What Is The Best Mini Trampolines To Buy In 2020?

Mini trampolines, also known as "rebounders," are commonly recommended as part of a low-impact exercise program.

The best mini trampolines provide firm, stable resistance during workouts while absorbing much of the shock.

We evaluated the most popular mini trampolines on the basis of construction, durability, capacity, and price. 

We also considered user safety to be a very important factor. Here are our top five mini trampoline contenders:

Top 5 Best Mini Trampolines On The Market



A superior mini trampoline/rebounder needs to perform safely under any circumstances. In these ratings, we considered elements such as solid metal framing, stabilizing design, durable surface material, and reliable springs or elastic bands. We also considered the availability of replacement parts and the ease of repairs. Additional points were awarded to models that have successfully weathered years of constant use. Almost all mini trampolines are prone to losing support springs or elastic banding over years of use, but the best models also provide ways to address these issues.


At first glance, many mini trampolines appear to be very similar in design and size. However, weight capacities vary widely from model to model. Upper weight capacity is an important factor to consider, since many health professionals recommend mini trampolines to heavier adults who are starting weight-loss programs. Exceeding those weight limits can lead to serious injuries. Total surface area is another important consideration. Smaller dimensions could mean certain types of exercises cannot be performed safely without a stability attachment.


Some exercises performed on mini trampolines/rebounders can be dangerous without the use of a stability bar. We gave additional points to models that offer stability bars as an add-on option or as part of the package. We also gave high ratings to systems that include instructional material -- especially in the form of DVD-based exercise routines. Features that protect users from springs, bands, or other pinch points are also highly valued.


Price points for mini trampolines range from a nominal $20 to $400 or higher. Because user safety is one of our top considerations, we didn't include the least-expensive models among our top contenders. When shopping for a quality mini trampoline, we suggest that potential buyers consider price, construction, and weight capacity carefully.


1. jumpsport fitness model 250 - best trampoline

The Fitness Trampoline 250's frame is constructed from 16-gauge steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. The mat is made from an incredibly strong woven material called Permatron, and the elastic strapping (called EnduroLast 2) is rated to handle over two million bounces. The exposed ends of the Bungee-like elastic straps are covered by a series of protective nylon "petals." These petals allow users to step out of the main bounce area occasionally without risking injury.

The Fitness Trampoline 250's legs are arched; this type of construction provides more stability than models with straight legs. The legs are permanently attached to the frame, so the unit cannot be folded. We consider this to be a good feature, as other mini trampolines have been known to fail due to faulty hinges. The arched legs also allow multiple units to be stacked. Satisfied users report at least two years of reliable service from their Fitness Trampoline 250. One replacement EnduroLast 2 strap is included in the box, but only a handful of customers have reported any failures.

The Fitness Trampoline 250's official weight capacity is 250 pounds, which is about average for mini trampolines and rebounders. However, the solid construction and durability of the elastic strapping would probably support heavier users. The Fitness Trampoline 250 sits only about 12 inches above the ground, so even if several straps failed at the same time, the chances of injury are low. This model is designed for rebounding exercise programs, not recreational jumping.

The mat has 37 inches of usable surface area, which is fairly generous by mini trampoline standards. Users should be able to perform exercises such as jumping jacks without feeling constricted. The protective petals add an additional two inches to the surface area of the mat, which means users can occasionally step out of the main bounce zone without falling through exposed springs. Exercise programs for mini trampolines or rebounders can usually be modified to accommodate larger or smaller mat dimensions.


The Fitness Trampoline 250 comes with a basic rebounding workout DVD. We find that the included DVD workout is ideal for beginners but may not be challenging for advanced users. Thankfully, other routines can be ordered separately. The unit does not come equipped with a stabilizing bar, but customers can order one for an additional cost. While a stabilizing bar is not essential for most rebounding workouts, some people feel steadier on their feet if they have something to hold during high-energy aerobic routines. There are also some rebounding workouts designed specifically for stabilizing bars, so it may be a worthwhile investment after the initial purchase.

At $269.23, the Fitness Trampoline 250 from JumpSport is among the more expensive models on our shortlist. However, many users say they have been just as satisfied with this unit as they are with the professional mini trampolines/rebounders found in commercial gyms. This model is intended to be a quality piece of exercise equipment, so every element is top tier.  The retail price may appear steep at first, but we find that bargain-priced mini trampolines tend to wear out after only a few months of dedicated use. The Fitness Trampoline 250 is designed to last for years.

  • Top-tier materials; top-notch product.
  • Arched leg construction provides more stability.
  • Not for recreational jumping. (Designed specifically for rebounding exercise programs.)

A durable equivalent of many commercial-grade gym trampolines. The best on the market.

2. urban rebounder w/workout dvd & stabilizing bar - best small trampoline

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The Urban Rebounder features a solid metal frame and strong mesh mat material, but we were unable to find more specific details about these parts in our research. The unit includes two different sizes of hinged legs. This feature allows the user to set it up as either an angled rebounder (for medicine ball workouts) or a traditional flat mini trampoline. The Urban Rebounder uses heavy-duty metal springs to provide a firm bounce and energy absorption. There is no cover over the springs, so it is possible for users to slip off the mat and land in the spring area.

A few users report a strong chemical odor, but this did not appear to be a universal occurrence among customers. The Urban Rebounder is exceptionally durable, especially when compared to generic store brand models. The springs are easily replaceable, and the mat material is strong enough to withstand years of regular use.

The Urban Rebounder's stated weight capacity is a substantial 300 pounds, but we urge heavier users to use caution. Some customers have reported sudden mechanical failures when the model is pushed to its limits. The use of metal springs instead of elastic straps does add a noise factor to the mix, but the noise is negligible when the Urban Rebounder is used as a piece of exercise equipment instead of a recreational bouncer.

The advertised dimensions of the Urban Rebounder suggest a 40-inch diameter, but in reality, the available bouncing surface is closer to 28 inches. The exposed springs account for an additional two inches. In our opinion, the relatively small surface area makes exercises like Jumping jacks and high-energy aerobics difficult, if not impossible, to perform safely. If a user is not extremely careful about foot placement, he or she could easily step into the exposed springs and be injured. We also recommend that small children wear athletic shoes when using the Urban Rebounder to prevent cuts and scrapes.


The Urban Rebounder comes with several added features. One of our favorites is a stabilizing bar that fits into special slots in the main frame. The stabilizing bar is great for beginning and elderly users, as certain exercises can be difficult to perform without additional support. Advanced users often feel they can add more intensity to their workouts with the addition of a stability bar, too. With such a restricted rebounding surface, we believe many users will find the stabilizing bar quite handy. A DVD containing six separate workouts is also included. According to the inventor of the Urban Rebounder, these rebounding workouts have been featured in thousands of locations around the world. Having immediate DVD access to workouts at different fitness levels is a great bonus, in our opinion.

At $115.76, the Urban Rebounder is a great mid-range mini trampoline/rebounder. It has many of the same features as higher-end models like JumpSport's Fitness Trampoline 250, but it also offers easier storage and the ability to change angles. Bargain mini trampoline models tend to slip and slide on hardwood floors, but for just a little more money, the Urban Rebounder provides more firmness and stability straight out of the box. The additional DVD workouts and stabilizing bar make it a bargain compared to basic mini trampolines without such features.

  • Two different hinged leg sizes offer a more versatile workout.
  • Comprehensive exercise DVD included.
  • Springs are not covered.
  • Smaller bouncing surface of about 28 inches.

A durable and versatile product with a smaller exercise surface.

3. pure fun 38-inch mini - trampoline best price

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

Comparable budget-priced mini trampolines are often constructed with aluminum, but the Pure Fun 9002MT's frame uses thin-gauge steel. This gives the unit more strength in the long run. The weight of the user is distributed across five legs that are permanently attached to the bottom of the frame. The exposed steel springs are covered with an elastic apron which protects the user from injuries caused by missteps. This is especially helpful for younger users who view the mini trampoline more as a recreational bouncer than a piece of exercise equipment.

Some tearing of the mesh mat surface has been reported, but most satisfied users have never had to replace the mat entirely. The trampoline's metal springs, on the other hand, are prone to fatigue and failure, so owners may have to purchase several replacement springs over the life of the product. This is a problem shared by many lower-end mini trampolines, but the Pure Fun 9002MT has a good track record for durability overall. Younger users should be warned against pushing this model past its limits to avoid spring failures and mat damage.

There is some debate over the Pure Fun 9002MT's maximum weight rating. Some sources say 250 pounds, but customers say the official weight limit is closer to 220 pounds. Based on user experiences with spring fatigue and other weight-related damage, we tend to agree with the 220 pound assessment. The 9002MT is closer to a recreational bouncer than a piece of exercise equipment. As such, heavier users may want to consider other models that have higher weight capacities. For recreational use and light workouts, however, the Pure Fun 9002MT delivers reliable and safe service at a budget price.

The model offers a generous 38 inches of usable surface area which allows users to perform high-intensity and wide-stance exercises like jumping jacks and aerobics. Younger users should have plenty of space to hop and land without getting too close to the springs or frame edge. Some users noticed a level of firmness that discouraged higher, more energetic bouncing. This was not necessarily a negative in their opinion, but younger users may try maneuvers on a mini trampoline that would be much safer on a full size model.


Because the 9002MT is a budget-priced mini trampoline, it does not include many additional features. Items such as a freestanding stability bar or workout DVDs can be purchased through sporting goods stores or online shops after the fact, however. Pure Fun's addition of a protective apron around the mat's perimeter is a great idea, since many mini trampoline injuries occur when the user slips into gaps between the springs. The five-leg design also adds some much-needed stability, since a typical four leg design can create dangerous tipping points for users.

At $39.99, the Pure Fun 9002MT may be among the least expensive of our top five contenders, but it is by no means cheaply made. The 9002MT would be ideal as a "starter" mini trampoline for those who want to see if a rebounding exercise regimen really works for them. Some users say they purchased the 9002MT as a short-term starter model but later decided it was durable enough to be a permanent piece of exercise equipment. Instead of upgrading when their first 9002MT finally wore out, they simply bought a new one to replace it.

  • A generous 38 inches of surface area.
  • Great for recreational bouncing, especially for users under 220 pounds.
  • Some incidents of spring failure and mat damage.

A durable, affordable "starter" mini trampoline. The best deal for the lowest price.

4. stamina 36-inch folding - best exercise trampoline

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The Stamina folding trampoline uses a thinner steel frame than the higher-end contenders on our shortlist, but we feel it is just as sturdy. Five steel legs screw into the main frame, and we have found that a five-legged mini trampoline can be very stable. (Four-legged support often creates tipping points, but the additional leg prevents such accidents while mounting or dismounting.) The legs are capped with black rubber tips that help reduce sliding and scuffing on hardwood floors. We would still recommend the use of a rubberized mat or small throw rug if the Stamina is to be be used on non-carpeted flooring.

Durability is a serious consideration for this product. The Stamina uses elastic fabric straps instead of metal springs, and the mat is not especially rugged compared to higher-end models. Broken strapping can be replaced, but some users say that if more than three straps become damaged, the entire unit becomes unsafe. We believe this is more of an issue for aggressive younger users and those who want to perform high-intensity workouts. Casual users report very few problems with the strapping or the mat surface. The elastic bands do cut down on the noise factor compared to metal springs, but they do not provide as much bounce as some users would prefer.

The advertised maximum weight capacity of the Stamina is 250 pounds, but heavier users do report some "bottoming out" when using the unit during jumping exercises. We would suggest using extreme caution before putting too much stress on the elastic bands during the first few weeks of use. The five-legged support structure does do a good job keeping the mini trampoline in place.

We give the Stamina's folding system mostly high marks for design, but we have concerns about the execution. Assembly depends heavily on holding the sections under tension while support pins are inserted, which means one person may not be able to put it together without assistance. For this reason, many users say they prefer to store the entire unit unfolded in a corner or under a bed.

The total rebounding surface of the Stamina is 34 inches, which is enough for most stationary exercises like jogging in place but could be too small for side-to-side motions or dynamic exercises like jumping jacks. Beginning exercisers may not even want to perform more advanced routines, anyway, so the Stamina's relatively small bouncing surface shouldn't present a problem. We find that the Stamina does everything first-time users would want in a budget-priced mini trampoline, and it is safe for young children to use strictly for fun as well.


Because it is marketed as a starter or budget mini trampoline, the Stamina does not come with many additional features. (No workout DVD, no stabilizing bar, etc.) However, it does offer one feature that people living with limited floor space will appreciate. The entire unit can be disassembled and stored in manageable sections. The five legs are easily removed with the owner's hand power, and the cover slips off like a fitted sheet. The main frame collapses once a few pins are removed, and the mat and elastic bands slip off once the tension is released.

All of these individual pieces can be stored in a single drawer or under the bed between exercise sessions. Reassembly may require two people in order to maintain the correct tension, but it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  We don't know if all users would want to take advantage of this feature, but it could be useful for people with space limitations or those who want to set up a rebound exercise program outside of the house.

Priced at only $47.88, the Stamina folding trampoline is definitely a good choice as a starter or budget mini trampoline. Many people are urged to start exercise programs for health or weight reasons, but their joints cannot tolerate high-impact routines like running or dance-based aerobics.

The price point of the Stamina makes it easier for people to invest in a safe piece of experimental equipment before buying a more expensive mini trampoline/rebounder. Low-end mini trampolines often use metal springs that can be dangerous and aluminum frames that have diminished weight capacities. The Stamina features all-steel construction and quiet elastic straps similar to those found on higher-end rebounders.

  • Five-legged support offers extra stability.
  • Best for stationary exercises.
  • Elastic bands provide less bounce than metal springs and may not be as durable in high-intensity workouts.

A suitable mini trampoline for beginning exercisers and children who want to play.

5. airzone mini band - best trampoline brands

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

The Variflex Mini Band Trampoline employs a steel frame, vinyl cover, and polypropylene woven mat that is similar to mats on trampolines that cost twice as much. However, a number of users say it is unusually challenging to assemble. Because the foldable frame must be held under considerable tension while supporting pins are inserted, the instructions actually recommend involving two or three people during assembly. The result is an exceptionally stable and responsive rebounder, but we suggest users thoroughly read the instructions first to make sure all parts are included. The fully assembled Variflex can be stored intact, so it's likely that you'll only have to put it together once.

As far as durability is concerned, we find that many users report relatively little damage after years of use. The mat material is stronger than others commonly used in budget-priced mini trampolines, and the elastic bands generally last longer than basic metal springs. A non-scientific capacity rating of over one million bounces has been offered by many satisfied users. Some frame damage has been noted, primarily after use by heavier adults. Replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer.

The Variflex's advertised maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds, but we would not recommend this unit to users who are close to or exceed that limit. The mini bands themselves can easily support the additional stress, but the frame has been known to bend after heavy use by adults. Because the Variflex is primarily a rebounder, it works better as a piece of exercise equipment than a recreational bouncer. Children over the age of eight should enjoy playing on the Variflex, but they may not experience the "air time" of a full-size trampoline. Adults who use it as a rebounder should find it firm enough to reduce stress on joints during exercise, but not so springy that control becomes an issue. The stated width of the Variflex exercise surface is 38 inches, but the usable rebounding surface is closer to 34 inches. This may be a little restrictive for users who want to do side-to-side exercises, but it will accommodate routines like jogging in place, aerobics, and jumping jacks. Because the unit uses elastic bands covered with a vinyl skirt, the risk of injury is minimal.


As a basic "starter" mini trampoline, the Variflex does not include many additional features. However, it does have the capability to fold in half for easier long-term storage, which we consider to be a useful feature in itself. The vinyl apron can be removed or replaced if damaged. Extras such as stabilizing bars, hand weights, and workout DVDs can be ordered separately.

Some users have discovered that stabilizing bars from other mini trampoline models work with the Variflex. The rebounding mat dimensions are large enough to allow users to perform basic to moderate workout routines safely. One benefit of elastic bands is the prevention of serious injury if the user should slide off the main rebounding. The frame is also padded.

A budget price of $37.95 makes the Variflex Mini Band Trampoline an ideal trampoline for those who want to start a low-impact exercise program without investing a lot of money. The Variflex uses elastic bands instead of metal springs; the elastic yields a much quieter operation than other budget models with metal springs and aluminum supports.  At this price point, a family or group could invest in several Variflex mini trampolines and set up a personal gym. Employers who encourage workers to take walks for health benefits could also invest in several inexpensive mini trampolines like the Variflex for use during inclement weather. We believe the Variflex Mini Band Trampoline's low price and quality construction make it an appealing piece of entry-level exercise equipment.

  • Folds in half for easy storage.
  • Elastic bands temper bounce and minimize injuries.
  • The lowest weight capacity (200 pounds) on our elite list.
  • Frame can bend if pressured too hard.

A decent rebounder with a smaller workout surface and lower weight capacity than some other products.


JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder - Durable Silent Bounce Mini Trampoline with Premium Bungees, Workout DVD, and Online Access to Video Workouts - Safe and Stable
427 Reviews
JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder - Durable Silent Bounce Mini Trampoline with Premium Bungees, Workout DVD, and Online Access to Video Workouts - Safe and Stable
  • Unique Design: Fitness trampoline designed to provide a comfortable, quiet level of bounce for all ages and condition levels. Has a 40% reduction in impact as opposed to traditional bouncers
  • Large Padded Edges: Features a large jumping surface and extra-wide padded mat making it great for low impact cardio, core exercises, high-calorie burns, lymphatic flow, and so much more
  • Sturdy & Stable: Designed with a black powder-coated 39-inch frame with a 35.5-inch Permatron jumping surface. With arched legs providing aditional stability, resist tipping, and make for easy storage. With a weight rating of 250 pounds
  • Premium Bungees: EnduroLast 2 elastic cords are tested to millions of bounces and give users a lively but cushioned bounce. Has the virtually silent FlexBounce System which is a gentle and smooth bounce in comparison to steel springs
  • Package Includes: Free 60-Day Extended Trial to online workout videos, JumpSport basic DVD, and the trampoline which comes almost fully assembled to get you bouncing quickly and easily. Additional accessories like the handle bar not included.

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

Although all five of our mini trampoline contenders deliver a quality product, our choice for "Best of the Best" is the Fitness Trampoline Model 250 from JumpSport.

We're impressed by the JumpSport's 16-gauge steel frame and the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. The arched legs provide a level of stability not found in straight-leg designs, and stability is a very important element when it comes to mini trampolines/rebounders! The elastic bands included with the JumpSport Model 250 are significantly more durable than the metal springs used on many other models. The bands also provide a level of quiet that downstairs neighbors and housemates are likely to appreciate.

The JumpSport's maximum weight rating of 250 pounds may be an understatement, which means heavier users who need to start a low-impact exercise regimen can feel confident while using this rebounder. The elastic bands are covered by a tough apron and protected by six attached "petals." Many mini trampoline users are injured when their feet miss the rebounding surface and land in the springs, but JumpSport's Model 250 does everything possible to protect the exerciser. The inclusion of a basic rebounding workout on DVD is also a nice touch, since many beginners have no idea how to begin an exercise routine on a mini trampoline.

Although we wish a stabilizer bar were included in the original packaging, the fact that one is available from the manufacturer is encouraging. (Some users benefit from an added level of security when performing advanced exercises.) While the initial price of the JumpSport Model 250 may seem steep, it it definitely the best choice for customers who want years of reliable service from their exercise equipment.

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details


Pure Fun 38-inch Exercise Trampoline
663 Reviews
Pure Fun 38-inch Exercise Trampoline
  • 38-inch jumping surface provides plenty of space to safely bounce
  • 32 sturdy 2.75-inch galvanized steel springs for superior bouncing
  • Exterior trampoline pad is cushioned to avoid injuries when bouncing
  • Jump mat made of heavy-duty polypropylene to ensure durability
  • ASTM, TUV/GS and CE Certified

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

Many budget-priced mini trampolines use inferior materials like aluminum framing and cheap metal springs to keep their retail price low. This is not the case with the Pure Fun 9002MT mini trampoline. As such, we wholeheartedly recommend it as the Best Bang for Your Buck.

The Pure Fun mini trampoline features an all-steel frame and a five-legged support system. A vinyl apron covers the exposed bands, and the rim of the frame is also padded for extra protection. With rubberized tips on each supporting leg, the 9002MT can be used on hardwood floors as well as carpeting.

While we feel there are still some quality control issues that need to be addressed, like a higher-than-average metal spring failure rate and a complicated assembly method, the 9002MT from Pure Fun achieves many of the same performance goals as more expensive mini trampolines. Many first time rebounder users are looking for an affordable "starter" mini trampoline to see if rebounding exercises are right for them. $39.99, the 9002MT certainly qualifies. Furthermore, many users report years of reliable service. For these reasons, we feel the 9002MT mini trampoline from JumpSport has earned the distinction of Best Bang for Your Buck.

Pure Fun 38-inch Exercise Trampoline
38-inch jumping surface provides plenty of space to safely bounce; 32 sturdy 2.75-inch galvanized steel springs for superior bouncing
$54.99 −$15.00 $39.99

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

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