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December 28, 2019

Rowenta IS6300 Garment Steamer Reviews

There are times when you'll need to clean your clothes on the go. While traveling, you'll save more money by using a garment steamer. It's safe and is easy to use once you get the hang of it. That's why you need the Rowenta IS633000 in your arsenal.

This review will help you make the right buying decision. Keep reading to see why the Rowenta IS6300 is valued by professional dry cleaning companies. That being said, we're ready to start our review!

About The Product

The Rowenta IS6300 is a great choice If you're looking for a reliable garment steamer. It's a full sized stand alone steamer that helps users remove wrinkles on all types of fabrics (including delicates). You can find this device on Amazon at a modest price around [amazon_link asins='B009IMYS7M' template='PriceLink' store='beastslivepro-20' marketplace='US' link_id='911116c1-7fdd-48ca-adfd-7377a8451344'].


One feature that we noticed is the device's large tank capacity. At 81 ounces, you'll be able to use the steamer for an hour. Users like this feature because it allows them to steam multiple clothes efficiently with the minimal amount of refills. Some other notable features:

  • 1500 Watts of Power
  • Telescopic Pole
  • Garment Clips
  • Start Up Speed: 1 Minute
  • 81oz Tank Capacity

Like every garment steamer, we recommend using distilled water with the Rowenta IS6300. This helps minimalize calcium build up, which could cause the steamer to clog up. While you can opt in for tap water, you'll have to clean the tank regularly to prevent any long term damage.

This device is a 1500 watt powered tool whose purpose is to remove wrinkles as quickly as possible. It has a foot operated on and off switch which helps the user easily turn the device on and off as desired. Once you press the power button, the steamer will heat up, and the indicator light will turn on once it's ready to steam.

One feature that makes the Rowenta IS6300 apart is the Roll and Press feature. It's a piece of plastic that works like a window blind, and it automatically pulls upward when it's not in use. This feature eliminates the need of an ironing board as it gives you a surface to efficiently press your clothes.


The IS6300 comes with a telescopic pole that features a built-in hanger. With this hanger, you can simply attach clothes onto the device using the clips. The telescopic pole can be adjusted to the user's desired height and helps them utilize the device in limited spaces.

Consumers across the board disliked the low durability of the hanger clips. Some reported that the clips were too flimsy and were unable to pick up larger pieces of equipment. If this occurs to you, consider getting heavier clips so your clothes can stay on the hanger and get pressed.

All in all, the Rowenta IS6300 is one of the best garment steamers in the market. It has a large tank capacity, an adjustable telescopic pole, and a roll and press feature. Each of these features alone makes it better than competing products and ensures that your clothes will look as good as new.

Buying Advice

We've researched some information on the most important specs you need to consider. Before you buy a garment steamer, make sure to look at the specs and see if they meet or exceed your expectations. After that, make a purchase based on which steamer appeals to you the most.


Voltage capability and wattage are important factors to consider when getting your first steamer. Your steamer's heat up time is directly related to the wattage of the machine. The higher the wattage, the faster it will take for your steamer to heat up.


Higher wattage also means a more direct and stronger steam flow. Combine the faster heat up time and a powerful steam flow, and you'll have a fully functional garment steamer. We suggest getting a steamer with a wattage of 600 or higher to press your clothes efficiently.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity refers to how long you can use your steamer before it runs out of water. You'll want to pay attention to this spec in case of high wattage portable steamers. It's true that they'll produce more steam and more power, but they'll use more water doing so.

The lower the wattage, the longer you'll be able to steam. However, the steam will have a lower amount of power. Make sure you know the tank capacity and the wattage of your device before making a purchase.


Is your garment steamer have a large enough water reservoir to fill it up easily? Remember, some steamers won't be able to fit under the sink's spout and will need to be filled in the bathtub. Smaller steamers can be filled in the sink. You'll have to use a glass to pour the water in the tank, but steamers with a smaller opening will be more difficult to refill.

Steam Heat

Steam temperature can become very hot. In fact, it's even hotter than boiling water. This means that burns are possible with steamers and you need to be very careful while using the device.

Usually, you'll be able to get away from the steam, but the housing is a different story. Sometimes the steamer's surface can become too hot and can potentially burn you if you aren't aware. Look for a steamer that has a cool-touch housing feature to prevent this situation from happening.

Closing Thoughts

You're going to need a garment steamer for formal events such as weddings and business meetings. Buying the Rowenta IS6300 Garment Steamer ensures that you'll be prepared and dressed for the part. If you want your clothes to last longer and remain wrinkle free, then you should buy this garment steamer today.

Do you have any questions, concerns or experiences using this garment steamer?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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