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June 9, 2021


You so want to grab a drink with your friends, but the fear of throwing up keeps you discouraged. Have you come across a similar situation? Not everyone that drinks throws up, right? It is true that it does depend a lot on the body type, the type and amount of drinks as well.

But then these are not the only factors that affect whether or not you throw up. There are methods to adopt to prevent yourself from throwing up when you drink. Start with keeping a check on the amount of alcohol you consume. When that is taken care of, here are few ways of how to not throw up when drinking.

Why Do You Throw Up When You Drink?


Before we proceed to find out ways to prevent throwing up, it would be good to start with knowing the cause. There are so many out there who drink. Some can go all night without even feeling hung over or nauseous. Then there are some who can take more than a drink or two.

1. Toxin Counter-Measure

Whenever there is a toxin in the body, particularly the bloodstream, the natural response of the body is to throw up. 

This is done by activating the nerve center in the brain that causes vomiting. The consumption of alcohol can cause the blood toxin levels to rise.

2. Poisoning Instances

Not everybody reacts the same way to every drink. Even if you have already tried a particular drink, drinking too much of it too quickly would be harmful. Sometimes excess alcohol in the blood leads to alcohol poisoning.

This can be pretty harmful if not treated. To prevent this, the body triggers the gag reflex to expel the toxins out of the body.

3. Hampering The Digestion

Alcohol can slow down the natural digestion process. Gastroparesis is the condition where the digestive system is affected due to alcohol. This would leave the stomach feeling full for a long time.

The stomach, to tackle the condition might secrete more digestive acids. And foods that remain in the stomach for long rot easily. Rotting would again release toxins into the blood. This would eventually cause vomiting.

Now that you know why you throw up after drinking, know that you are not alone. There are many out there who suffer from hangover soon after few drinks. So plan your drinks wisely so that your nausea doesn’t spoil the night.

Here we have listed the most common methods, the ones that often turn out successful. Pick the ones that suit you and rock your party next time without the fear of throwing up.

1. Water To The Rescue

If you know that you tend to throw up every time you drink, water is one thing that can save you. The key, however, is to do it just right. This is because an excess intake of water can make things worse.


  • After every alcoholic beverage you consume, remember to drink a glass of plain water.
  • Leave some gap between the drinks and then proceed
  • If at some point you still feel nauseous, stop consuming alcohol and sip water instead.

Remember not to gulp down too fast. Also, do not drink too much water that might finally leave you feeling nauseous again. This is one common mistake that some people do. Thinking that drinking water would curb the feeling of nausea, some end up drinking too much, and this would eventually make them throw up. This is because too much water can upset the stomach.

The water here acts in different ways to help you tackle the feeling of throwing up. Firstly it addresses the problem of dehydration. Secondly, it would dilute the alcohol content in your body and slow down the entry of alcohol into the blood.

2. OTC Meds Done Right

You should know better which over the counter medicine would work for you. Always carry medicines to tackle an upset stomach. For most people, a normal antacid would work.

But for some, popping a pill that works would prove fruitful. But only take some medicine that has always worked for you. When you are drunk and nauseous, it would not be a great time to try something new.

3. Never Drink On An Empty Stomach

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach would more likely leave you feeling nauseous. If you wish to hear a scientific explanation for this fact, here it goes. Alcohol is easily assimilated. This means that if you drink on an empty stomach, alcohol reaches the bloodstream rapidly. Sweeping in from the small intestine to the stomach and stomach to the bloodstream all happens instantly.

All the alcohol in your blood would leave you head reeling. The case would be a lot different if you have consumed some food before your drinks. Bars usually sell food that is high in fat content. This is mainly because these are the food items that are pretty difficult to digest.

As a result, you can drink to your heart’s content without the alcohol entering your blood and leaving you dizzy and nauseous. If you do not wish to fill your stomach, some quick snacks to grab would be seeds, avocados, and nuts.

When we say that you should have your meal before having your drinks, concentrate on complex carbs and proteins. Consume foods that would take time to digest. This would keep you going all night without throwing up.

All the food that you eat is going to help your body by slowing down the rate at which the alcohol gets into your bloodstream. Slower the alcohol hits the blood; slower would the setting in of the hangover be.

4. Tackle The Dehydration Problem

Often, the feeling of dizziness and nausea are due to dehydration. To tackle dehydration it is essential to restore the body fluids. Electrolyte drinks are the best choices. But then choose them wisely. Steer clear of the energy drinks or the sports drinks which contain a lot of added sugars.

When you are drunk, the sugar in these drinks can only dehydrate you further and thus worsen the situation. So choose an electrolyte restoration drink that is free from added sugars.

5. Potassium Can Help Curb Nausea

One main issue with drinking is that it starts losing the water content pretty quickly. This is when you start feeling hung over and nauseous. Restoring the potassium levels in your body is another way to address the dehydration issue.

Foods rich in potassium, like banana, when consumed, cause the electrolyte levels of the body to get back to normal. This would leave you feeling better and more in control.

6. Fennel Seeds

For nausea associated with indigestion, fennel seeds have been found to be pretty effective. Even for the feeling of throwing up after drinks, this can come in handy. This is because fennel seeds can tackle an upset stomach. They comfort the stomach and avoid the feeling of discomfort.


  • Crush some fennel seeds and add them in a glass of water.
  • Leave it to soak for few minutes.
  • Strain or drink the concoction as such.
  • This fennel flavored water can help soothe an upset stomach.

For some quick results, one easy way is to chew fennel seeds.

7. Ginger Cure

For nausea, ginger has always been a popular counter medicine. This is why when you feel like throwing up you would be advised to consume ginger tea. The same also applies to prevent vomiting after your drinks.

There are lots of ways to take ginger. You could simply drink a ginger soda or a ginger flavored drink. Another easy way is to chew a piece of ginger simply. If you find that difficult then always have a piece of ginger candy in your pocket and pop it in your mouth the moment you feel like throwing up.

8. Dairy Lining For The Stomach

It is a known fact that alcohol is absorbed by the body pretty quick. Also from the small intestine, most of the alcohol consumed eventually enters the bloodstream. But if you also consume milk or other dairy products while you consume alcohol, the speed of the absorption process can be reduced a bit. The stomach will also not be burdened with the alcohol consumed.

When you consume alcohol, an upset stomach will end up secreting higher amounts of stomach acids. Higher levels of stomach acids is another cause for the feeling of discomfort and nausea. These acids can be neutralized by milk or other dairy products.

9. Be Careful About What You Mix

Cocktails are great. And mixing drinks would sometimes be cool. But then the types of drinks you mix and the proportions would have a lot of impacts. Mixing drinks would leave you feeling nauseous pretty soon even if you have consumed pretty less quantity.

When we talk about mixing drinks, it is not just about the cocktails. Even the drinks that you drink one after the other would impact the way you feel. Beer and wine should not be taken together. And another rule to remember that if your drink has more than three drinks mixed in it, it is more likely to leave you feeling uncomfortable. This might cause you to throw up.

10. Avoid Too Many Flavored Drinks

If you are drinking flavored drinks like margaritas, remember to keep a check on the sugar levels in the drink. Sugar, when consumed more during alcohol consumption, can cause an easy hangover. This is why it is a good choice to keep the number of drinks low if you are taking margaritas and other similar sweet sugary drinks.

11. Energy Drinks Don’t Go Well With Acohol

Though we recommend taking electrolyte-restoring drinks to tackle dehydration, energy drinks are bad choices. If you consume any of the popular energy drinks and then proceed to grab few rounds of alcohol, just a few rounds would leave you feeling dizzy and nauseous.

12. Cardamom Cure

We spoke about how ginger can alleviate nausea. Similar facts go with cardamom too. And keeping cardamom in your pocket wouldn’t take much space either. So grab your favorite drink. And when you feel like it is making you dizzy, chew cardamom seeds to gain your cool.

13. Avoid Drinking When You Are Tired

One wrong idea is that a drink might get your spirits up when you are tired. It works the reverse actually. When your body is tired, it might not be a great idea to drink. Drinking alcohol would only make your body more tired.

Neither would you be able to sleep well later. Metabolism of the alcohol consumed would also drain some more energy. So, if you drink alcohol when you are tired, you might feel drowsy and nauseous.

14. Keep a Check On Your Activities

Alcohol itself can cause your stomach to feel upset. If you choose to dance all night after few drinks, it would further aggravate the condition. This would cause a burning sensation in the stomach which would eventually cause nausea. So, one way to prevent the feeling of throwing up is to keep dancing to a minimum level after few drinks.

15. Go By Your Weight

Two other factors determining whether or not you throw up is your body weight and gender. Women, in general, are likely to feel hung over pretty soon. This is also linked to the fat content in the body. You would know your body better, in the long run. Drink within your limits to prevent vomiting. Keep the number of drinks per hour less to reduce the chances of vomiting.

Once you have had your limit, the moment you start feeling nauseous or giddy, do not drink anymore. It might be tempting to push your limits when you are with your friends. But it is a good idea to stop rather than spoil your night.

16. Get Out

In most cases, you tended to feel nauseous and hung mainly because of the atmosphere. A crowded pub or a bar tends to leave you feeling warm and sweaty. This would further dehydrate you.

This is why, the moment you feel out of control, it would be a great idea to step out and get some fresh air. This would also cool down your body temperature and prevent dizziness.

17. Keep a Check On Your Body Position

The way you sit has a lot to do with the way you feel after drinking. If you move around a lot, it will not help. Instead, find a quiet little spot and sit upright. Leaning too much or lying down might sometimes cause your stomach acids to rise and make you throw up.

18. Wrist Massage

The Neiguan point on the wrist, in the inner arm, is believed to be an acupressure point. So if you feel nauseous gently massaging this area can help curb the sensation of throwing up for some time. With your palm upwards, place the center 3 fingers of your other hand just below the palm, on your wrist.

Massage then with slight pressure in circles with your thumb. Know the procedure well before you try it. You can also repeat this on both your hands. The effectiveness of the method hasn’t been proven. But if it works for you, there is no harm trying.

Besides the above-mentioned factors, a lot more depends on you. Listen to your body. Like we mentioned earlier, the speed and the intensity with which your body reacts to drinks would vary. So it is always a good idea to stop and realize how you feel before you order another round.

Eating before you start drinking is a great idea. But one thing to not be ignored is to snack in between. Even if you have had your meal before the drink, in between too, snack on something. Your stomach will then always have something besides alcohol to tackle. But avoid eating anything too oily.

Anything that is pretty heavy itself is a big no. When your stomach is already full, taking more liquid would make you throw up pretty quick. When we say heavy meals, we also include snacks which are too oily. It is alright to consume fried snacks. But keep the quantity less.

Another quick reminder is to start slow. When your body faces the alcohol for the first time, it would need some time to get used to it. This is particularly true if it is your first time or if you drink very rarely. This means that your body would not react the same way every time. Neither would you be aware of what to expect. So take it slow. It would be good to stick with just a few drinks the first few times.

The hours after you finish your drinks also count. Till the alcohol is fully expelled from your bloodstream, you might feel nauseous anytime. So avoid all the above-mentioned factors for few hours after drinking as well. After a good night’s rest if you still are not out of the hangover take steps to bring the hangover down.

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