What Is The Best Snorkel Fins To Buy In 2020?

What’s the most important part of deep sea diving?

I think you’ll all agree with me when I say; getting the right equipment together.

Without the best equipment out there, you won’t be able to enjoy your diving experience at all. Not to mention the fact that you might not feel as safe as can be!

It can be hard to look through all the best diving snorkel sets and fins on the market, and you probably don’t have enough time on your hands to do so. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the result of hours and hours of intense research. I’ve stared at many snorkels, figuring out what’s good and bad about them. All my efforts have led to this; the five best snorkels money can buy right now:

Top 5 Best Snorkel Fins On The Market

1. U.S. Divers Dorado Mask - great for kids

The first product I looked at was the US Divers Dorado Mask, Proflex Fins, and Sea Breeze Snorkel Combo Set. Immediately, there are two things to love about this product. Firstly, it comes as a set, providing you with a snorkel, fins and mask all in one package. Secondly, it’s a great product for kids to use. There are lots of different sizing options to choose from, and everything is specifically designed to fit kids.


Things get even better when you look at the finer details of this product. For one, it has an ergonomically-shaped mouthpiece which makes it so much more comfortable for kids to use without experiencing fatigue in their jaw muscles. The snorkel fins come with vented blades, which helps you propel forwards underwater with ease. As well as this, there’s a very comfortable pocket to slide the foot into, and the buckles are very easy to adjust as well.

However, there are some negative points to mention as well. The first is that some people who’ve bought this experienced issues with the quality. After a few dives, the fins ripped, making them pretty much unusable. It’s possible that this could just be because the product wasn’t used properly, or the conditions were particularly bad, but it’s worth noting anyway. Some buyers also had issues with the way the snorkel fit around the face, and one person said their child had an allergic reaction to the plastic around the mouthpiece, so you should definitely bear that in mind.

  • A full snorkel set for a good price
  • Ergonomic design to fit small children
  • Lots of color schemes available
  • Quality is debatable
  • Some children struggled with the fit of the snorkel

2. PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set - best budget product

At around $29.99 you’re getting a product that definitely gives you more than you’re paying for. It has a whole host of great little features that really set it apart from many other snorkel sets on the market.


Everyone knows that diving can be very dangerous as you’re swimming around underwater. With a lot of snorkel sets, you end up with poor vision as the goggles can get clouded up very easily. However, the ProDive snorkel set is designed with an anti-fog lens to give you clear vision all the time. You won’t have to worry about your breath fogging up the lens on your mask, and you’ll easily be able to see around you at all times. 

In conjunction with this, the lens is made out of tempered glass which helps avoid any cracks or breakages - it keeps your face mask nice and sturdy! To round things off, the snorkel itself is made using state-of-the-art technology that makes it so much easier to breathe when you’re underwater. It’s designed to keep air out of the snorkel until you’re ready to take in a breath. By doing this, it stops any water from getting in and causing you to choke or splutter.

This snorkel set has received rave reviews, but there is one clear thing holding it back from being the perfect snorkel out there; the sizing. Unlike many other sets, this one is a ‘one-size fits all’ snorkel. Now, as you can probably imagine, there will be people out there who don’t fit this snorkel as well as others. So, it could be slightly uncomfortable for you if you have a narrow face or a wider-than-average face

  • Anti-fog lens with great vision
  • Very resilient mask
  • Great breathing technology
  • Really good value for money
  • Doesn’t come in different sizes

3. Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Kit - excellent for portability

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

Frameless masks are highly popular because they’re quite small and can be folded down and slotted into a bag with ease. This means you can carry them around everywhere, and even fit them in a small suitcase without taking up too much room. So, if you’re keen to bring a snorkel set on holiday, and don’t want to take up too much of your luggage allowance, then this is a great option for you.

  • Portable design that’s great for travel
  • Snorkel designed to stop water entering the breathing tube
  • Wide field of vision
  • Only comes in one size
  • No clear evidence that the mask won’t fog up

4. U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set - great for more serious/experienced divers

If you’re an experienced diver - or you take this more seriously than others - then you want to buy a snorkel set that reflects that. You’re not going to be looking at the cheap packages with hardly any great features; you want a complete package!

This offering from US Divers is a great option for you. It features a panoramic face mask, snorkel fins, a snorkel, and a bag to fit all your gear in. It’s the most expensive option on this list, but it’s well worth the money if you dive quite regularly and will get a lot of use out of it.


Starting with the face mask, it has lots of cool, innovative features that make it a really great product for divers. It’s made with a hypoallergenic silicone skirt, which guarantees no allergic reactions and makes the mask more comfortable. The snorkel is made to keep water away from the breathing tube, which in turn makes it much easier to breathe through the snorkel while underwater. 

As a bonus, there’s a nice little GoPro mount that lets you take cool first-person videos and photos while diving. The fins feature vented blades which give you the power you need to paddle at a relatively high speed without exerting too much energy.

All in all, it’s a nice set for someone that likes to dive regularly. Having said that, there have been a few problems that some people experienced when using this product. Mainly, a few people struggle to get the mask to fit properly, and can’t form a tight enough seal, which leads to water leaking in. Secondly, while the fins are adjustable to fit different sized feet, some found them a bit too narrow for theirs - which made them uncomfortable to wear.

  • GoPro compatible snorkel
  • High-quality fins that provide good power when swimming
  • Panoramic view face mask
  • Too expensive for some people
  • Mask can be uncomfortable and hard to fit properly

5. seaview 180 gopro - best viewing experience of any snorkel mask

The Seaview snorkel mask has one clear selling point above anything else; the viewing area. It’s got the biggest and widest view area of any snorkel mask out there. Seaview claims you get a full 180-degree view with the mask on, allowing you to see pretty much everything around you when underwater. Along with this, the mask is made using a fog-resistant design, which helps keep a clear viewing area at all times.


All in all, you get a snorkel mask that offers the best viewing experience out there right now.

That’s not all, there are other things to like about this product as well. It’s very easy to use as there aren’t many parts to this snorkeling mask. One of the most noticeable missing features is an actual breathing tube. In this product, no tube attaches to your mouth. 

Instead, it features a full-face design that prevents the triggering of your gag reflex - which can be an issue in some other snorkels thanks to the tubes. In conjunction with this, you also have a snorkel that’s made to prevent water from entering the mask and causing you to choke when breathing. To round off the good features, it has a GoPro mount to attach your camera to as well.

There are only two clear issues with this product, and one is the price. It’s not the most expensive product on my list, but you don’t really get a lot for what you pay. Yes, it’s a quality product that’s proven to work. However, for a little bit of extra money, you could buy an entire snorkel set including fins as well. 

The other issue is that it can only really be used for surface snorkeling. If you want to dive more than 6 feet below the surface, then this isn’t the product for you.

  • Innovative design that makes breathing easier
  • Mask doesn’t fog up
  • Excellent viewing range
  • A tad expensive for some
  • Can only be used at surface-level


There are five different snorkel sets on this list for you to have a look at. In many ways, it’s not so much about seeing which one is the all-around winner, it’s more about finding which one is best for your needs.

If you want something for children to use, then the only option is the US Divers Dorado Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Combo Set. It’s made for kids, whereas the others are tailored towards adults.

For those of you that want a snorkel set to take on holiday with you - or one that just doesn’t take up too much space - then the Cressi Frameless Mask & Dry Snorkel is your best option. It folds away easily and can be taken pretty much anywhere in a small bag.

Then, you have the SeaView Snorkel mask, which is an ideal product for people that really want a good viewing experience when surface diving. It has the best lens out of all the products on this list, so if you want to pay for a top-quality mask, then this is the one for you.

If you’re serious about diving and want to buy a complete set with fins, mask, and snorkel, then the US Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set is a good option for you. It gives you everything you need to start snorkeling and has a great pair of fins as well.

Lastly, if you’re looking at value-for-money snorkel sets, then the ProDive Premium Dry Top Snorkel set is ideal. It has an anti-fog lens for a great viewing experience, a really good breathing tube, and it comes in at under $30.

Hopefully, after looking at all the different products on offer, you can now come to a more informed decision when buying your snorkel set!

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