What Is The Best Probiotic for Constipation and Bloating To Buy In 2020?

You will have to look carefully when trying to find a high-quality probiotic and other supplements for chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), abdominal pain, and aid digestive health. This is to help ensure that you have an easier time managing bowel movements without pain with the best supplement.

It can be difficult to cope with constipation. Being backed up can be a real hassle and will stop you from being regular. Fortunately, you can take advantage of various probiotics to keep your body regular. You will need to look for the best probiotic for constipation so it will be easier for you to stay healthy and in control.

Top 5 Best Probiotic for Constipation and Bloating On The Market

What is the Best Probiotic for Constipation to buy? Keep reading to find out!

1. PHILIPS’ COLON HEALTH DAILY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT - b​est probiotic for colon health

This is a daily probiotic product that contains 1.5 billion cells of three key probiotics. It focuses on the colon area and restores how well the good bacteria in the gut operate.

The lactobacillus and bifodobacterium strains are especially important for restoring how well the area operates without any problem.

  • It works with one capsule each day with a meal, thus making it easier for you to take the supplement.
  • There are no real rules as to specifically when in the day you have to take this product but it still works best when used with a meal.
  • It keeps your immune system healthy and should reduce how often you might develop colds or other immunity-related issues.
  • You will be able to get to the bathroom more often with regular use of the product. This comes as the balance of bacteria assists you in keeping bowel movements in check.
  • You will be less likely to feel pain or irritation as you use this product.
  • It breaks down in your body quite well.
  • It does not necessarily provide you with any extra bits of energy.
  • It can leave a difficult taste in your mouth after you consume it.
  • It takes a few weeks for you to actually feel the effects of the product.

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LoveBug Probiotics made this supplement with a special delivery system called the Bio-Tract system.

It uses a more controlled release of the active ingredients used in the product. It takes about six hours for the entire capsule to be fully digested but it also takes two hours for it to be half digested.

This ensures that you will get probiotic support throughout the day without the product being at risk of breaking down far too fast.

  • The physical design of the product does better with handling acids in your body. It does not wear out quickly.
  • Eight separate bacterial strains are combined in the product to assist in how well your body will take in probiotics.
  • You can choose to take one or two tablets each day before food. This can work for daily maintenance needs or for more intense cases of constipation.
  • You can slim down with this product as it reduces the total amount of bloat that you may develop. This includes losing up to three pounds of bloat in about a week at the start.
  • It can be used with your other daily vitamins. It will not interfere with how they work.
  • It does have a difficult taste that might make it harder for some people to consume although the body can quickly get used to it in most cases.
  • It can cause some discomfort in your body as it starts to neutralize the gas and bloating in your body.


This particular probiotic for constipation is heavily promoted as an option that can survive contact with stomach acid.

The BC30 probiotic used in this product helps to make the compound more resilient so it will not weaken quickly.

This allows the product to reach your intestines so it can restore your natural bacterial structure within your body.

  • Magnesium is also included in this product to help assist in restoring your overall regularity as the bacteria is managed.
  • You can take one or two capsules of this each day depending on how much of a need you have for controlling your constipation.
  • It is very gentle on your body and will not cause a great deal of irritation as you use it. The reduced bloating especially comes naturally without forcing gas out of your body too quickly.
  • It needs to be taken around the same time each day for the best results. You can still determine the time of day you want to use it though.
  • It might interfere with some vitamins that you take depending on how they target your digestive system.
  • It works best if you take this with food. It should be carefully prepared with foods that will not force you to digest the capsule too quickly.

This next option uses a body that is prepared with friendly bacteria on a unique culture that is separated in a centrifuge and frozen with extra additives.

This helps to improve upon how well bacteria are formed and keeps it alive longer.

This, in turn, makes the product more potent as you consume it.

  • It offers a longer shelf life than most other probiotics as the individual strains used are carefully separated.
  • You only need to take two capsules of this product each day.
  • Four strains of healthy bacteria are used to ensure that the risk of problematic issues relating to how your body tolerates the product is reduced.
  • The product does not contain gluten, gelatin, or other compounds that might make it harder for you to consume.
  • It should help with controlling many acid-related issues in your body. It targets the root cause of acid reflux disease.
  • It is best to keep this chilled so it will not wear out all that quickly.
  • They don’t work all that well if you do not have something to eat before you take the probiotics.
  • You may develop an upset stomach at the start. This may go away as your body gets used to the probiotic but the results will vary by each person.


This is a product that uses Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium that can move into the large intestine.

These work to keep discomfort in the intestinal tract from being at risk of occurring.

The product is particularly being marketed to people who want to control not only constipation but also gas.

  • Two capsules can be taken each day. Each capsule is easy to consume and use.
  • It can work well for women to keep yeast infections from developing.
  • Its combination of bacteria strains is carefully simplified to ensure that there are not too many strains that might conflict with one another. In particular, four different strains are used.
  • Prebiotics are included to help get the product to last longer in your intestines. It is measured as being able to last for up to eight times longer than most other probiotics.
  • It is not necessarily a flexible product in terms of when you can take it. You should be using this during the morning hours for it to actually work well.
  • It must be refrigerated for it to stay potent.
  • It is often hard for you to tolerate the product as you start using it. All people vary in terms of how well they are able to respond to the product.


best-probiotic-for-constipationThe most important part of using a probiotic is that such a product will restore how well the digestive bacteria in your body can work. It helps by managing how the bacteria in your digestive system can break down all sorts of foods and nutrients.

This, in turn, restores how well your body takes in what it requires while also ensuring that foods are digested and broken down properly.

More importantly, it improves upon how well a health series of bowel movements can be formed as you use the product.

Infections, antibiotics, and a poor diet can easily cause the balance of bacteria to keep from staying under control. Probiotics can help to restore how well the balance works and improves upon how digestive functions occur.

Live and active cultures of probiotics are especially important. These are fully functional and active and will easily get in touch with individual forms of bacteria around your body. This, in turn, improves how well your body responds to bacteria imbalances within your body.


Probiotics are typically found in a number of dairy-based products. These include yogurt and kefir as well as various cultured milk products.

Probiotics for constipation are often taken in powder or pill form. These are especially useful for those who struggle to digest milk-based products. You would have to look for a proper lactose-free supplement to help you with this point so it will be easier for you to consume it without complications.


Probiotics also improve how the body can handle bowel movements. The “gut transit time” in the body will be reduced when probiotics are used. This refers to the amount of time it takes for a bowel movement to move through the body. When it takes longer for it to go through, it becomes softer and easier for you to clear out of your body. Probiotics help to increase the amount of time needed for a movement to go through so you will not struggle with clearing it out.


The colon is one particular area of the body that is specially treated well with probiotics. The colon is often the part of the body where various digestive issues can develop. When you use a supplement that treats this area, it becomes a little easier for the body to respond properly and to avoid further discomfort or pain.


best-probiotic-for-bloating-gas-and-constipationBloating is one problem that can be difficult if you are irregular. Probiotics help to ease inflammation and discomfort in the abdomen. This, in turn, keeps bloating from being a serious threat. This should be safer and easier on your body than many anti-gas medicines that do not take care of the bacterial issues that cause bloating to develop.

The gas that often accompanies bloating can also be neutralized. Through regular use, the best probiotic for constipation issues can help with reducing the intensity of bloating in your body. This, in turn, restores how well your body feels without risking further harm.


An interesting thing to notice about taking probiotics for constipation is that they come in a variety of strains. Streptococcus thermophiles is prominent for how well it can improve upon how your small intestine functions. It controls how nitrates from various vegetables are processed and keep them from developing into nitrites that cause discomfort in the body. Meanwhile, Pediococcus acid lactic assists in breaking down foods in the gut, so the risk of certain foods not being digested properly will be reduced.

Bifidobacterium infant is also helps in the gut by releasing acids that keep certain organisms from developing and moving within the body. Additional forms of bacteria may also help with processing many foods that might be a little harder for your body to process including lactose-based items.


One quality part of a probiotic for constipation is that it may also help improve upon how strong your immune system is. About two-thirds of your immune system is based out of your digestive tract. As you restore the natural balance in your digestive system, it will become easier for you to feel healthier and in more control over your body.

As you use the best probiotic for constipation for your needs, you will see that it is easy for your body to feel its healthiest when you have a proper bacterial balance. There are numerous particular options to find when looking for a probiotic supplement that you can benefit from.


The options you have read for the best probiotic for consumption are appealing but the Philips Colon Health supplement appears to be the best option for your needs. This is a product which is easier for you to consume and works with enough healthy bacteria to control problems relating to gas, bloating, and constipation. It slows down bowel movements move through the body, thus ensuring that you will feel your healthiest when this is used right.

The Philips product also helps to ease your body and focuses on your colon. This assists in managing how well your bowel movements are produced and make it much easier for you to go.

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