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May 24, 2021

What Is The Best Laser Tag Sets To Buy In 2021?

Laser tag is one of the most fun games you can play together as a family. It gets you out and about, running around and fosters great team spirit all while having a laugh. But which laser tag sets are the best for playing at home?

While many laser tag toys require players to wear a vest, none of the following do because the blaster is also the target. This is great for spontaneous play and instant satisfaction, though some of the guns are much smaller targets by comparison. 

All of these laser tag toys are battery powered and light enough for most children to play with. Some smaller children may have a little bit of trouble reloading by tapping the blaster, but will have a great time with the lights, sounds and vibrations nonetheless. 

Top 5 Best Laser Tag Sets On The Market


A great family fun pack of 4 laser tag guns, complete with a cool carrier case, the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set is a brilliant game for all ages. In this game, you don’t need to wear a vest because the blaster itself is the target.

You can switch between 4 blasters with different damages, ranges and reload times to make your games more exciting and as team sizes are unlimited, the more blasters you have the more can play! Set some rules before you play to decide who is on which team and where your play area is. Pick a space that contains things to hide behind - such as trees in the garden - to make the game even more fun.

Reloading your blaster is very easy; all you need to do is tap the butt of the blaster and wait for the sound that tells you that you are ready to go. You can see your health bar on the side of your blaster quite easily so you know whether to take a risk or not! 

Every time your blaster is hit, the red light on top will flash however you can’t keep track of your successful hits. You also can’t keep track of the number of tags you have left so keep your eye out for the sign to reload while you play.

key facts
  • 4 piece pack
  • Choose between red, white, blue and green teams
  • No need to wear a vest
  • No limit to team sizes
  • Requires 16 AA batteries, 4 for each blaster
  • The more blasters you have, the more can play
  • The infrared light is safe for all ages
  • No need to wear vests
  • The blasters are a much smaller target than a vest
  • Only available in packs of 4


Ideal for outdoor parties with guests of all ages, these blasters have a long range of 40m. This range is perfect for encouraging lots of running around while you battle. There’s no need to wear a vest as the blaster itself is the target so the fun can begin as soon as you pick up your blaster!

Ranking in the middle of the pack in terms of Amazon best sellers in the toy category, these laser blasters are great value for money and will last a good while too, even with more robust players. Plus, the batteries last well with this model so you won’t be faffing around in the middle of the action while you search for some fresh AAs. 

There are 4 settings to play with including pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and missile launcher giving you different options for play. Each setting comes with its own awesome sound so that you know what you are shooting each time. To reload your ammo, all you need to do is tap the base of the blaster and you are good to get back to the battle.

Each player has 9 lives and the lights on the side of the blaster each represent 3 lives. But you can also customize your games to change the number of lives each player has to handicap your sharpshooters. 

To reenter the game once you have run out of lives, all you need to do is reset or turn your blaster off and on again and your lives will be restored. If you are playing competitively, you will need to watch out for smart, sneaky children (and parents!) who do this secretly. 

Play in teams or battle your friends with the multiplayer mode and have lots of fun together.

key facts
  • 4 piece pack
  • 4 settings with varying ammunition and shots allowed
  • 9 lives for each battle
  • Maximum strike distance of 40m
  • Each gun requires 4 AA batteries, 16 in total
  • 40m range makes these toy suitable for outdoor play
  • There are 4 different blaster settings for dynamic play
  • Customize every game for a new experience
  • The blaster is a relatively small target over such a long range
  • Only available in packs of 4


If you are looking to take your laser game to the next level, the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag won't disappoint. Each blaster comes with realistic sound effect, light and shudders for dynamic play that gets you in the zone.

You can play over 40m - ideal for games outside or in large spaces and can pick from 4 teams: red, white, blue and green. Change the ammo, life and available shots each time to create a different gaming style and work your strategies to beat the other teams. You’ll have to work smartly to make the most of your ammo before you need to reload again. 

If you are playing as a large group, set some rules before you start playing and make sure everyone is happy with the settings on their blasters. Younger children may need some help switching between the settings though older children are likely to catch on quickly. If in doubt, the submachine gun has the most satisfying sound and is the most likely to achieve a successful shot for younger kids with a scattergun approach. 

There’s no need to wear a vest as your blaster is the target. You can keep track of your lives on the side of your gun but beware that some ammo can take more lives than others! Switch between ammo types mid-game to change strategy or try a new idea out. 

For the best results, you should choose a darkened space to make the lights stand out more. Though you can play outside in the sun, you won’t quite get the same effect as a classic laser game.

key facts
  • 4 piece pack
  • 4 ammo settings including pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket
  • Awesome shooting sounds to accompany each setting
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Requires 16 AA batteries
  • Easy shift between ammo types
  • Different sound effect for each type of ammo
  • Play over 40m
  • There’s no laser beam
  • The game is less effective in daylight


This 2 piece pack is a simpler version of other products by Phoenix LTX but still holds a lot of fun in store for players of all ages. Though it doesn't have a green laser aim, you can still have a lot of fun targeting the small dome on top of each blaster.

The accuracy of the blasters is really very good so you can really hone in on your aiming technique while you play. But don’t let this stop younger players going for the scattergun approach which is often more fun and productive for younger players!

The Nerf Lazer Tag is the most highly ranked of all the laser blasters on this list and the high quality of the product is reflected in the higher pricing. Nerf is well-known and very popular toy brand so could be worth the extra spend for the assurance that comes with the branding.

While younger children may struggle to reload by themselves, they can still have plenty of fun running around and pulling the trigger to get the awesome sound effects. The batteries last well, too, so you don’t need to worry about stocking up in preparation for each game. These toys are made for heavy use!

Though there are only 2 in a pack, you can buy multiple packs to play in larger groups. You can also split yourselves into 2 teams and play against each other, no matter which pack your blasters have come from.

The blaster will shake with every shot and lights and sounds both add the the dynamic nature of the game. You can see when you are down to your last 10 tags with the light panel on the side and you can reload at the flip of a switch.

To start a game, assign your players and hit the trigger to set the countdown clock. Good luck!

key facts
  • 2 piece pack
  • Solo or team player settings
  • Sounds lights and vibrations add to the excitement
  • Requires 12 AA batteries
  • Buy in pairs to get the right number
  • Play in teams or solo missions
  • Monitor your remaining tags
  • There’s no laser beam
  • You can’t lock onto other players
  • This toy is more expensive than other similar laser blaster toys


With a range of over 35m, these laser blasters are brilliant for outdoor as well as indoor play. You can create teams and them more blasters you have, the more people can play and fun you can have. There’s no limit to the number of guns you can add so the more the merrier.

Switching between blaster settings means that you can change up your play time. Each setting offers different damage, range and reload time so that you can edit the game play to suit your players and style. 

Changing up your games using the settings will ensure that you are using different skills in each game. It also means that you can make the game easier or harder depending on the age of the players. For example, younger players will want to be able to reload quickly and carry on where older players may be more challenged by the waiting time.

As you don’t need to put on a vest, these blasters are ideal for spontaneous play and require no preparation beforehand. Just switch them on, pick your team and get going! This is great for young kids who want to have a quick game before you go out, though less good for parents running on a schedule! 

To reload your ammo, you need only tap the butt of your blaster and wait for the sound that indicates a successful reload. You can also see your health status on the side of the blaster.

key facts
  • 2 piece pack with carrying case
  • Interchangeable team and blast setting on the go
  • No vest required
  • Each blaster requires 4 AA batteries, 8 in total
  • Buy in pairs to get the right number
  • Play in teams or solo missions
  • Range of 35m
  • The blaster is only a small target compared to a vest


All the laser tag sets on this list could be a brilliant birthday gift for kids of all ages. Though most suggest that the age is around 8, younger children can play just as happily and enjoy the sounds and vibrations, if not quite all the settings. 

The whole family can get involved in laser tag and these sets don’t have to be limited to the toy box. Plenty of office-based fun can be achieved with a few laser guns and is a great way to bond as a team. Capture the flag is a great way to learn how to strategize and plan as a team and laser guns are ideal for no mess play. 

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