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August 4, 2022

Beagle Personality: What Kind of Dog is Snoopy?

Ever wondered what kind of dog is Snoopy? I know I have. Most people think that this infamous fur ball from the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz doesn’t look quite like a beagle.

Well, snoopy is a beagle! Snoopy was made to have human attributes—through anthropomorphism, and that’s why we have a hard time recognizing what kind of dog he is. But if you’re still in doubt let’s go through his personality and you will see why he is a beagle.

The beagle personality

Beagles are energetic

Don’t be surprised if you find your little fur ball on top of the dog house. They love to explore and just like in the cartoon, they are smart and energetic—so don’t wonder how he got on top of the dog house. These fur balls aren’t satisfied with just one walk a day, they need several and while you’re at it give him a good run.

Beagles are loud and proud


They express themselves vocally but aren’t too yappy. Their vocalization can be classified into three distinct types—a growl/bark, a half baying howl and a baying howl. The half-howl is somewhat in the middle of a bay and a frantic bark and is often when they see a quarry—or when they decide you have slept long enough and it’s time to wake up at 6 AM!

Anywhere from howling at the moon, to just lip syncing your favorite playlist—it’s not the best tune. If loud howling noises aren’t the best way you want to spend your evening, then you’d be better off with a different breed.

You could also find Snoopy howling at the moon now and then. Your beagle will most likely do the same. Trying to lessen the frequency could take you weeks or months for that matter, and you may never entirely succeed.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bat…”—Snoopy’s lyrics.

Beagles have a keen sense of smell

Over the centuries, Beagles have been bred as scent hounds—a hunter’s companion, and even though they are just pets nowadays their breeding won’t disappear overnight. He’s ability to acquire scents is heightened thanks to the 220 million receptors in his nose.

Dave Barry, a humorist, went so far as to describe the nose of a beagle as “a nose with feet”. They are controlled by their nose and once they catch onto an interesting scent in the air nothing else exists. Something that can be referred to as “selective deafness.”

Simply put, “selective deafness”, means that once they have locked on a scent they will focus exclusively on that scent. He/she will completely ignore your come back calls because they usually turn off their hearing when chasing a scent. The next time you go out with your beagle keep an eye out because once he/she picks up a scent, there is no stopping him.

On top of that, they are easily distracted by enticing smells, so the next time you take your beagle for a walk have a sweet-smelling snack—to lure him back if he wonders. Snoopy could always tell when the fridge was open.

Beagles are philosophical/soulful

If you have ever gazed into the eyes of a beagle you know they have deep soulful eyes though sometimes they make you want to cry. These thoughtful eyes have inspired many fictional characters from Snoopy to Garfield’s Oden.

Beagles are temperamental

This assumed to have stemmed from a life of sedentary contemplation and silence. Beagles are similar to other hunting hounds and as such they have more of “what do I get out of it” attitude. Pleasing you, the owner is something they don’t really care that much about which can make training a bit of a pain.

They aren’t as independent-minded as terriers but they can be strong minded which is expressed in a different way. They tend to get defensive when you’re trying to correct him. So, the next time you go to correct your beagle be gentle and make sure he understands and feels no aggression from you.

If you aren’t careful then they are just as likely to bark or snap at you when you try to give a correction or whenever you jerk at the leash. Although this behavior is in-bred it can be smoothened out. The best time to start is when they are puppies and establish yourself as the “alpha”.

This is because once your beagle thinks he’s the alpha then don’t be surprised if he plops down his food bowl and demands his dinner—just like Snoopy. You should be patient, firm and persistent when letting him know you’re the boss.

However, if you don’t know how to train him properly then it would be a good idea to invest in obedience training with an instructor who understands dog personalities and favors positive reinforcement—beagles can’t resist food.

Beagles chow down—a lot

What furry canine companion doesn’t love his dinner? None. But beagles are, by definition, chow hounds. Remember how Snoopy worried about his dinner bowl! Beagles can and will overeat given half the chance but be sure to keep an eye on his eating habits.

Pro tip: always keep your cupboards and trash cans closed and secured or he may sniff out his favorite food.

Beagles take their food bowl seriously, so be sure to teach your children to stay away from the food bowl when he is chowing down and not to tease him with food.

Beagles are often a great companion, but they have contrasting personality quirks which can be a bit challenging if you don’t understand them. The good news is they make friends easily human and canine alike. The bad news, their outgoing nature makes them terrible guard dogs. With, that being said they are more of a “watchdog” type of dog because of their acute senses and alertness. Building a rapport with this breed of canine is easy—when they aren’t lazing around.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com

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