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When it comes to hair removal, you've got too many options. So, why are we searching for an epilator? More specifically, the best epilator?

Well, actually there are many good reasons. And, I must tell you that. But, before I start telling, if you do not agree with any of those points, you should leave asap (just kidding!).

Cool..., right?

Anyways, I'm no epilator girl. But, the more I'm using epilators, the more I'm falling in love with them. You won't believe, "there are many best things in an epilator".

Don't be so excited right now. Here's a quick information for you:

Every year around hundreds of new epilator models become available on the market. Many of these epilators come with new features and technologies, which makes the purchasing decision a little bit difficult for us.

So, today in this epilator review, we embark on a journey to uncover the best epilator of 2019.

Beauty is strength and the beauty of skin comes first. And it’s thought to be one of the main concerns of almost all women to have a good look of their skins. Having an impressive look, you must take care of your skin and health. Hope you are taking nutritious food, exercise to maintain good health. Again, two important things of skin care are eliminating the unwanted hairs and dead cells from your body and face.

Removing unwanted hair isn’t only a way to increase your beauty, it’s a mandatory work for all women to shave their legs, hands, underarm, bikini area, face. Smartness and beauty are that how you are removing your unwanted hairs and how much care are you taking for. If you do it wrongly, your skin will not only lose its beauty,you may face several skin diseases that may make you an ugly woman which you may not wantever!

Now, let’s talk about the ways how you can remove the unwanted hair in the easiest, most effective way and which Epilator would be best for you to have a comfortable shave. There are many types of Epilators available on the market, so it would be simply tough for you to choose the best one with which you can get a smooth shave.While you are thinking of buying an Epilator, be wise to choose a cheap, smart and easy featured Epilator that ensures you to have a comfortable shave without irritating your skin. Here is an informative article including types, features and 3 best Epilators in the market with their price and buying suggestion.

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Best Epilators of 2019 for a smooth hair removal

1. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - Best Epilator of 2019

Braun has been a leading innovator of beauty products, specializing in hair removal, since 1921. With over 90 years of experience under their belts, Braun hair removal products are held in high esteem across the globe.

Although they began with razors, Braun branched out into epilators and quickly became skilled in those as well. Braun highly values customer feedback, and the Silk-épil 9has incorporated that feedback into a high-quality and effective epilator.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator, Ladies' Electric Shaver for Women (Bonus Edition)
2,221 Reviews
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator, Ladies' Electric Shaver for Women (Bonus Edition)
  • The 40% wider epilation head removes more hair in one stroke* for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. *vs other Braun epilators
  • Braun's most innovative MicroGrip tweezer technology with wider, longer and deeper tweezers removes, with precision, hair 4X shorter than wax does
  • Wet and Dry usage in the bath or shower for a more comfortable epilation. Virtually painless with regular use. Long-lasting battery
  • Comes with 7 extras including a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand for an always charged device and a BONUS facial brush
  • BONUS Braun facial brush removes makeup and pore-deep impurities - 6X better than manual cleansing - in addition to refining and exfoliating skin with micro-oscillations. 100% waterproof for comfortable use in the shower

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

The Silk-épil 9 employs cutting-edge technology. The MicroGrip tweezer technology utilized in this epilator was developed by Braun to be able to remove hair that is 4 times shorter than the hair wax is able to pick up.

The MicroGrip tweezers are wider, longer, and deeper than on previous epilator models. In fact, the entire head of the Silk-épil 9 is 40% wider than other Braun products to allow for greater coverage of large surface areas. 


  • Can Be Used Wet And Dry, Including In The Shower Or Bath
  • Includes Attachments To Clean And Exfoliate Skin, Which Is A Critical Step In The Epilating Process
  • Pulsating Vibrations
  • check
    Includes Attachments To Turn It Into An Electric Razor


  • Too Large For Smaller Areas Like Upper Lips And Eyebrows
  • The Razor Attachment Cannot Be Used Wet

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

2. Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

Panasonic is a company that rarely comes to mind in discussions of hair removal. Panasonic is an international electronics company that is based out of Japan, commonly known for its cameras, phones, or kitchen appliances. However, Panasonic also produces electronic personal care products, including epilators and shavers.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver, with Six Attachments including Pedicure Buffer for Foot Care
900 Reviews
Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver, with Six Attachments including Pedicure Buffer for Foot Care
  • Panasonic's multi-functional women's electric razor and epilator with high-performance dual-speed motor and 6 snap-on hair remover and pedicure buffer attachments for complete hair removal and foot care at home
  • The Panasonic epilator includes a Shaver Head with hypo-allergenic blades and foil for safe hair removal on sensitive skin and a pop-up trimmer to capture long and stray hairs and trim, shape and maintain the bikini area
  • Wide, dual-disc Epilation Head hair remover conforms to individual body contours, ideal for legs and arms, Gentle Epilator Head takes care of hair removal from sensitive areas. Power Source- AC 100-240V. Charging Time 1 hour. Operating Time 30 minutes
  • Panasonic epilator includes a Pedicure Buffer attachment to gently remove dry, rough skin and beautify feet. Compatible with-Outer Foil with Inner Blade Combo, Inner Blade
  • Wet dry convenient hair removal, use dry anytime or in bath or shower; Panasonic shaver/epilator cleans quickly and easily under warm running water; Built-in LED light and travel pouch included. Use on hair approximately 2 to 3 mm long approximately 1/8 inch

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

The ES-ED90-P from Panasonic, at first glance, appears to be a perfect combination of all the things that make a good epilator. It has attachments to become a shaver as well as an epilator, a head designed for foot care, and various epilating heads.

This epilator is completely waterproof, has hypoallergenic components, and boasts an impressive 48 tweezers.

However, the device is dependent on being charged with a cord. When not plugged in, it should hold a charge for about an hour, but can often fall much shorter than that mark. The epilator also does not have a good way of removing the pulled hair from the epilator head.

Hair will often clog up the epilator after only a few passes and requires frequent manual intervention with a cleaning brush that makes the process take significantly longer.


  • Multifunctional
  • Waterproof
  • Works Well For Most Hair Types
  • check
    Smooth Results When Used Dry


  • Results Are Worse When Used Wet
  • Struggles To Hold A Charge
  • ban
    Requires Frequent Cleaning

3. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 - The Cheap One

Philip has recently produced their best epilator Philip HP6401.

Its Two-speed settings allow the maximum performance and efficiency cap that ensures a gentle abolition in the most sensitive areas.

Ergonomic grip and washable epilation head available for comfortable handling and optimal hygiene.

Philips Satinelle Epilator, White/Gray 1 ea (Pack of 2)
4 Reviews
Philips Satinelle Epilator, White/Gray 1 ea (Pack of 2)
  • Efficient epilation systsem removes hair from the root

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

Another one of Philips designs, the HP6401 has many similarities to the HP6576 However, and the primary difference between these two products is the size. The HP6401 is the compact epilator option that Philips manufactures.

The HP6576 weighs 1.2 pounds, whereas this compact epilator weighs in at 8.8 ounces. In addition to simply weighing less, the compact epilator is also much smaller, meaning that for most people, the entire device will fit in your hand.

The Satinelle HP6401 may be smaller than the other Philips epilator, but that doesn’t make it any less efficient. This compact epilator can detect and pull out hairs as short as .5mm.

Like the HP6576, the Satinelle HP6401 is corded and only able to epilate on dry skin.This means no epilating in the shower or bath, or in any other wet or damp environment.

The smaller Philips epilator has less ceramic discs that make it less efficient than the larger option. It may take longer to remove all the desired hair due to the compact nature of the device.


  • It has a removal cap that makes it easier to clean without any mess.
  • 2 different epilation speed provide efficient shave.
  • It has a washable head for comfortable handling.
  • check
    Remove short hair up to 0.5 millimetres.
  • check
    Less expensive than the other brands.
  • check
    Comes with 2-years of warranty.


  • Single head rotating coils cover a small area which takes much time.
  • It is corded system and not portable.
  • ban
    Can’t remove coarse hair perfectly.

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

4. Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator - Most Popular

This one is different from the two described here. Braun SE7681 is another best epilator for its wet and dry epilation feature.

We recommend it for those who have sensitive skin and thin hair and also for the first timer for epilation.

It can be used in the shower or warm water that make soften your skin and you can have a pain free epilation.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White
1,475 Reviews
Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White
  • The most efficient Wet & Dry epilator, designed for use in the bath or shower for a gentler experience and even smoother results.^Braun's most efficient epilator ever with 40 Close-grip tweezers for better removal of even the shortest hairs.^Removes hairs as fine as a grain of sand (0.5 mm) from the root to leave skin smooth for up to four weeks.^Also comes with 5 attachments including a shaver head, a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap, a sensitive area cap and a facial cap, specifically designed to give you superior results in different areas of the body.^Cordless use for a better convenience.

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

As we mentioned earlier, Braun has a long history in developing personal grooming products. The Silk-épil 7 is an older version of the Silk-épil 9 that we reviewed earlier.

The Silk-épil 7, at first glance, seems to be nearly identical to the Silk-épil 9 version. However, there are still major differences. One key difference is that the Silk-épil 9 uses MicroGrip technology that the Silk-épil 7 does not have.

The other dramatic difference is with the attachments that come with. The Silk-épil 7 does not have any attachment designed to exfoliate. The five attachments that come with this model are the efficiency cap, the trimmer cap, the sensitive area cap, the shaver head, and the facial cap.

Although these attachments are designed to let the epilator be tool that can remove hair from anywhere on the body, they do not include an exfoliation attachment. However, each attachment does successfully do what it is intended for. This means that the Silk-épil 7 is a good epilator for full body hair removal, including the face.


  • Designed to use on wet skin and provides less pain.
  • 40 Close - grip tweezers provide better hair removal.
  • Comes with 5 additional attachments – a shaver head, an efficiency cap,a sensitive area cap, a trimmer cap, and a facial cap which provide clear shave on different areas of body.
  • check
    It’s a cordless epilator, you don’t need to plug it in charge while using.1-year warranty.
  • check
    Contains a light so you don’t miss any hair.


  • It has not much speed like the corded epilator.
  • You need to charge it before every single use.
  • ban
    A little bit expensive.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White
Braun - Health and Beauty

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

5. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

This epilator Head Epilator is one of the best epilators on the market.

It’s also a best-selling epilator on the market.

Although, it’s thought to be expensive for its high price, but it is considered the best one among all of the epilators available on the market.

You can use it on your arms, legs, underarm and bikini line.

It is the best epilator for them who want a long lasting hair removing.

It has 72 tweezers, just think of the power of Emjoi AP-18. It ensures you a comfortable epilation and smooth skin.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator
2,072 Reviews
Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator
  • 72 tweezer heads that remove hair quickly and comfortably
  • Features patented Glide Technology
  • First Epilator in the world to offer Silver Ion Technology
  • Dual Opposed Staggered Heads new feature for an epilator
  • Features exclusive middle lifting fingers that lift flat and short hairs

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

Emjoi is an internationally known personal grooming product brand that produces a wide variety of epilators, shavers, and more.

This Emjoi epilator stands out from the rest of the products we’re reviewing because of a number of tweezers that it contains. The Emjoi AP-18 has a shocking 72 tweezers in it, which is significantly more than other product options.

The increased number of tweezers are designed to make epilating faster and less painful. Instead of potentially needing to epilate the same area three, four, or even five times, this epilator is designed so you only need to epilate an area once or twice.

To help gather more hairs faster, the Emjoi AP-18 include flaps in the middle of the head that are designed to make hairs stand up more. This makes sure that the epilator is able to grasp them firmly on the first try.

However, unlike some other epilators on the market, the Emjoi does not come with any attachments.


  • It has 72 tweezers and a large tweezer surface area that removes the hair comfortably and quickly.
  • Removes a lot of hair on every single pass and don’t irritate the skin.
  • The dual heads that are designed to reduce pain.
  • check
    Contains 2 different speed settings. One is for fine,soft hair and the other is in rougher coarser hair.
  • check
    Corded and supply a lot of power while using.
  • check
    It has a 1-year replacement warranty.


  • It has no light. So, it can be simply difficult to check you have removed the hair clearly, especially in the darker area of the body without light.
  • It has no shaver hand or trimmer. Don’t worry, you can use a separate trimmer.

Last update on 2019-06-24 PST - Details

Types of Epilators

Epilator works in a different way. It doesn’t cut the hair like Razor and Shaver, it pulls out hair out from the follicle and reduce hair growth. So you can get a smooth and hair free skin for a longer time than the razor and shaver.

Epilators can be used easily in flat areas like legs, arms, but it’s less effective in curvy areas like face, underarm, and bikini area. It will be very painful and you have to do it carefully if your epilator isn’t designed to use in these areas.

There are three types of Epilators available on the market. And they are- Rotating Spiral Wire, Rotating Disks, and Multiple Tweezers.

  • Rotating Spiral Wire and Rotating Disk Epilator: Rotating Spiral Wire and Rotating Disks are thealmost same type. This two types of Epilators containmetalcoils.When you flex the springs over a section of your hairs, the coi slatch on your hair and pull it out. This 2 models are manual-use epilators and don’t require electricity.
  • Multiple Tweezer Epilator: The Multiple Tweezer Epilator is an electronic device and considered asthe most common and popular epilator which utilize many small tweezers on a rotating head. This type of epilator works exactly like tweezing your hair. Again, some epilators work on the only dry skin and some work on wet skin. Corded, only dry epilators have more powerful motors, rechargeable dry or wet epilators have less speed and power.

Features To Consider for Choosing a Best Epilator

1. Wet or Dry Option

  • It is an important feature of a best Epilator.Although, Epilation process works the best on dry skin, but it’s so painful for women.
  • If you have previous experience of waxing or epilation, you can’t think of the intensity of the pain as a lot of hairs are removed from the root.
  • So, more women prefer the wet epilation.
  • check
    So buy an epilator which can be used on both wet and dry skin to get a pain-free shave.

2. Corded/Cordless

  • Normally, all wet & dry epilators are cordless.
  • Cordless epilators are convenient because they can be used in the shower and bath tub and no need to plug in charge at the time of using it.
  • It’s less powerful and takes almost 1 hour to be charged and run up to 40 minutes if it’s charged once.
  • check
    You need to charge it before every single time of using.
  • check
    On the other hand, dry only Epilators are more powerful and speedy because they are plugged into charge while using it.

3. Power

  • Some epilators have cords for power supply and some depend on battery power.
  • You don’t need to buy or change batteries for every single time.
  • The power of an epilator is actually depended on that how many tweezers it has.
  • check
    The more tweezers it has, the more power it needs and the more hairs it removes with a single pass.

4. The level of Pain

  • Epilation is very painful because it works by pulling the hair out from the follicle.
  • So, try for the wet epilation,which gives you a painless epilation.
  • Some epilators have built in skin guard and massaging option.
  • check
    Before removing hair, you can soften your skin using lotion, oil, cream which reduces your pain level.

5. Built-in Light

  • If you want to get all unwanted hairs removed clearly, it’s auseful option for you.
  • It’s great to see the hair of the shadow areas of the body.

6. Different Areas of The Body

Most women use the epilators only for remove hair from legs and arms, but if you want to remove hair from face, underarm or bikini line, you should choose an epilator which contains this special option other wise, you can’t use the normal epilator in sensitive areas of your body.


There are a lot of positive reasons to invest in epilating over other hair removal methods. Finding the best epilator for you is an important part of this investment.

Epilating rips hair out by the root, meaning it will grow back significantly slower than it does when you shave. It also only grabs the hair and not your skin. Although waxing does rip hair out by the root, it also rips off your skin.

Epilating is cheaper than waxing, because the only investment is in an epilator, and not in multiple expensive waxing sessions. This is also true in regards to the expense paired with electrolysis hair removal. It is entirely possible to find a cheap epilator that does an amazing job.

Epilating is also a non-permanent form of hair removal, so you can make sure that you want to remove hair before getting it permanently removed, which is what electrolysis does.

If you decide to take the plunge into the world of epilating, choosing your epilator can be a daunting decision. To streamline this process, this article has done in-depth and accurate epilator reviews.

Out of the seven we reviewed, we are confident to recommend the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 due to this epilators dedication to making the process as successful and pain-free as possible. This epilator comes with attachments to make exfoliating prior to epilating accessible and fast.

It also has a dual function as an electric razor, which saves you money from having to invest in an electric razor in the future. This epilator can be used wet or dry, making it convenient if you prefer to remove hair in the shower or bath.

The head of this epilator is flexible, making sure it contours to your body for an even epilation. It also has a massaging function that soothes skin after you finish epilating. Since epilating can be painful for the first few times, this addition is a benefit to help beginners.

Overall, the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 is designed to be user-friendly, pain-free, high quality, and effective. With minimal drawbacks, we can happily say that this model is the top one out of the seven best epilators we reviewed.

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