What Is The Best Pressure Washer To Buy In 2020?

Pressure washers are one of the most efficient ways to ensure that difficult surfaces end up clean. If you are trying to clean a spot which is difficult to reach or features a surface which simply cannot be cleaned manually, there are few better options. Today, we are going to be looking for the best pressure washer available.

We have compiled a list of the five best home pressure washer models that you will come across. You may be wondering why we have decided to present five different models instead of just the best one. This is for a multitude of reasons. One of them is that there are two different types of pressure washers.


It is hard to give a single best model which can be considered the best rated pressure washer because the two main pressure washer types are rather distinct from each other. The difference between these two pressure washers is in the way that they are powered.

Every pressure washer has a motor which powers the hydraulic pump that pressurizes the mixture of water and detergent which is sprayed out. The difference between the two types lies in how this motor is powered. In one type, it is powered by gasoline, and the other type features an electric motor.

Before we take a look at the best gas pressure washer and our electric pressure washer reviews, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why it is important to get the best pressure washer possible. After that, we will move on to the characteristics you have to look for in the best pressure washer for the money.

If you feel that you have sufficient knowledge about this topic and you're simply looking for a replacement for your old model, feel free to skip right down to our pressure washer reviews. We would recommend that the rest of our readers stay tuned as you may learn some valuable info.

Top 5 Best Pressure Washer On The Market

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 - best electric pressure washer

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

This is the best electric pressure washer that you will come across. This model is designed to function better than the competition which can be found at a similar price point. We were huge fans of many of the design choices which went into the SPX3000, most of which make it far more convenient to use. Some notable features:

  • Features five different spray tips for different applications with quick-connect capability
  • Features a 1800-watt motor that generates 2030 psi and 1.76 gpm
  • Features a Total Stop System that shuts down the pump when the trigger is not depressed
  • Features two detergent reservoirs of nearly one liter each
  • Comes included with a 2-year warranty
  • Features a 34-inch spray wand for superior reach
  • Features a 35-foot power cord for long-range operation

For example, the power cord, which features a length of 35 feet, allows you to use this electric pressure washer at further distances from your generator or power outlet. The 34-inch spray wand combined with the 20-foot hose ensures that you will be able to reach almost any area that needs cleaning.


While this model may not feature exceptional power or features that would startle you, it does enough to ensure that it is the most optimized electric pressure washer on the market. This product goes a long way towards proving that smart design is worth a lot more than brute force, especially in a pressure washer.

The inclusion of two detergent tanks means that you will be able to choose which detergent you would rather use in a situation. This means that you will not have to make two passes to ensure that you clean your chosen area sufficiently, you can simply switch detergent tanks and finish the job quickly.

2. greenworks gpw1501 pressure washer - Best Budget

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

This is one of the more affordable electric pressure washers that you will find. We would argue that it is the best pressure washer for cars as it is available for a more reasonable price than many other products and it does not feature an overly powerful jet. This model can be found at a cost of around $107.79. Look at some notable features of this product:

  • Features a power of 1500 psi which projects at 1.2 gpm
  • Capable of being positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on your preference
  • Comes with a selection of two quick-connect tips: 25 degrees and 40 degrees
  • Features a 20-foot hose for longer reach
  • Comes included with a separate soap applicator
  • Features a power cord that is 35 feet long

The choice of two tips allows you to choose the best spray coverage for your needs, so you don’t have to worry about buying extra tips unless you need them for more specialized uses. This model is also ideal for use in more confined spaces as it will function whether it is positioned upright or horizontally.


The small size also makes this model easier to use in more confined areas as you will not have to worry about it not fitting. The relatively long power cord means that you can clean areas that are somewhat isolated without having to worry about using multiple extension cords or a power generator.

While the separate soap applicator slows down the cleaning process a little bit, you will not have to worry about your pressure washer being large enough to contain a soap reservoir. The lack of a soap tank ensures that this model remains smaller than most of the other products that you will come across.

3. karcher electric power pressure washer - best electric power washer

Another option for those who want the best pressure washer which operates using electricity is this model from Karcher. It can be found for about $139.00, which makes it much more affordable than most pressure washers which feature a similar level of build quality. We also appreciated the easy setup process which takes about five minutes.

  • Features 1700 psi of cleaning power running at 1.2 gpm
  • Features a foot switch to turn the model on and off
  • Comes included with three specialized nozzles for superior versatility
  • Features a removable bin for extra storage space
  • Can be set up far faster than most other models
  • Comes included with a three-year warranty
  • Features a metal hose for greater durability
  • Features a detergent tank which may be removed for greater ease of access

The three nozzles which are included with this model are more distinct than the typical ones that you will find included with products in this price range. For example, the turbo nozzle allows you to clean up more stubborn spots that the other nozzles will not manage and the detergent nozzle lets you properly spread your detergent.


This is also one of the most durable electric pressure washers that you will find. While most pressure washers which are highly durable are of the variety which is powered by a gas engine, you will find that this product is an exception. This is due to the reinforced metal frame and the all-metal pressure hose.

This product is also surprisingly easy to clean out; it features a detergent tank which can be taken out and cleaned thoroughly, and the frame is simple to clear of dust and debris. Another positive aspect of this model is that it works with most pressure washer accessories, so you don't have to buy proprietary accessories.

4. simpson cleaning pressure washer - best gas pressure washer

This is easily the best gas pressure washer that we have come across. While it is a bit more pricey than most other models, you will find that this product is ideal for those who need something which is powerful and convenient. It can be found for about $398.00, so keep in mind that the price is rather steep. Some notable features:

  • Features a power level of 3100 psi which is projected at 2.5 gpm
  • The included high-pressure hose is resistant to kinks and abrasion
  • This model comes included with five different types of nozzles
  • Comes included with a frame that is mounted on 10” pneumatic tires
  • Features a safety lock-out to ensure that it is not turned on inadvertently
  • Comes included with a two-year engine warranty, one-year pump warranty, and a five-year frame warranty
  • Features a detergent siphon tube

When it comes to convenience, this model is included with a siphon tube so you can easily fill it up with large amounts of detergent. The inclusion of a cart with ten-inch pneumatic tires ensures that you will be able to transport this relatively heavy product with a measure of ease.


The inclusion of five, color-coded, quick-connect nozzles ensures that you will always be able to spray your water and detergent in the exact manner that you would like to. The nozzles are located in a convenient panel where you can access them with ease so that you can swap them out without issue.

This model is also much more durable than most other pressure washers; it features a frame which is resistant to shocks and damage. The hose is another part of this pressure washer which is highly durable, as it is resistant to kinks and abrasion, which makes it convenient to use and provides long-term durability.

5. generac onewash gas powered pressure washer - best gas power washer

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

This is our second choice when it comes to choosing the best pressure washer which is powered by gasoline. There are many features which make this product more convenient than some of the other options you have available when choosing a gas pressure washer. For example, the oversized tires ensure that you can position this model almost anywhere.

  • Features a spray gun with an ergonomic design and a power dial
  • Features four power options: car, wood, concrete, and soap
  • The pump provides around 3100 psi of power
  • Features a detergent tank with a capacity of 0.5 gallons
  • Features a 196cc engine for added washing power
  • The provided high-pressure hose has a length of 25 feet
  • Features oversized tires for greater maneuverability

Another convenient feature is the position in which you find the hose connections for your water supply. Unlike other models, you will not have to open any panels or kneel down to access the hose connections. They are located right beside the motor, at a reasonable height that is easily accessible, even for first-time users.


The onboard detergent tank has a capacity of half a gallon, which ensures that you will rarely run low on detergent during most cleaning jobs. This model is also very powerful when compared to other gas-powered products in the same price range, which provides much better value for money.

The dial, which is mounted on the spray gun, allows you to choose between four different power settings which are defined by the material that you will be spraying or what is coming out of the nozzle.


There are many reasons why you should opt for the best residential pressure washer possible. The most evident reason is that pressure washers can tend to be rather expensive appliances. This means that you will be wasting a lot of money if you end up getting the wrong model.

To answer the question of what is the best pressure washer, you will have to study the options which are at your disposal carefully. It is for this reason that we have so many reviews available to answer the question of what is the best pressure washer.

If you end up choosing a pressure washer which is more affordable but ends up lasting for a shorter period of time, you will find that you may end up spending more money long-term. This is because you may end up having to replace your pressure washer sooner than you anticipated due to failure.

Pressure washers contain many parts which may end up failing because they undergo high stress while they operate. Models often feature a rating for their mean time between failures, which can give you an idea of how long your components will end up lasting you.


If you choose to invest in a model which features high build quality, you will end up satisfied with your end product no matter what. On the other hand, if you opt for a bargain pressure washer, you have to be prepared to pay for repairs and even a replacement if repairs are simply not worth it.

When it comes to products like pressure washers, it is important to find a product which is worth your money. Skimping when you buy complicated machines like pressure washers is an easy way to ensure that you end up regretting your purchase; don’t do this, ensure that you get the most for your money.

You should also try to find the best pressure washer possible because they are machines which work with high-pressure water, so a model which features poor build quality can be dangerous. If you are trying to remain safe while using your pressure washer, it is crucial that you get a model which features excellent quality.

If you want to ensure that you remain safe while you use your pressure washer, find the best model possible and pick wisely. Read through our reviews and pay close attention to the details; those details may be the difference between a product which ends up dying out on you, and one which gives you years of excellent service.


To choose the best pressure washer for you it is worth taking time to think about what you'll be cleaning, how dirty it will be and how often you'll use it. 


The choice between a gas or electric pressure washer is the most important decision you have to make before your purchase. You will find that these two types of machines are very different from each other. While their purpose is identical, their method of operation is incredibly different.

A gas pressure washer makes use of a gasoline engine to power the hydraulic pump which runs the machine. This means that it can achieve greater power which is only limited by the size of the engine and the amount of fuel that you are willing to pour into it. If you want the most powerful pressure washer, opt for a gas model.


On the other hand, you have to account for the fact that the gas powered motors which are featured on these models are incredibly environmentally unfriendly. Most engines of this type are of a variety that has emissions which are nearly unacceptable, while electric motors are far more eco-friendly.

Unfortunately, electric pressure washers have to be connected to a power outlet to operate, so you will either need an extension cord, or you will have wash things near a power outlet. If you are planning to use your pressure washer on the exterior of your house, this is not an issue, but if you plan on going further, you will need a long enough cord.

Electric models are also more convenient since you won’t need to keep a supply of gas in storage to run your pressure washer. This also means that you will end up paying less money in upkeep because electricity is a lot more affordable than gasoline if you want to run your pressure washer.

The choice between gas and electric models comes down to your preferences and intended uses for your pressure washer, in the end. You need to take a look at the situations in which you envision yourself using your pressure washer if you want the best model possible. This is not something that we can tell you, unfortunately.


You should also consider the type of nozzle that you want to be equipped with your pressure washer. Some nozzles are capable of several different kinds of settings for your water jet, but some are capable of only a single setting. If you envision yourself needing a more versatile pressure washer, an adjustable nozzle is the best option.

On the other hand, models which feature a fixed setting for their nozzle will tend to be more powerful since they are more specialized. As with many other products, you will have to choose between a product which can be used as a jack of all trades or one which is very effective when used in a single application.


Of course, another important consideration is the power of your pressure washer. A more powerful pressure washer will be able to clean more deeply embedded messes. Keep in mind that a pressure washer which is more powerful will be more expensive than one with more moderate levels of power.


You should also consider that more powerful pressure washers will be able to damage the surface that you are cleaning more easily. If you plan on using your pressure washer to clean off a vehicle, for example, you should opt for a model which will not scour the paint off of the surface, only clean the dirt.


One of the most important things to consider is what you will be cleaning off with your pressure washer. If you intend to use your pressure washer for more moderate applications, you can opt for a more convenient electric model that will be ideal for the work that you will be doing and may be bought for a reasonable price.

If you envision yourself using your pressure washer for applications that border on the industrial, you may wish to opt for a high-powered commercial pressure washer. You can also choose to make use of an industrial pressure washer which features a lower power level but still has the reliable parts that you can come to expect from one of them.


We hope that we have managed to provide a decent variety of pressure washer choices for all of our readers. While it may seem difficult to choose the best product for your needs, you can see that you simply need to know what you are looking for.

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