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Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy Cyclone Reviews

Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone Only
150 Reviews
Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone Only
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Integrated air ramp and 5” neutral-vane inlet provide ultra-high efficiency.
  • LONGER LIFERSPAN - Prevents fine dust and large debris from reaching your dust collector, prolonging the lifespan on your filter.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Compatible with almost any dust collector, the lightweight and compact design makes for fast and simple installations.
  • SIZED RIGHT – Retrofits on 1 HP – 3 HP single-stage dust collectors. Approximately 24" height with 5" OD inlet and 6" OD outlet.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Includes assembly gasket and hardware. Compact footprint with simple installation.

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

An increasing number of shops acknowledge that a good dust management system is crucial for increasing productivity, maintaining good employee health and cleanliness. Since a large number of shop and factory owners are aware of the fact that dust collectors are good investments, they are not reluctant to spend on a good product that will serve them well.

There are a few dust collectors in the market that can qualify for being a good mechanism to perform well and deliver the best of results. Many kinds of dust collectors are ideal for different types of industry.

We can classify them into different categories. Dual stage collection systems, single stage systems, and air filtration system. Woodworking companies and factories emphasize on protecting their employees from the wood dust produced by drillers, band saw, and other wood-related tools.


Dust collectors are valuable accessories for disposing of dust without needing to clean much. They have now become a must-have product for companies that make use power tools as a precautionary step to avoid damage to any of their employees.

Technological advancements have made way for inventive and different kinds of dust collector accessories that require little manual effort and make dust collectors perform exceptionally well.

If you are looking forward to improving the quality of air in your factory or shop, then you must benefit from a robust system such as the Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone Only by Oneida Air Systems.

With an advanced set of features and convenient design, it is engineered to remove particulate matter from any environment to offer a comfortable and safer environment for your working area.

About The Product

It is a popular product that is widely used in thousands of workplaces to guarantee a safe and less hazardous working atmosphere. The incredible Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone Only successfully maintains continuously high airflow. It has the following useful features.

  • Eradicates downtime required for cleaning the dust bag and filter
  • Shields the fan blower from large quantities of harmful debris
  • Compatible with all single-stage dust collectors
  • Here are just a few of the many features of the Efficient
  • Integrated air ramp with a 5” neutral-vane inlet makes this dust collector ultra efficient


The dust collector comes with a longer lifespan than many other kinds of dust collectors currently available. The design ensures no large debris or fine dust reaches the dust collector, prolonging the filter's lifespan.


Compact Design

Being lightweight and compact, it is compatible with almost any dust collector, which means the installation is fairly simple and quick

Perfect Size

Approximate height of 24" with a 5" OD inlet and 6" OD outlet

Convenient To Install

Comes with hardware and assembly gasket for easy installation

The Results

This dust collector is great for users who are tired of emptying dirty dust bags on a frequent basis. The product comes from Oneida Air Systems and prevents suction loss and filter clogging by removing more than 99% of debris and dust from the incoming air before it reaches the blower.

Since it contains the waste safely, the dust collector is capable of moving air without hindrance to the atmosphere of your workplace clean and hygienic.

All Single-stage dust collectors are perfect for small shops. But they have a few disadvantages attached to them. The dust clogs the filter quickly and reduces suction to leave your tool in a mess. In worse cases, there is nothing that can guard the dust collector against being damage in case it sucks up large bolts or wood chunks by accident.

You can use your current blower to transform your incompetent, single-stage bag collector into a highly efficient two-stage cyclone system. This tough system is capable of separating 99% of debris and dust from the air and takes care of everything, from the suction loss to clogging, which means that you get a significantly longer lifespan of your filter.

It is compact and lightweight and comes from a well-known manufacturer that excels in creating useful products to help millions of users. Oneida Air's inventive and acclaimed Dust Deputy System transforms any vacuum for making it work in a highly efficient manner.

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

Conventional wet/dry vacuums heavily depend on the filter for seizing and filtering dust particles, leading to quick filter clogging and reduction suction.

The inventive design of the product makes use of centrifugal force for separating 99% of dust and debris cyclonically from the air before reaching the vacuum's filter, reducing suction loss and clogged filters.

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

What Others Are Saying

All customers who have bought the product have given positive reviews after using the product. Not only it saves money you spend on replacing dust bags and filters, but it also allows long working hours in a safe and hygienic environment.

This efficient design adapts successfully for use with any kind or size of wet/dry vacuum. With a tapered 2" inlet and outlet ports, you can ensure secure and convenient fitting with a broad range of diameters and hose styles.

Buying Advice

The product comes from a renowned manufacturer that has been in the business since 1993. The Oneida Air Systems has been making the U.S. proud with its industrial-grade equipment. High-quality engineering and true commitment to customer satisfaction mean they test every product rigorously before being handed to a customer.

If you have used other dust collectors in the past or want to invest in a dust collector to make your shop or factory atmosphere safe; this Oneida dust collector is worth the price.

It is available on Amazon.com and enjoys a good rating from all users who are benefitting from this hi-tech product.

Final Verdict

This dust collector is cost-effective and blends industrial quality components with an aesthetic design to simplify the workflow of your operations. Oneida has won quite a few magazine awards and is considered a leading brand in the industry for their ground-breaking products.

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

The Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone Only is widely popular for its efficiency and is widely used in factories or small shops as a valuable equipment to help maintain a dust-free environment.

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

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