What Is The Best Tennis Ball Machines To Buy In 2020?

Finding a tennis partner can be extremely difficult. If only there were some way of being able to practice tennis without relying on someone else!

Hang on a second...there is! All you need is a great tennis ball machine, and you can hit the courts and practice on your own whenever you want.

Naturally, there are hundreds of different tennis ball machines out there, all with different features, in different sizes, and at different prices. How do you find the one that’s best for you?

Don’t worry, your decision is made much easier thanks to my hours of research into these products. I’ve finally managed to separate the best from the rest and shortlisted the top five tennis ball machines money can buy right now. Check out all these products and their full reviews right here:

Top 5 Best Tennis Ball Machines On The Market

1. Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine - perfect for serious players

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

The Spinshot-Plus Tennis Ball Machine is ideal for all the serious tennis players out there. Due to all the quality features, it helps recreate the feeling of playing against an actual opponent on cour. This is largely done via the incredible oscillation modes that allow the machine to fire balls all around the court at random angles and directions. Furthermore, it can be set to random speeds that help replicate playing an opponent who might hit different shots at different times during a point. This is enhanced by the fact you can alter the spin put on the balls as well, along with a top speed of 110kmh.


One of the main features of this ball machine is the mobile phone app companion. This gives you the ability to control everything mentioned above, but without needing to be near the machine. So, from the other side of the court, you can program the machine to your desires. There’s also a ‘match-play’ simulation program that tries to replicate the feeling of playing a practice match.

You may think that all of this comes in a massive package that’s hard to move around, but you’d be wrong. This ball machine may be large, but it has compact wheels that make it so easy to move around the court. As well as this, you can put your tennis bags on the machine and move them all together.

The clear downside of this ball machine is that it's very expensive. As a result, you probably shouldn’t buy it unless you’re a serious player that will absolutely get the most use out of it. What’s more, the ball capacity is around 120 balls, which is still very good, but you expect a bigger capacity from such an advanced product. To add to this, while the machine is easy to move around, it’s far from attractive in design. It looks like a big metal box, which means it could be hard to store when not in use.

  • So many advanced features
  • Mobile app companion
  • Can alter spin, oscillation, height, and power
  • Easy to move around
  • Very robust & durable
  • Very expensive
  • Quite ugly design
  • Could do with bigger ball capacity

2. spinshot-player tennis ball machine - the most advanced ball machine on the market

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The Spinshot-Player is easily the most advanced ball machine money can buy. In many ways, it’s similar to the Spinshot-Plus, but with a key difference; it can be programmed using an Apple Watch. This is the only tennis ball machine that has this ability, which means you can change things like spin, height, direction, and feed rate from your watch.


As you can imagine, this is highly beneficial for people training on their own as you don’t have to be near the ball machine and you don’t have to keep your phone in your pocket or keep walking to your bag to change the machine settings. Also, you can program the machine to create your own tennis drills - which you can save via the app and re-run whenever you want. This makes it so useful when you want to practice particular things to hone certain skills on the court.

This machine is capable of any oscillation, meaning it can shoot balls all over the court like a real player. Much like the Spinshot-Plus, you can also change the amount of topspin/backspin on each delivery, giving a more accurate representation of match play. As with all tennis ball machines, the speed of delivery is very important. 

Here, you can set the speed to a maximum of 110kmph and a minimum of 30kmph. Again, this helps you deal with a variety of different shots, which is exactly what you’ll experience when up against a proper player. It’s a relatively small machine too, making it easy to transport and move around the court.

From a critical point of view, you could argue that the ball capacity is again a bit small considering how advanced this machine is. When you have cheaper products offering over 150 ball capacity, then the 120 balls from this one isn’t too great. Also, as with the other Spinshot machine, the design is a bit of an eye-sore on the court.

  • Most advanced features of any ball machine
  • Can use the app via your Apple Watch
  • So many variables in ball speed/height/spin, etc.
  • Portable design
  • Quite ugly to look at
  • A bit heavy to move
  • Could do with a better ball capacity

3. lobster sports elite 2 portable tennis ball machine - brilliant mid-range option

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

If you play a lot of tennis and are looking for a great tennis ball machine at a fairly reasonable price, then the Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine is great for you. It’s quite an advanced piece of kit, but it’s a good few hundred dollars cheaper than some of the other options on this list. It can shoot balls out at different oscillations; random, horizontal, and vertical. Along with this you can change the speed of the balls, and put different types of spin on them too. 

You can alter all of these things using a remote control, which means you don’t need to constantly walk back and forth between the machine and your side of the court.


One big thing I like about this machine is the ball capacity. It lets you store over 150 balls in the basket, meaning you will take a fair bit of time before you run out and need to reload it. Also, I think the design is very good too, it looks a lot better than some of the other options on this list. Plus, with a big handle at the back, and some large wheels, it’s very easy to move this machine around. This is quite light too, which makes it easy to load into the back of a vehicle when you’re done for the day.

However, the lightness can also factor in as a bit of a negative point too. As this machine is made of plastic, it’s not as durable as some others. All it takes is a misplaced forehand or serve, and you could damage it. The only other negative aspect is that it doesn’t boast as many features as other tennis ball machines, so it’s not the most complete product out there.

  • Great design
  • Can alter a lot of things like speed, spin, and oscillation
  • Nice and portable
  • Not phenomenally durable
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app

4. lobster sports elite 1 portable tennis ball machine - a great portable ball machine

Weighing in at just 42lbs and with a brilliant ergonomic design, this ball machine is great if portability is the defining factor for you. Even when the hopper is full (it can take 150 tennis balls) this machine is very easy to move around the court and place wherever you want. The handle is positioned in such a way that you won’t have to stoop over the machine to wheel it around, which helps prevent unnecessary injuries on the court.


Portability isn’t the only feature this ball machine can boast, it’s also a very good machine for players of all different standards. There’s a very basic corner-to-corner sweeping feature that puts balls in either corner of the court to help you practice your defensive skills. Not only that, but you can still change a lot about the delivery of each ball. You’re able to change the speed of each delivery, along with the feed rate to make training tougher or easier depending on your skill level.

Having said all this, there are some negative aspects to address as well. Mainly, you can’t really program this device as well as some of the others. Also, while the ball capacity states it’s 150, you will find it impossible to move this machine around without spilling the balls everywhere. So, bear that in mind when moving it around the court. Furthermore, the price tag is a bit inflated considering it doesn’t have a mobile app or the depth of features that other machines in this price area have.

  • Best portable design out there
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Good for both beginners and more advanced tennis players
  • Not as advanced as other ball machines
  • Lacks the programming depth that other machines boast

5. lobster sports elite liberty tennis ball machine - best budget ball machine

If you’re a beginner, then this is probably the only tennis ball machine worth looking at. Yes, it’s not the most advanced piece of kit out there, but you get it for comfortably under $1000, which is a great price for a great ball machine. It's very light too, which makes it so easy to move between your car and the court. The manufacturers themselves state that this was designed purely for people up to an intermediate level, so bear that in mind if you buy it.


I think you still get some good features with this ball machine, such as the ability to alter the speed, oscillation, and even the height of deliveries. This is great as it helps players get used to the different types of shot they’re likely to face on a tennis court. There’s a feed rate of up to 12 seconds too, which gives beginners the chance to get back into position between shots.

The obvious negatives are all going to be based on the lack of advanced features. If you’re looking for a ball machine that's got incredible depth and will help you train for important matches, then this probably isn’t the option for you. On a similar note, the main complaints with this product are that you grow out of it very quickly. So, it’s perhaps best for tennis coaches that spend a lot of time working with beginners.

  • Very affordable price
  • Decent features when you consider the price
  • Good ball capacity
  • Great for beginners
  • Lack of advanced features mean you grow out of the machine quickly

tennis ball machines buyer’s guide

Which of these five tennis ball machines is the perfect match for you? To help you make the best decision, we need to evaluate who’s suited to each product.

Firstly, if you want the most advanced product on the market - and don’t care about the price - then get the Spinshot-Player ball machine. However, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, then you may as well save a bit of money and get the Spinshot-Plus as it has most of the same features. Both of these machines are great for experienced and serious players.

Next, if you’re an advanced player that’s looking for a mid-range option, then I suggest the Lobster Sports Elite 2. It packs a lot of features for a price that’s more affordable than the first two options.

However, if you want a portable ball machine that can cater to different skill levels, then the Lobster Sports Elite 1 is well worth considering.

Lastly, for beginners, you should choose the Lobster Sports Elite Liberty.

You’ve seen the reviews, you’ve read the buyer’s guide, now go out there and spend your money wisely!

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