The top 100 Blogs For Every Dog Lover

It’s a dog’s world and a very beautiful world at that. The internet with its plethora of blogs and websites on every possible topic under the sun, has its share of information, news, and titbits on pets and dogs.

Every dog lover knows for a fact, the happiness and joy that comes with having a dog as a companion. Studies reveal that there is a rush of feel-good hormone, oxytocin, whenever humans and their pets interact with each other. Dogs, just don’t bring happiness and cheer, they also boost your self-esteem and relieve you from stress.

The following is a compilation of the top 100 dog blogs which has been sifted from several options. We present our top picks because of the experiences and wealth of information contained in these blogs which we are sure will only increase your feel-good hormone and enjoy that exclusive feeling of joy and pride that only comes from owning a pet.

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iHeart dogs


The iHeartdogs ranks 1 in the top 100 dog blogs list, because they believe that all dogs matter. Time and again they have used the proceeds from the sale of their unique and fun products to aid animal shelters and rescue groups.

Right from providing quality food to dogs in animal shelters and rescuing strays from abuse, this blog is a treasure trove of dog related information and deserve appreciation and support for raising awareness.

The Whole Dog Journal


This comprehensive online journal has wonderful and informative articles on health tips for dogs and cats and tips for training them. They feature all dog news, fun yet informative articles and ardent discussions on all doggy related things.

Life with Dogs


This is an online all-inclusive magazine on dog news and entertainment. It features product reviews and has a forum for discussing all dog-related issues and problems.

The Bark Magazine


This compendious online magazine is your one-stop solution for a happy, orderly yet fun life with your pet. This award-winning magazine provides useful information and guidance for modern day pet owners.

Modern Dog Magazine Blogs


This journal features the hip toys for your dogs and deals with doggy wellness and training tips and many DIY activities with your pet in tow.

Adopt a Pet


This is a blog that hits a top spot in our top 100 dog blogs, because of its comprehensive listings on pets ready for adoption. The bloggers coordinate with a mind boggling 13,900 animal shelters to post information on pets rescued and ready for adoption.

Dog Tipper


This blog is the enthusiastic foray of dog lovers Paris Permenter and John Bigley into the world of pet write-ups. They have exhaustive information on travelling with and without pets. This is a blog which inspires you to live a fuller and meaningful life with your pet.

Dog Shaming


A peek at will make you feel light and entertained. The hilarious anecdotes on dog behaviour and experiences is sure to make you smile. That is why it figures in our top 100 dog blogs list.

Here Pup


HerePup provides information on health, grooming, nutritional requirements and behaviours of individual breeds of dogs and fun dog tales to keep you entertained.

Dog Milk: Where Dogs Meet Design


This is the modern pet lover’s guide to discover new products for keeping your pets comfortable and making you happy. This is Jaime Derringer’s labour of love for dogs.

The Dog Training Secret


If you want to be effective in raising healthy, happy, well-trained and adequately groomed dogs, then you need to discover

Labrador Training HQ


If you have a Labrador or want to own one, then Labrador training HQ will show you how to be your Lab’s BFF.

Dog IDs


This is you best and well-researched ‘How-to’ guide on taking care of your pets and have a thorough understanding of all dog-related products that can be customised to your tastes and preferences.

Dog Blogs


This site gives detailed information on dogs in the UK that have been lost, rescued and are ready for adoption. The online store sells dog related stuff to raise awareness and compassion.

Ruffwera Blog


Ruffwear products and dog gear are designed to make you and your dog comfortable in the outdoors and adventure activities.

Keep the Tail Wagging


This blog makes it to the top 100 dog blogs, because it concentrates on feeding raw natural food for dogs and helping pet dogs have a healthy holistic living. It recounts personal stories and successes and challenges and that’s what makes it interesting.



Your quest for a good daycare, boarding and spa services for your precious canine ends with Dogtopia. Their online presence makes it to the top 100, because of their practical and useful information and solutions for dog-related queries.

The Other End of the Leash


UK based Dr. Patricia McConnell offers answers for a continuous curiosity about animal and human behaviour and how each affect the other. Her perspectives on how dogs bring about the best in humans are refreshing and revealing. Therefore, the other end of the leash makes it to the top 100 dog blogs.

Puppy Leaks


This blog is your best bet if you are looking for online help to give you tips on how to improve your life with dogs. The author speaks from personal experience and that’s what makes it an interesting and informative read.

Take Paws – The official pet travel blog of


Once you discover this site, you’ll keep referring to it again and again, because it has the most comprehensive information on pet friendly places and activities to do when you and your pet need that break from chores and routine.

Susan Garrett’s Dog Training Blog

Susan Garrett is a World Agility Champion based in Ontario, Canada. She has a great love for dogs and shares her personal experiences, training methods and fun games with the other pet lovers through her blog articles and videos.

Sidewalk Dog blog


If you need access to all dog related resources in the twin cities then is just the one for you. It’s an inclusive online dog journal on all news, activities and products related to man’s best friend.

The Daily Corgi


Corgi lovers or not, Laurie Eno’s blog on wonderful experiences and personal stories of these herding dogs is a winner all the way and that’s why it makes to the top 100 dog blogs of this year.

Dog Food Insider


Confused on what to feed your pets! Do the variety of dog food leave you stunned? Look no further, Dog food insider gives you all detailed information and reviews on dog foods and nutritional requirements.

Kurgo Dog Products


Looking for pet friendly products which ensure that you and your dog interact often and share experiences together, head to Kurgo’s online store which sells pet-friendly car seat covers, harnesses, dog toys and all travel-related outdoor dog friendly products and gear. Their blog has articles on practical issues that you may face with your dog and tips on how to deal with them.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund


What’s a top 100 list without a mention on celebrity dogs. Crusoe is an internet celebrity dachshund. The blog is an award-winning record of all experiences of this celebrity dog.

Puppy in Training 


Anyone looking to buy his pup, please stop by at Puppy in training. Colby’s fun narratives on dog training are informative, effective and entertaining all at once.

Dog Cancer Blog


The Dog Cancer Blog is a work of compassion by Demian Dressler and Susan Ettinger where the focus is on helping dogs deal with cancer and gives information on various cancer treatments that aren’t limited to surgery, chemo and radiation.

Pawsitively Pets – Dogs


Ann Staub who writes this blog feature is a former veterinary technician and currently a professional pet blogger. She writes about “all things animal” and is keenly interested in educating pet owners on their ward’s care and needs. A Dog Blog:


If you are on the look for reliable and authentic information on dog training techniques, exercises and adoption Lindsay Stordahl and blogger Julia Thomson show you the way in the blog

Fidose of Reality


Fidose of reality as the name indicates is a wellness and health blog resource for dog owners and caregivers.

My Brown Newfies – Blog


This blog is all personal and has entertaining accounts of 2 Newfies Sherman and Leroy with their owner Jen. This blog makes for a good entertaining read.

What’s New Senior Dog Blog


Everyone talks about new-borns and pups, but what about the seniors? The old dogs have a run of their own. This blog is an attempt to kindle passion and joy among dog lovers who have older dogs and the fulfilment and challenges that accompany when you take care of senior dog citizens.



This fun blog figures among the top 100 dog blogs because it’s an exhaustive, inspiring and interesting account of the author’s outdoor and adventure experiences with her Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel. Travel with her and her dogs to discover the joyful and meaningful experiences she shares with her pets.

OneMind Dogs


This is an excellent online program for an internationally acclaimed dog agility training methodology, known as One Mind Dogs.

Leader Dogs for the Blind Blogs


Dogs are not just man’s best friend. They heal and lead. This blog empowers visually challenged people with life skills and a free guide dog to keep them independent.

Dog Mom Days


Looking for homemade dog treats and recipes, fun activities to do with your pet and responsible animal care methods and health and nutritional tips for your pet, then Dog Mom Days provides all the information and answers.

Kol’s Notes


This blog features a number of DIY craft ideas for dog enthusiasts.

Seattle DogSpot


If you are looking for pet care resources in Seattle then Seattle DogSpot is ideal and best suited for the needs of your pets.



This blog is an online record of all dog training sessions by amateur dog trainer Eileen.

Sugar The Golden Retriever


Golden Woofs is a blog that was started in October 2008 to record the life, adventures and experiences of a golden retriever named Sugar.



If you are looking to fight your dog’s obesity issues, SlimDoggy is your ultimate online health guide

No Dog about It Blog

This wordpress blog is an online record of Mel(Melissa)’s knowledge and experiences as a pet sitter and dog walker.

FIDO Friendly Blog – Leave no dog behind


Are you planning to zoom across the world in style with your dog in tow, this online magazine is your best resort for dog trends and styles.

Foster Dogs


This is a local blog to rescue and protect homeless dogs and provide them with shelters from compassionate dog lovers in the NYC area.

Susquehanna Service Dogs


Dogs respond beautifully to training and can offer solace and help to disabled individuals and empower them to lead independent dignified lives. Susquehanna dog services show you how.

Endless Mountain Labradors


Do you love Labradors? This blog resource is your quintessential guide to understanding Labradors.

Deaf Dogs Rock


This is the online resource for non-profit organisation Deaf Dogs Rock. This is a blog that details compassionate stories and rescues of hearing-impaired dogs and is committed to the care and support of such dogs.

Its Dog or Nothing


All you Pyrenees lovers, this is your online stop for all dog-related stuff.

Ammo the Dachshund


The experiences of Ammo the Dachshund super hero is recorded here. You can also shop for the latest pet products and DIY kits.

Tales and Tails


Tales and Tails, regales you with the fun adventures and mishaps that the writer shares on a day-to-day basis with her Greyhounds and German shepherds.

Scruffy dog photography


The scruffy dog blog helps you to keep pace with the latest dog information.

My GBGV Life


The crazy adventures of a French Scent Hound are what keeps this blog amusing.

Dog Training Nation


Join this dog training community of dog lovers with several useful tips and essential information.

Irresistible Pets


Small dogs are cuddly and irresistible. This blog focusses on such show dogs and their needs and moods.

Oh My Dog


This is your one stop blog for all doggy information and community sharing tips.

Beagles and Bargains


This blog focusses on the journey of first time pet parents to a Pug and Beagle hybrid.

Dublin Dog Blog


This is all about dog related information, outdoor activities and tips and tricks that work for each breed.

My Dog Likes


This is a comprehensive online resource for reviews on dog products and tips for travelling with dogs to public places of interest.

Fern Dog Training


Train your dog to be at his/her behavioural best with this online help resource.

Little Dog Tips

This is a site focussed on the issues of small dogs.

Heart Like a Dog


Your dog is probably the only soul to love you more than it loves itself. This blog is a personal account of the author’s experiences on life, love and compassion enriched by dogs.

The Canine Chef Cookbook – Blog


Cook up an array of nutritious dog treats and foods to up the health quotient of your beloved pets with the recipes featured in this blog.

What’s news from the Stale Cheerios Animal Training Blog


This site provides behavioural analysis and information on dogs and their training methods and practices.

German Shepherd Dogs


German Shepherds are a very popular breed. This is the best comprehensive site and one stop guide exclusive to all German Shepherd lovers.

My Life with Dogs


This is an online site focussed on the health and well-being of dogs in any environment. The author is a veterinary technician and hence the information and tips provided here are authentic and backed with professional knowledge and experience.

Dentler’s Dog Training, LLC


This is a blog that relies on scientific knowledge for providing need and issue-based training for your pet.

San Francisco Dog Trainer


The Pooch coach is an exclusive award winning blog with interesting and positive advice on dog behaviours and problems, and training tips for pet owners. The Pooch coach offers personal counselling and training too for pet owners.

Lisa Desatnik, certified dog trainer


Lisa is a Cincinnati based dog trainer who deals with behavioural issues of dogs.

Tenacious Little Terrier


This is an online record of the experiences of a seven-year old Yorkie, a lively therapy dog.

Rubicon Days


The focus of this online portal is dog rescue and a lifestyle which can comfortably accommodate dogs and their habits.

Dog Watch UK


The dog watch UK comes to the rescue of dogs that are lost or abandoned and helps in their rehoming with other compassionate pet lovers. And that is why it features in our top 100 dog blogs.

Groovy Goldendoodles – A blog about fun canine adventures with Goldendoodle dogs


This is a fun blog with enticing posts on the naughty runs of two adorable Goldendoodles named Harley and Jax.

BC and Alberta Guide Dogs


This is a complete guide which focusses on practical training of support dogs which help Autism affected individuals.

Two French Bulldogs


Share the fun activities of two bulldogs when you stop by this blog.

Bodie On The Road


Belinda Jones who runs this blog writes all you need to know about traveling with your pet.

2 Brown Dawgs Blog


This site makes it to the Top 100 dog blogs list because of fun-filled accounts of light-hearted sprees of two brown dawgs. This site offers tips on how to help your pets compete in hunts and shows.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed – The Blog

All genetic disorders and health issues that your pet may face are featured in this blog that focusses on inherited ailments and their treatments.

Paw Curious


Dr. V the blog author is a Veterinarian and a great dog lover. This blog is her way of connecting to other dog lovers and helping them in their journey to provide overall health and happiness to their pets.

Dog Star Daily – The Dog Blog


Practical tips on training and useful information on different dog behaviours is the focus of this blog.

Just Food For Dogs


This blog provides personalised and need-based nutritional tips and diet plans for your dogs based and especially if they have any health issues.

Natural Healthy Dog Treats, Supplements, Natural Flea Treatment and Herbal Wormers

Dog Training Basics


This is an encyclopaedia of information on puppy and dog training. Its especially useful for first time dog owners.

Blog Barks! – Wag the Dog UK


This is a UK based website which provides practical tips and information on dog care and pet products to make your dog’s life comfortable.

Smart Dog University


Your travails with your dog’s weird and bad behaviour ends here. This blog is a definite in our top 100 dog blogs list because of the positive reinforcement behavioural programs which help the owners and thei pets to understand each other better.

Montreal Dog Blog


This forum is an online community for Montreal’s pet lovers to come together and discuss pet issues in a meaningful and positive way.

The Modern Dog Trainer


If you are interested in learning how to train dogs and make a successful business out of it, then this blog should be your first stop and guide.

Dogthusiast : For dog enthusiasts with active dogs


Jen deHaan writes lucidly on all things ‘dog’ in his blog here. It makes a worthy read and hence features in our top 100 picks for dog blogs.

The Good Dog Life Blog

The author of this blog has 12 years of experience in training rescue dogs. The blog focusses on positive behaviour and training reinforcement when dealing with pets.

Hero Dogs


This Hero Dogs blog was started with a goal to improve the living standards of US army service dogs which have served the country honourably.

German Shepherd Life

All you need to know about German Shepherds is featured here in this blog.

Champion of my Heart


This blog is the story and experiences of the late Lilly Elizabeth, our canine wonder. Currently, this blog features a new star in the making and he is named Clover Lee.

Mutt About Town – Blog


If you wish to have a fulfilling life with your pet, then subscribe to the Mutt about town and receive regular information on effective training methods and stress-busting tips.

Woundwear’s Dog Blog


Get to read all that you need to know about dog wounds and injuries and how to cope with them from this blog.

We live in a flat – The Singapore Dog Lifestyle Blog


If you live in Singapore and have a dog and looking for help, stop by this blog which provides information on all that you need to know when you wish to raise a happy pet in Singapore.

The Muzzle Up! Project


Muzzle up is your quintessential guide to understand and help your dogs with muzzles and provide support and reassurance whenever they have to wear them.

Dog – Come Wag Along


This is an adorable recount of the author’s day to day experiences with a mini schnauzer.

Puppy Tales


This is an online place to help you have fun with your pet and focusses on cute photographs and dog products.

Brisbane Dog Training – The Dog Blog


Nicola from Brisbane offers tips on dog training and articles on pet issues in this blog.

Dog Training Blogger


This blog makes it to the Top 100 dog blogs because it shares tips and information on dog training, health care and behaviour analysis.

The top 100 dog blogs is a continuously evolving list based on content and popularity among other indices. Each blog featured here is an online canvas for dog lovers to share the wealth of their personal experiences, knowledge and information on dogs with the rest of the world.

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