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What Is The Best Air Filter For Plasma Cutter To Buy In 2020?

Regardless of whether it is to improve your cut quality or to elongate your plasma cutter lifespan, you need a good plasma cutter air filter. If the moisture in your plasma cutter is not removed, it will reduce its consumable life. 

It will also clog up the tips, thereby interrupting cuts and blowouts.

You need a good plasma cutter air filter to protect the machine. If water and oil in the air have access to your plasma cutter, it will reduce its lifespan considerably.

Plasma cutter air filter is an essential air filter and dryer tool, but like many tools people often buy them without researching or reading reviews to find the best option.

Top 3 Best Air Filter On The Market

What is the Best Air Filter For Plasma Cutter? Keep reading to find out!

1. Devilbiss 130525 QC3 Air Filter and Dryer - best air dryer for plasma cutter

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

With the ability to filter water, oil, and humidity from the compressed air and its light weight, this model is a great choice for plasma cutter users. It is a cost effective air filter for plasma cutters. If you are disturbed about wet air and dirt coming into contact with your plasma cutter, thereby reducing its lifespan, this air filter is what you need. It has a three - stage filtering system with 0.1 micro rating producing clean, oil, humidity and particle free air for you.

The filter and dryer units are purposely designed for high-performance filtration with a 2 psi pressure drop. When the filter cartridge is used up, you have nothing to worry about. You can easily change it.

The draining system is excellent. It has a bowl removal tool to collect the water, oil, and dirt. You can easily remove it and dispose of the content at regular intervals. One good thing about this air filter is that the desiccant cartridge lasts for a long time. When it finishes, you can easily get a replacement for it on Amazon anytime you need it.

Another feature that is worthy of mention is the large filter media and long life desiccant which are more effective than what is obtainable in most disposable dryers. It covers 4x the area and has 16x more desiccant than any disposable unit.

You can make the desiccant last longer by shutting off the valve and air control. These features allow you to disconnect the air lines so that you will not waste the desiccant due to ambient air getting into the filter. It is highly recommended for plasma cutter hobbyists.

2. PneumaticPlus SAU4030M - best plasma cutter with built in compressor

Last update on 2020-01-09 PST - Details

If you are looking for a contaminant free air for your plasma cutter, check out this model. The right filter system in this model makes a big difference. The fact is, wet air can reduce the quality of your cuttings, making it necessary for you to redo the job again and again. This will lead to a waste of time and money. But, when you use the air filter for your plasma cutter, it produces a clean air that makes your cuts perfect.

The three stage air drying system - air particulate filter, 0.3 Micron coalescing filter & air pressure regulator modular combo helps it to generate quality air for your cutter. Tired of manually draining the built up water and oil in your air filter, this model has an auto drain metal bowl.  It is an automatic drain that works at each stage to eliminate water build-up, thereby prevent manual draining. It keeps your plasma cutter working for a long time, thereby giving you value for your money.

For plasma cutters who work consistently, the solid build of this air filter keeps it in place without snapping whenever it hits an object. Also, there are no moving parts, and you don't need to adjust anything.

3. PneumaticPlus SAU2030M - best plasma cutter for the money

Among the products we have reviewed in this article, this is the only one that is cheap. However, the cost does not affect the quality. With three filtering system, we are of the same opinion with those who believe that this air filter is a good option that was difficult to match for the best plasma cutter air filter.  The filtering system removes corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt and rust, mist, oil aerosols and microscopic particles from the air. This helps to make the plasma cutter to withstand a long time use.

This model has a unique Poly bowl, manual drain that helps to remove the dirt, water, and oil. You can manually drain it out at intervals. The air filter has dimensions of 5.5 x 2 x 5.3 inches, and it weighs only 1.4 pounds. With this lightweight, it is easy to use it in any location by just attaching it to your plasma cutter. You can use it both indoors and outdoors because of its portability.

The air filter has a high-performance regulator, which allows unlimited adaptation to air preparation systems.

This feature is important in regulating the pressure. It helps to reduce primary pressure to the setting you need. You can mount the regulator in either up and down position as you want. For plasma cutter users who are not tech-savvy, it is easy to install this air filter. All you need is to assemble it using a Phillips head screwdriver or Allen wrench.

Things To Consider In Buying Plasma Cutter Air Filter

best-air-pressure-to-run-plasma-cuttersThere are different kinds of plasma cutter air filter, and this makes it difficult to select an appropriate filter without a guide. 

Below are things you need to consider when you want to buy a plasma cutter air filter:

Don’t Look At The Price

Many people make buying decisions based on the price of the product. They go for the cheapest product available in order to reduce their spending. However, it does not always work like that. Infact, most often than not, it results in a waste of money. 

Most cheap models are inferior and they perform poorly. If you buy a cheap air filter, be prepared to constantly replace filters, elements, and periodically clean dirt out of most of your lines. Apart from that, it also leads to wastage of time.

This is why you should not consider the price of a plasma cutter air filter, rather look at the features and the benefits you can derive from it.

Choose A Light Weight Plasma Cutter Air Filter

best-cleaner-to-use-on-air-compressor-water-separatorWhen selecting plasma cutter air filter, it is recommended for you to choose the one you can use in any location that uses a lot of air. This will ensure that you get a clean supply of air as you carry out your task.  You can move a light and small air filter anywhere and attach the plasma cutter wherever you need them.  This way, you don’t have to be hard wired into the air lines.

Check The Build Quality

A good plasma cutter air filter should have a good build quality. It should be sturdy and precise. It should have robust construction, tight tolerances, with excellent fit and finish. It should not snap the fittings out if you mistakenly hit it wrong.  All these qualities will make it last longer for a very long time, thereby giving you a good value for your money.

Plasma Cutter Air Quality

Another important aspect of plasma cutter air filter is the air quality. The filtered air must be dry.  Although, you can cut with wet air, but the quality of your plasma cutter will drastically reduce due to electrode wear.  The air must be 100% clean, humidity free, oil free and particle free to enhance the lifespan of the plasma cutter.

Size Of The Air Filter

One important aspect of plasma cutter air filter is its size. You need to ensure that your air filter fits your plasma cutter very well. Two important things determine the size of the air filter. The first thing you need to consider here is the minimum pressure requirement of the plasma cutter you are using. Most manufacturers provide the specs. For instance, a Hypertherm Powermax45 uses 6cfm at 90 psi. Secondly, you need to consider the amount of cutting you plan to do. If you cut as a hobby occasionally, then you will need a compressor with a cfm that is a bit higher than your plasma cutter. However, if you do a lot of cutting, probably you do it as a business, you need a compressor size that is 1 ½ or 2 times the plasma system requirement.

Know What It Can Clean

There are different plasma cutter air filter out there. However, not all of them can clean the air 100%.  You need to look for an air filter that can remove all the impurities from the air, such as corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt and rust, mist, oil aerosols and microscopic particles from the air.  The cleaner the air that goes into the cutter, the longer it will last for you.

Drain System

The drain system of an air filter matters alot. This can be either manual drain or automatic drain.  Although manual drain is great, it is better to look for a plasma cutter with an automatic bowls or auto draining feature, otherwise, you will have to manually drain off the water as it fills up. But, with an auto draining feature, it performs very well enabling the compressor to pump up and close without using a cutoff valve.

Easy To Install

A good plasma cutter air filter should be easy to install with no issue. The product manual should clearly provide a detail explanation on how to fix the parts together.  It should be easy to install and remove in any location of your choice, without necessarily disturbing the arrangements of the pipe.

Technical Specifications

Filter system: The air filters should be able to filter water, oil, humidity and every particle in the air, making it 100% dry and useful for the plasma cutter. Most air filters come with a good number of filters, between 2 to 3 pieces that can remove impurities from the air.

The Drain system: A good plasma cutter air filter should have a drain system. This is a place where the filtered materials are gathered for disposal. The drainage could be manual or automatic drains with metal or poly bowl. It must be made off a high-quality material that can withstand corrosion.

Size of the filter: Plasma cutter air filter comes in different sizes. You have to know the right size for your plasma cutter. The size of the cutter you choose is largely dependent on the amount of cutting you do. If you are a hobbyist, that uses the plasma cutter once in a while, you can choose to use a lightweight air filter that you can use at any location whenever you need it. If you use your plasma cutter for business, you will need a bigger size that is well-built and sturdy. This kind of air filter can withstand any pressure and it will last for a long time.


A plasma cutter air filter, without a doubt, is a great tool to have if you are concerned about the quality of air that goes into your plasma cutter, and its durability. However, not all the options available for sale are the same.  Ensure that you choose one of the three models recommended above for the best plasma cutter air filter that will give you value for your money.

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