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What Is The Best Plasma Cutter For Metal Art To Buy In 2020?

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an industrial professional, there is a plethora of things you could still learn about plasma cutting. Whether it is about the actual plasma cutting process, or choosing the right products, this guide will help you know it all. You’ll be able to work on plasma cutters for aluminium or any other electrically conductive materials.

Some customers want to know the right product which can fit their budget. Others don’t want to compromise on quality and are ready to spend extra. Some beginners want to know how they should proceed with the plasma cutting process. We take all these concerns in consideration and carve out the perfect guide for your needs.

best plasma cutter for metal art On The Market

What is the best plasma cutter for metal art to buy? Keep reading to find out!

1. Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc - best plasma cutter under 500

Lotos LTP5000D is one of the best plasma cutters out there in the market. It weighs just 26 pounds and is profoundly versatile for working on hobbyist projects. The best thing about this one is that it is the best machine at an affordable price and it has a pilot arc.

Inside the container, you'll discover two air hose couplers, two air hose clamps and a wall mount bracket too. It can also display the air pressure level via its meter. It has double voltage options of 110V and 220V.

Use the pilot arc plasma cutter for aluminium or even rusty material. The pilot arc torch can cut any corroded or grimy metal. The cutting procedure includes zero contact between the plasma gun and the material surface, so the nozzle doesn't get damaged as when there’s direct contact. The plasma torch is compact and can slice through thin zones on the metal.

The perfect thickness it can cut easily is ½" and the most extreme thickness it can cut is ¾". Be that as it may, to slice through most extreme thickness, one needs to keep their hand consistent and be firm with it.

Plasma cutter surveys demonstrate that it over delivers on customer expectations. It is the ideal decision for DIY and small-level cutting projects. Experienced users recommend that one must utilize a wire brush to clean the tip and ensure that the air supply is dry. The main disadvantage is that it utilizes consumables quick, however it isn't something to fret about.

  • Affordable, portable and lightweight
  • Pilot arc torch which cuts rusty metal.
  • The tip lasts long as there is no contact between the torch and the material.
  • Effective cooling system
  • Consumables run out fast.
  • Ground clamp is weak.

2. Ramsond CUT 50DX - best portable plasma cutter

Ramsond CUT 50DX is one of the best plasma cutters accessible in the market with quality specifications. The most noticeable feature is that it weighs just 19 pounds, is easy on the pocket and comes with free consumables unlike its other counterparts. Frequently it is not easy to get consumables and this item takes care of the issue.

This is the best plasma cutter for cash because of its light weight, being easy on the pocket and extra consumables like nozzles and electrodes. Its best clean cut thickness is ¾" and severe (maximum) thickness is 1". Although the company claims ¾” of easy-cut, user reviews indicate that the clean cut range only extends up to ½” and beyond that the process gets a bit hard.

It like wise has an incorporated air flow meter to screen the air pressure for effective usage.

The computerized amp meter assists in changing the power supply with the help of a knob. Ramsond comes with five arrangements of twirl rings, mugs, anodes and tips with the item. Additional consumables are not readily available in the market and thus this makes it an attractive option.

Plasma cutter reviews show that although it is easy on the pocket, it has certain issues. Initially, the ground clamp is not stable enough. Also if one is using the plasma cutter with gloves on, it is hard to use the trigger. Moreover, the machine only works effectively with high amount of air flow.

The molten metal can skip off and harm your body or garments, which makes it essential that safeguards must be worn. Plasma cutters for aluminium or other metals must be operated with necessary safety guards.

Oxy fuel users have reported that it works better and doesn’t disappoint on any level. To put it plainly, this is the best plasma cutter for cash for DIY or hobbyist projects.

  • Extra consumables (Nozzles, electrodes, tips)
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • In-built air pressure and digital amp indicators
  • Trigger button creates problems
  • Ground clamp not strong enough

3. LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter - best plasma cutter for the money

Last update on 2020-02-26 PST - Details

In case you're searching for best plasma cutter which is also affordable, Lotos LT5000D is the one to pick. The best thing it offers is that it easily cuts thicker materials unlike its counterparts in the affordable segment. This is clearly one of thebest plasma cutter for aluminium or other metals.

It has a clean cut (maximum fast/clean) thickness of ½" and severance (maximum possible) thickness of ¾". The TOSHIBA transistors make it solid and long-lasting. The PAPST advance cooling technology guarantees the unit doesn't get heated up for productive use.

It is easy to maintain and discharges less toxic exhaust like different items. The plasma torch trigger has two positions - thumb and finger, which are convenient when using the torch with gloves. It cuts ¾" effortlessly unlike its counterparts in this segment. It can also cut rusty or gready metal without you having to clean or grind for hours to remove the dirt.

It provides 50 amperes of current power, which is more than sufficient for professional or hobbyist projects. The high frequency DC plasma guarantees the cut is fine and the kef is smooth. The cord on the plasma torch is 10 feet long which ensures easy maneuverability around the work station.

  • Affordable and long-lasting with TOSHIBA transistors
  • Long torch cable
  • Torch gives fastest, cleanest cuts in the segment
  • Precise and butter-smooth cuts with High Frequency Plasma
  • Advanced cooling system
  • None


Plasma cutting can be a gruesome task. But only when you start unprepared. Without any further ado, here is the valuable guide. Use plasma cutters for aluminium or any other metals after reading this guide.


The first thing to do after you get your plasma cutter is choose a suitable place to work. If you haven’t chosen a plasma cutter, scroll down below to see the list of our recommended products. Make sure the surface is spacious for you to move around while working.

We recommend using grate or similar material to cut on. Also make sure the power sockets on the wall are nearby. You don’t want to setup the plasma cutter only to realize that the cable doesn’t reach the power socket.


Now this might seem mundane, but too many people aren’t careful. Make sure the power switch on the plasma cutter is off while you plug in the unit. After the main switch is plugged inside the wall, switch it on. But don’t switch on the plasma cutter yet. Read this again, you MUST NOT switch it on yet, as you still have to ground the whole thing.


After plugging in the main switch, next comes the air compressor. The air compressor ensures the flow of clean and cool air inside the plasma cutter. The heat of the hot ionized plasma makes the inside area hot, which can reduce the functioning ability of the equipment and even damage the torch. Hence, putting on a quality air compressor is the best thing you can do for your plasma cutter.


After the air compressor is connected, turn it on. Note that this is done before turning on the main unit, that is, the plasma cutter. Turn on the air compressor for smooth supply of cool and clean air. Make sure that the air is clean and dry. Otherwise it can damage the equipment.


This is one security measure you must keep in mind. As you’re working with electricity and the heat generated by it, it is essential that you ground the whole equipment. This not only saves you from any danger, but also saves the plasma cutter. Make sure the work area is clean and doesn’t have any water bottle or any liquids that can spill over and break the grounded connection. Make sure the wires are tight, because a small mistake can cost a fortune here.


Now that you’ve grounded the machine, it’s safe to switch on the main unit. Switch the power on from the plasma cutter switch. If you haven’t grounded the machine properly or looked for loose connections, go back to the previous step and do it.


The current determines the intensity of your cutting and how much power you will get. So based on the manufacturer’s manual and further research, you should determine how much current is good for your work. Adjust the current from the knob on your plasma cutter or the automated settings in your CNC machine, if you’re using one.


Now go for the actual cut by turning pushing the trigger on the torch. If you have a plasma cutter guide, use it to make a precise cut. Use plasma cutters for aluminium or other electrically conductive materials like steel, copper etc. Plasma cutter guide is like a stencil for your cutting pathway, that makes the process easier.

The cutting guide helps you cut in-line or in circles, whichever way you want. Keep a firm hand while cutting. Keep the tip of the torch or plasma gun close to the material. If you don’t know how to cut metal using a plasma cutter, use this online training by the global leader in plasma cutting machines, Hypertherm.


After you’ve done the required work, switch the power off from the plasma cutter. Now disconnect the ground clamp, turn off the compressor and disconnect it.

Then wrap up all the wires and put it on the table or the cart where you place the plasma cutter. Making sure the wires are not just laying around will help avoid unnecessary damage.


  • More and more people are using plasma cutter rather than oxy fuel because it gives faster, cleaner and hassle free cuts. Some plasma cutters even come with the pilot arc where there is no direct contact between the tip of the plasma torch and the material.
  • Having a pilot arc on your plasma torch eliminates the need to clean rusty or dirty material before cutting it. It saves time and the cut is butter smooth too.
  • Many plasma cutters are more suitable for beginners and those who want to work on DIY projects. Lotos brand is specially good as its plasma cutters are affordable as well as high quality. They also have the pilot arc feature which make them lucrative at affordable price.
  • Plasma cutters are also used with CNC machines. CNC machines automate the whole process of plasma cutting. The settings for current, air flow etc. are configured and the machine does rest of the work. Though for DIY projects, there is no need to get a CNC machine.
  • One important thing to remember is that you can use plasma cutter for aluminium or other electrically conductive materials only. These materials include aluminium, copper, steel etc.


If you want a plasma cutter for aluminum or a plasma cutter for cutting any metal on the planet, Lotos LT5000D is the clear winner. It is also recommended to purchase a plasma cutter with built-in air compressor. Although it doesn’t have an air compressor, it provides efficient cooling system. The air regulation on this unit is outstanding which makes it long-lasting.If you want, you can also look up plasma cutters with built in air compressor. But they can not be as affordable as this beast right here.

Now that you have learnt the process of plasma cutting, through our guide and perhaps the Hypertherm online training, you’re good to go. Make sure you ground the equipment to prevent any danger. Beginners will find these products specially effective. The LT5000D is the winner as it works clean and fast.

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