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December 28, 2019

What Is The Best Wall Safes To Buy In 2020?

buying guide for best wall safes for home

Nowadays, everyone owns certain things that they deem extremely valuable - either in monetary or sentimental value. As a result, there’s a big thing you always consider:

How can I keep my most valuable possessions safe at all times?

The best answer to this is a wall safe.

A wall safe acts as a secure place to hold belongings and make them almost impossible for other people to take. In the event of a burglary, you can be safe knowing that any perpetrators will luck out as they’ll never be able to open your safe and steal your most valued possessions.

So, how do you choose the best wall safe around?

This is where my guide comes into play. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with different safes, trying to figure out which ones are better than others. Consequently, I’ve got a shortlist of the five best wall safes for you to buy right now.

Top 5 Best Wall Safes On The Market

Most Recommended Wall Safes: Detailed Reviews 2020

1. sentrysafe xxl combination safe: the best safe out there right now

If you’re serious about wall safes and need something that has industrial strength and security, then the SentrySafe XXL Combination Safe is your best bet. This is truly the best safe out there at the moment, and this is reflected in its price.

While considerably more expensive than anything else on this list, you get loads of safety features for the money. It’s impeccably built and is designed to be resistant to both fire and water - ensuring all your belongings stay safe regardless of what threats come around. There are tests to back this up, it’s proven to last up to an hour at 17000 degrees Fahrenheit, and can withstand 8 inches of water for 24 hours.

You will be interested in this product if you’re after a big safe too. The interior dimensions sit at 19.6in H x 14.8in W x 11.9in D. This provides you with more than enough room to hold a whole host of belongings. So, you don’t have to painstakingly choose between just a couple of things to put in there, you can really load it up.

It comes with a traditional combination lock too, creating millions of different possible combinations, and just adding an extra layer of security to the safe.

What's Wrong With The Product?

Taking everything into account, this safe is ideal for business use along with personal. So many important documents of computer storage devices can be locked away inside and kept safe.  Secondly, it’s extremely heavy. This means it’s very hard to move, so you’re probably going to have to keep this in one place and never transport it.

  • Excellent build quality and fire/water resistant
  • Combination lock for added security
  • Plenty of space inside
  • Hefty price tag compared to other wall safes on the market
  • Too heavy to move on your own

2. paragon 7750 electronic wall lock and safe: best safe for a small budget

When you see a product that’s so much cheaper than any other products in the same category, you immediately assume it’s cheap and rubbish. This wall safe couldn’t be further from this definition. While cheap in price, it’s high-quality regarding how it’s built.

The safe is very heavy-duty and can be anchored and concealed within a wall. To add to this, it’s tested and proven to be pry-proof, meaning burglars can’t remove it and steal your safe.

The safe door is made out of ⅛” solid steel that’s nigh on impossible to break. Inside, you have three different shelves that provide ample room with dimensions of 20.25” H x 14.25” W x 3.75 D. The lock is electronic, with a keypad that you can programme a PIN into, or use a physical key if you wish.

What's Wrong With The Product?

This is far from the perfect product, even though it’s so cheap. Immediately, you have security concerns with the lock. A key can easily be lost or stolen, then copied over and over again meaning loads of people can unlock your safe. Similarly, it’s easier to crack the code on PIN safes because of potential fingerprint smudges on the buttons. There’s also a slight design flaw in that the lock protrudes slightly outwards. This won’t be an issue for many people, but if you intend on buying a safe that can hide behind a painting, then it will be problematic.

  • Unrivalled value for money
  • Rather spacious interior
  • Brilliant build quality
  • Can’t conceal it behind a painting or anything else of the sort
  • Potential security issues with a physical lock and key

3. barska biometric wall safe: most high-tech wall safe

If you’re looking for a safe that’s packed full of technology designed to keep things more secure, then the Barska Biometric Wall Safe is ideal for you.

The secret to this safe lies in its name; there’s a biometric fingerprint scanner that you use to open and unlock the safe. This technology means it’s pretty much impossible for someone to open your safe unless you’ve registered their fingerprint to it. You get an emergency pair of keys too, just in case technology fails you, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

You’ll find a good bit of space inside the safe too, meaning you can store a handful of personal or valuable belongings. It fits nicely into walls too and is so easy to conceal behind a painting, bookcase, or anything else. The safe only weighs 29 lbs when empty too, meaning it’s very easy for two people to move between locations, and can even be lifted by one relatively strong adult.

What's Wrong With The Product?

However, there are certain things I maybe don’t enjoy so much about this safe. Again, there are the emergency keys - which some people might like - but I think they compromise security as it’s easy to accidentally leave them in a desk drawer where they can easily be stolen. Also, it’s really not a deep safe at all. So, although there are decent height and width to it, you lack space somewhat on the inside.

  • Fingerprint scanner for incredibly high-tech security
  • Relatively light and easy to move
  • Very easy to conceal inside a wall
  • Comes with a set of keys that add a potential security risk
  • Not very deep, meaning there’s less space for belongings.

4. stack-on pws-1522 wall safe: great value safe for under $100

The Stack-On PWS-1522 is one of the cheaper options on this list. It comes has a lot of neat little features that might make it the ideal safe for you.

When it comes to build-quality, this product is made out of solid steel, and the door is completely pry-resistant. This makes it very robust, durable, and hard to get into. On the door itself, you’ll find an electronic lock that can be programmed to unlock with a PIN of your choice. It has the added feature of timing out after three incorrect PIN attempts, making this lock very hard to crack.

Inside you have a decent amount of storage that comes with little things here and there to make it slightly more advanced than the other budget option on my list. For example, you can remove the shelves inside if you want more room, and there’s even a document holder to keep paper files, etc. To add to this, there’s a key rack for you to store any valuable keys in the safe too.

What's Wrong With The Product?

The main issue with this product is the storage space inside. The shelves really aren’t deep at all, meaning you’ll struggle to get loads of things in there, particularly if the objects of your choice are deep as well. If you need to store loads of things in a secure safe, then this might not be the best option for you.

  • Very attractive price
  • Nice timeout feature after three failed PIN attempts
  • Cool storage ideas with removable shelves and key rack
  • Not a great deal of storage space

5. protex pws-1814e: great design and very well-rounded safe

Last update on 2022-09-30 PST - Details

This wall safe is nicely well-rounded and balanced in its design. It doesn’t have any crazy standout features, but it also doesn’t have any major negative points either. It just does its job nicely and is a safe you can trust to work for you.

Visually, it looks nice and is designed in such a way that you can very easily fit it into a wall cavity and conceal it behind something. Noting protrudes, and there’s not even a handle to worry about either. This is because the door is motorized and will open for you when you key in the PIN code.

Speaking of the motorized lock, this comes with some really thick, heavy duty, locking bolts. As such, the door is virtually impossible to prize open by force. It’s possibly the most burglary resistant safe out of the ones on this list - barring the high-end option. 

What's Wrong With The Product?

Like I said, there’s not a great deal wrong with the product. I think it fits the price range fairly well and you do get good bang for your buck. Having said that, my main gripe is (again) the lack of depth. You really can’t, but anything big in this safe, meaning it might not be a suitable option for certain people. If all you’re storing are thin documents or small things, then it probably won’t bother you.

  • Heavy duty motorized locks make it very burglar-proof
  • Great design makes it easy to conceal
  • Hardly any depth inside for storage of larger items

buyer’s guide

After looking at each safe individually, I can come to a conclusion as to which ones are best for which people. 

Firstly, if you want the cheapest safe out there , then the Paragon 7750 is easily the best option for you. It’s low-budget but still fairly spacious and very secure. 

Secondly, if you want the best safe on the market and don’t care about the price, then you need the SentrySafe XXL. Nothing can rival it regarding build quality, security, or size. 

Next, if you care a lot about security and want the comfort of modern technology, then I suggest the Barska Biometric Wall and its wonderful fingerprint scanner. 

For anyone wanting a good value safe, I suggest the Stack-On PWS-1522 with its unique storage options. 

Lastly, if you just want a well-balanced safe that’s not too expensive, not too cheap, and does a decent all-round job, then go for the Protex PWS-1814E

top rated wall safe 2020

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