What Is The Best RC Drift Cars To Buy In 2020?

RC drift cars are so much fun. One try with such a vehicle and you’ll never want to try anything else— so when it comes to investing in your own, you want to be sure you make the right decision. 

Below, we’ll put some of the most popular RC drift cars to the test, so you can make the most informed purchasing decision imaginable…

Top 5 Best RC Drift Cars On The Market


  • Incredible speeds; can achieve up to 30mph
  • Fast and reliable charging thanks to Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery with iD technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Some reviewers have suggested issues with the gear wheels
  • Can be temperamental when trying the first charge
  • 12v “cigarette lighter” charger can be somewhat limiting


You want speed? You’ve got it with this incredible car. Yes, it’s expensive, but this is an RC drift car that can perform to the best of its abilities time and again. There’s very little this car can’t do, and while it’s an investment, it’s one that will continue to impress you time and time again. The Traxxas Slash is an RC car that won’t let you down, and it’s well worth considering if you’re happy to spend a little more on your vehicle.

The upsides

If you’re looking for truly incredible speeds, then look no further than this model—it’s head and shoulders above its competition. The max speed of 30mph is often commented on by those lucky enough to have a chance to play with it, and you won’t be disappointed when you experience its performance for yourself.

This is also an incredibly robust vehicle; is a high-end offering that can take all kinds of punishment. Prone to having a few bumps and crashes when playing? Not a problem— the Traxxas Slash’s incredible build quality will be able to survive!

Finally, it’s worth noting the impressive 2.4GHz radio system. As a result of this feature, communication between car and controller is consistently good, helping to end the frustration of lost and dropped signal once and for all!

The downsides

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to overlook the price: at Price not available, this is a lot of money for what is, essentially, a toy. It’s an extremely good toy, but if you’re on a budget, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Sadly, there is some talk of problems with the car’s battery. We didn’t have this problem with the product we tried, but many other reviewers have noted problems with the first charge of the vehicle. While we didn’t see this replicated in our tests, it is worth knowing if you’re going to be making an investment.

Finally — and maybe this one is more of a matter of personal taste than a genuine hindrance — but it’s not the most attractive of vehicles on the market, though you may see it differently!


  • Really great looking car that is consistently impressive
  • Great top speed, especially considering the price
  • Suitable for both on and off road usage
  • Some users report issues with control (though we didn’t notice any problems when we tested it)
  • Speed can mean the car is a little difficult to control if distracted during use
  • Can take awhile to charge


It looks great, it performs well, and it’s capable of reaching a top speed that many RC cars can only dream of— what more could you ask for? This is an RC car that balances price with function, and still offers a truly impressive speed despite what, on paper, looks like a lack of power. A great choice if you’re looking for a “serious” RC car as a hobby but don’t want to spend a month’s wages on a high-end option.

The upsides

Without a doubt, the top speed is seriously impressive; Rabing claim this model is able to perform in excess of 40kph, which is 24.8mph. So while it’s not the fastest RC car out on the market, it is among the fastest for its price class.

Does the car have the build quality to survive at those high speeds? Very much so; the sturdy design and structure is excellent. Furthermore, the outer body of the vehicle is waterproof, making this a great all-weather choice that is always going to be ready to use.

Finally, the stable remote control connection works even when there is 100m (328ft) between the control unit and the vehicle. That’s a pretty substantial distance for one of the more affordable RC drift cars on the market, making this a great combination of excellent pricing and sound performance.

The downsides

There’s some limitations with this model, the most notable of which being that there’s only a 10-15 minute play time per charge. This, unfortunately, shows the limit of the 9.6V 700mAh li-on battery.

In terms of performance, there’s some concern here too. Some customers have reported issues with the car freezing during use. We experienced a momentary hesitation a couple of times, but nothing out of the ordinary, so we can’t say that we really experienced a similar problem— but it’s worth noting.

Finally, an issue we discovered during use that may impact some users: there’s no incremental turning, which you may find irritating. It’s not something that really concerned us — and it’s pretty standard for a car in this price bracket — but if you’re concerned about maneuverability, it’s definitely a key point to note.


  • The customer service is known to be incredibly useful
  • Decent, if not lightning quick, speed
  • Suitable for all terrains thanks to large tires and stunning design features
  • Charge time is rather limited and may be off-putting to some buyers
  • The on/off switch is inconveniently located if you want to change the battery frequently
  • Some users say the car gets stuck in gear (though we didn’t have this problem with the model we tested)


If you want to venture out of the house to explore, then look no further than the Hosim 9112. You’ll have no problem exploring the backyard and beyond, and while it takes awhile to charge, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life when you’ve got it up and running. Overall, a great choice that doesn’t break the bank and offers plenty of flexibility.

The upsides

There’s no doubt this is a very powerful RC car. In fact, Hosim claim that the 9112 is fitted with the most powerful motor in its class; a brush 390 motor, which is noticeably impressive when in use.

You’ll definitely experience some great speed from that motor, too. The Hosim RC Car 9112 is able to achieve speeds of 38kph, which is around 23.6mph. That’s pretty impressive, and should be more than enough to slake most driver’s need for speed!

Finally, this is one of the best looking RC cars on the market. There’s an almost-arachnid look to its appearance, and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most fearsome-looking RC cars on the market today. We found this really enhanced the playing experience; sure, it’s a little superficial, but RC cars should look and feel cool in our opinion, and this one definitely makes its mark!

The downsides

Unfortunately, the battery charger can be a little temperamental, but this is true of most RC car chargers. The battery itself tends to perform well, so an investment in a second charger is probably a wise decision.

Additionally, the control arms can be flimsy under intense use, so the car may not be suitable for younger children who won’t know to be cautious with the pressure they exert.

Finally, the 10 minute run time on a full charge isn’t ideal and, one could argue, should be higher given this model is near the top of its price bracket. While not a dealbreaker, there’s no doubt this is disappointing.


  • Looks great
  • Able to perform at high levels of maneuverability
  • Surprising affordable given performance and overall quality
  • Limited battery power
  • Struggles on variable terrains, and especially grass
  • Speed is overrated by the manufacturer; 20mph is about the maximum


The limited battery power is somewhat concerning, and the fact you can’t go over a variety of terrains is a little surprising for a car of this price. However, these are relatively small concerns, and the GoStock RC Drift car is well worth a look if you want to get plenty of features — especially in regards to the overall control of the vehicle — without having to spend a fortune.

The upsides

The price is extremely reasonable for this car, especially given the plethora of features available. While it might not be the fastest car on the market, it is one of the most impressive in terms of features-to-cost ratio.

Additionally, it’s got to be said that the steering on this option is truly fantastic; without a doubt, the GoStock model is a great choice if you’re looking for a car that can negotiate tricky tracks and courses at speed. The universal 4CH steering is genuinely impressive, especially for a vehicle of this price.

Finally, we have to comment on the excellent build quality that many people — us included! — think rivals cars that are three times the price.

The downsides

Although the battery is fairly standard for cars of this price bracket — it’s a 9.6v 700mah — this does lead to rather limited playing times. Recharge time is two hours, so you’re looking at 10 minutes of operating for every two hours of charging.

Rather disappointingly, the car isn’t waterproof, which is a shame given how highly maneuverable it is. While it won’t disintegrate if it makes contact with water, it’s far from robust.

Lastly, it can take a few attempts to persuade the battery to charge when plugged into the connector, but this is a small quibble that shouldn’t be too concerning to potential buyers.


  • Low cost
  • Impressive design that is licensed by Lamborghini
  • Front and rear lights help to create a realistic spectacle
  • Runs off standard batteries, which can be expensive to replace
  • Body and paintwork is not of a particularly high quality
  • Unable to match the speeds of cars in the higher price brackets


This car is a winner if you’re on a budget. It’s the cheapest we’ve featured, but it still manages to be able to deliver an impressive array of features for the price— and there’s no denying it looks sublime.

The upsides

This is a car that looks truly astonishing— which comes as no surprise, given that it is a Lamborghini design. In terms of looks, this is one RC car that blows all others out of the water. What’s more, it’s a true 1/24 scale design, so it looks and feels authentic.

Most of us would associate Lamborghini with high prices, but that’s not the case with this fantastic RC version. This is one of the more affordable cars of its type, and offers significant value for money without compromising on the overall design.

Finally, there’s no doubt this model handles incredibly well given the price. The Qun Feng RC car is capable of making complex figure-eight turns, which is something many cars four times the price can’t quite manage. Impressive.

The downsides

As you might expect, the extremely low (by comparison) price does — for want of a better phrase! — cost you. The performance is nowhere near what you would expect from other RC cars, which is particularly noticeable in the run time: just eight to 10 minutes is all you will get on a single battery charge.

Worryingly, if the car bangs into something (and realistically, it’s definitely going to bang into something; that tends to be a given with RC cars!), then the paintwork will chip and scratch incredibly easily.

Finally, we noticed the wheels can be a little wobbly, which can make it unpredictable to drive. To avoid this, it’s best to stick to smooth surfaces such as hardwood flooring, which can be a little limiting in terms of your usage arena.


So whether you’re looking for an RC car for a bit of fun or as a serious hobby, one of the options above should suit your needs. Enjoy!

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