What Is The Best Ironing Board To Buy In 2020?

“There is an assured happiness when you reach the bottom of your ironing basket”. Isn’t it? Freshly pressed clothes exude a bright look and, a warm fragrance that accentuates the ‘look good and feel good’ factor. And, then the never ending struggle of picking the right attire for office in the morning is halved, halved because, you can never completely let go of the struggle over what you want to wear for office.

But then, if you belong to the untamed tribe of shopaholics, you are bound to be haunted by the daunting question every single day– “What do I wear today? And, is my favorite cream colored shirt ironed?”So, if you had the right ironing board that just fit in your apartment like a glove and, worked its way up like a charm, it would surely be your life-saving solution in this fast going world!

To put it in simple words, an ironing board is perhaps the most amazing invention for a household that is swarming with feisty home makers, hyper active children and, busier than busy office goers.

However, every invention goes through a series of improvisations before reaching the customer it has been designed for. And, an ironing board is no exception. So, there are different types of ironing boards in the market that serve different needs of customers. Free standing, wall mounted, built-in and table top are some of the fast moving ironing boards in the market. So, allow us to bring you some of the best ironing boards that you can go through before making the conscious decision of buying one!

what's the best ironing board to buy In 2020

Before deciding on buying the Best Ironing Board For Your Home, we advise you to keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Size, height, and weight – Before deciding to buy an ironing board for your home, check for the room dimensions where it will be placed in. A full sized ironing board is about 4 feet long and 18 inches wide. Also, ask yourself – “How frequently will it be used?” If you are closely looking at the aspect of its height, a good ironing board must be at the level of your hip, to prevent any strain on your back when standing.
  • Mobility – An ironing board used in a regular home must be light weight. If you have a frequent use for it and, feel comfortable with its mobility, a stand-alone will serve you better. However, if you are comfortable placing it in the laundry room, a wall mounted should suffice.
  • Adjustability and Robustness – An ironing pad should have an adjustable height that is appropriate for people of varying heights, in a home. Also, it should be sturdy.

One of the most commonly used ironing boards is the free standing one.

Sturdy and light weight at the same time, the free standing boards are wide and long with an adjustable height, making them a good choice for home.

Table tops, on the other hand, are suitable for places that do not require mobility such as in, RVs, dormitories, and small apartments.

Iron boards that are of the built-in kind are best suited for huge laundry rooms.

In apartments where optimum space utilization is the goal, wall mounted iron boards work beautifully, as they can be placed against the wall and, rotated at a comfortable angle as per the user’s convenience.

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1. BRABANTIA IRONING BOARD - best tabletop ironing board

When there are king and queen sized bed linen and heavy curtains to iron, outsourcing the ironing work is the first thing that comes to your mind. But what if, you could do them yourself too? For that, you do need a huge ironing board. And, voila! There is one that answers your query with its purchase.

We bring you BRABANTIA IRONING BOARD WITH SOLID STEAM IRON REST, SIZE C, WIDE - MOVING CIRCLES COVER. With a considerably large ironing area of almost 49 x 18 inches and, with a .98 inch ivory frame, it is a delight to have in a regular household. The ironing board top is made of white powder coated steel mash that allows an excellent circulation of the air and steam.


The highlight of this ironing board is, its ergonomic feature with its height being adjustable anywhere between 30-38 inches. Even for someone who is just learning to iron, it is easy to use, as shoulder shapes for shirts and blouses and fitting shapes of pants are incorporated in the board. With a 10 year guarantee, Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide - Moving Circles Cover straight away pulls customers towards buying it, in the first go!

  • Wide ironing space with specific cut out shapes gives more room for ironing huge fabrics.
  • Child safety locks sare incorporated in the board to prevent it from accidental collapsing in a home where toddlers run amok.
  • A transport lock is also included in the iron board to hold the feet of the board together.
  • Above all, the non-slip caps at the end of the feet make this board skid proof.
  • Heat resistant silicon strips on the iron rest of the board prevent browning stains on the board, ensuring hassle-free ironing.
  • Not be suited for small homes and apartments.
  • It is not light weight and hence, portability is an issue.
  • For people who cannot stand for long, there is no option for them to sit and iron clothes.

From customers’ point of view, Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide - Moving Circles Cover has nailed the brief of a perfect ironing board.​

Its sturdiness, the wide ironing space with cut out shapes as per the cloth and, the child lock facility make it a family favorite.

The way it neatly folds into a pack without noise has impressed the lot! Being wider than its A and B versions and a little shorter than the D version, Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide - Moving Circles has been most useful in homes where there are plenty of uniforms and garments to iron. Although it is light weighted than the previous boards from yester years, it is more suitable for larger homes.

Like every product, it has a couple of critiques too, one of which is a customer wanting to sit and iron clothes. As far as the pricing is concerned, there are mixed views about it.

A few customers have found it at par with the quality they have expected, and hence, these customers have not minded paying more than what they would have paid for cheaper ironing boards.​​

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2. REV-A-SHELF VIB - best small ironing board

When you are in a home, where toddlers need space to run around, teenagers need space to sink into their gadgets and, you need space just to revel in your alone time, setting up an ironing board that takes quite a chunk of your living space in your home is the last thing you would want!

After all, an ironing board is a necessity that must not conflict with your luxury, right?

So, if you want an ironing board that you could use when you wanted to, and then stow it away when not, we suggest you check out the beautiful looking REV-A-SHELF VIB-20CR VANITY FOLD-OUT IRONING BOARDS - WIRE-CHROME.


This ironing board has a beautifully designed expandable frame that is easily mountable in a vanity drawer front that fits between the cabinet sides. The fitting window is approximately 141/2" - 21" wide. The board occupies an area of 20.2-inch Width x 15.3-inch Depth x 4.1 inch Height and, weighs about 17 pounds.

Since this is either wall mountable or, mountable on drawers, the minimum face frame cabinet opening must be at least 14-1/4 inch Width x 20-inch Depth x 3-5/8 inch Height. If the cabinet opening is frameless, then it would be at least 14-3/8 inch Width x 20-1/16 inch Depth x 4-1/8 inch Height.

How a stow away ironing board installed on a wall cabinet works is quite similar to how an iron board that is installed under the drawer front would work.

  • With a chrome finish and, a unique ball bearing slide system.
  • Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Boards - Wire-Chrome fits beautifully on a wall and, on a shelf.
  • It also fits aptly in a long drawer.
  • In small apartments, where space optimisation is the agenda.
  • Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Boards - Wire-Chrome is the perfect solution.
  • Once fitted, it can be used when needed and, can conveniently be stowed away without disturbing the ambiance of the home.
  • It is expensive.
  • It does not have a large ironing surface as its competitor - Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide - Moving Circles Cover.
  • Besides, this is more suitable for people who are not frequently ironing their clothes.
  • Installation which is although a onetime affair, is cumbersome!

Customers have shared their success stories with Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Boards - Wire-Chrome by stating its durability and flexibility after the one-time installation.

​A couple have expressed their happiness over how, it has beautifully fit in their laundry room and, does not occupy any extra space, given its flexibility to be wall mounted or, to be mounted on the drawer front.

​However, there have been mixed reviews on the ironing space, as the area of ironing is quite small unlike that of its competitor. Brabantia Ironing Board.​

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3. HOMZ PROFESSIONAL IRONING - best over the door ironing board

There is a party tonight! And, you are already turning into a subtle version of the clueless Rebecca Bloomwood, rummaging through your cupboard like a frenzied pup nibbling at curtains! And, then there is the ironing! Isn’t it vexing when you aren’t ready for something you need to be ready for?

So, for all those who are regular for urgent meetings, impromptu parties, and outings, you do need your stack of freshly ironed clothes at any time of the day!

Now, allow us to you yet another competitor into the arena of warring ironing boards – the HOMZ PROFESSIONAL IRONING SYSTEM, 48.5 X 18.3 X 39.2 INCHES, PLATINUM LEG WITH KHAKI COVER.


This is a medium sized ironing board with a 48" x 18" mesh wide top and, weighs about 20 pounds. The ironing surface is approximately 24% wider than the standard ironing surfaces in other boards. The fiber pad is covered with a 100% cotton cover.

Built on a sturdy base, this ironing board has a value addition in the form of a built-in premium iron rest, a garment hanger and a rack for stacking the ironed garments. The board is equipped with a transport lock to ensure safe portability.

Now, let’s talk about manipulating the board height! Homz Professional ironing board is well adjustable up to 39".

  • Excluding the iron rest area, the ironing surface is 50 inches long and 18 inches wide. This definitely has a sizeable ironing area and hence, is a pleasure for those who require ironing their clothes frequently.
  • With a laundry rack given below, you can keep the clothes that might come in handy, over there neatly.
  • A garment hanger further makes your job easier.
  • With an adjustable height system and a professional 4 leg design, Homz Professional ironing system is robust and durable and, you can even sit and iron clothes!
  • The good news about this ironing board, is that it not only comes with a two-year warranty but also, is eligible for free shipping!
  • Adjusting the height is not quite a cakewalk as you may have expected.
  • The fiber pad, although is made of 100% cotton is not as durable and thick as that of its counterpart – Brabantia Ironing board
  • Another issue with the fibre pad is, despite it containing a 1/8" piece of factory supplied foam underneath, the ironing experience is not really smooth. While exerting normal pressure on clothes while ironing, you might end up with metal mesh imprint on your clothes.
  • Considering that the pad is about 24% larger than the standard size, you may not be able to find any replacement covers for it!

Customers, by and large, have been impressed with Homz Professional ironing system for its sturdiness and the broader than standard ironing space. However, there have been issues regarding the foam used under the ironing pad.

So, if it is seemingly cheaper than the wall mounted Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Board and Brabanita, it has incurred double costs like, buying an extra ironing pad with cover, given its larger than standard size ironing area.​​

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Imagine a scenario wherein you are running late for office! You frantically try to iron your clothes and, boom!

The steam iron falls on your toes! You move around to pick it and, you trip on its wires! Not a good scene when you are due for a meeting wherein you are the one about to give the presentation!

So, keeping in mind all those hassles of regular office goers, we bring you the HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS FIBERTECH EXTRA WIDE TOP 4-LEG IRONING BOARD WITH NATURAL COTTON COVER AND IRON HOLDER, BRONZE.


This ironing board has an interesting feature – the iron holder that secures your steam iron from tripping over.

Height adjustable like the others, Household Essentials ironing board is approximately 29.5-36.5 inches high, 18 inches wide and 49 inches deep. With a transport lock in the legs, this ironing board is sturdy on its strong 4 legs. With a moderately large 18 x 49-inch ironing area, ironing clothes seems to be more fun than mundane.

The ironing board is equipped with a metal hanger that holds your freshly pressed outfits that would come handy at the right time. The bronze finish with the cream cover gives this ironing board a chic look, making it a forerunner in aesthetics!

Household Essentials Fibertech Extra Wide Top 4-leg ironing board comes with a one year warranty and, weighs about 15.4 pounds.

  • Household Essentials Fibertech Extra Wide Top 4-leg ironing board has its ironing pads made of bio degradable waste generated from natural plant fibres.
  • This waste is left behind after processing of wheat, rice, bamboo and sugar cane.
  • With the use of fibertech technology, this waste material is made into a fine insulating, flame and fire resistant ironing pad that can endure fluctuating temperatures on the higher end.
  • This ironing board offers you a choice in stances that cater to attributes like style and stability. For instance, a T-leg offers a classic appearance to the board, factors like stability are more evident in 4 leg stance.
  • The board is designed such that is collapsible for storage.
  • The metal leg locks on the underside of the board aids in a safe and secure collapse of the board, when not in use.
  • Sleeve board and cord minders are indigenous additions to this ironing board with the latter managing the electric wiring effectively.
  • Household Essentials Fibertech Extra Wide Top 4-leg ironing board is heavy, given its list of accessories.
  • It occupies more space and, hence is unsuitable for smaller homes.
  • Considering that, the ironing board pad is made from natural plant fibres, the break down is quick and hence, a refill is due once in every 120-180 days.

Features like the 4 leg stance and the bio degradable natural fibre made ironing pad have bowled the customers over with the value for money.

In certain cases wherein, the stand has wobbled, a piece of cardboard has corrected the minor issue by giving the much needed support to the legs.

There have been a few complaints regarding the thinness of the ironing pad as, it is more suitable for light ironing. Customers have faced shipping issues with this product.

Despite a few issues here and there, the product has played well in the market of best ironing boards.


If you were wondering until now, if there were any actual light weight ironing boards, guess what? – We have been saving this for the last! Finally, here is an ironing board that has been designed aptly for smaller homes and apartments!

Designed as a table top with an excellent space optimization plan, POLDER DELUXE TABLETOP IRONING BOARD, NATURAL is approximately 32 inches long, 12 inches wide and 6 inches high.


It is a natural choice for people who want to use it and, fold it back into storage when not in use.

With the ironing surface comprising of a wood top with a foam pad covered by a 100 % cotton cover, the board weighs just 5 pounds!

The lightest of all, isn’t it?It looks like, you can just carry it anywhere! Portability is an added bonus here!

  • Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board, Natural has a retractable iron rest adding the safety element to the ironing board.
  • Given its size and flexibility, it can just fit anywhere in your small, warm and cosy apartment without eating into the living space.
  • With a folding leg assembly, it can be folded and packed sleekly and, can be stowed away in storage when not in use.
  • This ironing board goes easy on your wallet too!
  • What it makes for in space optimization and cost, Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board loses out on the aspects of durability and ironing surface.
  • Since the ironing surface is made of wood, ironing is not a smooth affair because of the patchy surface.
  • There is no extra padding on the ironing surface, making the ironing process far less enjoyable.

If you have were someone whose vocation is centric around sewing, you sure have your work cut out for you! So, for all those who have tonnes of sewing project work detailed to them, Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board has pretty much worked well in their favour.

However, the iron board top is not as sturdy as it is expected to be. Besides, the ironing surface has been found to be uneven in certain cases.

However, if you are not keen on the perfections of an ironing board and, not quite ready to make a big hole in your wallet yet, this might just work well for you as, it has for many others.

We Recommend


This is a clear winner on all fronts and, trumps the others on the environmental aspect. Its ironing top pad is made of biodegradable waste derived from processing of plant waste. Through the use of fibertech technology, this waste is constructed into a flame resistant and well insulated ironing pad that is capable of handling high temperatures too.

With a generous ironing space and, available at affordable price, this is what you should be looking for among the best ironing boards!


An ironing board is an integral part of your household. After all, you cannot possibly be outsourcing laundry and ironing every single time when, urgency hits the ground! Moreover, outsourcing ironing will only increase the length of your bills and, wastage of your time.

An ironing board, therefore is your life saver. If you are living in a small apartment, make sure you choose your pick wisely keeping space constraint and storage space in mind. If you have hyperactive toddlers around, make sure your ironing board has all the necessary safety locks that will aid you in preventing accidents.​

After all, children are accident prone, given their soaring energy levels!​

So, before you pick your choice from some of the best ironing boards, you should be clear about your requirements first.

Always make sure that your pre-requisites are completely in sync with your space and budget .

​You may choose your pick from the aforementioned ironing boards after going through the customers’ testimonies and, pricing of the products.

Whenever you order an ironing board online, there is always a miniscule margin for error in the shipping process. However, on most accounts, the shipping is impeccable. After all, a customer satisfaction completely depends on how close the picture on the screen resembles to the product delivered at the door step.

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