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August 5, 2022

How much are Samoyed Puppies? Get the Best Deal for a Pooch you’ll Love

Dog-owners to be share one common issue: how do you choose the right puppy? What with so many breeds to pick from, it is only natural that you should feel at a loss. I should know since it happened to me.

Wife and kids were all crazy about these snow dogs called Siberian Samoyed. At first, I dished the whole idea based on purely economic grounds. After all, how much are Samoyed puppies anyway? Let me tell you one thing, boy was I wrong, by the time I finished doing my research, I was fully converted, not only to the dog but mostly to the business deal I was about to strike.

In this article, you will find something I learned the hard way. The #1 mistake most prospective Samoyed puppy owners make is that they focus on money rather than on the gain. Here you will find the right tips to help you learn how much Samoyed are puppies; but above all, how to get one without straining your family budget.

Why Get A Samoyed?

If you have made up your mind that a Samoyed puppy is the right dog for your family, this means that you have done plenty of research on the breed. Vigorous, robust and playful, a Samoyed is the type of puppy that will need tons and tons of supervision and care.

This is not why you chose this dog, right? According to the American Pet Association, Samoyeds can be listed among the most sociable honest dog breeds. Even when they do not possess any guarding instincts at all, “Sammies” are well-known for their persistent barking spells that may help to announce the arrival of visitors or trespassers.



How much are Samoyed puppies is a question whose answer will vary according to several factors: where you live, time of year and age of the puppy. Some states have a longer tradition of Samoyed breeders than others, and climatic issues do matter.

How much are Samoyed puppies is a question whose answer will vary according to several factors: where you live, time of year and age of the puppy. Some states have a longer tradition of Samoyed breeders than others, and climatic issues do matter.

  • How Much are Samoyed Puppies in your Region

On average, your puppy will run anywhere from $675 to $1,300 https://herepup.com. However, the best breeders in Florida offer Sammies for about $2,000- $2,600. The reasons for this price difference may be based on the assumption that northern dog breeds have a hard time to adapt to warm weathers. Nonetheless, recent research, as well as dog-owners personal experience, has concluded that Sammies do well in warmer climates. For further information on this topic, link here: http://www.samoyed.org/heat.html

  • Age of Puppy

According to www.dogtime.com, the best age to take a puppy home is about eight weeks. Never buy a puppy younger than seven weeks because early separation from litter is not only illegal but also bound to trigger a series of health issues. To begin with, essential vaccination begins while the puppy is between 6-8 weeks of age. It is common for puppies that have been separated too early to get the double vaccination. Even when the issue of vaccination duplication remains controversial, many vets insist that there is a high risk involved with administering parvo twice, for instance.

By the same token and however tempting, you should avoid puppies over twelve weeks old, even when it is possible to get a bargain for older puppies. Since Samoyeds require consistent leadership and early obedience training; the sooner you begin, the better.

  • Finding the Right Breeder: A Must for Dog Seekers

This is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the whole process. Experts agree that there are two very different types of approaches to the breeder hunt experience. One consists of picking the most prestigious, best-known breeder. The other approach, however, is more concerned with finding the place with the best-raised puppies.

Allow me to illustrate the concept a little more closely. Whereas top breeders may boast the best breeds and perhaps larger facilities, chances are that some of the puppies sold there are bound to develop some behavioral disorders in the future. Especially if they have been separated from the litter too early, or if the mother manifested some type of excessively possessive or even aggressive attitudes towards humans. In addition, Sammies that have been raised in isolated farms or in barren territories have a hard time adjusting to their new homes as the environment is completely different from what they were used to.

My classic definition of a breeder was violently readjusted in puppy hunt process. I had always thought that a breeder was a professional who had lots of training and experience mating dogs. Oops, thing again!

I was appalled to learn that most breeders who have puppies for sale are just ordinary people whose dogs got together (deliberately or by accident) and now they have a litter of puppies they need to sell.

This means that many of the ads you find may come from slightly clueless people. This means that you need to be the expert. I got DIY, but a friend of mine, hired a vet and had him check out the pups before he made his final pick. A trained eye can warn you against many of the common puppy alert signs, such as potential health or behavioral issues. Folks at www.yourpurebredpuppy.com give us a useful tip on these matters: “Choose with your eyes, not with your heart”.

To avoid any of these evils, your best shot is to get a puppy that has been raised in a family home. But above all, make sure that the puppies are well-socialized with both, people and other pets as well. I did this by visiting the puppy several times and watching it while being with its mother and around other people.


Cute right? But the clue here is effective socialization: how they behave around other dogs, their breeders or strangers is vital to better assess their temperament.

Otherwise, you will be stuck with a puppy that may develop bad habits, have a hard time adapting to their new environment or even worse, call for a longer training time. Always keep in mind that Samoyeds are energetic, often stubborn puppies that love to bark all the time.

  • Adopting a Samoyed Puppy

Lastly, there is a much less expensive alternative for those who wish to get a Samoyed puppy but cannot afford to pet adoption.

Believe it or not, hundreds of households give up their pets every week. Once they are put up for adoption, all you need to do is find them through any of the several pet rescue organizations nationwide. www.samoyedrescue.com and www.adoptapet.com are two of the most prestigious, user-friendly online services available these days.

Likewise, before I purchased my own puppy, I remember visiting the local pet shelter, which is a non-profit organization, near my home. They had dozens of purebred and half-bred dogs waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, there were no Samoyed puppies at the time, so I had to go for the purchase plan. But checking out might give you the chance to save massive bucks, plus a dog life: who knows?


When taking the adoption path, you must be careful with degree of unpredictability involved in the adoption process. Many different types of pets end up in an animal shelter: those that have been given up by their previous owners and those that may have gotten lost and were never claimed.

In the first group, you can find all sorts of different pets. Even when dog owners surrender their pets for many different reasons, statistics shows that most of the time the reason for surrendering a pet reveals a human problem rather than a dog one. For one, some couples break up and get rid of their pets, other people move to smaller places or have a new baby and are unable to keep the dog any longer.

Most people who have given up their Samoyed puppies seem not to have done their homework before getting the dog. It is a matter of expectations actually. A dog trainer told me that many people fall in love with the idea of having a Sammie, but are not fully aware of what they are getting into. Complains such as; “it barks too much” or “I had no idea it would get so big” do nothing but confirm this lack of research.

Along with the same line, come issues of lack of training due to owners’ unwillingness or inability. Whatever the case, many of these pooches adapt well provided the right environment.

The downside to adoption is that most available dogs are not puppies, anymore. This can be particularly seen when you visit Snow Dogs rescue organizations whose main aim is to relocate work dogs that are no longer needed for service.

Another critical issue involves getting the dog’s papers. Owners who surrender their dogs are requested to turn over the papers together with the dogs. Nonetheless, AKC (American Kennel Club) regulations stipulate that the papers of any dog that comes through a shelter or rescue organization are ruled void or null. Anyway, if you wish to take part in competitions in areas, such as agility or obedience competitions can get an Indefinite Listing Privilege (ILP), which will allow you to do so. If you are planning to adopt a dog, the cost of this paperwork should be added to the final figure. For further information on ILP fees, link here: www.akc.org


Unless you’re an expert, chances are that you may at a loss when it comes to working out the final figure. The following steps will help you get the best possible deal.


How much can you afford to spend on this pooch? Better yet, how much are you willing to spend? I found this step really useful. If you don’t plan ahead, you will soon discover that the sky is the limit when it comes to purchasing a purebred Samoyed. Keep this number in mind while weighing your purchase options.


Browse for all local or nearby breeders. Ask for personal experiences and get in touch with dog buyers who have recently purchased a Sammie. Many small local breeders advertise through flyers or in local publications. Look everywhere.



You will have to make a choice about how picky you want to get. A properly AKC registered puppy is going to run much higher than one without papers. Likewise, you may feel that getting a puppy is not that relevant anymore when you learn that a purebred over the age of two can cost anywhere from $200 to $400.


You should take into account that expenses will come up after the purchase is over. Vet care, vaccination, feeding, training bills and other long-term costs should also be included in your final price. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises and prevent developing ill-feelings toward your new pet.

Looking for the right puppy can turn out to be a thrilling and memorable family experience.

If you are concerned with the implications of the process, relax. Believe me, the search was as good as the time we spend with our own Smiling Sammy now.

As for money, I’m positive that this post will help you smooth the path and get the upper hand when it comes to negotiating with any potential breeder. How much are Samoyed puppies is a trick question since all kind of answers can be expected. Remember! You do not want to end up broke and miserable. After all, a pet is a new member of your family.

How are you coming along in with your puppy search?

Did you find my experience useful? If so, please share it with your friends.

Let us know in the comments and tell us what worked best for you.

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