Rowenta DR8082 Garment Steamer Review - Updated September 2019

Rowenta DR8082 Partner of Fashion X-Cel Steam Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Soleplate with Accessories, 1500-Watt, Purple
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Rowenta DR8082 Partner of Fashion X-Cel Steam Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Soleplate with Accessories, 1500-Watt, Purple
  • 1500 Watts of powerful steam combined with an Extra large micro metal steam head for excellent steam distribution getting Out the toughest of wrinkles, ideal for fashion designers
  • Ready to steam in 45 sec - light indicator to know when the device is ready to use
  • Removable water tank - 10 minutes of uninterrupted steaming
  • Flexible storage thanks to its robust base and chair hanger
  • Accessories: fabric brush, lint pad, steam bonnet

Last update on 2019-09-20 PST - Details

A garment steamer is a product which accomplishes many of the same tasks as an iron. It is meant to get the wrinkles out of your clothing and make them suitable to wear. While you can obviously still wear wrinkled clothing, should you choose to, you will find that it is unseemly, especially if you are going to a classy event.

There are some advantages to opting for a garment steamer over a typical iron. For example, an iron requires an ironing board, which will take up storage room, and need sufficient space to be opened up. A garment steamer can be used on clothes which are hanging off of a clothes hanger, so it requires far less space.

Garment steamers are also far easier to use than irons, as you need only point them at your clothes and activate them. Irons, on the other hand, require proper technique as you may end up burning your clothes if you are not careful enough. It takes a lot of effort to ruin your clothes using a garment steamer.

When trying to get the wrinkles out of fabrics that do not react well with irons, you will find that garment steamers are the only choice you have. For example, if you have decal printed onto one of your shirts, you will find that an iron can destroy it in short order, where a garment steamer will do far less damage.

There is one disadvantage to a garment steamer when compared to an iron, however. When you must press creases into clothing such as pants or shirts, you will find that it is impossible with a garment steamer. Pressing can only be accomplished with an iron thanks to the combination of pressure and steam.

Before we move on to our review, we are going to take a look at two characteristics which are crucial to garment steamers, more specifically, essential to the most effective garment steamers.

Water Reservoir

There are two main water reservoir types that you will find present in garment steamers. The first option is a reservoir which is integrated into the steamer itself. This provides greater portability and makes for a much sleeker product. It also improves the level of maneuverability of your garment steamer.

The other type of water reservoir consists of a water tank that is separate from the garment steamer. It is connected to the steamer through a hose. This type of reservoir allows for a much larger volume of water to be used at once. This makes it easier to get through a large number of clothes without the need for a refill.

Warm-Up Time

The amount of time it takes for your garment steamer to heat up and be ready for use is another consideration to make before you go ahead and invest in a model. Some models feature more intense heating and will warm up within a minute or so; other models will take several minutes to be ready for use.

The warm-up time will affect the length of your steaming process, but it will also be dependent on a few other factors, and the type of reservoir which is used by your product is one of them.

About The Product

This garment steamer is made and designed by Rowenta, a German company based in Offenbach, Germany, near Frankfurt. They have a history of making products which are made for use with garments such as irons. This product is a quality garment steamer designed for those who want a superior steamer. Some notable features:

  • Features 1500 watts worth of steaming power
  • Features a very short warm-up time of 45 seconds
  • Features a removable integrated water tank with enough water for ten minutes of use
  • Features a flat base for easier storage and placement
  • Features a chair hanger so it can be placed within reach
  • Comes included with a fabric brush, steam bonnet, and lint pad


This product has many features which make it better suited for extended use than most of its competitors. While the included features are very useful, you will find that the best part of this product is its superior build quality when compared to almost every other product in its price range.

This build quality ensures that this product is a joy to use and it also makes sure that it will last you a long time. The included water reservoir fits neatly into the steamer, right under the handle, and it contains enough water for ten minutes worth of continuous steaming.

The 45 second warm-up time is another feature which greatly improves the convenience of this garment steamer, as you will be able to steam your clothes almost instantly. The trigger of this model is highly impressive, as well. It can be locked to steam continuously or provide a burst of steam.

Last update on 2019-09-20 PST - Details

What Others Say

Other customers had a good deal of positive feedback for this garment steamer. Many of them were impressed by the inclusion of a steam bonnet which allows for more accurate steaming. Other customers were fans of the convenient features which greatly improve the ease of storage.

Regarding negatives, some took issue with the length of the power cord, stating that its length is insufficient to provide adequate maneuverability. This is largely a personal issue that depends on you and the proximity of power outlets to your steaming area.

Buying Advice

While this steamer features excellent build quality, you will find that it is available for a fairly reasonable price. Since it is built to such excellent standards, you can also rest assured that it will last you for a great deal of time. This steamer can be found for about $62.64, but it can drop further when on sale.

Last update on 2019-09-20 PST - Details

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a garment steamer of the highest quality but not the highest price, this is an excellent option. You won’t find a garment steamer which offers greater value for money than this one.

Last update on 2019-09-20 PST - Details

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