How To Draw On Eyebrows When You Have None

Perfectly shaped and bold brows are every woman’s dream. Though extremely thin eyebrows were a rage for quite a long period of time, full and bold brows will always be in. But what do you do when you have no brows or have extremely scanty hair on your brows.

Don’t you worry as there are a lot of products in the market today that you can use to fill your brows and make them look natural and full. But it is not as easy as it sounds until you learn how to do it perfectly every single time.

Filling your eyebrows is an art and how well you learn to do it can make your brows look either weird or beautiful. If you have always wondered how to draw on eyebrows when you have none, then you are in the right place. I am going to show you all the tricks of the trade in my blog post below. Read on and find out how to do it yourself.



There could be a lot of reasons to why you may not have brows. Here are some of the common reasons.

  • Excessive plucking of eyebrow hair
  • Deficiency of nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin D, biotin, vitamin B12, protein etc., all of which are required for normal hair growth
  • Genetics
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal conditions like hypothyroidism
  • Medical conditions like Eczema

Out of the reasons stated above, loss of eyebrows due to nutritional deficiencies and over tweezing can be reversed to a good extent.



If you have no brows due to over tweezing, then you can try to grow them naturally by doing the following. But if nothing works, then you can simply go through my tutorial below and get lovely looking eyebrows any time you want.

  • First things first, throw away your tweezers and the wax
  • Supplement with vitamin E that promotes natural hair growth on your eyebrows
  • Eat foods rich in amino acids and Vitamin E like leafy greens to improve hair growth
  • Apply natural oils like castor oil or olive oil on your brows to add strength to them
  • Brush your brows at least twice a day to promote hair growth naturally



You can definitely work on growing your eyebrow hair naturally, but in the meantime, you can follow this tutorial and enjoy beautiful looking brows almost instantly. All you will need to do is learn it right and follow the routine every day before your step out. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do it in under 5 minutes or less. Never ever feel bad that you don’t have eyebrows. You are just a few steps away from great looking eyebrows. Read on!


Like I mentioned before, filling your eyebrows when you have none is an art by itself and so you will need to have the right set of tools for it. Here are the bare minimum essentials to get that perfectly shaped and full eyebrows that you have always wanted.

Your face naturally has very sensitive skin when compared to the rest of the body and especially so around your eyes and eyebrows. So when you buy your products, ensure that you only buy those that are completely safe and are not allergic in any way.

Also since you want your filled brows to stay the whole day, buy only those that are smear-proof and water-proof. Since you won’t be using a lot of these products for your brows, they also last a very long time. So don’t skimp on them.


An important thing to choose before you start is to find the right shade of brow powder and brow pencil that matches your natural hair color. Choose a shade that is closer to your hair color for a more natural look. Thankfully a lot of cosmetic brands come in different shades to help you pick the one that is right for you.

The general rule of thumb is to go one or two shades lighter than your hair color. This will ensure that your brows look natural and match your hair color better rather than stand out. This rule does not apply if you have blonde hair in which case, it is better to go one shade darker than your natural hair color.


You may think that people with naturally thick eyebrows are gifted. But there is also an advantage to not having any eyebrows. You can always choose to vary the shape of your eyebrows either on a daily basis or just choose different shapes for different occasions. The choice is entirely yours depending on how creative you want to get.

So before you begin, look for the natural shape of your eyebrows which will be easier to work with rather than going for a completely different shape. These are the factors to look for.

  • Thickness – You can choose to fill your eyebrows thick, thin or medium
  • Arch shape – Your arch can be soft, sharp, high or low
  • Length – You can also decide how long you want your brows to be
  • Face shape - It is also important to frame the brows according to the shape of your face so that it looks proportional

If your hair color is lighter, it is better to go for a thicker eyebrow as it will be more visible than a fine or a thin brow. But again, it is important to not go overboard or you run the risk of making it look unnatural.

If you have a small forehead, then choose a shape that will increase the gap at the top of your eyebrow. On the other hand, if you have a large forehead, then you can choose a brow shape that is a bit higher to make your forehead look smaller.


Sometimes the best way to start filling your eyebrows when you have none is to wax your eyebrows. Strange as it may sound, it is easier to fill your eyebrows when you wax them completely than trying to work around something that is hardly there. This is because there is no such thing as completely hairless eyebrows as even your entire face has very fine hair, to begin with. No eyebrows may present itself in the following different ways.

  • Scanty eyebrows
  • Patchy eyebrows
  • Unruly eyebrows
  • Eyebrows that do not go their entire length

The above are just a few of the different possibilities and that is why waxing might be a good idea if you want a no-nonsense approach. Otherwise, you will have to groom, trim and tweeze the brows that are hardly there before you begin filling them. Why would you want to waste your precious time on prepping your brows?


Before you begin, use a brow brush and brush your brows upwards. There are brow and lash brushes that you can easily find on the market for under $15. Start from the inner end and work towards the tail end. This will give you a clear picture of the area that requires filling in.


The first step before you start filling in your brows is to find the starting and the ending points. Below I will explain how to find these points according to your face.

  • The distance between the eyes – Depending on whether your eyes are too close together or too wide apart, you will need to vary how you fill your brows. If your eyes are close together, you should start filling your eyebrows directly above where your nose ends. If your eyes are wide-set or far apart, then you should start filling your eyebrows from the outer edge of your nose so that it makes the space between your eyes seem smaller.
  • The width of your nose – It is also important taken into consideration how narrow or wide your nose is before starting to fill in your brows. If your nose is narrow, then you should start filling your brows directly above the end of your nose as in the case of close-set eyes. If you start anywhere before that, then you risk your nose looking narrower that it actually is. Use an eye pencil to find the exact place to start for each side. On the other hand, if your nose is wide, then you should start filling your brows directly above the edge of your nose.


Once you understand the above, it is easy to find the outermost points so that you can start filling in between them. These are the three points namely the starting point, the ending point and the arch point.

Step 1: Use a thin eye pencil or even a wooden skewer and place it on the outer edge or outer end of your nose. Find a point near your eyebrows that is directly above it.

Step 2: Take an eyebrow filling brush and dip it in your favorite eyebrow filler. It is good to use a shade or two lighter than your actual hair color. But if that is not possible, try to use as little of the product as possible so that it does not stand out. However, if you are blonde, you can use one shade darker than your natural hair color

Step 3: Dab some of the product on the inside of the bottle’s lid as the product can be difficult to remove from your skin if you use it on the back of your hands

Step 4: Draw a vertical line where the skewer or pencil meets your eyebrows to mark the inner end

Step 5: Now look straight in the mirror and use the skewer or pencil to pass directly above your pupil to meet your eyebrows. Mark this point with the filler product and this will be the peak or the arch of your eyebrows

Step 6: Use the skewer or pencil to pass from the edge or end of your nose to the edge of your eye. Draw a line where it meets your imaginary eyebrows. This will be the outer end of your eyebrows.


This is the most important step as it will decide how your brows will look in the end.

Step 1: Take a generous amount of the filler product or brow powder using an eyebrow brush and start drawing the outline first using the points marked

Step 2: Reduce the amount of product as you go to the outer end of the brow to produce an ombre effect and give your brows a more natural look

Step 3: Start filling the front completely and then fill the arch and the tail portions

Step 4: Look for any areas that are not even and fill them with the brow powder for a uniform look


Once you have filled your brow with the brow powder, you will need to draw the hair. Use your brow pencil and start drawing the hair using upward and outward strokes. Let the lines be fine enough to match the thickness of your natural hair. Go easy as you fill the tail area as too much pressure can make the tail look darker than the rest of your brow.


Once you are done filling your brows with hair, use a concealer to hide any mistakes you made or simply to outline your eyebrows. This gives a much neat and natural look to your filled eyebrows as it enhances the outline.


When you are done with the entire routine, the last and the final step would be to set your brows with a clear gel. This not only adds a natural shine to your brows but will keep all your hard work intact until the end of the day.

But if you don’t want to buy a gel just to set your brows, then you can just use your hairspray to set your brows. Don’t simply spray it directly on your brows. Use the hairspray on a Q-tip and then use it to apply the hairspray on your brows.


When you try to fill your brows for the first time, you may not get that exactly the way you wanted them. That is why I have put together a list of do's and don’ts which will pretty much help you troubleshoot most issues.

  • Try to match each side of your brows to be fairly equal but don’t go overboard as there is no such thing as perfectly symmetrical eyebrows
  • Try as much as possible to fill in the area where your real brows were for a more natural look
  • Use fine vertical to slanting strokes to imitate the look of real hair instead of simply filling in with the brow powder and pencil
  • Don’t make the mistake of overfilling or sparsely filling your eyebrows
  • Don’t make the arch of your brows too pointy or place the arch in a wrong area as this
  • Use the right shade of brow powder and pencil and use less of the product as you reach the tail of your brows
  • If you have trouble with getting the ombre effect right, then you can use two different shades with a lighter shade to fill from the arch to the tail
  • Don’t square the front of your eyebrows as it can make them look unnatural
  • Don’t draw the tail too long as it can make your face look droopy
  • Don’t’ drop the tail down, instead draw it away almost at a 45-degree angle from the front for a natural look
  • Pay attention to even the areas where you might have some hair to shape your brows perfectly all around
  • Just don’t think you can use your eye pencil to draw one single line and expect it to look like a real eyebrow. It simply doesn’t work like that
  • Use a brow pomade to put stubborn brow hair in its place
  • Buy only quality products that are safe to use on your face and brows
  • Making up your eyes with eyeshadow and mascara can enhance the overall look of your eyebrows


Not having eyebrows doesn’t have to be embarrassing anymore as you can fill them to look as natural as real eyebrows. Though there are many products today than there were even five years ago, learning to use them right is crucial. The right technique can make the difference between overly made-up eyebrows and natural looking ones. In fact, when you use the right technique as I have shown you in the tutorial above, you will have a hard time making people believe that your eyebrows are not real. Go give this tutorial a try and you will never want to step out without filling your eyebrows ever!

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