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December 28, 2019

What Is The Best Pop Up Tents To Buy In 2020?


The convenience offered by the best pop up tents can’t be denied. 

Rather than having to spend hour after hour wrestling with tent poles while out camping, pop up tents make it easy to set up your campsite. 

If you’re looking for a simpler camping experience, then taking along one of these tents is a decision you’re never going to regret…

Top 5 BEST POP UP TENTS On The Market


  • The upsides of the Coleman pop up tent…

This is a truly impressive tent, but perhaps the most impressive feature is how multifunctional it is. If you want to conventionally pitch the tent, you can; it’ll take between 10 and 20 minutes. If you’re a bit shorter on time, then there’s the “Fast Pitch” option, which takes around 10 minutes. Or, you can opt for the quickest of them all: instant setup, which is, well, instant. This kind of flexibility is truly impressive.

We also wanted to mention the weatherproofing this tent has gone through; if you’re looking for a tent that’s guaranteed to keep you dry, the Coleman pop up tent definitely won’t let you down thanks to its clever protected seams!

  • The downsides of ​​​​the Coleman pop up tent…

While this tent is a decent size, it may surprise you with how narrow it is. We didn’t think this was a problem, but others have suggested the narrow size took them somewhat by surprise, so ensure you’re happy with the measurements prior to purchase.

There’s also a somewhat off-putting warning about the chemicals used on the tent. While it’s nice that Coleman wanted to warn people about this, these chemicals are standard, and as a result the tag felt a little alarmist. 

Finally, we had a few problems with the door zipper— nothing too major, but it’s not particularly robust, so be careful when using it to prevent problems.

  • Incredible waterproof floor that helps to ensure maximum comfort and dryness throughout use
  • Erects incredibly quickly when used in pop up, instant mode, making it a perfect choice for those nights when you’re in a hurry and just want to go to sleep!
  • Not quite as portable as one might hope; the carry bag is bulkier than some models.
  • Some users report issues with the poles being weak. This isn’t something we noticed, but if this is an area that concerns you, it could be worth keeping this in mind.

The occasional awkward door zipper aside, this is a great choice that is truly flexible and easy to use— well worth considering!


  • The upsides of the FiveJoy instant pop up tent…

When FiveJoy say “instant”, they mean instant— this tent will pop up in no time at all, making it the perfect choice for camping families that need a convenient setup of their site.

We also liked the double door design, which makes the tent incredibly usable and also affords an impressive level of privacy. This is a design that we think more tent manufacturers could do with including, so well done FiveJoy for this innovation. 

Finally, the design is adept at keeping bugs out while still allowing air to circulate through the tent— an impressive feat, and one that FiveJoy must be commended for. They’ve put a lot of work into their design, and it shows. 

  • The downsides of the FiveJoy instant pop up tent…

The major downside of the FiveJoy instant pop up tent is that it just isn’t suitable for all weather conditions. The company themselves describe it as a “fair weather” tent, so you’re going to have to make sure you check the weather forecast before using it.

Some users have reported issues with getting the tent back into its bag. This isn’t a problem unique to this FiveJoy model, but there’s no denying it is rather difficult to control, so you’ll need to be patient! 

Finally, we felt the price was a little high given the restrictions for usage, but there are plenty of positives that might make it worthwhile for you.

  • Incredibly rapid assembly— one of the quickest we tested, in fact.
  • Very well designed and comfortable, with the windows a particularly impressive addition
  • If a rainstorm hits and this is your only protection, then you will get wet— so get into the habit of reading forecasts if you invest in this one!

If you can handle a fair-weather tent, then this option from FiveJoy is just about the best in class.


  • The upsides of the Zomake pop up tent…

Not all tents are designed to be used for camping, and this Zomake pop up tent is a prime example of the alternative options available. This tent is best suited for use on the beach, and it does a fantastic job of it, due in no small part to the UV protection it offers.

One might expect a “beach tent” to be limited in terms of size, but we didn’t find that to be the case; two adults and a child can easily enjoy this tent, making it a great choice for a family day out in the heat of summer. 

Finally, we loved the design of this tent, and especially the double-ended openings. This allows for maximum flexibility, and we got a lot of use out of both openings when we tested the product for ourselves.

  • The downsides of the Zomake pop up tent…

Obviously, the biggest limitation is that this tent isn’t really suitable for camping. It might be able to pull double-duty, but realistically, it’s best suited as a sun shade rather than an overnight shelter.

As you might expect given the above, this tent isn’t waterproof… which can be difficult if you’re going to pitch up close to the sea when enjoying a day out at the beach! Be careful to choose your location to avoid any unfortunate splashes of seawater.

Finally, we didn’t think the pop up design was quite as quick as some of the other options we tested. Still deeply impressive, and it’s unlikely you’d even notice, but it’s something we picked up on so we thought we’d mention it in an effort to be thorough!

  • Great design that allows for full ventilation and ease of use, which is especially important on hot summer days.
  • Unlike many tents, we found the Zomake pop up tent as easy to pack away as it is to open, which is impressive and helps add extra convenience.
  • Given the limitations the price isn’t too bad, but it is possible to buy a multi use tent for this amount, so you have to be sure you’re fine with its limitations when you buy.
  • This might be personal taste, but we found the blue color a little unoriginal— it doesn’t stand out on a crowded beach. This is a small quibble, but one you’ll need to be aware of if you’ll be using this during peak season.

Provided you’re not looking for a robust all-weather shelter, you can’t go far wrong with the Zomake pop up tent.


  • The upsides of the Monojoy pop up tent…

First and foremost, we have to acknowledge a simple truth— this tent looks fantastic. The soft green/blue color scheme ensures that this option stands out for all the right reasons, and we think it looks very stylish too.

Now, onto the practicalities, and there’s plenty to enjoy here. A particular highlight is the UV protection offered by this tent, which makes it a perfect sunshade for a day at the beach or out enjoying the countryside. 

Finally, we loved how portable this tent is. Unlike many pop up tent models, it folds up very quickly and is easily transported. This is a real bonus, and is good enough that we think anyone looking for a pop up tent should consider the MonoJoy just for this feature alone— it really is that good. 

  • The downsides of the MonoJoy pop up tent…

This isn’t the most robust tent in the world, and it won’t cope well with high winds or rain. While this has to be classed as a downside, it’s not necessary a major issue if you’re only intending to use this tent for light usage.

Some users have reported that the sizing isn’t quite right, and that two people cannot comfortably use this tent. While we can see what people are saying with this feedback, we didn’t find size a problem in our tests, though it may be something you want to keep in mind if size is an important consideration for you.

Finally, we do wonder how durable this tent will be, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem given that it is clearly designed for occasional use.

  • Incredibly easy to use for a tent of this kind, and looks great too
  • The silver-coated fabric that provides the UV protection just adds to the otherwise impressive looks, and it’s useful too!
  • If you’re looking for a tent that can withstand a night in the wilderness, then this isn’t the choice for you. This is a lightweight tent that is only designed for light use; if that’s how you plan to use it, you shouldn’t have a problem, but it’s important not to expect it to be able to multitask.
  • This tent isn’t particularly waterproof, so any sign of rain is a sign you need to pack up and head indoors!

If you’re looking for a tent that’s perfect for the beach, this great MonoJoy tent definitely won’t let you down.


  • The upsides of the Core cabin tent…

As the word “cabin” in the description of this tent suggests, this is a tent that is perfectly suited to larger parties. We found that it genuinely does live up to its claim to being able to house up to nine people, which is incredibly impressive.

What’s more, the Core cabin tent is remarkably sturdy, and it should be able to handle the occasional bout of bad weather. While you’re never going to mistake it for an actual cabin in terms of design, it does a good job of at least feeling as robust as a solid construction! 

Finally, we found this tent has excellent ventilation, which can often be a problem for larger tents— so it’s nice to see the Core cabin tent bucking that trend. 

  • The downsides of the Core cabin tent…

Looks aren’t everything of course, but we have to comment on the fact that the Core cabin tent isn’t the most attractive of propositions. Function may be more important than style, but a bit more style might have been nice!

Furthermore, we found the room divider wasn’t quite up to the job, and offers nothing in the way of soundproofing. However, given these tents will primarily be used by family groups, that shouldn’t pose too much of a problem in practice.

Finally, the construction isn’t quite as simple as Core claim. It’s still good, but it’s not instantaneous— though that is perhaps to be expected for a robust, reliable tent of this size.

  • Incredible size allows for effective sharing of campsite space without having to squeeze everyone in
  • Very reasonable price given the size and quality of the piece.
  • Users have reported issues with the door zippers and we’re inclined to agree; they’re fiddly, so be careful when using them.
  • The material is somewhat flimsy, so be sure to take extra care when erecting.

A fantastic, affordable large tent that is suitable for a wide variety of purposes— a great choice that you won’t regret!


So whatever kind of tent you’re wanting to buy, one of the options above should be the perfect pick for you. Enjoy your new tent; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with your selection.

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