Dogs simply love this food as it is specially formulated for rotational feeding.
  • It has a good blend of time release carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, amino acids, omega fatty acids.
  • The ingredients include dried peas which are still debatable as to whether they are good or not.

2. CANIDAE PURE Limited Ingredient - best dry dog food brands

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

This dog food is known for its simple recipe that is easy on the stomach of a dog. If your Dachshund is a picky eater or one with a sensitive stomach, you ought to try this out. With ingredients like fresh chicken and whole foods like lentils, dried whole egg, this dog food is simple, yet tasty. Your dog should love this meal.

The Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food is grain free as the name suggests and also has a host of other supplements added, like the probiotics which aid in healthy digestion, antioxidants which support a healthy immune system. The omega 6&3 fatty acids content in the dog meal helps your Dachshund have beautiful skin and coat. Going by the ingredients list, it is a pretty good one that helps your dog to have a healthy meal time and again.

  • Simple recipes for dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Great taste
  • Ingredients do not include wheat, soy or corn.
  • It is grain free.
  • It has omega 6&3 fatty acids and probiotics.
  • It helps in maintaining a beautiful skin and coat for your Dachshund.
  • A few ingredients are plant based sources, like the sweet potato, peas, lentils etc.
  • Peas are a problematic ingredient for some dogs.

3. Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Dry Dog Food - best dry dog food for puppies

The Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Dry Dog Food is an above average dog food that has the primary source of protein from chicken, turkey and turkey meal.

A good amount of vegetables and fruits are also present like apple, apples, tomatoes, carrots and alfalfa sprouts.

The other good thing about this product is that it has Menhaden Fishmeal and Herring Meal which are good sources of calcium, protein, and healthy fats.

  • Nice and well-balanced ingredients
  • Provides lots of good calcium required for strong bones and joints.
  • Contains a good amount of vegetables and fruits.
  • Does not have many green leafy ingredients.

4. NUTRISCA Potato-Free Dry Dog Food - best organic dog food

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

With wholesome ingredients, the Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog Food is a nice choice of dog food available. And the main ingredient here is Salmon, a fish, which is a major plus point. Fish is a great source of protein. As mentioned earlier, dogs, especially Dachshunds require the right amount of proteins in their diet. And this dog food provides it in the right quantities.

The Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog Food has balanced protein levels with fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and are very beneficial to dogs. The chelated minerals that are present provide optimum nutrition and give great palatability. These factors contribute to the fact that your Dachshund can lead a better and healthier life!

This is the type of dog food that you ought to try out if your dog has allergies and infections. This food is grain free, without potato. The yeast form the potato has a tendency to cause infection in some dogs. So, if your dog is prone to infections, then try switching over to this brand of dog food and notice the difference and reduction in the allergies. After all, a healthy and lively pet is what you want. If your pet dog suffers, it is definitely hard to her as well as for you. So, go ahead and try out the Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog Food and see the difference.

  • It is suitable for all life stages.
  • It is free of potato and tapioca.
  • Especially suitable for dogs that are allergic to potatoes, as this dog food does not contain potato.
  • It is a grain free recipe.
  • There is better digestibility factor.
  • Not many vegetables present.

5. Evo Grain Free Dry Dog Food - best grain free dog food

It is a protein-rich, low carbohydrate grain free formula that is good for Dachshunds. The fact that a protein rich diet is good for dogs should always be considered. And the EVO Turkey &Chicken Small Bite Dog Food passes the first test of having the right ingredients, with high-quality protein, an essential ingredient that does a great deal of good for a dog.

As it is grain free, there is very less amount of starchy carbohydrates. Simple starchy carbohydrates should not be present in a dog’s diet, especially in Dachshunds as it tends to increase the weight and lead to other complications.

  • It is good for the skin and coat health of your Dachshund.
  • Grain free
  • It is suitable for every life stage.
  • Easily digestible with good palatability and taste.
  • Your pet’s daily energy requirements are easily met with.
  • It is low carbohydrate diet, which helps in the healthy weight management of your dog.
  • Higher price may be an issue

the importance of the right diet and food for a dachshund

Every pet animal has a special need. And with your Dachshunds too, you should take some serious care when it comes to their food.

The nutritional requirements of dogs are generally fairly simple. All dogs need a nice and healthy balance of protein and fat along with some carbohydrates, mostly in the form of dietary fiber. It is generally recommended that the protein content for adult dogs should be 18% and for puppies, it should be 22%. And the fat content in the diet of adult dogs is roughly around 5 % and for puppies, it is 8 %.

But, these requirements are different for different breeds. Dachshunds tend to require a higher fat content than other large dogs. They have fast metabolisms and they need that extra energy to keep them going all day long. The diet that your Dachshund takes influences the overall health of your doggie. Hence chose this with utmost care.

how to choose best dog food for dachshunds?

When you opt for the different brands of dog food for your Dachshund, always check for the ingredients and nutrients. The source of the nutrients is equally important. The protein and the fat source should be an animal based source. Plant-based sources are not quite good for a dog. The protein content in the dog food should be given priority while considering dog food.

Carbohydrates should be in the form of digestible carbohydrates like whole grains or grain-free options of carbohydrates. However, Dachshunds are prone to obesity and gaining weight. Hence, good care should be taken here. Foods that are super rich in carbohydrates should be avoided. Simple and starchy carbohydrates are a big NO!

important dietary requirements for dachshunds

  • A high-protein diet will support the lean muscle mass.
  • Diet should be supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin, two most beneficial supplements for Dachshund.
  • Since the metabolism of Dachshunds is much faster, you have to feed them right, so that they get the energy required. But you must ensure that they do not overeat.
  • Feeding Dachshunds three small meals a day is good rather than 2 meals a day. This ensures that they get a good deal of energy to keep up with the faster metabolism all through the day.
  • A normal 20 pound Dachshund requires about 700 calories per day.

what constitutes a healthy meal in dog food?

A superior healthy meal in dog food is one which includes Lamb Meal or Beef Meal or Chicken Meal or Turkey Meal or Fish Meal.

special health issues in dachshunds

Dachshunds are a small breed of dog. Unlike other breeds, their body is different and hence the needs are different. The health issues that dachshunds face is somewhat special. They have to eat to keep up with their fast metabolism at the same time they should not overeat, as there is a tendency to put on weight! This makes them vulnerable to obesity and increases the risk to other serious diseases like heart disease and stroke.

They are also prone to intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), which is a musculoskeletal disorder. A dachshund’s body shape can be described as consisting of a super-long spine and deeper chest. This peculiar shape increases the risk of IVDD.

Dachshunds are also known to have brittle bones. Therefore their diet should be supplemented with calcium to counter this risk and to keep their bones and joints healthy.

A proper nutritional support in the form of good dog food with the right ingredients and supplements helps in reducing the severity of certain health condition in your Dachshund.

ideal nutritional requirements in dog food for dachshunds

A good brand of dog food should always meet some nutritional requirements that are typical for dogs. Some of these are:

  • The dog food should be high in protein content and that too from an animal source.
  • It should have the right, moderate to high fat content required.
  • The carbohydrate content should be less. It should not have starchy and simple carbohydrates.
  • The dog food should be grain free.
  • It should be primarily meat-based food as it provides much higher nutritional values.
  • It should have a good mix of vegetables and fruits to give dogs the right levels of antioxidants.
  • It should be easy on the stomach.
  • It should not have artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colorings.


No matter what brand you choose for your dog food, there are a few simple but essential requirements to be met with, as reiterated in the value section.

The Wild Calling Rocky Mountain Medley - Trout/Lamb/Turkey Meal is clearly the winner, which meets almost all the stated nutritional requirements of a Dachshund. The Trout meal with the animal source protein is by far the best source of protein for Dachshunds. And since it is specially formulated for rotational feeding, there is a good deal of variety for your Dachshund!

The other dog food that catches the attention is Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog Food, which is great for sensitive dogs which are prone to allergies. This dog food does not have potatoes that help in reducing yeast infections and allergies in dogs.

Take time to choose a high-quality diet for your Dachshund. A healthy diet equates to a healthy and happier Dachshund and an equally proud and happy master!

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