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Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement, Better Absorbed TG Form, Made in USA, 5-Star Certified, ConsumerLab Approved, Certified Sustainable
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Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement, Better Absorbed TG Form, Made in USA, 5-Star Certified, ConsumerLab Approved, Certified Sustainable
  • The gold standard in premium Omega-3 fish oil supplements. Made with IFOS 5-star Certified fish oil.
  • Just one serving of two softgels per day provides 2, 100 mg of pure omega-3s in highly absorbable triglyceride form.
  • Advanced molecular distillation guarantees exceptional purity and potency. Third party tested and certified free of mercury, dioxins, PCBs, and toxins.
  • Contains 180 Softgels per bottle. Each serving contains 2, 600 mg of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil with highly concentrated omega-3s (1, 450 EPA, 550 DHA, and 100 other omega-3s).

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People take fish oil for its many benefits. It may be that they want a healthier heart, with lower cholesterol levels. Maybe they want a healthier brain and healthier eyes. Perhaps they have inflammation or joint pain, and have heard that fish oil can help. These are just some of the many reasons why people choose to take fish oil.

No matter where along life’s journey a person is, good nutrition will play an important part in the quality of their life. While we have known of the importance of taking vitamins and minerals for many years now, the importance of other nutrients, such as omega-3, have not been known as long.


Nutrigold has been founded on the principle that quality and affordability should not be mutually exclusive.


Disappointed by many of the practices in the health supplement industry, such as indifference to GMOs and the use of magnesium stearate and allergens, Nutrigold’s founder wanted to provide clean supplements with the highest quality ingredients, while not using any unnecessary additives.

Nutrigold fish oil comes from Alaskan fish and is made in the United States of America.


Nutrigold fish oil has been made from Alaskan cold water fish and is made in the USA. Nutrigold Fish Oil uses molecular distillation in order to ensure that there are no heavy metal contaminants such as mercury.

The Nutrigold fish oil is made using hexane free processing. Nutrigold fish oil is intentionally made to ensure the exclusion corn, gluten and soy allergens as well as any unnecessary additives.

A Quick Summary of the Key features that make Nutrigold Fish Oil stand out from the competition

  • Molecular Distillation
  • Sourced from Alaskan Fish
  • Made in the USA
  • Verified corn, gluten & soy allergen free
  • Hexane Free Processing
  • MSC Certified Sustainable Source
  • Independent laboratory testing
  • Soft gel capsule

What We Like

Many brands do not stand for anything other than making a quick dollar. Nutrigold as one of its core values was founded with the decision that it was only going to make health products that were made to the highest standards.

Their manufacturing processes would certainly seem to support this value as they have used molecular distillation to ensure that the purity and quality of their fish oil is nothing but the best. Molecular distillation helps to ensure that there are no heavy metal contaminants in the fish oil, such as mercury.

We feel that the use of molecular distillation is essential for any good quality fish oil, as it is not possible to be confident that there is no heavy metal otherwise. Mercury is notorious for causing brain damage, and as such we believe that any fish oil made not using molecular distillation is too risky for your health.


Likewise, where some manufacturers may add various additives to their health products for a range of different reasons, Nutrigold does not. They pride themselves on having magnesium stearate free products, as well as being free of allergens such as gluten, soy or corn.

Part of their process for ensuring this is rigorous testing of the materials they get from suppliers, that is well and truly greater than legally required. We feel that Nutrigold’s commitment to ensuring the quality of its materials, makes their fish oil one that we can be confident should be safe for you and your family.

We especially like the fact that reviewers found that this fish oil helped with a wide range of benefits.

The care taken with the sourcing of raw materials and their subsequent manufacture in the United States of America is something that we feel is important. Being made in the USA provides us with the confidence of knowing that this is not some fish oil of dubious quality, imported from a third world country. This is a quality fish oil made to a very high standard.

We like the fact that Nutrigold uses independent laboratory testing, as we feel that this provides a level of additional confidence that their product is as good as they say it is.

The soft gel capsules make this product easy to consume.

What We Do Not Like

One of the biggest concerns amongst users was the price of the Nutrigold fish oil. This is certainly an understandable concern, as there are cheaper fish oils available, however when it comes to the quality of Nutrigolds Fish Oil, this is actually remarkably good value for money.

Nutrigold have taken extra care to ensure that their fish oil does not contain additives or ingredients found in many other health products, and as such is worth the extra investment in your health. If, however price is a serious concern and quality is of lesser importance then this may not be the right fish oil for you.

Some people found that they had fishy burp after having these fish oil capsules. This did not appear to be very common amongst reviewers online however and it is worth pointing out that some people will be more prone to fishy burp no matter who the manufacturer is.

Where To Buy

Nutrigold Fish Oil is a very high quality fish oil supplement. Being such a high quality fish oil (in soft-gel capsules) it is naturally understandable that it is available online at good quality retail stores such as Amazon.


There are many known health benefits with taking a fish oil supplement. When it comes to having healthy heart, brain, eyes, skin and joints then a good quality fish is well worth considering.

Nutrigold Fish Oil is one such quality fish oil that has impressed us with the attention to detail that has been taken to ensure that it is made from quality ingredients, that have been lab tested to standards that are greater than required by the industry.

If we take health supplements to improve the quality of our health, it makes sense then that we would want to use a high quality supplement.

One that we know has been made without any unnecessary additional ingredients added.

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