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June 9, 2021


Why spend a fortune buying commercial health products when you have an ‘all natural’ option that works wonders on your body and easy on the pockets too?

Take your first step towards better health with an amazing sip of lemon water. Not only does this drink leave a delicious tangy taste in your mouth, it also leaves you thoroughly refreshed. A drink that makes you feel energized and also cleanses your body from within with its powerful detoxifying effects. Lemon water is an excellent drink that teases your taste buds and your body will thank you for it. If you haven’t already started drinking lemon water, now is a good time.

Lemon water is a powerful drink that can be enjoyed warm as well as cold, whether you are feeling dull and low on energy or if you want to maintain your energy levels. Though it has gained popularity as an early morning drink, a glass of lemon water will never fail to lift your spirits any time of the day.

There have been some claims about lemon water having some remarkable health benefits. How far they are true will be seen further in this article. Lemon water has become such a rage that many celebrities and health experts swear by the lemon water diet as their stepping stone towards fitness and good health.

So why wait? Pick the choicest lemons and make yourself this powerful, refreshing and natural drink.

But first, let us elaborate a little more about lemon water.

What is lemon water?

Literally put, it is just lemon juice squeezed out of a lemon and mixed in water. What other ingredients you add to it remains completely your choice. Also, the amount of lemon juice you add to the drink depends on personal preference.

Common ingredients that are added along with lemon water include mint leaves, lemon rind, ice cubes etc. and sweetening agents like sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners may also be added.

Lemon water is known to elevate your mood and improve your energy levels.

It is also known to have beneficial effects on the immune system and so people usually like to drink it early in the morning.

Yet another advantage of drinking lemon water in the morning is that it acts as a ‘wake-up’ call for the digestive system that gets kick started. It cleanses and prepares the digestive system to gear up for the work is has to do throughout the day.

Why make Lemon water your choice of drink?

When the temperatures are soaring and all you need is a drink that is cool and refreshing, think twice before heading straight for unhealthy sodas which are extremely high on sugar. So much that it becomes difficult for the body to deal with the sudden sugar rush.

Even juices that we think are healthy are often made with additional sugars which along with the existing fructose in fruits ends up becoming high in calories.

Opting for lemon water is a wise choice. Even those who depend on drinks that are high on caffeine like tea or coffee for that boost of energy must choose this as a better alternative.

Because lemon water does all of that and more. Not only does a cool glass of lemon water help you battle soaring temperatures. But is definitely a better choice than sugary drinks like sodas and juice or caffeinated drinks. It makes an apt replacement for all drinks that are unhealthy while providing the same effects.

Lemon water is a natural, and healthier refreshment drink. Many prefer it to be taken first thing in the day, but you can also have it multiple times in a day or even if you are convalescing from any illness. The ingredients are generally easy to get and pocket friendly, the drink is simple to make and has a light refreshing feel to it. It is an alkalizing drink that gives you that light boost of energy whenever and whenever you need it. Unlike sodas, lemon water is not high on sugars not does it give your body the harmful effects that caffeine does.

It has been proven that replacing unhealthy sodas, juices, and caffeinated drinks with lemon water saves you many calories along with other benefits. This in effect will also promote weight loss.

With lemon water, you can bid a goodbye to expensive commercial products that promise many health benefits but without any guaranteed results.

What are the components in lemon water?

When we look at the health benefits of lemon water, there is a long list. To check just the basic nutritive values, let us consider a simple glass of lemon water. This glass comprises of just water and the juice of half a lemon squeezed in it.

We all know that citrus fruits are some of the leading sources of Vitamin C, but did you know that one serving of lemon water can provide your body almost up to 187% of Vitamin C that is required as your daily intake? So you know you are keeping Vitamin C deficiency at bay with this wonder drink.

But lemon water is not just a great source of Vitamin C; there are many more nutrients that come along. Let us the check the nutritive value of this drink is as mentioned below.

  • Total Calories: Around 61 calories
  • Proteins: Approximately 3 grams
  • Sugar content: About 6 grams
  • Fats: Nil
  • Vitamin C: 112 milligrams (About 187% of the recommended daily intake)
  • Potassium: About 303 milligrams (This forms about 9% of the daily recommended intake)
  • Folate: 31.7 milligrams (8% of the daily recommended intake)
  • Vitamin B6: 0.1 milligrams (about 6% of the daily recommended intake)
  • Thiamine: 0.1. milligram (this is about 5% of the daily recommended intake)
  • Copper: 0.1 milligrams ( Approximately 4% of the daily recommended intake)
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Magnesium: Approximately 14.6 milligram.
  • Vitamin E: About 0.4 milligram

Of course, these values may vary depending on the quantity of lemon juice added, or the size if half the lemon added. It may also vary depending on the quality and freshness of a lemon. But we still get a good idea of the kind of nutritional benefits we get from a plain glass of lemon water.

History of Lemon water

Though we all have known and had lemon water ever since childhood, did you know that lemon water was a beverage that was created centuries ago?

History is proof of that fact that the delicious drink of lemon water that has refreshed many a souls goes back to ancient times. Here are a few instances that prove lemon water has been consumed and vouched for from ages ago. Of course, back in the day, there were no other sodas and commercial products to lure them. But we know they all lived a healthier life than ours, and the fact that they also consumed lemon water, we know we are on the right path.

  • Back in 500AD, the ancient Egyptians created their very own version of lemon water. They called this drink ‘qatarmizat’. The drink was claimed to be so elite that only their kings who they called as ‘Pharaohs’ and the royal family could drink it. The Egyptians made their version of lemon water by adding water along with lemon water and sugar.
  • The history of ancient Rome also has proof that lemon water was consumed back in those days in Rome.
  • In the 1840’s in Naples, Italy, lemon water was consumed in frozen form.
  • Back in 1630, in Paris, lemon water was sold as a commercial drink. This drink was made by adding lemon juice and honey to water.

All the above instances show us that the health benefits of lemon water are known not just to us, but were also relished in the earlier times.

Health benefits of Lemon Water

So far we have discussed how lemon water is natural, inexpensive and a refreshing drink. We are also aware of the abundant nutritive value it supplies. But it is now time to discuss the exact health benefits of drinking lemon water.

As we get into the details of this subject, we understand that lemon water is one of the top rated sources of Vitamin C. It goes without saying that lemon water, therefore, comes handy to replenish the deficiency of Vitamin C.

The nutritional deficiency of Vitamin C in long-term causes a condition known as ‘Scurvy’. This is a condition caused due to long term lack of this vital vitamin. Consumption of lemon water works wonders in helping deal with the condition.

Let us now get a brief about scurvy, a condition which can be dealt with by drinking Lemon water.


Scurvy is a condition that is caused essentially because of deficiency of Vitamin C. It presents itself with signs and symptoms that include:

  • Weakness
  • Lack of energy
  • Pain in gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Soreness and pain in limbs
  • Skin changes that include roughness of skin, red spots on skin
  • Skin easily vulnerable to injuries
  • Poor wound healing
  • Dry mouth and eyes etc.

This condition can be easily prevented by a regular consumption of food and drinks that are rich in Vitamin C. These include

  • Citrus fruits like- lemons, oranges, sweet limes
  • Bell peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Guava
  • Blackcurrant
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Parsley etc.

Lemon is one of the leading sources of Vitamin C become an easy and readily available option. Lemon can be consumed when squeezed on salads, vegetables, and certain fruits. However, being sour in taste it is often easier to consume the required amount of lemon juice in the form of lemon water.

Other leading health benefits of Lemon Water

This one humble glass of lemon water may not be as publicized but has some great health benefits. Along with being one of the apt sources of Vitamin C that helps in recovery from conditions like scurvy. Everyday use of lemon water also aids good health in many other ways. Let us check a few out.

Helps in better digestion of food

The primary component in lemon juice is citric acid. This acid plays a vital role in the normal cleansing of the digestive system. It helps in normal passage of bowels and keeps the digestive tract healthy and clean.

Citric acid is such a powerful digestive cleansing agent that it is also used to clean out bowels just before a colonoscopy is to be performed.

Also, the components of lemon juice are such that they help to awaken and initiate the digestive tract, preparing it for the healthy digestion of food. The make of lemon juice is such that it also persuades the liver to produce more bile. The effects in the healthy digestion of food and that the bowel movements remain normal.

Yet another advantage of lemon juice in context to the digestive system is that it promotes the slow digestion of good components in food. When the good products are being digested at a slow pace, the insulin levels also remain under control. Unlike a high sugar drink, that shoots up the sugar levels in blood sending the insulin levels on a roller coaster ride. This has long term benefits even in case of diabetes control.

In case of a stomach upset, indigestion or a bloating sensation a glass of lemon water can come handy. It will not only reduce the symptoms but also have a beneficial effect on the condition.

Suffering from hyperacidity or acid reflux? A glass of lemon water could help. You would be wondering how a product rich in citric acid help ease symptoms of acidity. This is because of the high mineral content in lemon water that gives it an alkalizing effect. Also what is important is how a particular food is digested in the body rather than what its make-up is outside the body. And so, the next time you have eaten too much, don’t reach out for an antacid, drink a glass of lemon juice instead.

Replenishes Vitamin C loss and maintains healthy levels of the nutrient

A regular dose of lemon water makes sure you don’t run out of your stores of Vitamin C. In case if you have a Vitamin C deficiency, it helps to replenish the nutrient. Even otherwise, our human body is not capable of producing its own Vitamin C and so a glass of lemon water every now and then helps maintain healthy levels.

What does Vitamin C do to your body? It helps to keep your immune system up and running by promoting healthy production of white blood cells which are the fighters of your internal defense system. With a reinforced immune system, Vitamin C helps keep common illnesses like a cough and cold or flu at bay. If you find yourself or a loved one falling ill every now and them, you could start with regular consumption of lemon water, which could have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Lemon water could be effective in fighting not just a common cold and cough but also keep various other conditions in check. These include pneumonia, diarrhea and also malaria among others.

It is also an anti-oxidant and so prevents premature oxidation of cells in the body.

Rejuvenates skin making it look younger

Want younger looking refreshed skin? Lemon water is your solution. We all know that lemon water is an excellent source of Vitamin C. This nutrient works two ways to help you get improved younger looking skin. Firstly it prevents any form of skin cell damage caused by free radicals. It also helps to flush out any toxins out of the system. This helps you get a refreshed and hydrated looking skin that is drained of toxins.

Yet another skin related advantage of this wonder drink is that it promotes the production of collagen. To explain this further, collagen is an important component of skin that plays a vital role in making the skin taut and supple. It helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and prevents sagging of skin as well. It gives the skin elasticity that makes the skin bounce back without causing wrinkles.

This is how drinking lemon water regularly can help you get an invigorated and younger looking skin. This claim is not made without proven facts, as published in a coveted American Journal, which mentions that drinking lemon water gets you the required Vitamin C which is essential for younger looking skin.

We now know that lemon water is highly beneficial in delaying the aging process and smoothening out wrinkles. But yet another causative agent for skin damage is exposure to the sun which also increases the risk of skin cancer.

Lemons and lemon water contains Vitamin C which has anti-oxidant properties. This can protect the skin cells from the damage caused by exposure to the sun. This is true especially with regard to the UVB radiations which are the more damage causing of the two. And so regular consumption of lemon water has been proven to be beneficial in protecting the skin from the damage caused by the harmful UV rays.

Boosts weight loss, improves metabolism and keeps the extra fat at bay

All those who are fighting the war with weight know that every calorie counts, every bit of help to keep the extra weight away is important. In such a situation, lemon water appears like a ‘knight in shining armor’. With various factors that boost better weight management, you cannot ask for anything better.

Research revealed that lemon juice contains a component known as ‘pectin’. This component is also found in foods that are high in fiber. And so, drinking lemon water gives you a dose of pectin which mimics a sensation of fullness. And this, in turn, helps prevent those hunger pangs.

Yet another way to boost weight loss is to improve your metabolism. A study conducted revealed that if a person drinks about 17 ounces of water (you can add lemon juice to improve the activity further) helps to improve the body metabolism by as much as about 30%. You can choose chilled lemon water or warm water with lemon juice. An increased fluid intake itself can help you lose anything around 5 pounds in a year.

Even when you want to keep all the extra weight and fats as far away as you can, lemon water will be your best friend. You can add lemon rind to add to its benefits.

This fact has been backed by research that proves that lemon polyphenols that are found in lemon and lemon peels prevent weight gain when consumed regularly over a period of time. These lemon polyphenols essentially aim for the less useful fats in our body whose excessive accumulation makes us fat, which are known as adipose tissues.

If you are constantly fighting the urge to overeat simply because small meals never seem to suffice? In such cases, it is a verified fact that drinking a low calorie drink like lemon water can significantly reduce the amount of food you consume while making you feel full. This is opposed to drinking unhealthy beverages, which do not give you a fulfilled sensation but add extra calories to your meals.

We now know that lemon water itself can do wonders when trying to stay fit.

Instantly elevates the mood and may also help in depression.

Do we all not just love the lemony smell of this citrus fruit? Not just the revitalizing smell of freshly squeezed lemons but a glass of lemon juice can also instantly elevate your moods and male you feel energized. This is the main reason you must give your early morning dose of caffeine a miss and opt for this refreshing drink instead.

The science behind this is that our body derives energy from the atomic structure of foods. Lemon water contains negative ions which when enter the digestive system naturally cause a rush of energy, which is a natural energy booster. And so it is one of the best drinks to kick start your day with. Just one thing to remember is to have a plain glass of lemon water or even better a warm one. Drinking a chilled glass of it, the first thing in the morning might startle your system.

Not only is lemon water highly useful in elevating your energy and mood, research proves that the scent of lemons also have many proven benefits. There may be possibilities that lemons and their fragrance may help ease the symptoms of mental diseases like depression as well. As it is proven that the lemony smells are known to naturally reduce stress levels and elevate one’s mood. So much so that the lemony citrus fragrances are found to work better than anti-depressants.

So the next time you feel stressed, low on energy or low simply reach out for a glass of lemon water. Enjoy its delicious taste, the instant influx of energy along with its tantalizing fragrance that is impossible to miss.

Helps deal with Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that though primarily affects the pancreas but has a multi-system effect. In diabetes, not only does the blood sugar level elevate above the normal range but also causes many long-term effects of other organs of the body. Lemon water proves to be an effective and healthy drink for diabetics.

Firstly, for diabetic drinking sodas, juices with high sugars etc. are out of question, and so lemon water (without added sugar) is a delicious alternative. This is safe for them and has a natural refreshing taste that gives a boost of energy without the threat of high sugars.

Also, lemons contain a component known as bioflavonoids. Research shows that these bioflavonoids which are anti-oxidants in nature play a significant role in lowering the blood glucose level in a diabetic person.

They also manage how blood glucose is stored in the body, which means in what form it is stored in the muscles and the liver. So they also assist in preventing organ damage in diabetics or those with defected blood glucose processing.

While diabetics can enjoy their glass of lemon water, adding some lemon rind or lemon peel to it could add to its benefits. As lemon peel contains ‘aldose reductase inhibitory potential’. To simplify this, it means that it can help reduce the glucose levels in parts like eyes, nerves, kidneys.

As we discussed earlier, that diabetes affects many parts of the body, which in the long term are vulnerable to permanent damage. Lemon peels in lemon water can help reduce the glucose stress on these parts and provide better protection.

While discussing the organ damage in diabetes, eyes are the most susceptible to the effects of diabetes. It may cause permanent eye damage, loss of vision or even complete blindness.

Lemon water can be beneficial in this case, as they contain flavonoids. Flavonoids help to prevent cataract in the case of diabetics. And this has been reinforced by a study conducted that confirmed the same.

Improves heart health

We have already seen in the nutritional values above that Lemon water is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium apart from other functions is an important element for normal heart function.

Potassium is present in all muscles of the body including the heart muscles. In the heart, the potassium helps in the proper functioning of the heart and allows it to pump sufficient blood.

It also helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. This is because of the Vitamin C present in lemon water. It is an important property of Vitamin C to relax blood vessels and hence prevents the increase in blood pressure.

This is especially important for in case of essential hypertension, where the causative factor of the increased blood pressure is not known.

Lemon water also helps the heart by replenishing any fluid loss. Because fluid loss or dehydration causes the blood in the body to get thicker which increases its risk of creating blockages in the blood vessels.

Helps manage Uric acid levels

Elevated uric acid levels leads to an extremely painful and debilitating condition known as gout. In this uric acid, crystals lodge themselves in between small joints making any movement in that joint painful.

Research proves that lemon helps to manage serum uric acid levels and prevents them from elevating. This can play a significant role in the treatment of gout. If you know of anyone suffering from gout, you can make the addition of lemon water to their existing treatment and get improved results.

Prevents the occurrence of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are actually deposits of minerals that form a tiny stone like structure accumulated in the kidney. They may be of various types like calcium oxalate stones, or phosphorus stones.

Some people have a higher tendency towards kidney stones than others, in such individual; lemon water consumption can be highly beneficial. Lemon water that contains a good quantity of lemon juice, in turn, contains ‘diosmin’ which is a flavonone antioxidant. This antioxidant has a powerful effect in reducing the occurrences of kidney stones.

The positive effects of this antioxidant are so good that they are supposed to be as potent as kidney stone medications.

How does diosmin function? It functions by reducing the quantity of calcium and phosphorus in urine. It also helps by increasing the volume of urinary output. This also helps in flushing out the minerals that tend to settle in the kidney. It also helps in increasing the level of serum calcium which in turn helps to ease the pressure on the kidneys. This reduces the tendency of a person to develop kidney stones.

So if a person has a natural tendency to develop kidney stones, apart from dietary restrictions and other medications advised by the doctor, they can also increase their consumption of lemon water which might reduce their tendency significantly.

Helpful in Cancer treatment

A lot is usually said about cancer, its occurrence and treatment options. While a lot may still not be known, we must all as individuals do everything that it takes to keep the disease at bay.

And so eating products that may have a fighting action against cancer cells is a great choice. Many studies have suggested that flavonoids that are present in lemon juice contain properties that may help fight cancer cells or prevent cancer cells from multiplying. This is known to have significant beneficial effects in the occurrence or growth of tumors in the breast, colon or pancreas.

Yet another role that lemon water plays in warding off the occurrences of cancer is that by drinking lemon water on a daily basis, the overall fluid intake of the body is structured. This increases the overall urine output. It also helps by assisting cleansing of bowels and minimizing the scope for constipation. With such a regular flow of excretory products, there is little or no time for carcinogenic agents to come in contact with the adjoining areas like the colon or the bladder. And so it may also get flushed out of the system before it begins to cause any harm.

And so, while we take care of our health a glass or two of lemon water might help in the long run.

In the treatment of breast cancer, one of the main treatment strategy is to inhibit the enzyme called aromatase. Such activities are seen by the flavonones and dietary flavonones that are present in lemon juice. To simplify this, lemon water contains certain components that play a similar role like the treatment option in breast cancer. And thus can be used in sync with breast cancer treatment.

Also, the citrus tangy flavor of lemon water will never fail to ease the sensation of nausea and loss of energy that come along with cancer treatment.

Helps in age related vision loss

With increasing age, many of the bodily functions tend to deteriorate and sometimes fail. This is true in the case of vision, which may become poor with age. A regular supplement of Vitamin C helps to reduce the occurrence of age related vision loss and helps to keep the vision clear for a longer duration of time. In such case, what better than a healthy dose of lemon water on a regular basis that can naturally provide the body the much required source of Vitamin C.

Deals with occurrences of Childhood Asthma

Research has proven that regular intake of Vitamin C has been strongly related to a reduction in the occurrence of childhood asthma. If children are seen to have a tendency towards asthmatic attacks, a regular supply of lemon water could provide them their regular dose of Vitamin C, which could significantly reduce the tendency of asthma.

Healthy source of hydration and Electrolytes

After a strenuous workout at the gym, during a bout of illness or even after a hard day at work, many opt for expensive commercially available sources to replenish the electrolytes and fluids that are lost during sweating along with work out. Instead of burning a hole in the pocket, a sensible choice could be to make your very own electrolyte drink with water, lemon juice, salt, and sugar. This will not only add to your fluid intake but also replace the salts lost and reenergize with lemon and sugar.

Besides, we all know that it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. However, most of us struggle to make it even half way through the mark. Opting for a delicious glass of lemon water a few times a day will not just help you get the required hydration; it is also a tempting drink with its tangy lemony flavor and energy supply.

Rich Anti-oxidants

We all know that antioxidants are good for health, but little do we know how. Antioxidants help to combat and neutralize free radicals. It is these free radicals that actually cause harm to the body by causing damage to cells of the body. This in effect causes diseases in the heart, and conditions like cancer.

Lemon water contains Vitamin C and other bioflavonoids which contain powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in the body and also prevent oxidation. And thus prevent damage from being caused to the various organs of the body.

These were some of the vital benefits of drinking lemon water on a regular basis. Apart from these, there are also many other known benefits of this wonderful drink. These have been listed below:

These were some of the major benefits of drinking lemon water. Other than that, there are also many other known benefits which should coax you to become a regular lemon water drinker.

  • Helps cure a sore throat: Got an irritation in your throat? Simply make a simple solution of warm water and add to it some freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey. Lemon will help to reduce the chest congestion and loosen the mucus, while honey with its anti-bacterial activity will reduce the infection and soothe the throat as well. This is true especially those who consume cow’s milk, which is one of the prime causative factors of excessive mucus.
  • Improves immunity: The fact that citrus juices are excellent to improve one’s immunity. This is true even in the case of lemons. A regular dose of lemons helps to ward off infections and helps to defend one.
  • Fight the flu: Lemon Water is a rich source of Vitamin C. This helps to fight infections and helps improve the immune system to combat such commonly caused illnesses. A study conducted, revealed that lack of Vitamin C in the body makes a person more vulnerable to many diseases. Also, lemon water becomes a delicious source of hydration.
  • Looks after the bones and cartilages: Though it may not be the main source, Lemon plays a role in the protection of bones, cartilage, and teeth. This is owing to the fact that it is rich in Vitamin C, which contains antioxidants and also helps to boost the immune system. The cartilages in the nose, ears are also maintained by Vitamin C.
  • Aids wound healing: Yet again the Vitamin C present in lemon water plays a role in assisting healthy and fast wound healing. Speedy wound healing is essential to keep secondary infection and scarring at bay.

As discussed earlier, we know that Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen that speeds up the wound healing. It also prevents any damage caused by free radicals and also promotes the formation of the skin barrier. And so it is a good idea to increase your lemon water intake in case if you have multiple wounds to heal.

  • Eases the liver: The liver does the job of detoxifying the blood and processing all the toxins in the body. This gets great assistance from glutathione which is derived from the Vitamin C from lemon water.
  • Good potassium supplement: Potassium is a mineral that does not have too many rich sources, and so a glass of lemon water can be a good source of it.
  • Reduces urinary tract infections: While drinking plenty of normal water is cumbersome for main, drinking aerated drinks or juices becomes high in sugar. And so lemon water becomes a good source of hydration that helps to flush out the system well and keep urinary tract infections away.

Why must you make drinking lemon water a daily habit?

Aspiring to get back in shape or get healthy? We all know that a healthy diet clubbed with moderate exercise along with a commitment can help you achieve your goal. However, sometimes, especially in case of nutritional deficiencies or even otherwise just a regular diet does not suffice. In such a case opting for artificial nutritional supplements is not the best move.

This is also true when suffering from medical conditions like indigestion, sore throat, kidney stones, skin damage due to aging etc. If you are not a big fan of taking artificially prepared products, there could be a simple and natural solution to your problems.

By adding a glass of lemon water to your daily diet, you will be able to see some significant changes in your health. Not only is lemon water one of the best sources of Vitamin C, but also has many proven health benefits. These are scientifically researched facts that drinking lemon water can help in many ailments and also help prevent many more.

Let us see some more reasons that will convince you to make lemon water your choice of drink for long term.

  • It is a natural internal cleanser and detoxifier. If you start your day with a glass of lemon water, it helps to cleanse your system before it begins its chores for the day. Lemon water makes sure you don't suffer from either excess of constipation or diarrhea. It also helps in digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, hyperacidity and gaseous accumulation.
  • Drinking lemon water the first thing in the morning is an excellent way to kick start your day, as you get your dose of Vitamin C along with other minerals like folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc.
  • Get rid of bad breath with a glass of this magical drink. We know that Vitamin C has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which come handy in cleaning the mouth and the lemony flavor prevents bad odor. A study conducted revealed that with long term use of lemon water, with the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Vitamin C helps combat body odor to a great extent as well.
  • Lemons are amazing antiseptic agents and so have a natural detoxifying effect on the body. This is true even in the case of cleansing and flushing out toxins from organs like liver, kidneys etc. Lemon water can improve their functioning and also have an overall feel good effect on you.
  • If you recurrently suffer from acidity, you must make drinking a glass of lemon water a daily habit. Contrary to what is believed, the citric acid component of lemon water does not make the drink acidic, it is actually alkalizing in nature. Due to the presence of various minerals in lemon water along with the way it is digested in the body, it eases out symptoms of acidity.
  • Natural skin cleanser and anti-aging option: Drinking lemon water helps get a better, healthier skin in many ways. Firstly being a natural cleanser, it helps flush out the toxins from the skin. Also, Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen which has elastic properties and helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-oxidant and anti-biotic effect of Vitamin C also makes this an excellent drink.
  • Helps clear a hangover: If you have had too much to drink the night before, your body will thank you for the glass of lemon water. This drink will ease out a headache and help ease the symptoms of a hangover.
  • Lemon water also naturally gets your liver to produce more bile. This helps in better digestion of fatty meals.
  • Got a sore throat? A warm glass of lemon water with a dash of honey will do wonders. And if you have a tendency towards a sore throat, it is a good reason why you should make drinking lemon water a daily habit.
  • While lemon water will not magically help you lose weight, it has many properties that boost your metabolic rate and improve digestion of fats. It also has components that mimic a sensation of fullness preventing you from overeating.

Yet another good reason for you to drink lemon water is not only just its beneficial effects but also its delicious taste. Whether a glass of lemon water is warm or cold, but the sharp, tart taste will never fail to leave you salivating.

It is an excellent option to drink along with meals, or when in search of an energy drink.

Need some more confirmation? Check out the video below to find some more reasons why lemon water must become a part of your daily diet.

Buying the right lemons and making the perfect lemon water.

By now we all are convinced about the benefits of making lemon water the choice of drink any time of the day round the year.

It is now time to know more about lemons and how to prepare lemon water in different variants.

How to choose the right lemons?

Did you know there are as many as 3 variants of lemons available in the US? These variants are Eureka, Lisbon, and Mayer. While the Eureka and Lisbon ones are sour and have a tart taste to it, the Mayer ones are slightly sweeter and gaining popularity recently.

Looks wise, the Eureka ones have a typical thick texture and have seeds in them, the Lisbon variety comes without any seeds. The Mayer lemons belong to the Mandarin family and so have a deeper yellow color with a citrus sweetness to them.

While selecting lemons to make lemon water any of these lemons are good. But what is important is to use them while they are fresh.

It is usually a safe option to opt for organic lemons. In case that is not available, you can opt for lemons which are bright and yellow in color. If they are greenish, it means they are still not ripe enough.

Always check the texture and contours of the lemons before you pick them up. The lemons with a thin skin usually have more juice in them and are easier to squeeze out.

Refrain from buying lemons which have hardened or have a dull dried up look on them. If the lemons are too wet and squishy, chances are that they may have gone bad and must not be used.

No matter how you are squeezing the juice out of the lemons, always keep the seeds out. They usually float of the drink and can be easily removed or you can simply strain the drink before you drink it. These seeds have a sharp bitter taste to them, and we don’t want that while relishing a glass of lemon water.

The amount of lemon juice you wish to add to your drink may be a matter of personal choice, but if you weigh less than 150 pounds, half a lemon worth of juice is enough for you. If you weight more than 150 pounds you can get sufficient Vitamin C from juice squeezed out of a whole lemon.

To get maximum benefit from the lemons you can add lemon peels to the drink as well. Lemon skin contains polyphenols which are highly beneficial for your health.

If you are drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, try having it in warm form. A cold glass of lemon water first thing in the morning will shock your system. But remember not to make the lemon water in boiling hot water, as that will kill the nutrients in the lemon juice.

If you are considering the appetite suppressant properties of lemon water, you can opt for a cold glass of lemon water just before your meals.

You must avoid artificial lemon concentrates which have little or no natural properties. Also, they are added with chemicals and treated in order to increase their shelf life.

Squeezing out fresh lemon juice is the best, but you can squeeze out a large quantity of lemon juice and refrigerate it in a glass bottle to be sued every day.

How to make lemon water?

It is simply lemon juice added to water. But as mentioned earlier, lemon water can be made warm or cold. You can also make a whole lot of variations that can make this drink a little more exciting.

  • To a glass of regular drinking water add freshly squeezed lemon juice. Strain out the seeds and enjoy the drink.
  • You can make variations to the drink by making it warm. Either mix boiling water and cold water to get a warm glass of water or simply heat plain water just enough that you can drink it. And to this add lemon juice and enjoy it warm.
  • The same thing can be done with cool water. You may also add some ice cubes to the drink especially in the scorching heat.

Lemon water with mint


Lemon juice- 4-5 teaspoons

Water- 8oz

Mint leaves- 4-5 leaves

Sugar/Honey- optional

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Method: To a cold glass of water you add lemon juice stir well. You then slit the fresh mint leaves into ribbons and add to the drink.

Add honey or sugar to sweeten the drink if required. You may also add ice cubes if needed.

Citrus Water


Lemon: 1-2 nos.

Water: 1 pitcher.

Ice cubes: 5-6


Slice the lemons horizontally to get perfect round shaped lemon slices. Deseed all the slices to make sure no seeds remain. Press the center portion of the slices to extract as much while not disturbing their shape.

Add these slices to an empty pitcher and add cold water on it and let it infuse for a couple of hours. You can then serve this citrus drink with ice cubes if desired.

This is a perfect cold citrus refreshment for a hot summer day.

Fruity Lemon water


Lemon: 1-2-

Water- 1 pitcher

Fruits: Any choice of fruits you desire: strawberries, peach, limes, pineapples other tropical berries etc.


Slice the lemons into perfect round slices. You then add to them any choice of fruits that can include chopped or sliced pineapples, chopped peaches, and sliced strawberries. A choice of berries can also be added to the drink. Remember to remove any tags from the berries before adding the. You then add chilled water to it and let it sit for a while in the refrigerator.

You can serve this delicious fruity lemon water which has the tart taste of lemons along with the dash of fruity flavor.

Tropical Lemon water


Cinnamon stick: 1 inch

Lemon juice- 4-5 teaspoons

Ginger: 1 teaspoon grated

Canned Pineapples:


Add a stick of cinnamon to spice up the lemon drink. You can also add to it a dash of grated ginger to give it a zing. Add to it canned pineapples and you will get a tropical fruity drink ready.

Use your imagination and create your very own version of a tropical lemon juice. You can combine them all or even add each variation one at a time, the sky is the limit.

Other variations:

To all the variants of lemon water mentioned above, you can add some more exciting variations by simply adding some sparkling water to the still water. This will make the drink bubbly and more enjoyable.

Yet another variation that can be done, by replacing the water by club soda. This will get you the feel of drinking an aerated beverage without the extra calories that come along with them.

Post workout Electrolyte drink


Lemon Juice: 5-6 teaspoons

Water: 1 liter

Salt- One pinch

Sugar: 2-3 teaspoons


To a Litre of chilled water, you add the lemon juice and add to it salt and sugar and stir well. Making it a perfect ‘post-work out’ refreshing drink. This replenishes lost fluids along with the electrolyte balance.

Lemon Water Sorbet


Canned raspberries

Lemon juice: 7-8- teaspoons

Water: 5 oz

Honey: 2-3- teaspoons


Blend all the ingredients together to get a nice and smooth mixture. Freeze in the freezer till it solidifies. Repeat the exercise once more. And serve as desires.

You can also see some more delicious variations of lemon water in the video below

Common Myths about Lemon Water cleared out

So far we have heard only the good things about lemon water. These health benefits may be true, but sometimes these facts tend to go overboard and create some great misconceptions and myths.

When talking about lemon water, no doubt it is a great health drink with some remarkable benefits to your body. However, it must not be made out to be such a big hero that you end up getting disappointed.

First and foremost, lemon water can only help in getting the health benefits that are mentioned above. In no world can lemon water single-handedly bring you to good health without any participation from your end. If you continue leading an unhealthy lifestyle and expect lemon water to work miracles, then you are definitely in for a disappointment.

Our body is the only one we have; taking care of it is our only choice. We cannot abuse it as we like and then expect a humble glass of lemon water to do the rest for you.

So here are a few common myths that should help clear out any misunderstanding or over the top expectations that you would have from lemon water

Myth: Lemon water will help you burn fat

Fact: This misconception also holds true for lemon juice where people think if you sprinkle lemon juice over fatty food, it will dissolve the fat. All of this is far from true. While lemon juice will react to the animal fat in foods especially true in the case of a fatty steak or a battered or crispy fried fish, but it will in no way dissolve the fat.

The same is with lemon water. It will help to increase your BMR which in turn will help burn your calories faster. But it does nothing about burning fats in your body.

Yes, it will give you a feeling of being full that may prevent you from overeating. But if you still go ahead and eats some more, you cannot blame lemon water to have failed to make you thin.

Myth: Lemon water can make your body alkaline

Fact: Yes it is true that lemon water is an alkalizing drink. But that is because of the mineral content in the lemon juice. Yes, it is also true that it may help ease the symptoms of acidity. But expecting a lemon water glass to make your body alkaline is a bit much. Also, a study conducted has revealed that the pH of your body is decided by the ‘ash’ of foods that is left behind. So drinking any alkaline drink is not going to make your body alkaline.

Myth: Lemon Water increases your IQ

Fact: A refreshing glass of lemon water may help you feel energized. It may also make you feel fresh and ready to focus on a given topic. But a glass of lemon water in no universe can help you increase your IQ.

So if you are under the impression that by drinking lemon water on a regular basis you are going to become a rocket scientist one day, you might have to rethink your reasons for drinking this wonder drink.

Myth: Lemon water is a natural diuretic

Fact: Though this may be true to a certain extent, it cannot be taken at face value. Lemon water is obviously lemon juice mixed in water. By drinking enough lemon water, you are obviously drinking enough water along which increases the urine output. But nothing is lemon juice has diuretic properties.

When we talk about myths, sometimes they are more of misleading claims which lead to wrong impressions. Like if you begin to believe that if you drink lemon water, you will never fall ill, or never get a kidney stone or are 100% protected against cancer.

These claims are completely untrue. Because lemon water will only help prevent such occurrences. But if you have been exposed to excessive calcium oxalate, carcinogenic agents, or any major illness causative factor which is beyond what a natural agent can help. There is not much a glass of lemon water can do.

So myths are born out of some misleading claims that a natural agent may not be able to match up to and eventual disappointments.

Few Side effects of Lemon Water

Like any other natural product, lemon water may be good for many but it still may be contraindicated for some. Though it is one of the safest and bets drinks a person can find, there still may be factors to watch out for. Also, there are a few side effects of drinking lemon water. Let us consider them.

Damage to the enamel on teeth:

It has been seen that drinking lemon water on a regular basis tends to destroy the enamel coating on teeth. Enamel is a strong protective layer which when eaten away make the teeth susceptible to damage and also makes them extremely sensitive.

However, there is a simple solution for this problem. If you are worried about destroying the enamel of your teeth by drinking lemon water, you need not stop drinking this amazing drink. Rather drink using a straw. In this way, you can minimize the contact of lemon water with teeth and so reduce its possible side-effects.

In case if you do not like the sharp tart taste of lemon water, you can simply gulp it down and you will hardly taste it. You can then use some baking soda mixed in water and flush it around your mouth and spit it out. This will neutralize the effects.


Those suffering from GERD i.e. Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or ulcers in the stomach must refrain from drinking lemon water. As the acid content in the lemon juice might irritate the inner lining of the stomach and exaggerate the condition.

Also, some though lemon water is helpful in easing out the symptoms of acidity; it may not be the same with everyone. So it is fine to try lemon water initially, but if you find it not helpful or even in case it is making it worst, you may stay away from lemon water.

May irritate an upset stomach

If you like drinking a concentrated version of lemon water, you might want to refrain from it if you are suffering from an upset stomach. As lemon juice directly may irritate the mucus lining of the stomach and aggravate the symptoms.

Gall bladder stones

If you like adding lemon peels and lemon rind to your drink, you could be vulnerable to gall stones. This is because of the high oxalate content present in the lemon peels which might combine with calcium in the body and form stones that may settle in the gall bladder giving rise to gall bladder stones.

Harmful chemicals and waxes coated on lemons

While we like to drink lemon water for its detoxifying and cleansing effects, where and how the lemons have been acquired from is important. As often lemons are sprayed with toxic chemicals and pesticides, so drinking lemon juice from a toxic lemon to help in detoxifying is completely antagonistic.

Lemons are also often coated with cheap waxes to make them look better and last longer. The source of the wax may not be able to be determined. And so the best option is to shop for lemons that are organically grown. In this way, you can be sure of staying away from any harmful chemicals, or pesticides and also the wax that is coated around the lemons commonly available in stores.

You can also check out the video below to know more about lemon water

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By now we got to know many facts and cleared out some myths as well. Lemon water is a simple drink that does not burn a hole in the pocket, is easy to make with ingredients that are fairly easy to acquire. Lemon water is a drink that can be had all year round, warm or cold and how much lemon juice to add is completely dependent on your preference.

We know that lemon water is a delicious drink that gives the body an instant kick of energy. It is loaded with nutrients with Vitamin C being one of its main components. It is a natural healthy drink that is a safer alternative as opposed to expensive commercial products, unhealthy beverages high in sugars or even caffeinated drinks.

You can make drinking lemon water a daily habit since it has some great health benefits hat include its positive effects as a natural anti-oxidant, antiseptic and immunity booster.

You can make lemon water with as many variations as you please. It, however, might not be suitable for people with certain health issues.

Drinking lemon water as a regular habit has been backed by several papers of scientific research and studies and so it can be vouched for. You can refer to various credible health sites that speak highly of this wonder drink. Having said that, it is important not to depend on this one single health practice to get you back in good health. You need to back it up with a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, moderate exercise and steering away from things that could be potentially dangerous to health. Expecting miracles from a single drink is not advisable.

So the take home message is, to try and add lemon water into your daily routine and see the positive effects it has on your health.


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