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May 27, 2021


BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L)
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE – Removes hair, dirt, and debris from carpets, car interiors, furniture, and high-traffic areas.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Easy to carry and maneuver, even in tight spaces.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – On-board extension means you won’t need to bend over as often.
  • ROTATING SLIM NOZZLE – Nozzle rotates 180° to fit into tight spaces at different angles.
  • PULL-OUT CREVICE TOOL – Accesses hard-to-reach areas like between couch cushions and on top of shelves.

Last update on 2022-11-19 PST - Details

The hand vacuum cleaner is a very popular vacuum cleaner. It has a specific criterion, which makes it glorious. It is also a handy, inexpensive and very swift cleaner tool. The lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner is ideal for any car or house. Since it comes packed with a lithium ion battery, it is always there when you need it as it can be used for 18 months without charging. The lithium ion battery allows provides it with a long battery life as well as an outstanding performance. It is lighter in weight than NiCad units and does not have memory. In this way, you can recharge it as soon as you are done using it.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, it will be necessary for you to understand a few basics about vacuum cleaners before making a purchase. In the market, you can come across many different kinds of vacuums – canister, upright, stick, etc. Every vacuum has its strengths and its weaknesses. If you are aware about them, along with your intended use, you can easily purchase the ideal vacuum cleaner for the job. Handheld vacuums are in a way light. They have been designed in such a way so that they can be held in one hand. They have also been designed for very quick pick-up jobs, for getting into hard to reach areas, and sometimes for vacuuming in vehicles.

They are usually cordless and bag less. Its dust container is very small. Similar to the stick vacuum, when considering a battery operated unit you should give due weightage to the battery life and the battery recharge time. These days the vacuum cleaners are so smart that they seem like super efficient housekeepers for the way they take over most of the cleaning functions of the house. They disinfect kitchens, and bathrooms, clean ceilings, windows, air out upholstery, tiles, restore lifeless house plants, mattress and curtains and defrost the freeze. They even remove creases from ones’ garments! They are certainly multi functional gadgets that no modern home or office can do without. All of these multiple functions are housed in a device as compact and portable as a travel bag.

In the lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner you will no longer have to run the battery all the way down to maintain maximum battery performance. The cyclonic action helps to keep the suction power strong and filter clean. Its crystalline bag less dirt bowl makes it easy to see the dirt and empty it when the bowl is full. You can get it with a removable as well as a washable bowl and filters for easy and thorough cleaning. You will no longer have to touch or replace a dirty bag. With its on-board extension, you can reach tighter areas and clean with less bending. You will also get a built-in brush attachment that can be flipped down for use when necessary as well. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.





Its smart charge technology helps to protect your lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner managing long run times, year after year. This unit includes a hand vac, a washable filter – VF110, a washable pre-filter, an on-board brush, an on-board crevice tool, and a charging base. It also includes flip-up brush, extending and rotating nozzle, wide mouth tool, hose and hose adapter tool.


The lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner easily cleans up messes wherever they happen – great for use in your car or RV too. It contains a large, clear dirt cup so you can easily see when it’s time to empty. It is light in weight and has a reusable filter.


The lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner has a strong Suction and Fade Free Power. Despite the tiny battery that the vacuum has, it has commendable suction power.


It boasts of a lightweight as well as a creative shape, so that the users can exploit a turning thin spout outline amalgamated with a built-in enhancement cleavage characteristic. Its thin spout provides the users with a 50 % more prominent range than past. It is ideal for that hard-to-get-to zones and tight spots. Its wide mouth configuration can gather up more garbage. It can also flip up the brush to clean upholstery or augment the cleft to get to tight spaces. It has a fast charging base that keeps the unit charged and the frill sorted out.


The product dimensions provided are 17.2 inches x 5.5 inches x 7.8 inches. The company also offers a 2-years limited warranty on the 16 volts Lithium cordless dust buster hand vacuum cleaner.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L)
BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L)
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Easy to carry and maneuver, even in tight spaces.; ERGONOMIC DESIGN – On-board extension means you won’t need to bend over as often.

Last update on 2022-11-19 PST - Details



  • 16Volt MAX Lithium Ion Dust buster: It provides the customers whatever they require in a hand held VAC asides from its long battery life on an annual basis.
  • Battery: It has an excellent Great battery, which is long lasting, quick recharge, no memory issue, leave on the charger so that you always have a full charge.
  • Cyclonic Action: The cyclonic activity twists clean and trashes away from the filter keeping suction strong.
  • Easy Clean: Other included helpful features of this Dustbuster incorporate the simple to-clean-and empty bowl and the machine washable filter. For a more exhaustive clean, just expel the whole bowl from the unit and wash it in your sink.
  • Smart Charge Technology: Its efficient Lithium particle chargers help to secure your lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner with the help by being automatically shut off when the battery is charged, so that you can easily store your Black & decker hand VAC on the charger while maintaining long run times, year after year.


  • Battery: The battery in this product is in-built and cannot be changed or replaced. Moreover, if the battery is charged overnight, it tends to create a sound, which can be worrying.
  • Dirt cup: Dirt cup is smaller compared to other vacuum cleaners; thereby, cleaning at smaller intervals becomes a must.


The lithium cordless dustbuster hand vacuum cleaner is excellent for those people who are looking for a reasonably priced handheld that doesn’t forever to charge. It is available at a cheap price and you still get a 2-year warranty, which is what I like about this vacuum cleaner. For spot cleanups, it performs a fantastic job; it will not pick up larger bits of dirt though because the nozzle is narrow.

You cannot replace the battery so you’re looking at a disposable vacuum. According to the experts a lithium ion battery should last anywhere between 2 to 3 years so if you get this much it’ll be money well spent. Read more about best car vacuum cleaner in here.

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