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December 28, 2019

What Is The Best Ironing Boards To Buy In 2020?


An ironing board is an essential piece of equipment for maintaining clothing and keeping up a professional appearance.

All people do not have the same requirements of an ironing board. Some people iron sheets and jeans along with dress shirts and slacks while others are content to occasionally iron out an errant wrinkle before an important event.

No matter what your needs are, deciding on an ironing board can be tough. The market is flooded with different options in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it can be difficult to narrow down your choices.

The best ironing boards on the market are sturdy and durable with features that cater to your everyday ironing needs. The top ironing boards include the following contenders:

Top 5 Best Ironing Boards On The Market



There are various types of ironing boards on the market. Folding ironing boards, the most common choice, are height-adjustable and provide the largest work surface. Built-in ironing boards save you room by occupying space in a drawer or wall cabinet. Hanging ironing boards can be easily mounted on doors or walls. Table-top ironing boards are great for travelers and those who live in tight quarters. Size is an important factor when choosing an ironing board, too. If you iron often and have a lot of larger-sized items, a board with a bigger work surface is crucial. If you rarely iron and need a board just for occasional touch-ups, a smaller one might suit your needs just fine.


Many boards come with padding and covers, although some require buyers to purchase these items separately. Thicker padding is better. Look for smooth material with a thickness between 4mm and 8mm. Although covers come in a range of materials, cotton, metallic, or silicone-coated covers work best for withstanding heat and keeping clothes from sticking.


Important features include height adjustability, frame, and the type of top the board has. Height-adjustable boards work well in spaces with more than one user. Frames should be durable but lightweight for easy storage and transportation. Boards with wooden tops are quite sturdy, but the wood adds excess weight and tends to trap heat. A breathable top with vent holes is the modern ideal, as this type of surface lets steam escape to promote efficient ironing. An iron rest, handy for storage purposes, is another useful feature.


Ironing board prices vary widely. Some cost less than $20; others go for $200 or more. Size, type, features, and quality affect price the most. Look for an ironing board that stands still when bumped or jostled. Some inexpensive models feature a flimsier construction and can move, or even tip over, when bumped, creating a safety hazard.


Most Recommended Ironing Boards: Detailed Reviews 2020

1. household essentials fibertech mega wide top - best ironing board cover

The Household Essentials Fibertech is a folding ironing board. A wide, 18 x 49-inch Fibertech top provides plenty of room for larger ironing jobs such as long pants and linens. The height of this board is easy to adjust, but a small number of owners told us that the appliance doesn't sit level on the floor, requiring a piece of cardboard or similar object underneath the shortest foot.

The Household Essentials Fibertech's 8mm thick, 100-percent cotton cover employs Fibertech technology. This impressive technology incorporates natural plant fiber waste from the processing of rice, sugar cane, bamboo, and wheat into its material. Fibertech material is great for ironing because it can withstand extreme temperatures. It also recycles well, breaking down quickly and easily in the landfill after it has been discarded. A few owners told us that they wished the cover were a bit thicker, but at 8mm, this offering is pretty standard.


Our favorite feature of this ironing board is its biodegradable pad, which can withstand temperatures greater than 204 degrees Fahrenheit -- the hottest iron setting. We also like the fixed hanger bar that provides a convenient holding spot for freshly pressed items. The board's Wide Top Mega Pressing Station eliminates drips by keeping your iron at a specific angle while you're using it. A few users cautioned that this board's metal stand can be wobbly -- a potential safety hazard.

A price tag of [amazon_link asins='B0048F38M0' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='d94e62f9-02c0-11e9-8ab5-cf022bacf47e'] makes the Household Essentials Fibertech one of the more affordable options on our shortlist. For this small amount of money, you get a generous work surface and features like an iron rest with heat-resistant pads, a convenient hanger bar, and a durable Fibertech cover. Most owners we surveyed told us that the ironing board holds up well over time and easily adjusts to most heights. However, potential buyers should be aware of the fact that the metal stand could potentially become wobbly and dangerous, requiring extra support for the short leg.

  • Large top.
  • Fibertech material is biodegradeable.
  • Rare reports of wobbly lets. If this problem occurs, it can be corrected by supporting the leg with a piece of cardboard.

Affordable board with a generous work space and an eco-conscious pad. The best value for your money.

2. polder deluxe tabletop ironing board - best tabletop ironing board

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

The space-saving Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board measures approximately 32 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 6 inches high. These dimensions make it smaller than a conventional ironing board, but its compact size is a practical choice for apartments and other small living spaces. The Polder's work surface is adequate for ironing shirts, touching up slacks, and smoothing out smaller pieces of clothing. When not in use, the product folds down flat for easy storage.

The Polder's work surface is equipped with a foam pad and a 100-percent cotton cover. Although it is easy to iron small items and touch up larger ones, this ironing board doesn't provide the work space of its larger counterparts. We noticed that the foam pad, when used alone, provides more protection and work space than when used beneath the cotton cover. Owners tell us that this ironing board sits high enough on top of a bed or similar surface to accommodate their needs.


Owners really like the Polder's folding-leg assembly, which makes set-up simple and allows for convenient storage in tight spaces. A small iron stand on the side of the board will accommodate a lightweight iron, but not necessarily a heavier one.

A price tag of just [amazon_link asins='B0000TQGZO' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='ffc3f70d-02c0-11e9-b687-f99d157f547a'] makes the Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board quite an affordable appliance. For the price, owners get a well-rounded board with a moderately sized work surface and a space-saving design.  The Polder's folding-leg assembly ensures ease of use and portability, although some owners note that the wooden top adds a bit of extra weight and bulk and leads to uneven ironing.

  • Compact size.
  • Ideal for smaller living quarters.
  • Wooden top may cause "uneven" ironing.

An inexpensive board with a wooden top and small work surface.

3. brabantia solid steam iron rest with ivory frame - best ironing board for steam iron

The Brabantia is an extra-large, folding ironing board that can accommodate sheets, linens, and longer pieces of clothing. It's easy to set up, and the height can be adjusted to numerous different settings to ensure precision. A rack at the end of the board provides a convenient place to hang pants and shirts.

The Brabantia features a multi-layered board cover (felt, foam, and 100-percent cotton) that promotes smooth gliding over your clothing. This padded cover sits atop a sturdy frame of powder-coated metal. One owner told us she prefers the thickness and quality of the replacement cover, which came included with her purchase.


The Brabantia sits on a solid frame of powder-coated metal. A professional-grade metal mesh work surface adds to this board's good looks and allows steam to escape when ironing. One of our favorite features is the hanging rail -- a convenient place to hang your items once you're finished working on them. Customers rave about this rack and the ample space it provides. A child safety lock keeps little fingers out of harm's way and promotes overall security of the product. Most adults can quickly adjust this board to the right setting thanks to its six-step, adjustable height.

The Brabantia costs [amazon_link asins='B004X16KLK' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='2a3b65c1-02c1-11e9-a17b-c16f0249fe98'], placing it at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. We think the extra-long extension, which gives you more space to iron and store clothes, helps make this board worth the cost. Other standout features include a professional-grade, metal mesh ironing surface that prevents material from bunching and a solid metal, powder-coated frame that keeps this board secured firmly on the ground -- no danger of tipping like some other models. There's also a convenient shirt hanger on the side.

  • Extra-large work surface is great for larger items.
  • Durable board with three-layer pad and other helpful features.
  • Given its size, it is not very light or portable.

The Rolls Royce of ironing boards; hearty, durable, and adored by customers. The best on the market.

4. homz 4760211 professional ironing system - best price ironing board

The Homz 4760211 Professional Ironing System is a folding ironing board. Its generous, 18-inch wide surface gives this product a 24-percent larger surface over standard boards. Although we welcome the extra ironing space, our research indicates that the board's height adjustment mechanism (which can raise the board up to 39 inches) may be difficult for some users to manipulate.

This ironing board comes with a fiber pad and a 100-percent cotton cover. Most users like the pad's thickness, but a few of the owners we talked to cautioned that both the pad and cover seem poorly constructed. For example, one customer told us that her pad shrunk so badly after a washing that it no longer fit the ironing board.


The Homz Professional Ironing System offers some nice features. A built-in iron rest with silicone pads, wide ironing surface with a steel mesh base, and integrated garment hanger top our list of favorite product highlights.

We also like how the patented leg-lock system keeps this ironing board stable on the floor, although some customers do complain that the mechanism is difficult to adjust. There's also a small utility shelf beneath the board that provides a useful resting place for lightweight objects. This is not the place for heavier objects, however, because it sags quickly.

A price of [amazon_link asins='B00428MOIC' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='5922620d-02c1-11e9-a361-ef1c2f85b653'] places the Homz 4760211 Professional Ironing System in the middle of our price range. We think this ironing board's best feature is its larger-than-average ironing surface. You can easily tackle pants, shirts, and larger linens with the Homz' spacious work surface. Other notable features include the built-in iron rest and integrated garment hanger. Some owners we spoke to found the included cover and pad to be satisfactory, but at least one owner was disappointed by the fact that her pad shrunk after a washing and couldn't be used anymore.

  • Work surface is 24 percent larger than standard board.
  • Height adjustment mechanism can be difficult to manipulate.
  • Some complaints about pad quality and durability.

Mid-prized item of larger-than-average size with some known deficits.

5. rev-a-shelf vib-20 vib series pull out vanity - best compact ironing board

The Rev-A-Shelf is a built-in board designed for use in vanity drawers from 14.5 to 21 inches wide. A maximum width of 21 inches allows us to iron small and medium-sized clothing with no problems. Although several owners experienced difficulty installing the Rev-a-Shelf, most tell us that the convenience of this stow-away board is wonderful.

Like some other ironing boards on our shortlist, the Rev-a-Shelf's work surface base is made of mesh metal. The company provides one layer of padding to stretch over this base; our research uncovered no complaints about it.


The Rev-A-Shelf ironing board, constructed of modern chrome, lends an elegant air to any bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room. The eye-catching chrome makes this ironing board's expanding frame all the more durable and attractive. Our favorite aspect of this product is the fact that you can mount its uniquely designed, expandable frame into a vanity drawer for conservation of space.

The Rev-A-Shelf costs [amazon_link asins='B0016J9XTI' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='8e60253c-02c1-11e9-ada2-c9e2b6b816cf'], making it quite an expensive option compared to some of the other ironing boards on our shortlist. The biggest benefit you get from this steeply priced product is its convenient, space-saving design. This board can be mounted in any vanity drawer between 14.5-21 inches.  

Customers tell us it looks great in the bathroom, laundry room, or living area. Another attractive feature is the Rev-a-Shelf's modern chrome finish. This product does have a few drawbacks. As a built-in, it can be fairly difficult to install. Once installed, it can only accommodate small to medium-sized pieces of clothing.  If you iron lots of clothes every day, this might not be the best choice for you. However, if you iron only occasionally and have the vanity space to accommodate it, the Rev-A-Shelf is a terrific choice.

  • Convenient, "stow-away" style.
  • Attractive chrome construction.
  • Difficult to install.
  • Not suitable for ironing larger items.

An expensive, space-saving model that works best for people who iron only occasionally.


Brabantia Moving Circles Ironing Board Size C, Wide, (49x18
  • Size - 49 x 18 inches with a 0.98 inch Ivory Frame
  • Extra-wide and ergonomic - adjustable to 4 different heights (30 - 38 inches)
  • Handy transport lock keeps the table folded when stored or transported
  • Safety child lock prevents the ironing board accidentally collapsing
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

A price of [amazon_link asins='B004X16KLK' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='2a3b65c1-02c1-11e9-a17b-c16f0249fe98'] pushes the Brabantia toward the top of the pricing spectrum, but this ironing board's durable construction and helpful features make it worth the extra expense.

If you're going to invest in an ironing board, you might as well get one that makes your life easier. The Brabantia does just that. Its extra-long layout board accommodates pants, sleeves, and larger items like sheets and linens without a problem. A professional-grade, metal mesh ironing surface keeps clothes steady while preventing material bunching. Owners love the thickness of the Brabantia's three-layer pad, which is comprised of felt, foam, and 100-percent cotton. This smooth pad helps your iron glide seamlessly over fabric of all types, giving your clothes and linens a crisp, clean look.

Although the higher price tag understandably generates concern among some consumers, this ironing board's excellent product ratings, reliable performance, and hearty selection of helpful features make it the perfect choice for those who have a lot of laundry to deal with. Brabantia customers have generated plenty of positive feedback. Owners tell us that they use their board often and that it serves them well over the long haul. The Brabantia isn't the lightest or most portable ironing board on the market, but its fine blend of functionality and features make it the very best ironing board you can buy today.

Brabantia Moving Circles Ironing Board Size C, Wide, (49x18
Brabantia Moving Circles Ironing Board Size C, Wide, (49x18
Size - 49 x 18 inches with a 0.98 inch Ivory Frame; Extra-wide and ergonomic - adjustable to 4 different heights (30 - 38 inches)

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details


Household Essentials 974406-1 Extra Wide Top 4-Leg Large Board | Natural Cotton Cover and Iron Holder Stand | Bronze, Beige
  • LARGE METAL FRAME 4-leg reliable ironing board with wide top ironing surface, iron rest, and hanger bar
  • MAXIMUM STABILITY leg style with 28 mm legs
  • ATTACHED IRON REST with heat resistant pads and adjustable wings accommodates large and small irons
  • METAL LEG LOCK holds legs closed for storage
  • MEASURES: 29.5-36.5"H x 18"W x 49"D

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

A pleasant mix of features and durability makes the Household Essentials Fibertech ironing board our "Best Bang for Your Buck" winner. Many owners tell us they are attracted to this product because of its low price and well-rounded list of features.

This board's four-leg stance is designed to provide maximum stability and safety. A few owners thought one of the legs might be shorter than the others, causing the product to wobble a bit. If this happens to you, you can easily correct the problem by inserting a piece of cardboard underneath the offending leg. (Also be sure to check that your floor is level.)

Eco-conscious consumers love the 100-percent natural plant fiber cover that accompanies this board. Created from natural plant fiber waste, the Fibertech pad can withstand temperatures higher than the hottest iron setting of 204 degrees Fahrenheit. The pad is completely bio-degradable, so you won't have to feel bad about putting it in a landfill some day.

In spite of its budget price tag, this is a capable ironing board the provides consumers with a practical combination of features and stability. If you're pinching you're pennies but you don't want to sacrifice the professional look and feel of crisp, clean, freshly ironed clothing, the Household Essentials Fibertech ironing board is the very best choice for you.

Household Essentials 974406-1 Extra Wide Top 4-Leg Large Board | Natural Cotton Cover and Iron Holder Stand | Bronze, Beige
Household Essentials 974406-1 Extra Wide Top 4-Leg Large Board | Natural Cotton Cover and Iron Holder Stand | Bronze, Beige
MAXIMUM STABILITY leg style with 28 mm legs; METAL LEG LOCK holds legs closed for storage; MEASURES: 29.5-36.5"H x 18"W x 49"D

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

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