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A Pomeranian Fur Ball May Just Be What You Need

Pomeranians are a breed of dogs descended from the Spitz type of dogs. They are named for the Pomerania region, an area divided between Poland and Germany. These are typically small dogs and are among the most sought after dog breeds in the USA and other parts of the world. So, if you wish to own these cute bundles of joy, read on, and get to know them. Don’t stop with a mere “how much are Pomeranians worth the hype and cost?

Characteristics of Pomeranians:

How much are Pomeranians friendly?

If you wish to own sprightly, cuddly, and frisky pets, then Pomeranians may just be right for you. They are playful and full of energy. Don’t let their size fool you. For a breed that is classified as a toy dog breed, Pomeranians are incredibly intelligent, friendly, and respond wonderfully to training.​

Pomeranians are not just cute eye candy. They can hold their own and be aggressive and persevering in proving themselves. They are curious free-spirited creatures though they love a good cuddle too.


One of the best characteristics of a Pomeranian dog is that it is very adaptable. The Pomeranian can adjust to a big space as comfortably as it can to a small apartment. This probably is one reason; Pomeranians are flaunted around even in handbags as show-dogs. They are active indoors and take to the cooler months much better than the summer months.​

Pomeranians are good watchdogs. Their alertness and attitude are mention-worthy. When trained, they can be good helpers too. They are inquisitive and observant. These little fur balls think big and on par with humans and other larger creatures. Despite their tiny size, they can be a handful when antagonized.

On the downside, they are fussy, when it comes to food. Pomeranians tend to bark and howl. If they are trained early on, they get along with other pets in the house. Their tendency to bark consistently at visitors and strangers is well-known. However, the training must extend to keeping them quiet after a few barks. Otherwise, these feisty little creatures tend to bark continuously. Pomeranians require safe and efficient training when around children. They are not great child-friendly dogs.​

Physical attributes of the Pomeranians:

Pomeranians are tiny compact-sized dogs. They weigh at around 5 to 8 lbs and come with a height of under 1 foot. They are abundantly coated with soft yet thick and fluffy fur. The tails of the Pomeranians are straight or slightly curved in their early days and over time these tails tend to become fluffier and fan over their backs.


The Pomeranians tend to have bright almond-shaped eyes with a wedge-shaped head that is in proportion with the body. The dogs’ ears are small and erect and set high. The muzzle is short, but straight and a stop that is well-pronounced. The scissor-bite sharp teeth are another noteworthy physical feature of a Pomeranian.

Pomeranian furs come in several colors black, white, red, copper, brown, cream and golden and tend to be longer and thicker around the neck and chest area.​

Are Pomeranians smart, talented and popular dogs?

We all know that Pomeranians, as mentioned above are smart creatures always on a mission. They’d rather entertain and frolic than take a quiet snooze at the corner.

How much are Pomeranians capable of being trained? These fur balls can be very obedient and enjoy training. Which is why these have always been considered showman dogs “in the ring”. Their naturally alert and observant nature makes them good watchdogs too.​

Their perky, adorable nature has earned them consistently a spot in the top 15 most popular dog breeds of all time. The Pomeranians today, are considered “accessory” pets, more a prop for celebrity-dom. They are regularly featured in commercials and entertainment shows.​

The breed’s positive and likeable characteristics make their owners consider them a prized possession

Pomeranians among top dog breeds​

Their immense popularity makes Pomeranians one among the top breeds. There is a big price range for the Pomeranians and the price, in turn, is determined by some factors.

How much are the Pomeranians’ cost?

The cost price of a Pomeranian could anywhere be between $500 for an ordinary variety to $4500 for a thorough purebred one. An average price estimate revealed that Pomeranians cost somewhere around $600 to $1600.

The pure breeds are more expensive than the hybrid varieties. When you are ready to look for a Pomeranian companion, decide why you want to buy one. Do you intend your Pomeranian to be an accessory, show dog or a family pet? The cost is significantly affected by the quality and purity of the breed and the overall appearance of the Pomeranian dog.​

Purebred Pomeranians tend to be more costly because of their distinguishing features. The mixed breed varieties tend to have characteristics of both breeds that it takes after. For example, Pomeranian pups with a snow-white, blemish less fur or a soft fur coat with rare and outlandish colors will raise the price a few notches up than the regular varieties.​

The best age to bring a Pomeranian home​


Apart from the breed, the age of the Pomeranian is also a determining factor for the question, “how much is a Pomeranian’s cost?” The best period to bring a Pomeranian home could be anywhere between 5 to 8 weeks after its birth when it can be weaned and trained to adjust according to its surroundings. So, it’s a general thumb rule that the younger the dog, higher will be its price. And older the dog, lower will be the price.

Other general points to be considered when buying a Pomeranian:

  • The prices vary depending on a few other factors including availability, state regulations and shipping costs if any.
  • Pomeranians tend to cost less in the winter months, from October to February, because the demand is less during the winter season and also because most Pomeranian breeders take a break in the fall/ autumn so that there are no litters in the winter. The spring and summer months usually experience a rise in Pomeranian demand and therefore, they tend to cost more during these seasons.
  • A proper registration record shows the overall well-being and reliability of the breed, though there may be a few good unregistered dogs which make healthy, happy pets. Dogs that have been registered as per regulatory standards indicate good quality and care taken by the breeder towards them.
  • Don’t be fooled by very high or very low prices. Ensure that you make a well informed choice. Read and understand fully the deal offered by the dog breeder or seller, before you make the payment.
  • The onus and details don’t end with the purchase of a pet. Ensure that you are ready for the responsibilities ahead; for example, the cost of maintenance and upkeep of your pet.

Some general care and grooming tips for Pomeranians:

Pomeranians are generally high maintenance in terms of cost and time, because of their fluffy fur.

Pomeranians have thick fur, which tends to shed a lot. Regular grooming is essential to prevent tangles and mats on your pet’s body which may cause discomfort and irritation.​

Pomeranians respond wonderfully to grooming and trimming. These are absolutely essential for maintaining the overall health and hygiene of your pet. So, it is necessary to fall into the regular comb, brush and comb routine as quickly as possible.


There are regular maintenance expenses like dog food and visits to the veterinarian for immunisation and general health checks.

The removal of dewclaws for a Pomeranian is generally left to the discretion of its owner. How much do Pomeranians’ cost in grooming and styling?

Pomeranian grooming is generally more expensive than the grooming prices for other regular breeds if you intend to have a Pomeranian as a ‘purse’ dog.​

Overall health care for Pomeranians:

Generally, Pomeranians are healthy and strong dogs when their hygiene is well taken care of. These tiny fur balls may require more attention and are prone to certain canine issues and health problems, just like any other dog breed.

The average lifespan of a Pomeranian is 10- 18 years and most health problems tend to crop up with old age.

A general summary:​

Pomeranians are very adorable. Their popularity is not just because of their cute, cuddly looks, but also, because of their several endearing traits. They are smart creatures which can make owners do what they want them to do. They don’t get along well with children but can be trained to accept their circumstances more genially. They tend to bark a lot, which some may consider negative. But to be fair to these tiny balls of energy, these have a great attitude that spells positivity and cheer. Owning a pet is not just fun it is a responsibility and teaches some core values of kindness, care and compassion to human beings. It’s not just about how much are Pomeranians, but it's majorly about whether you are up to the joys and travails of including this tiny fur ball in your life.​

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