Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder – Review

Updated Nov. 2019
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
165 Reviews
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
  • Compact, portable and lightweight construction
  • Continuous wire feed speed adjustment
  • Ideal for welding mild steel from 24 gauge to 1/8” thick

Last update on 2019-12-06 PST - Details

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flexible and adaptable (welds both MIG and flux-cored)
  • 8-ft clamp cable
  • Adjustable wire feed speed
  • Includes welding gun and wire assembly
  • Includes several welding supplies
  • Plugs into household 115 V
  • One-year warranty on material and workmanship
  • Reduced slag
  • Neat welding
  • Shielding gas sold separately for MIG welding
  • Regulator and gas hose not included
  • Only four available settings –may take some time to adapt.
  • Replacement parts may be hard to find

What’s that best MIG welder? Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder is one of the best-selling welders in the present market.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
Compact, portable and lightweight construction

Last update on 2019-12-06 PST - Details

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  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 16.8 x 10.3 inches
  • Origin: USA
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Color: red
  • Voltage: 76 volts
  • Clamp Cable length: 8 ft
  • Power Cord: 8 ft
  • Installation Method: MIG Welding

Lincoln Electric K2185 Features:

Lincoln certainly owns a reputation for making fine welding machines.

For decades, hundreds of users have been enjoying the benefits of owning these welders.

Comments of car restoration fans can be read all over the web, telling us about how they have had their Lincolns for over ten years with increased performance and efficiency.

These are some of the most relevant features that have made the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder so reputable.​

  • Adjustable Wire Speed Control: The wire feed can adjust infinitely from 0 to 300 ipm. Will adapt to any small MIG or flux wire feed that you may need for small home projects, such as auto repair or the occasional home project.
  • User-Friendly: This is perhaps the most salient feature: users find it simple and practical to use. Deals with all kinds of metal thickness and still runs on 110vts. In addition, users are able to actually see their work without having to deal with slag before they see the results.
  • Safety Features: Possesses a contactor safety feature that keeps the welding wire electrically cold until gun trigger is pressed.
  • Warranty: One-year warranty on material and workmanship.
  • Inert Gas: Included
  • Optimal Duty Cycle: This is the technical name used to refer to the amount of time that the welder must rest to cool off before it can be used again. Unlike most inexpensive welders that have a 10% duty cycle, this Lincoln model offers a 20%; much more than what you can expect, even for a high-end model.
  • Oxygen Tank Cart: Not included with the welder but available to be bought separately. In addition, many reviewers have made their own carts for their Lincolns with very positive results.

What is the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder’s Best Feature?

  • Ask any of the many reviewers and they will all agree that the best benefit of having a Lincoln welder is its wide range of welding capacities.
  • Flexibility of use and far-reaching performance can be translated into the ability to tackle thin light gauge metal as well as thicker 1/8” steel at the highest rating.
  • Light to medium welding tasks do not look good when done with heavier, more professional equipment. This is so because it is an absolute challenge to weld thin material with a stick welder without a stitch attachment.
  • The Lincoln however, does this with exceptional ease and by simple functionality.

Best Benefit: Why it is a best seller in Amazon

  • Welds both MIG (shielding gas sold separately) and flux- cored
  • Plugs into household 115V, 20 AMP outlet
  • 70 AMP
  • Will manage a wide range of metal widths

In all, numerous shoppers have picked this product over less-known or less expensive models because of its optimal performance.

In fact, many people claim to have been surprised by the model’s efficiency as they were originally looking for a smaller, portable welder and ended up using it for almost all welding tasks.

Just plug anywhere and weld away without worrying about carrying around heavy tanks, or the like.​

Who is this Lincoln for? User Profile

It is interesting to learn that most people who have benefitted from the K2185 are either do-it-yourself fans who need some welding in their arts and crafts, or else professional welders who are looking for a practical, portable, yet powerful welder with which

They can accomplish those tasks that cannot be done with heavier equipment.​

It is must-have for light welding projects, such as sheet metal welding tasks, that cannot be done with heavier equipment.

However, the seasoned welder can also profit from the Lincoln’s portability for thicker metal, such as 1/8” sheets.

Finally, for those who are looking for a reliable welder to perform smooth and accurate work on low heat settings will be satisfied with this equipment’s performance.

Customer Score: What people think:​

Most customers have shared their full satisfaction with the product.

To begin with, they acknowledge the welder’s brand name as being accountable for the equipment’s top quality and optimal performance.

Similarly, precision and simplicity are also valued.​

A large number of users have been pleasantly surprised by the unit’s ability to deal with various welding tasks with the same efficiency.

Finally, portability and being able to plug it anywhere and anytime are also mentioned as top assets.


The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder stands out from all other average welding machines by providing a dual function that caters for the needs of both, the amateur and the more professional welders: one to consider for your next purchase.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
Compact, portable and lightweight construction

Last update on 2019-12-06 PST - Details

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