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Top 48 Best Cat Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

Most cat owners love their pets to oblivion. While their devotion is private and is mostly reserved for anecdotes among friends and family, there are some cat owners who prefer to share their pet stories online.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best cat blogs online.


Author : K.A.Thompson

Max Thompson is a 14 pound, black and white tuxedo who is popularly known as the Psychokitty. This writer cat has his own blog called ""The Psychokitty speaks out" and has six books to his credit including one with the same name as the blog. On his blog, you will also meet K.A.Thompson, his human friend whom he dearly calls 'The Woman".

Freya & Teego

It's actually Freya, Teego and Chatzi but somehow only the bengal rescue cat and the moggie made it to the name of the blog. Chatzi is a Bengal cat but the star of the blog, Freya, is the rescue cat from RSPCA Ashford.

Cat Man Do



Author : Dr. Arnold Plotnick​

Arnold is a vet by profession and is a feline expert. He writes about the different medical conditions of the furry friends in his blog 'Cat Man Do'. From feline diseases to their behaviour and how to take care of them in general, the blog is full of information for cat lovers.

Cats Are Funny At Catladyland



Author : Angie Bailey​

Angie from Minnesota likes to write about cats and sleeps with her one eye open. Her blog, Catladyland is full of hilarious and silly cat moments of her two cats Phoebe and Cosmo. The section on Cat Truths has funny cat memes for more feline silliness.

Cat vs. Human



Author : Yasmine Surovec​

If you love comic strips then you will definitely like Yasmine's blog, Cat vs. Human which features funny comics involving furry pets and their human counterparts. Most of these comic strips are from Yasmine's popular comic book series, Cat vs. Human and a few others like 'I see Kitty' and 'A bed for Kitty'.

Cat House



Author : Jacqueline Carter​

Jacqueline loves cats and lives with five of her cats named Calle, Sukki, Halle, Mommy cat and Daddy cat. She has fostered many a cat, some of which found their way into her garage and some that she adopted from Catteries. The blog is full of naughty and cute pictures of her feline babies.

It's All About The Cats



Author : Rene Schweitzer and Jim Riccioli​

Rene and Jim write about their three little feline friends in their blog which is all about cats. You will find funny posts, cozy moments and naughty moments caught on camera on a daily basis. It is a great place to have your dose of purrfect love.




Author : Ann Boyajian​

Ann from the Jamaica plain in Masachusetts is an illustrator and a musician. She draws inspiration from her three cats and uses them in her illlustrations to portray her life. The pictures are drawn from a cat's perspective make them funny to read and enjoy.

Paws and Effect



Author : Jane A. Kelley​

Jane is a self-proclaimed cat mom and a chief cat slave for other cat bloggers. You can ask her all types of questions about cats from their health issues, behavioral issues and about their relationship with their human friends.




Author : Tracy Dion​

Tracy is an animal behavior professional and a member of Pet professionals Guild and Cat Writer's association. She discovered her interest in cats when a litter of cats was abandoned by a neighbor. Since then she has rescued many more cats and writes about feline welfare and care in her blog 'Catcentric'.

Kitty Cat Chronicles



Author : Emily​

Emily started blogging when she adopted her first cat 'Delilah' who has a condition called 'Luxating Patellas'. She is now a proud mother to six other cats, a dog and two sugar gliders making her house a place filled with lots of pet love. She shares about the medical condition of two of her cats and a lot fun moments in her blog.

Cat Talk 101


Author : Annie T Baxter​

Sometimes a summer class can change your life, at least that's what it did to Annie. One of her summer courses ' The Science of Animal Behaviour ' got her interested and working with animals. Once she retired, she found her passion was to write about cats and 'Cat Talk 101' was born.

Exclusively Cats Blog


Author : Sally E. Bahner​

Sally has over 15 years of experience in feline health, care and behavior. Her blog aptly named as 'ExclusivelyCats Blog' has a wealth of information about everything under the sun about cats. The blog is constantly updated with events from the cat world.

Housecat Confidential



Author : Meg S. Hart​

After losing her cat of 15 years, Meg writes a book called 'Housecat Confidential' where she elaborates the life of a suburban cat in its own voice. Her love for writing took an unexpected turn when she decided to write as her cat Fin, leading to the book and her blog in the same name.

The Fab Five



Author : Catrina​

When you have five cats and your heart is full of love for them, the obvious thing to do is talk about them all day. That is why Catrina, the author of the blog 'Cat's Cat; the Fab Five' started writing about her five cats and shares it on the internet for other cat lovers.

Leo: Blog of a Not-so-young cat


Author : Christina Skylarina​

Christina simply calls herself the cat lady and does what she likes the best, to write about her pet cat, Leo. The blog goes by the name of her cat with a caption 'Blog of a Not-so-young cat' and is super-funny filled with Leo's every day adventures.

365 Cat Ladies And Friends



Author : Susan Faye

Susan is an artist and a designer who has created more than 300 pieces of art. In addition to many other things, her paintings are also inspired by her two furry friends. Her blog is dedicated to writing about her cats and other cat ladies like herself.

Cats Run Wild


Author : Susan Greene​

Feral cats don't get the same love and care that cats living in households get to experience. That is why the blogger at 'Kittens in the house' is dedicated to finding homes for feral cats. On this blog she shares stories of the many abandoned cats that found new loving homes.

Cat Tales



Author : San​

San lives in Singapore with her many cats that she has adopted from various places. She finds peace in providing love and comfort to these abandoned souls that keep her company all day with their naughtiness. Her blog is full of her cat stories.

The Katnip Lounge


At the Katnip Lounge you don't just get to see one or two cats, it a mighty Kat pack with a whopping 10 feline friends. They will keep you hooked with a good mix of their cuteness and naughtiness.

Cat with a garden


Cat with a garden is a blog written in the voice of a Norwegian forest cat named Siena. She has a fur sister named Chilli with whom she has a lots of fun. Her cat mom loves gardening and the blog talks about both her love for gardens and cats.

Unpredictable cats


Author : Janet Blue​

Janet grew up in California and is a dog lover turned crazy cat lady who blogs. Even though she grew up with 13 cats as a child, it was not until recently that she found her love for cats and has to have at least more than 7 cats at a time.

Three Chatty Cats



This website is full of information about cat rescue and adoption. Many cats that are abandoned by their owners need caring new homes to lead a normal life. The website also shares many successful rescue and adoption stories for inspiration.

Eastside Cats


When there are two cat families in the house, there is naturally a lot of stores to share. The blog 'Eastside Cats' is about the cat blogger's feline friends in the house and others that she meets.

Colehaus Cats



Colehaus Cats is not just about rescued cats and their stories. Here you will meet many cats and specifically Quint, the cat who is an artist and has many paintings to his credit. Nothing is impossible in the world of furland!

Fur Everywhere



Author : Sierra​

Sierra is a volunteer with a cat shelter and helps cats find homes. Her blog 'Fur Everywhere' was born as a result of a chronic condition that made her take up writing as a profession. She also writes about her two cats.

Sparkle Cat



True to its name, the Sparkle Cat is a celebrity having won many awards from the CFA and the TICA. The sparkle cat aka Summer Samba writes about her adventures in her blog which is simply called 'Sparkle Cat'.

Kattonic Cats



Author : Donna Olsen​

Kattonic cats is a blog about three cats that are living their good life. It has everything from the naughty moments to fun-filled moments to some really sad moments when one of them had to leave.




Author : Stephanie Harwin​

Stephanie, the author of the blog Catsparella, loves cats and everything that is cool and hip in the cat world. You can find everything from cat art to cat fashion and even some cat gossip on this blog.

Scarlett & Melly



Author : Natalie​

Natalie is a self-proclaimed cat servant to her two cats. Scarlett is a tabby cat and Melly is a Tuxie cat. We get a peek into the lives of these felines in her blog 'The adventures of Scarlett and Melly'.

Power to the Kitty


Author : Julie​

Julie loves her furry friends Sam and Teddy and also loves to post about their daily activities on the internet. Her blog is all about her two kitties and those that she comes across.

Agnes and Henry


Author : Victoria Roos​

Henry is a cat that wants to be the perpetual kitten and Agnes is the perfect lady who knows how to behave. Victoria shares the fun and frolic of kittyland in her blog 'Agnes and Henry'.

Adventures Of Enid And Hester


Author : Karen​

Karen is a librarian from Everett, WA, who loves to game a lot. But what she loves more is to simply sit back and enjoy her naughty kittens all day.

Life of Lamb


Author : Sara Rabinovitch​

Sara adores Lamb, and it is the name of her baby Lynx Point Siamese kitten. The blog is all about the kitten's various talents like standing on its front paws and hanging on to your pyamas to name a few.

Winchester Feline


Imagine reading the life of a discontented cat in his own words. That is exactly what you will find in the blog 'Day to Day with Winchester Feline'. This adopted Tuxedo feline loves his stuffed rabbit toy.

Kitty Party



​Author : Julie Huston

At Julie's house anytime is a good time for some kitty party. In her blog, Kitty Party, she shares some really cool caturday art of her feline friends for cat lovers.

Island Cats



Author : Sue Doute​

Wally, Ernie and Zoey are the Island cats which are more spoilt than their urban counterparts. With lots of place to roam around and get naughty, the three cats live their good life on an Island with their human friends.

Mr. Bumpy Cat



Author : Iris Carden​

Iris loves to write short fiction and is a former journalist and Uniting church minister. Due to her illness she started writing and enjoys writing about Mr. Bumpy her cat on her blog by the same name.

Sweet Purrfections



Author : Paula​

A Southern Sweet called Truffle and a Sassy cat called Brulee make up the pair on the blog called 'Sweet Purrfections'. You can stop by and savour some of their sweet cat moments.

Way Of Cats



Author : Pamela Merritt​

Pamela's love for cats started when she adopted her first cat. Since then there was no turning back and she blogs extensively on everything about cats.

Purring from Switzerland



Author : Claire Bertolini​

'The Swiss Cats' by blogger Claire, is a multi-lingual blog site that talks about what goes on inside a cat's head and cat lifestyle. Her cat blog also promotes animal welfare and support.

Cats Get Creative



Author : Bernadette Kazmarski​

Cat lovers like Bernadette don't just stop by adopting and fostering felines, they also write blogs such as 'The Creative Cat' to create awareness about feline adoption and cat welfare.

Cats Go Scratching And Sniffing



Author : Yvonne DiVita​

Yvonne is a vet-turned pet lover who wants other pet lovers to have a place to discuss and share pet issues and stories. A result of this desire is her blog 'Scratchings and Sniffings'.

Can Cats Travel In Time



Yes cats can travel in time, especially when it happens to be the self-proclaimed time-travel cat called Billy. He writes about his life as a cat in his blog called 'BILLY'.

Cat Brothers



Author : L.E. Mastilock​

When you adopt two cats together, they either become the best of friends or the best cat brothers like Rascal and Rocco. L.E's blog is full of their hilarious stories for cat lovers.

The Menagerie mom



The Menagerie mom loves her four-legged furbabies named, Astrid (The dog), Evan, Thimble and Eddy. Her blog is all about her own furballs, other rescue cats and cats with special needs.

Cat Blogosphere



If there is one place that the entire cat blogger community comes to, it has to be the Cat Blogosphere. What started as a regular cat blog is now a central news hub with a chat room among many other features.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody



Author : Caren Gittleman​

Caren turned to writing when she lost her job as part of her company's downsizing efforts. In her cat blog, she writes about her angel cat Bobo and her blog's purr-author, Cody.

We tried our best to list you the best out of the best, and we hope you'll find your new favorite blog here

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