Best L-carnitine Supplement Reviews : Top 5+ Recommended - Updated Nov 2019

Most body builders and fitness experts will tell you that L-Carnitine based supplementation is perhaps the most popular and widely used method to get rid of the stubborn fat that simply refuses to go and helps people achieve their fitness goals. L-Carnitine is an amino acid which is produced naturally in the body. The amalgamation of amino acids Lysine and Methionine produces L-Carnitine which is best known for its protein building properties in the body.

L-Carnitine supplements are best known for achieving body building goals through accelerating fat loss and improving the muscle mass and bone mass in the body. They are useful in accelerating recovery post intense exercising and reduce muscular damage to the minimum. These supplements are quite useful in treating a few other symptoms like heart conditions, kidney disorders, and L-Carnitine deficiency caused by genetic disorders. It also helps in regulating high thyroid levels in the body.

There is a great influx of L-Carnitine supplements in the body building market and the focus of this article is to review the 5 best products/ brands in this category. We also will share some guidelines and caution on the consumption of such body building, fat burning supplements.

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Top 5 L-Carnitine Supplements in a Glance

1. MuscleTech Platinum 100% Carnitine Formula 500mg Pure L-Carnitine - Detailed Review

Last update on 2019-11-12 PST - Details

MuscleTech Platinum 100% features in most top L-Carnitine reviews because it focusses its attention on recovery post-resistance training. Bodybuilders know how important it is for the muscles to recover after intense workouts to be able to minimize muscular damage and stiffness.

A resistance exercise is an intense workout regime where external factors like weights are used for contracting voluntary skeletal muscles which in turn increases muscle mass. MuscleTech L-Carnitine Supplements improve the strength and endurance and help in toning the muscles.The ingredients are very clearly stated and there are no stimulants here. It is a useful product for stacking.


  • This is 100% pure L-Carnitine formula.
  • It is a non-stimulant formula and works well for stacking with whey protein and whey protein isolates.
  • The L-Carnitine variety (L-Tartrate, an amino acid metabolite) used here is well researched and comes with a strong 500mg potency.
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is known for sending the fatty acids to the mitochondria which help in cellular energy production.
  • The product is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality control standards.

Limitations: Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Silicate are some of those chemical ingredients used which when consumed for a long time may cause side-effects like lung inflammation and have long-term health implications. The effectiveness of the product in assimilating protein in the body and burning fat may not be uniformly suitable for everyone.


  • Works well for stacking and a very popular product in the supplementary arsenal of bodybuilders.
  • Reduces muscular damage post resistance workouts to the minimum.
  • The formula is 100% pure carnitine which is known for its protein building properties.
  • These are easy-to-swallow pills.
  • Works well for muscle recovery and toning and helps in achieving all your bodybuilding goals.


  • Contains gelatine and not suitable for vegetarians.
  • The capsules are big and some may find it irksome to swallow.
  • Has some ingredients that like talc and titanium dioxide which need to be verified whether they have the FDA approval.
  • The supplement may not be suitable and effective for all body types.

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2. EverPure L-Carnitine Tartrate – 500 mg- Detailed Review

If you are looking for a strong supplement that helps you burn fat as a fuel in an effective way, improves your endurance and accelerates recovery after a vigorous workout, then EverPure L-Carnitine may just be the right choice for you. The EverPure capsules do not have harmful additives and feature in the top-rated safe L-Carnitine supplements in the current health and fitness market.

This is a vegetarian product and uses good quality ingredients that are natural and does not carry the burden of fillers and stearates. It's pure L-Carnitine that you get here, because of which it is considered an all-rounder in the health and fitness category.


  • 100% vegetarian product.
  • Completely natural ingredients and free of artificial preservatives, fillers, and GMO ingredients.
  • A strong potency (500mg) of naturally derived L-Carnitine.
  • Increases energy levels by reducing the lactic acid build-up in the body.
  • The capsules do not contain gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, and shellfish.
  • Manufactured in the USA in a certified (Goods Manufacturing Practices)facility.

Limitations: It is often considered a general health supplement and how effective it is in fat loss and improved muscular endurance needs to be proved beyond doubt. Also, the capsules may change in color and composition sometime after opening. When compared to the other L-Carnitine supplements, it has a shorter shelf life.


  • EverPure is allergen free.
  • There are no harmful fillers and genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. It is completely natural and therefore safe.
  • It reduces fatigue post workout and increases the endurance power of the muscles.
  • It is useful in controlling weight loss by triggering fat burn and converting the fat effectively into energy.
  • The capsules are easy to consume and swallowed with a glass of water.


  • It is described as an all-rounder; This raises doubts on its performance as specific body building supplements that can yield specific fitness goals.
  • It may not work uniformly for all people.
  • There are complaints on the capsules changing color and texture after opening. This usually occurs in natural products which change properties sometime after opening. However, there is no warning regarding the same from the manufacturers.

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3. Bulk Supplements Pure L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Powder (250 grams) – Detailed Review

This is a 100% pharmaceutically derived pure and clean L-Carnitine powder with L-Tartrate which is usually taken as a dietary supplement by individuals who focus on body building and therefore have the need to maintain the Carnitine amino acids levels in the body which act as protein building blocks.

Bulk Supplements’ pure Carnitine in powder form promises to convert fat stored in the body into energy and L-Tartrate replenishes the antioxidants in the body and acts as an emulsifier and acidity regulator.This is a product that can be consumed by people with Carnitine deficiency. Let us look at the features of the product and its limitations in detail.


  • It comes in a powder form enclosed in a factory-sealed zip pouch.
  • Has antioxidants and is known to bring down oxidative stress.
  • The product is a lab-tested formula. It is a pure pharmaceutical grade Carnitine and Tartrate mix where the L-Carnitine has been derived from L-Lysine and Methionine amino acids.
  • It is a vegetarian/ vegan product that is lactose-free and gluten free.
  • The product is manufactured in Australia with imported ingredients.

Limitations: The product is pharmaceutical grade, however, the statements on using the product as a dietary supplement has not been graded by the FDA. It is in powder form and must be consumed after diluting it in water. One must be very careful with the dosage to avoid over dosage. If it is consumed in a lesser dosage than the standard, it may not give the desired results.


  • Pharmaceutical grade pure L-Carnitine, L-Tartrate powder without added preservatives, stearates, and color.
  • It is lab-tested and a high-quality product.
  • The Bulk Supplements’ Carnitine powder has antioxidants.
  • It reduces oxidative stress
  • Converts stored fat into energy. Therefore, a good choice for achieving toned and strong muscles.
  • L-Carnitine improves bone strength, blood circulation, and heart functioning.
  • L-Tartrate in the correct proportions acts as an acidity regulator and emulsifier.


  • Does not taste or smell good.
  • The consumption is not easy because it is in powder form. It must be diluted in water and caution must be exercised every time to consume only the standard or prescribed dosage.
  • May cause some side effects like diarrhea.

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4. BRI Nutrition L-Carnitine – 180 count 500mg Capsules- 1000mg Servings – Detailed Review

This body building supplement from BRI Nutrition is one of the best-sellers in the L-Carnitine products category and featured in most top-rated product reviews, because of the positive response from its consumers.

A ‘Made in USA’ product, it comes in easy-to-consume small capsules with a 500mg potency. With pure L-Carnitine supplements in the arsenal, any body builder can achieve quicker metabolism levels, higher energy, and improved kidney functioning. Also, the BRI L-Carnitine is said to promote weight loss and improve cardio vascular health at the same time.

This is a supplement that is manufactured in a GMP- compliant facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing standards and the best ingredients known for aiding weight loss. It comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.​


  • This is a vegetarian product with no artificial fillers and preservatives.
  • The recommended serving size is 2-500mg veg capsules which are small in size compared to the other L-Carnitine products which have big capsules that are difficult to swallow.
  • Comes with a 60-days full money back guarantee.
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMO approved facility in the USA.

Limitations: The smell from the tablets and the after-effects of swallowing the pills leave a bad taste in the mouth. These tablets are like any other L-Carnitine supplements and no different yet priced on the higher side.


  • Clean and lab-tested ingredients.
  • Small, easy-to-swallow pills.
  • Improves metabolism and burns fat quickly.
  • Improves kidney and heart functioning.
  • Sustains energy levels throughout the day.


  • Does not taste or smell good.
  • The pricing is on the higher side.
  • May not be equally beneficial for everyone who consumes it.

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5. Now Foods L-Carnitine 1000mg, 100 tablets- Detailed Review

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This is a fitness support supplement. It is 100% vegetarian and presented in pure tablets form. The L-Carnitine present in the Now Foods supplement is lab-tested and is promoted as a product that improves overall health and transfers fat to the mitochondrial membrane where it is converted into energy.

It is a vegan product free of allergens. It is taken in combination with NOW Pantetheine CLA and Lecithin. The L-Carnitine in Now Foods is of good quality and improves the overall fitness levels. It is known for improving the metabolism rates in the body.


  • This is a GMO- certified ‘Made in USA’ product.
  • It is clinically tested and is completely vegan, free of gluten, yeast, soy, and other allergy-causing ingredients.
  • The tablets have a 1000mg potency, unlike most other products which come in 500mg potency.
  • It is promoted as a fitness support, boosts cellular energy by converting fat into energy.
  • Helps in weight loss because of fat burn.

Limitations: These are big pills and quite difficult to swallow. The potency is on the higher side and may cause side effects for those who want to begin with smaller potency to improve the assimilation of protein in their body. The pricing is also on the higher side.


  • Is vegan and free of allergens.Therefore, it can be consumed by everyone looking to improve overall fitness.
  • Lab-tested and L-Carnitine in its purest form.
  • Accelerates metabolism.
  • Converts fat into energy and sustain the energy levels for a long time.


  • Very big tablets making it quite difficult to swallow.
  • Priced slightly higher.
  • Higher potency per tablet and hence safe to consume only after proper guidance by a health and fitness expert.
  • The positive effects are subjective and may vary for individuals.

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Buying Guide for L-Carnitine Supplements

There are a lot of L-Carnitine supplement brands in the fitness market currently. It is best to consume such powerful supplements after proper medical advice and guidance by medical/health professionals and fitness experts.

As a word of general caution, these are dietary supplements and should not be consumed for treating any disease, infections or health issues. Though the best products reviewed here are relatively safe and allergen-free, it is best to discontinue use and consult an expert before re-commencing the consumption of L-Carnitine supplements.

The health and fitness industry have long harped on the benefits of L-Carnitine amino acids in the body. Any fitness enthusiast now knows for a fact that Carnitine is one of those amino acids that improve fitness and muscular recovery.

It is one of those originals which helps in stacking and improves muscle mass, bone mass, and tones the muscles. It is useful in burning fat too. So, as the popularity of these supplements keeps growing among muscle-growing body builders and fitness fanatics, let us look at the benefits and side-effects of the L-Carnitine supplements to help you choose a product that is best suited and completely safe for your requirements.

The Advantages of L-Carnitine Supplements

  • These supplements are very good for those training in resistance exercises. The L-Carnitine supplements work well in improving recovery post the rigorous contraction exercises. They reduce the soreness of the muscles post workout and improve the blood flow to the muscle tissues which experience oxygen deprivation after intense resistance exercises.
  • These supplements seem to have a positive effect on weight loss. Because they are useful in converting fatty acids stored in the body into cellular energy and rejuvenation. This aspect makes L-Carnitine supplements a natural choice for dieters looking at the fat burn. Recent studies have shown that consumption of these supplements does reduce the BMI.
  • These are preferred supplements in the list of any body-building enthusiast because they improve the exercise performance and energy levels. L-Carnitine supplements are often consumed to help body builders exercise longer and harder, to achieve their goals quickly and steadily. Some of these supplements work in reducing the storage of lactic acid in the body, which is known to cause fatigue. Thus by reducing the lactic acid store and increasing the blood flow in the muscle tissues these supplements improve the energy and exercise capacity of body builders.
  • If you are looking to getting lean, toned and strong muscles L-Carnitine is a supplement is worth having in your kitty. Because it is known for protecting and toning the muscles.

Apart from fat loss, increased energy levels, muscle protection, reduced fatigue post-exercise and weight control, there are other benefits of L-Carnitine. Let us look at them in brief:

  • L-Carnitine is known for its positive effects in treating heart conditions and helps people with heart conditions to exercise without discomfort. But, these supplements must be strictly taken under medical supervision and guidance.
  • The human kidneys are known to produce Carnitine naturally. Sometimes, a few people may experience some deficiency in the production of natural Carnitine in the body. For such people, the L-Carnitine pure supplements may prove to be useful.
  • This is an amino acid and an antioxidant. Antidoxits are known to reduce allergies and increase stamina levels. So, these supplements could be useful in improving cell health by keeping the free radicals at bay.
  • It is useful for causing relief from the side effects of valproic acid.
  • It may be useful in treating male infertility and higher thyroid levels.

The benefits mentioned above are subjective and the products discussed above are strictly dietary supplements which are best consumed after due consultation with a professional health and nutritional expert.

There are some side effects to L-Carnitine supplementation as well. Possible side-effects are

  • The supplements may cause gastritis, diarrhea in a few people.
  • They are not good for people who have lower thyroid levels. If you are planning to consume these supplements regularly, it is important to check your thyroid levels and that is why we suggest medical consultation before the commencement of any bodybuilding supplements.
  • Children and pregnant ladies, people with heart conditions, kidney ailments must take these supplements only under strict medical supervision.
  • In a few people, these supplements may trigger allergy and seizures.
  • If you are already taking other supplements ensure that the addition of L-carnitine is only going to benefit you. Because, L-Carnitine in combination with a few other pharmaceutical preparations like Sintrom, Warfarin can trigger side effects like slowing down blood clotting and trigger the chances of increased bleeding when faced with injuries.

Now that we have seen the benefits and side effects of L-carnitine supplementation on the body, it is also essential to know what to look for in a supplement.

  • Understand what is L-Carnitine and what it does to the body. If you are looking at the most popular brands, go through the ingredients carefully and see if any known allergens are there. You could always seek professional advice before you begin consuming them regularly.
  • Do not take more than your prescribed dosage.
  • Record your performance before commencing the supplementation and after the prescribed dosage and number of days are over, assess your performance to see if the supplements have had a positive effect in your workout and taken you closer to your fitness goals.
  • Check carefully for side effects and discontinue use if they persist.
  • It is important to follow the directions for use carefully to get the desired results. It is important that you know when, how and how much to consume for every dosage.

Concluding Note

There is no doubt on the positive effects of L-Carnitine supplements in helping to achieve a great physique. However, much of it depends on whether the supplement is consumed correctly and helping you build greater endurance and improving your training standards.

There is nothing to worry about having a regular dosage of L-Carnitine with L-Tartrate as long as you are consuming it with a beneficial combination of diet and workout and being careful about the dosage and side-effects is the real question. It is a great supplement for improving overall fitness too.

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