What Is The Best Proform Treadmill To Buy In 2020?

A treadmill can be a great investment for a range of environments, creating multiple workouts in one small space. For times when you can’t get outside to be active, a treadmill can be the perfect tool to have.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a treadmill, it’s important to be selective - after all, there are various makes and models to choose from, each of which offers something different.

Naturally, when choosing a treadmill you want to ensure that you select the ideal product that suits your needs, which is why taking the time to compare a range of makes and models is so vital.

After all, you don’t want to make the mistake of investing in the wrong one, do you?

Top 5 Best Proform Treadmill On The Market


The Weslo Cadence G 5.91 Treadmill is designed to offer superior fitness at your own speed, in your own home. Complete with iFit coaching technology, this treadmill is designed to make it easier than ever to get fit and stay on track.

Designed to be tablet-friendly, this treadmill not only has a tablet stand incorporated into it, it also has built-in iFit technology that can be linked to a tablet, to help you plan workouts and track your success. To help make targeting specific muscle groups easier, this treadmill comes with a manually adjustable incline.

This machine is designed to be small enough for any space, which is why it can be folded down after use and stored.

What’s Bad About It?

Sadly this treadmill is not designed to accommodate all weights - it is not recommended for people over 150 pounds as the design lacks strength and sturdiness. Another issue with this treadmill design is the fact that the track is small, meaning it’s not suitable for taller users. There have also been various reports that the box that the treadmill comes in is of a low quality, with many packages turning up ripped with parts missing. 

  • Compact and folds down easily, making storing it easier.
  • Various different speeds to accommodate a range of fitness needs
  • 3 adjustable inclines for the the treadmill
  • Quiet when being used, not too noisy like some other treadmill designs
  • Simple controls and easy to use
  • Notes calories burned, time and mileage when in use
  • Comes with iFit coaching and tracking technology that can be integrated with the tablet of the user’s choices
  • Not designed to be sturdy, despite the fact it has a steel frame it cannot cater well to heavier users
  • The track is small, making it unsuitable for taller users
  • The treadmill tends to be packaged in a low-quality way

This is a good treadmill that is a little on the small side. However, it is designed to be compact and easy to store, meaning that it’s small size is not unexpected. It’s simple to use and control, and others a range of settings, making it suitable for users of various fitness levels. However, it’s not the most sturdy treadmill and is not designed for heavier users.

2. MERAX JK1603E EASY ASSEMBLY FOLDING ELECTRIC TREADMILL MOTORIZED RUNNING MACHINE - Ideal For Small Spaces Due To A Folding Design, Easy To Move Around Thanks To Having Wheels Incorporated Into The Design

The Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine is designed to be stylish and contemporary, and ideal for using in even the smallest of spaces. The frame has been designed to be sturdy and sleek, in addition to being easy to put up and take down, as well as being easy to store. 

This treadmill is fitted with a quiet yet powerful motor which is able to cope with long-distance running sessions. 

This treadmill is fitted with a simple display that shows time, calories, distance run, speed, and heart rate. There are a range of high and low intensity pre-set programs to choose from. 

What’s Bad About It?

Because the track is narrow and small, it can be hard to run on without tripping over. This treadmill is not designed for larger users, it’s made for shorter and lighter users. Because this treadmill is made of cheaper materials, it is prone to breaking more easily. After just a handful of uses, part of this treadmill can begin to crack. Due to the size of this treadmill, it is recommended more for speed walking, rather than running, as its small size makes running somewhat difficult. The treadmill is very narrow, which can cause serious problems with the running belt, even when adjusted.

  • Budget-friendly treadmill
  • Small size means that it’s suitable for spaces of various sizes
  • The compact design that can be easily folded down means that this treadmill can be easily stored
  • This treadmill offers a range of pre-set programs that provide a range of workouts, speeds and challenges
  • This treadmill also has different options for different heights of users
  • This design also incorporates a great safety system, which is ideal for users of all ages
  • The track is narrow and small, which can make it hard to run on
  • This treadmill isn’t designed for larger users due to its small size
  • The size of this design means that many people find it a better fit for speed walking rather than running
  • The narrow track can cause issues with the running belt and how effectively it works

This treadmill is budget-friendly and has been designed to be a perfect fit for smaller spaces. However, while this treadmill is designed to fit into smaller spaces, and to do that needs to be compact and easy to fold away, it does not suit all users. This is because, being a smaller device, this treadmill is too small for many heavier and taller users to effectively use.

3. WESLO CADENCE G 5.9 TREADMILL Good For People Wanting Multiple Workout Options, A Smaller Treadmill Design, And A Supportive Design

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

Designed to offer quicker results in less time, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill features six personal trainer workout, each of which has been designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, has a 2 position manual incline and incorporates ‘Comfort Cell Cushioning’. This treadmill is designed to be the ideal tool for weight loss and increased physical performance.

What’s Bad About It?

While this treadmill is easy to assemble and starts off running effectively and quietly, over time the quality begins to slip. After being used on a regular basis, this treadmill can begin to break down and work less effectively, becoming noisier and even breaking in some areas. Another issue with this treadmill is the fact that it can cause a burning smell when being vigorously used. There have also been various problems with the motor and how it runs, in addition to the display and how that works.

  • This treadmill is quick and easy to put together
  • The design is compact and easy to collapse down after use
  • It has a digital display that shows time exercised, calories burnt, and distance
  • There are six pre-set programs that are ideal for users of various fitness levels and can be customised to offer a personalized workout
  • It runs fairly quietly
  • Inclining this treadmill is simple to do
  • Over time, with increased use, the quality of this treadmill begins to go downhill
  • With regular use, this treadmill can begin to break down and tends to stop working as effectively
  • When being used, a burnt smell can often be smelt
  • The motor does not always run smoothly

The quality of this treadmill is not high, as over time it begins to lose its power and effectiveness. Designed to be compact and easy to store, this treadmill is a little on the small side, which could be why it does not cope as well with regular, vigorous use. This treadmill is more expensive than both the Weslo Cadence G 5.91 Treadmill and the Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding ELectric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine but is less effective than both of these options, and seemingly will not last anywhere near as well.

4. GOPLUS 2.25HP ELECTRIC TREADMILL FOLDABLE RUNNING JOGGING FITNESS MACHINE FOR HOME & GYM BLACK JAGUAR Ⅲ - Great For Heavier Set People Due To The Sturdy Design And Ideal For Anyone Who Likes To Track Their Progress

The Goplus 2.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Running Jogging Fitness Machine Home Gym Black Jaguar III is designed to give users better results in less time. This treadmill has been designed to be strong and sturdy, thanks to its steel frame, meaning that it’s ideal for users of all weights and heights. Complete with easy-fold technology, this treadmill can be quickly folded down and easily stored out of the way.

What’s Bad About It?

Unfortunately, this treadmill’s electronics let it down slightly when it comes to the level of workout experience that it offers. When it comes to tracking the distance run or walked, this treadmill does not track this very accurately. Another downside to this machine is the fact that there’s no way to adjust your calories burned in relation to weight. This could mean that users are being told they’ve burned an incorrect amount of calories when that isn’t the case. This treadmill does not have a pause button, only ‘start’ and ‘stop’ buttons which means that when you want to take a break you have to press ‘stop’ which clears all your values in the display.

  • 5” Blue-Ray LCD display, offering a better watching and tracking experience when it comes to fitness
  • This treadmill incorporates both a tablet holder and a water bottle holder
  • The adjustable incline level of this treadmill can be easily adjusted and comes with three incline options
  • The running speed on this treadmill is easily adjustable and can be adjusted from 0.5 to 7.5 mph
  • This treadmill has a capacity of up to 250 pounds
  • Easy folding mechanism to make folding and unfolding this treadmill easier and safer
  • This treadmill has four silicone pads, two on each side of the treadmill - these pads reduce noise and decrease floor vibrations when the treadmill is in use
  • This treadmill has a safety key that connects the user to the machine and it also has an emergency stop button, providing double the level of protection
  • Large 17” by 47” rubber running belt offers a more stable running experience
  • 12 built-in workout programs, giving the user a better choice of workout options
  • The electronics of this treadmill don’t work as accurately as you would hope, with some of the values not recording properly
  • You also cannot change your calories burned based on weight, meaning that users can be given an incorrect value of burned calories
  • This treadmill lacks a ‘pause’ button, which means that the only option is to press stop when taking a break, which wipes out all recorded values

Overall, this is a fantastic treadmill. It has a few simple cons but nothing too serious. However, this is one of the more expensive treadmills, and so you would expect it to offer a much higher quality experience, which it does. This treadmill is larger, more sturdy, and designed to be suitable for a much wider range of users.

5. SUPERMATS SOLID P.V.C. MAT FOR TREADMILL- Ideal For Anyone Who Wants To Protect Their Flooring From Heavy Use On Workout Machines

SuperMats Solid P.V.C. Mat for Treadmill is designed to be a protective floor mat that is tough and durable and can be used to help protect hard floors and carpets from the damage that can be caused by heavy exercise equipment.

This protective floor mat can also help to cushion exercise equipment from excessive wear, helping to prolong the life of equipment.

Designed to fit multiple exercise units, this floor mat is ideal for treadmills, bikes, cross-country trainers, and ellipitcals. This mat is also designed to help reduce the feeling of vibrations, helping to prevent excessive wear, while muffling equipment noises.

What’s Bad About It?

Unfortunately, this mat isn’t as thick and durable as it’s designed to be. Heavy duty machinery such as a treadmill can easily tear the material of this mat. This mat can become worn rather quickly, and doesn’t last as well as it should do.

  • Designed to be strong and durable and long-lasting
  • Able to support heavy equipment
  • Helps to prevent wear and tear of flooring where machinery is placed
  • Can help to prolong the life of workout equipment
  • This mat is not as strong or durable as it is designed to be
  • It has a tendency to rip easily

While the concept of this floor mat is a great one, the reality is not so good. Unfortunately, this mat does not offer the high levels of protection that it promises, instead it rips easily and lacks durability.


Out of the five treadmills reviewed, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is the worst performing and the lowest quality option due to a range of factors. 

The Weslo Cadence G 5.91 Treadmill and the Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding ELectric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine both offer average experiences, while it’s the Goplus 2.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Running Jogging Fitness Machine Home Gym Black Jaguar III that really shines. 

However, this is also the most expensive and largest option, whereas the Weslo Cadence G 5.91 Treadmill and the Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding ELectric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine are both more affordable and smaller and thus, easier to store.

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