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December 28, 2019

What Is The Best Garment Steamers To Buy In 2020?

There's no better way to clean your clothes than a garment steamer. You can have a portable or a standalone steamer in your household. No matter which one you buy, you'll have a fully functional device that presses your clothes and makes them presentable the next time you go out.

Each of the products on this list is known as the best-rated garment steamers in their categories. We suggest that you read up on each of their specs and see which one suits you the most. No matter which one you buy, rest assured that your clothes will look great after running them through the steamer.

Top 5 Best Garment Steamers On The Market

1. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer - best professional garment steamer

The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 is the best stand up garment steamer. With over 120 volts of power, you'll be able to thoroughly press and clean your clothes in a manner of minutes. This product is currently sold on Amazon at a price about [amazon_link asins='B0000665TD' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='864b06b6-6465-4a14-8a39-31e7aefcd724'].

It has 1300 watts of power and a three-quarter gallon reservoir. You'll be able to steam your garments for an hour and a half without any gaps in performance. Thus, making it a good choice for those who want a highly functional garment cleaner in their household. Other notable features:

  • 2 Minute Heat Up Time
  • 5.5-inch hose with 6-inch steam head
  • 1.5 Hour steam time
  • Durable plastic outer housing
  • 1300 watt heating element

Some steamers take upwards to 15 minutes to heat up properly. With the Jiffy Steamer J-2000, you don't have to wait that long. It has a heating time of 2 minutes making it easy for users to access all of the device's steaming capabilities.

The 6-inch steam head is the main force of this device. It helps makes steaming your clothes effortless by giving you enough length to press your clothes at a safe distance. You can use this steam head for blazers, coats, pants, and bedclothes with this steamer and not see any difference in performance, production or power.


Design wise, the steamer's build construction is pretty straightforward. There is a reservoir is located at the bottom of the device and is connected to a flexible steam hose. The steam hose provides high-quality performance while eliminating leaks. You'll be able to tackle all of your garment needs with this fully functional steamer.

This steamer is easy to fill with water, and consumers love the see through tank. However, you'll have to replace the water occasionally. We suggest that you replace the old water every 3 to 6 months to prevent the sediment build up and hard water deposits.

But, there has been a few low reviews based on the steamer's case. Some reported that the case would fail and produce a short amount of steam on their clothes. Consider getting a replacement if this issue occurs to you.

Overall, the Jiffy Steamer J-2000 is the best-rated garment steamer in today's market. It's high performance, quick heat up time, and its minimalistic design will help users make clean their clothes efficiently and effectively. Buy this steamer if you're serious about maintaining the appearance of your clothes.

2. rowenta is6300 garment steamer - best rowenta iron

Ranked second is the Rowenta IS6300. This device is exceptional in every category and can remove wrinkles and comes with an integrated vertical screen to hang your clothes up on. You can find this fully functional steamer on Amazon at a price around [amazon_link asins='B009IMYS7M' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='c8059098-11f9-4dd3-b2dd-6107c101b085'].

The Rowenta IS6300 has a functional and modern design. For instance, it has a foot controlled pedal and a wide steam head. Also, it has an automatic shut off feature to prevent it from overheating. You'll like this steamer if you need something that's reliable and is designed for homeowners. Other notable features:

  • Built in Hanger
  • 1550 Watt full-sized garment steamer
  • Flexible Fabric Hose
  • Adjustable Height Pole
  • 1 Hour of Steam on a Full Tank

It can handle multiple furnishings and clothing with ease. When you're finished with the device, the wheels on the bottom of the steamer allow for easy transport. Because of this feature, the IS6300 is portable and can be used in any location in your home.

Plus, the device can be fully assembled in under 10 minutes. Some of its accessories include a lint pad, crease attachment, and a large fabric brush. And, it has two garment clips and a hanger. Due to its quick assembly and its multiple accessories, the device provides a lot of utility for first-time users.


Unlike other steamers that we've tested, the Rowenta IS6300 has a good ergonomic design. It can be operated by one hand which protects the user from getting burned by the steamer. Rowenta designed this steamer to keep the user safe while effectively pressing their clothes without any issues.

The IS6300 comes with a Quick Tips sheet that's easily assembled. This steamer appears to be well-built with a sturdy and durable construction with no unnecessary pieces or accessories to get in the way of heavy garments such as coats and jackets. Since it automatically rolls up when not in use, simply roll down the fabric screen for it to extend and continue working.

However, there is one problem that we've found when testing this device. The clips that are used to hang up skirts and pants are hard to open. This is because the clips are built-in and unable to be removed. Despite this flaw, the steamer still delivers the high-quality results you're seeking.

If you're looking for the best home garment steamer, the Rowenta IS6300 is perfect in that regard. With a full set of accessories, safe and functional design, and its powerful steamer, you won't have a hard time preserving the value of your clothes.

3. conair garment steamer - best clothes steamer

Conair is the best garment steamer brand in today's market. This small full-sized steamer weighs in at 10 pounds and has the dimensions of 14.2 x 17.5 x 17 inches. If you want this compact, yet functional steamer it's on Amazon at a price about [amazon_link asins='B004T7N6Y2' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id=''].

The steamer's water tank is one of its main features. It has a large capacity and can hold up to 80 ounces of water. Once it heats up, it's ready to steam within 45 seconds. This gives users 90 minutes of uninterrupted steaming and helps users clean their clothes effectively. Other notable features:

  • 360 Degree Hanger
  • 90 Minutes of Steam When Charged
  • Automatic Shutoff Feature
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 17.5 x 17

Also, the Conair Garment Steamer features a 360-degree rotating hanger. This allows you to cover all sides of your garment while cleaning it. And it comes with clips that are used for de-wrinkling and steaming. These features help users maintain the quality of their clothes while providing a safe place to hang it afterward.

When it comes to safety, the Conair Garment Steamer has a steam pause feature. This energy saving feature is safe for all types of fabric, upholstery, and household drapes. The steam produced by the device kills mites and bedbugs; meaning that your clothes won't be contaminated the next time you wear them.


The Conair Garment Steamer has a telescopic pole and a 5-foot hose that helps users steam garments of various lengths. It also comes with a t-nozzle from where the steam is admitted. The nozzle helps deliver a more even heat distribution and steam so that all of your clothes are thoroughly pressed.

Need a steamer that doesn't take took long to start up? The Conair Garment Steamer has an advanced heating system that starts the device within 45 seconds. This places it ahead of its competitors who tend to take more than 6 minutes to get started.

You have to watch out for the steamer's constant water leaks. Consumers disliked this problem because the steamer would often leave wet prints on their clothes. If this is an issue, we suggest that you use less water when applying it onto your clothes.

All in all, the Conair Garment Steamer is a great device for light and heavy clothes. When using this cleaner, it will thoroughly remove the contaminants (bed bugs, wrinkles, etc.) that might reduce the quality of your outfit. Buy this product if you're ready to deliver a clean finish on your garments quickly.

4. rowenta dr8082 garment steamer - best handheld steamer

The Rowenta DR8082 Garment Steamer is the best portable garment steamer that's available. It includes useful accessories such as a fabric brush, lint pad, and a steam bonnet to further assist you in cleaning your clothes. It's found on Amazon at a price around [amazon_link asins='B01M09YUSD' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='bfc42fc0-d261-449a-b931-180244a47ae1'].

Ideally, the steamer has a micro metal steam head that consists of multiple holes. This allows the device to provide a good steam distribution for high-quality results. In fact, the steamer is ready within 45 seconds which helps you save time and clean your clothes quickly. Other notable features:

  • 1500 Watts of Power
  • Ready to Steam in 45 seconds
  • Flexible Storage
  • Includes a lint pad, steam bonnet, and a fabric brush
  • 10 Minutes of Steaming

It has an ergonomic handle that allows for maximum comfort when steaming your clothes. The handle is made of rubber, which protects your hand from the heat from the steamer. If you want a steamer that's safe and easy to use, then the Rowenta DR8082 is the right choice for you.

With its removable water tank, you'll be able to refill the steamer easily. The fuel tank delivers steam for a total of 10 minutes before needing to be refilled. Once the water is empty, you can simply refill it with tap water to continue working with the device.


In comparison to other steamers, this device clears out wrinkles faster than the competition. With a strong steam burst of about 22g per minute, it makes the Rowenta DR8082 one of the most powerful steamers on the market. While it's powerful, it has a compact design that works for most homeowners.

The Rowenta DR8082 is portable and easy to carry around. It weighs about 3 pounds, which means that you can pack it in your suitcase and take it with you. Rowenta designed this steamer for travel usage while still delivering power as if it was a standing steamer.

Unfortunately, shoppers across the board had one complaint about the device. For example, the steamer tends to spray hot water unexpectedly. You'll want to use distilled water, and wait for the water spots on your garments to dry up to use this device correctly.

Mainly, the Rowenta DR8082 is good for DIYers and fashion designers. It's small, yet efficient at cleaning your clothes without damaging the fabric. Invest in this steamer if you want to keep your clothes in pristine condition.

5. shark press and refresh garment steamer - best portable steamer

The Shark Press and Refresh Garment Steamer is the best travel garment steamer around. It offers a built-in Eraser pad that helps users apply pressure and eliminate hard to remove wrinkles. You'll find this on Amazon at a price about [amazon_link asins='B0047E11LC' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='8316e35f-1638-44ff-9954-2391f9a8029d'].

We also like the device because of its fast start up time. It takes only a minute to get the steamer fully heated up and ready to go. After it's heated, place your clothes on the vertical press pad to begin pressing them. Other notable features:

  • Wrinkle Eraser
  • Vertical Press Pad
  • Continuous, Powerful, and Instant Steam
  • 6.5 oz Tank Capacity
  • One Minute Startup

The garment steamer has a tank capacity of 6.5oz which delivers a full jet of steam for about 8 minutes. This gives users an ample amount of time to press their clothes. You'll like this garment steamer if you want something that's quick and efficient at steaming your clothes correctly

One of the most noteworthy features is the Vertical Press Pad. The pad is 23.5 W x 47 L and consists of 100% Polyester Microfiber. It gives an easy surface to iron and steam your garments and is designed to fit almost any door. You don't need to pay for an ironing board when buying this device.


It's accessories help users improve the condition of their garments. For instance, the garment steamer comes with a bristle brush frame which is great for steaming heavier fabric such as wool or denim. It improves the steam's penetration by opening stitches in the fabric without leaving water marks.

There are a few safety concerns with this steamer. Unlike other products, it doesn't have an auto-shut off feature. Make sure that you turn off the device immediately to ensure that it will continue working and preventing any severe risks due to its overheating.

Fortunately, the Shark Press and Refresh Garment Steamer is a versatile steamer that every first-time buyer should look into. Getting this steamer will aid you in your travels or if your clothes need a quick press. Purchase it today if you want a reliable garment steamer for your next trip.

why should you choose your garment steamer carefully

Buying the right garment steamer requires a bit of effort. To help you choose your garment steamer carefully, you need to ask yourself a simple question: "Do I need one that's portable or one that's guaranteed to give professional results?"


Remember, garment steamers come in two different types: travel steamers and full-size steamers. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages with their own form of price points. Both types create different results depending on the material that's being steamed.

If you plan on using a steamer occasionally, you might not need a full sized steamer. Recently, smaller units have gotten significantly better over the past 2 years, and some small steamers can give you 15 minutes per fill which might be useful for your needs.

There are two features you need to consider that will give you the most impact to your satisfaction. First, you'll want to consider the steam temperature of the steamer. This can be a bit complicated at first since some units have inferred heating which seems like a high temperature, but they require a high amount wattage to be used.

High temperatures are good because of its ability to remove large creases and has the capabilities to kill germs. A lot of high wattage units have high temperatures but not always. High wattage steamers will consume a lot of electricity, meaning that your utility bills will increase once you use one.


Garment steamers come in various shapes, sizes, brands, and designs. But, based on the typical size and use, there are three types of garment steamers: Handheld steamers, travel steamers, and standing steamers.


There are three main types of garment steamer to choose from:


Some people regard hand held garment steamers a hybrid between the travel and the standing steamer. It's smaller and takes up less space than standing steamers. Handheld steamers are the ideal choice for people with apartments and small budgets.


Travel steamers and handheld steamers are similar in design, but feature more powerful mechanisms and larger water wells, making them as efficient as standing steamers.


This is the most common and used design of the fabrics steamers seen today. This steamer consists of a water base or a well that's placed on the floor, a nozzle, and a long tube. It even comes with a large rod where the clothes are suspended. This helps the user work on the clothes more efficiently than other types.

The base is filled with water and has a special motor to help heat water and convert it into steam. Standing steamers are usually seen in home and professional steamers. But, professional steamers are more expensive because they have different settings or have more attachments.


Having your clothes ironed at a hotel can be very expensive, which is why some people might bring a travel steamer wherever they need to go. Travel steamers are compact enough to fit a bag or a suitcase. The designs can vary, but the average travel steamer has its nozzle directly attached to a handle and a water well.

Instead of a tube, steam is directly released from the body all the way to the nozzle. This means that the steamer must be held up fully to hold the garment.


In regards to dimensions and portability, Here is a list of pros and cons for each garment steamer:


  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • Easily can be stored for later use
  • Less durable than Standing Steamers
  • Small water tank


  • Durable
  • Can be used for multiple items and different fabrics
  • Large tank for extended usage
  • Costly
  • Bulky and large size
  • Some models are hard to maneuver


  • Can be used for traveling
  • Compact size
  • Constant refilling
  • Takes longer to iron out clothes


The voltage of your garment steamer is directly correlated to your heat up time. If you're traveling internationally, then you'll want a steamer with a dual voltage system. For standalone steamers, it just needs one voltage system. As a rule of thumb, make sure your steamer has a voltage rating between 60-120 to ensure that it will heat up faster.


Another factor to consider is the time it takes to heat up your steamer fully. Some models take up to 15 minutes while other models might take longer. So, you'll have to choose your garment steamer based on if you're patient enough to wait the 15 minutes or pay for a faster steamer that's ready to work almost instantly.


Think of the water tank as a container for your steamer. Each steamer has one and needs water for it to work correctly. To ensure that your water tank lasts, you'll have to refill it periodically so that it continues to work as desired.


Your steamer's water capacity will determine how many times you'll have to refill it. On average, standalone steamers have a capacity of up to 80 oz or higher. Portable steamers can hold up to 20 ounces of water. Try to get a steamer with a large water capacity to reduce the amount of times you have to refill the device.



If possible, you should get a garment steamer with a removable water tank. This makes it easier for you to remove the tank and add water inside of it. Add tap or distilled water inside of the tank to ensure that it will work again once you're ready to steam your clothes.


We must warn you to turn off your steamer after you use it. This prevents the chance of the steamer overheating and causing more severe issues down the line. That's why you need a garment steamer with an automatic shut off feature.

As its name suggests, the steamer will automatically shut off after an allotted amount of time has passed. Buy a garment steamer with an automatic feature to keep it working properly and save your money on repairing the steamer.


You need a steamer that requires a minimal amount of effort to use. For example, the Rowenta IS6300 allows users to operate the device with one hand. This reduces the amount of effort you have to exert on the steamer and helps you clean your clothes without accidentally injuring yourself.


We've tested all of the steamers and have come to a decision. The Rowenta DR8082 is the winner. Not only is it portable, but has enough power to clean your clothes like a stand alone steamer. Because of its 22g a minute steam power and its light weight size, your clothes last longer and continue to look good on you.

Do you have any experiences using these devices?

Leave a comment below.

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