What Is The Best Portable Washing Machine On The Market Today In 2020?

What is the best washing machine on the market today?​

Buying the best portable washing machine is never easy. All the brands keep recommending all these features and purposes that we, as newbies in the domain, don’t really understand. Sure, they look fancy – but do we really need them?

Do we actually need portable washing machines? Why not get a traditional one instead? How is buying such an appliance going to be useful for us? In this guide, we will try to answer all your questions and help you make up your mind.

Top 5 Best Portable Washing Machine On The Market

Most Recommended Washing Machine: Detailed Reviews 2020

We already know how difficult it is for you to make a choice, considering that there are so many brands having the same features.

How can we be certain that they will work properly? That’s simple: by reading some portable washing machine reviews beforehand.

That’s how we found the most popular portable washing machines that showed the best results. If the people are happy with the way they work, we suppose it’s worth giving them a fair shot.

1. haier hlp21n pulsator - best buy portable washing machine

If you are looking for the best portable washing machine that is small enough to squeeze into an apartment or a small flat, then the Haier Pulsator is the perfect addition. Here is a more detailed list of the features provided by the Haier 1.0 cubic foot portable washing machine:

  • 1-cubic-foot tub made from stainless steel that can load up to 6 pounds of clothing
  • Three wash cycles along with three water levels
  • Quietly operating system and end-of-cycle signal that announces you when the washing process is done
  • Smooth-rolling casters

It is also the perfect washing machine to take with you on off-the-grid places such as log cabins.

The design of this washing machine was made to be compact and portable. The wheels enable the user to move it much easier from point A to point B. You don’t have to worry that it will be too heavy for you to carry.

This machine is very simple to operate. You can choose any cycle going from normal to quick or heavy, and you can set it on medium, low or high speed (depending on the clothes you are planning to wash).

There’s also a LED button that tells you exactly how much time you have until the cycle is over.

Rather than using the typical agitator, the Haier uses a pulsator system that “pushes” the water into the fabric rather than pulling at the clothes. It is also the reason why this device is so efficient with delicate clothing.

As a result, it is perfect for anything from thick and sturdy cotton clothes to sleek and delicate satin.

  • Excellent water extraction
  • Quiet operation
  • Very functional when it comes to cleaning the dirt out of your clothes
  • Easy programming
  • Some users complained of their clothes balling during the washing process
  • Clothes will come out wrinkled after they are washed

2. panda pan50sw portable washing machine - best compact portable washing machine

For a compact washing machine, this one sure acts like a fully-fledged one. Topped with a see-through lid, you can actually see the way your clothes are being washed. All you will have to do is connect it to the faucet and let it do its magic. Here are the features to look forward to:

  • Lightweight, weighing only 63.8 pounds
  • Six automatic cycles
  • LED indicator and touchpad controls
  • Delay start that allows remote activation
  • Pulsator washing system that “pushes” the water and detergent into the clothing rather than pulling at the fabric
  • The two rollers placed at the back of the washing machine allow for easier movement

This machine is the perfect addition to every apartment where noise is frowned upon. Since it operates quietly, your neighbors will not start banging at your door to quiet down, nor will your kids wake up crying because something scared them out of their sleep. Depending on whom you live with, this compact Panda will come with different capacities.

You can get it in a 0.9 cubic foot capacity that can handle up to 6.6 pounds of clothing, a medium 1.6 cubic foot tub that can take on 11 pounds of clothing and a 2.1 cubic foot version that can take 15 lbs of clothing – perfect for the average family with kids.

This washing machine is very versatile when it comes to its cycles since there are six of them. You can pick anything from normal to quick, jeans, cotton, air-dry, and anti-wrinkle. Once you are done with the washing, this appliance is very easy to move around and can fit snugly into a closet. The price is also fairly attractive, considering the benefits it offers. There is no doubt that this is the best portable washing machine for those living in quiet neighborhoods.

  • Affordable price
  • Pulsator system allows for a more thorough cleaning of your clothes
  • Easily moved around
  • Quiet operation will not bother those around you
  • Clothes may come out wrinkled
  • Only uses cold water

3. della compact washing machine

The Della compact washing machine is another great option if you need to do your laundry in a more compact space. With the capacity of doing light to medium-sized laundry, this one is the perfect appliance if you live with a roommate or a partner. Here are the main features of the Della washer that you need to be aware of, and why a lot of people believe it to be the best portable washing machine:

  • Time-Control washing machine with a spinning system that will wash and dry your clothes in only 20 minutes
  • Design made for small apartments, dorm rooms, or mobile homes
  • Wash capacity of 8.8 pounds per 33L
  • Spin capacity of 4.4 pounds per 16L

The cycle settings are very simple when it comes to this washer. All you will have to do is add your load of clothing, allow it to fill with water and then set the timer. Once the cycle is over, you will be announced that it’s time to take the clothes out. What differentiates this machine from your average washer is its Dual Function system.

This will enable you to spun-wash your clothes, but also spin-dry them. The built-in pump will automatically drain out the water when it’s time for the drying process. Overall, this is the best portable washing machine if you are looking for something compact that also has a dryer.

  • Can fit it narrow places easily
  • The washing process is short
  • Price-efficient
  • The drying system is quick and will dry your clothes in only 5 minutes
  • Some users complained that the draining system is weak

4. giantex portable mini twin tub washing machine - best portable washing machine with dryer

We all love the feeling of fresh clothes…. But what we don’t love is waiting for hours until they dry properly. This is why the Giantex portable mini compact twin tub 11lb washing machine spin dryer is such a great catch. This machine is very easy to operate, and most of all, it’s effortless to store and move around. For a portable washer, this machine can load a lot of clothing – up to 11lbs. This means that even if you have a bigger family, you still have a decent amount of space for your clothing.

The dryer has a capacity of 6.6 lbs, which is a bit over half the total capacity of the washer. This allows for a more thorough spin, and your clothes will be dried much faster. The washer will only take 15 minutes to deep-wash your clothes while the spinner will take around 5 minutes to dry them. This means that in just 20 minutes, your clothes will be nice and dry, ready to take out.

  • High clothing capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Washes and dries up clothes faster than the average portable washing machine.
  • Some complained that the machine is loud
  • The cleaning ability may be weak for overly dirty clothing

5. panda small compact portable washing machine

The Panda small compact portable washing machine is the perfect mini addition to every home that lacks space. If you live in a small flat, a dorm, an RV or you simply travel around a lot, then this one should be at the top of your choices. For a “mini,” this washing machine can load a lot – up to 10 lbs. While the dryer has a smaller capacity (half the size of the washer), it’s still fairly spacious and can easily dry for a family of two or three.

To ensure easy drainage, the washing machine has a built-in pump that will allow you to drain the water easily. While it may not be fully automatic, it’s very easy to use if you follow the instructions correctly. Plus, it’s also a cost-saving portable washing machine, since it doesn’t use as much power as most appliances.

  • Very easy to use
  • Laundry is done (washed and dried) in around 30 minutes
  • It’s very spacious for a compact washing machine
  • The price is affordable
  • Can be very noisy
  • Filling the tub manually can be a hassle for some


Portable washing machines are the perfect thing to have around if you live in a flat or a smaller house. Sometimes, a full-sized washing machine isn’t an option for you, no matter how you may try to rearrange your house. This is why you will need something that will actually fit into your home.


On day 7, God said: Let there be portable washing machines! These household items were designed to be moved from one place to another in an easier manner. You can bring them from the closet to the bathroom or the kitchen whenever you want; all you’ll have to do is connect the faucet and start washing.

A portable washing machine may, however, not be the right choice for you if you need many clothes washed at once. Plus, if your house is large, you’ll benefit more by purchasing a full-sized item.

Portable washing machines may also be great for you if water consumption is an issue. For instance, a front-load washing machine has a horizontally-set drum that will cover the clothes with water halfway.

As a result, when the clothes are being washed, they’ll be pulled in and out of the water. They will be drenched and washed, but the machine won’t use nearly as much water.

Most portable washing machines will spin the clothes at a higher speed, and since you won’t have as many clothes in the washer, they will dry the clothes much faster, which means you will not have to spend a lot of energy on the dryer either.

Overall, you may benefit from a portable washing machine if you are:

  • Someone who wants to reduce their water usage and save money on electricity
  • A family with small children that needs to handle unexpected messes every day
  • A college student that lives in a dorm and doesn’t have a lot of room nor their own dorm washer
  • Someone who constantly moves houses due to job changes or any other reasons for relocation
  • Someone who lives in a mobile home that won’t give you too much extra space.
  • A person or a family living in an apartment that is too small to fit traditional washing machines.

Portable washing machines are a great way of hitting “skip” on the trips to the laundry room each time you have a bunch of clothes to wash.


Once you have your own best portable washing machine, you can wash your favorite clothes as soon as you take them off.


Before investing in the best portable mini washing machine, you need to keep in mind that not all of them are the same. Sure, they may have common features, but they also have unique ones that make you say “this will benefit me more than the other one.

When shopping for the one that’s perfect for you, keep the following factors in mind:


If you don’t have any sensitive clothing or you don’t care what your clothes are going through as long as they end up clean, then you may purchase a simple portable washing machine.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of delicate clothes, you may want to invest in a machine that is gentle on the fabric.

You also need to keep in mind where you plan on using the portable washer. If the problem is that you live in a small apartment, then you may want to invest in a portable washing machine that can be connected to a power socket. It will act like a full-size device, but it will need less space.

On the other hand, if you plan on going camping, the chances are that you may not have access to an electricity source. Trees do give us air, but they don’t give us power and Wi-Fi. In these circumstances, you may benefit more from a pedal or wheel-actioned washing machine.

They are manual devices, and you don’t need electricity to make them work – although you may need to build some energy for yourself since you will be the one doing the pedaling. Still, one of these may be the best portable washing machine if you need to wash your clothes fast, but are not near a power socket.


Before purchasing a portable washing machine, you may want to figure out what capacity you need.


If you live alone and you don’t have a large load of clothing to deal with, then a 1.0 or a 1.2 cubic feet portable washing machine may suit your needs just fine. They can wash up to 6.6 pounds of clothes, which is more than enough for the average individual.

On the other hand, if you have a family, then a 1.65 cubic feet washer may be a more suitable choice. They can hold up to 12 pounds of clothes, which is perfect for a small family.

Considering that a portable washer is much smaller than the average washing machine, it also uses less water.

For instance, a traditional washing machine will use around 40 gallons per session while a portable one will not use more than 15. So, the smaller the capacity, the more you will save on water consumption.


While every washing machine will have the classical “spin-until-they’re-clean” option, some of them bring some extras to the cycle.

For instance, a portable washing machine may have a delicate program that can be used on clothes that are sensitive to regular washing.

When shopping for the best portable washing machine, you may want to look for a model that has more than one wash cycle and water setting so that you can gain some versatility and control.

Quick cycles are also popular options for those who are short on time. They can take from 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the model), but keep in mind that they might not work with overly dirty clothes.


“The more, the merrier” is a phrase that works on absolutely everything. Sure, we want our portable washing machines to be simple, but who would say no to a set of cool features that would only make our lives easier?


For instance, some of the best portable washing machines for apartments have a “quiet cycle” option that will make the washing process as silent as possible.

Not only is this great in case you have kids sleeping in the bedroom, but it’s also perfect in case of neighbors who are bothered by the slightest noise in your apartment.

Other nice features are “delay starts,” which will automatically start the machine at a given time.

For instance, you may return home at 5 PM, but if you set your machine to start at 4 PM, your clothes will be all ready to throw into the dryer when you get home.

Lastly, you may want to look for portable washing machines that also have a dryer. These will activate after the washing process, going into a very fast spin and drying most of the water out of your clothes. After this process, it won’t be long until your clothes are fully dry.


If it’s small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s portable as well. To make the moving process as painless as possible, you may want to look for a portable washing machine that is not only lightweight but which also has elements that improve the portability.

For instance, look for machines with casters. This way, you can wheel it from one place to another, making the moving process easier.

You may also want to look for compact portable washing machines that can be “folded” when you are done with them (or at least stored in a very small place).

On the other hand, if wheels are not your thing (because you fear of damaging your floor), you may look for washers that have handles.


This way, it will be much easier for you to carry it, and you won’t have to fear that the wheels will be ruining your floors.


It’s never easy to pick out the best portable washing machine, considering there are so many brands going around. You need to be careful about the purpose, the capacity, the cycle options – everything that may influence its usefulness for you.

The best one for someone else may not necessarily be the best one for you – so keep the features in this guide in mind if you plan on buying a new portable washing machine.

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