Petzl Corax Climbing Harness Reviews

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

Climbing is physically demanding but equally rewarding. It is a favorite activity for many outdoor enthusiasts, as it challenges them to push their abilities for tremendous personal satisfaction. Just the sight of climbing harnesses can make climbing enthusiasts giddy with passion.

Since climbers use harnesses for both indoor and outdoor climbing, it is important that they buy the best climbing harness that fits them well to improve the quality of long belay sessions and hanging belays.


The Petzl Corax is the latest harness to emerge from Petzl's dynamic range of versatile, multi-faceted and lightweight products. The harness features double adjustment buckles and the gear loops are centered to add maximum comfort and balance in case you are carrying a large rack.



  • Unisex-Adult
  • Dimensions: 5 x 7.99 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 1.08 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Polyester webbing
  • Model: 2015
  • Sport Type: Climbing


  • Weight 490 g
  • Leg loops 48-58 cm
  • Waist belt 60-90 cm


  • Weight 530 g
  • Leg loops 56-68 cm
  • Waist belt 75-105 cm


The use of ice tool clip loops make is a perfect harness to be used in several different climbing environments. This means climbers can benefit from the harness during summer sport climbing or extreme winter climbing sessions.

Petzl manufactured the Corax keeping in mind maximum versatility and functionality. This makes the harness a perfect purchase for climbers who look forward to a rock, ice or alpine climbing adventure. The Frame Construction Technology delivers high-strength polyester webbing that adds durability to the harness.

The soft mesh allows breathability whereas the closed-cell foam padding removes any pressure points for comfort. DoubleBack buckles conveniently adjust and center the harness for an ideal fit.

The adjustable leg loops work great at accommodating multiple layers for winter climbing and allows climbers to put the harness even when they have their ski or mountaineering boots on. The harness offers comfort and functionality as it is designed for thrilling rock climbing or mountaineering experience.

Being a uni-sex product, the product is designed to fit all body shapes and suit diverse tastes.


Climbers can unclip the back risers on big walls for drop-seat use. The harness features flexible loops in the back with rigid gear loops in the front so climbers are able to carry their equipment without it colliding with their backpack.

The harness also features slots for increasing storage via Petzl’s Caritool, which you have to buy separately. Since climbers spend a great deal of time in their harness, it is important that it is extremely comfortable. The compact and lightweight construction of the Corax provides maximum comfort for all levels of climbing experiences regardless of the season.

Thanks to the Frame Construction Technology, the pressure is efficiently distributed and sufficient ventilation is guaranteed. Considering the positive reviews the Corax has received, it offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Helps in organizing and carrying equipment
  • FRAME Technology design allocates the weight between the waist belt and the leg loops
  • Great value for the price
  • Conveniently adjustable
  • Well ventilated

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details


The product has received good reviews and climbers have praised the durability of the harness. Most buyers have recommended the harness great for grungy climbing gyms or for rocky mountains.

It is a popular product that offers good value for money. The Petzl Corax has been a popular harness as it is one of the best climbing gear products available at an affordable rate.

All users found the harness quite comfortable and a valuable accessory for their ice climbing and long multi-pitch trad adventures. Moreover, the dual front buckles make a great fit for all body weights and shapes.

Buyers narrate positive experiences of this harness and have used it for sport projects, wall climbing, gym climbing, and long alpine routes. With the adjustable leg loops and dual buckles, the Petzl Corax is guaranteed to fit all your climbing needs.

All testimonials indicate the harness can endure years of use without compromising on safety. Although it may weigh slightly more than other harnesses available in the market, the durability, convenience and comfort level it provides make up for it. All climbers, be it men or women, who are looking for a harness that gets the job done, this one is a must-buy.


The harness enjoys an impressive rating thanks to its construction and design which distributes pressure to keep all climbers comfortable at all times.

The waist belt and leg loops are lined with breathable mesh for providing maximum comfort in warm temperatures. This makes it a harness for all weather conditions. The leg loops automatically adjust to the different layers of clothing you are wearing, depending on the season.

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

The two DoubleBack buckles also guarantee comfort for easily adjusting and centering the harness for a perfect fit. This adjustable harness is available in two sizes to fit all body shapes. The Corax is versatile and a uni-sex harness available in two sizes. If you want a fantastic addition to your climbing gear, the Petzl Corax is a valuable purchase.


The Petzl Corax is a great harness for both amateur and seasoned veterans. Being an all-around harness, it is well equipped and suits all kinds of terrain. Whether you want to use it for your gym routes or ice climbing, it is an ideal fit. The two front belt buckles makes it easy to fine-tune the harness so men and women of all sizes can wear it comfortably.

Rigid front gear loops allow convenient access to the gear, while soft rear loops will add comfort in case you are wearing a pack. Don't doubt this product’s capability because of its low price. This harness has been used by some of the most experienced climbers worldwide.

Last update on 2020-02-25 PST - Details

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